Should Taurus People Stay Off Social Media?

The archetypal Taurus is not necessarily aligned with social media, as this advice-seeker has discovered. Taurus people revere quality friendships, constructed and reinforced over time. Their affections – or enmity – are not easily won. They’re also privacy-conscious and would prefer to hone and research something before publicizing their opinion. Should Taurus stay off social media? This is the question that made me think yes:

Dearest loveliest Mystic,

Have you ever considered how social media is both a blessing and a curse for us Taureans? We get to socialize from a distance and still enjoy our luxuries while we slog on the day-to-day, keeping track of news around our high-thread nap schedule. But then there’s the curse with people on social media: people on social media. It gets worse: people on social media with political views. Worse still: people on social media with unethical behavior. I’m getting so angry with people!

Why can’t they just use common, empirical sense to a high – nay almost ascetic – standard? Is that too much to ask? I realize that, as a Taurean, my nose is spring-loaded because it’s so used to getting repeatedly cut off to spite my face, and perhaps I’m at breaking point. My friends agree and say my ethics are too stringent (but they’re Geminis who can’t keep track of feuds so let’s take that with a grain of artisanal salt).

Can you be the Middle Mystic in this? I’m unfollowing people at such a rate my newsfeed will be empty in a week.

With love and maybe an eyebrow raise, Venus Verticordia

Social Media? Taurus is more papyrus and indigo ink

Dearest Venus Verticordia,

Well, I have not thought of social media as “both a blessing and a curse” for Taurus, as such but Taurus is about standards and discernment. You need the equivalent of a ‘high thread count’ rating for social media. Or a door bitch to guard your V.I.P. inner sanctums. Think of Machiavelli trailed by martial artist monk guards. Or Donatella power napping beneath surrealist masterpieces as minions manage the mass opinion flow.

Taurus and social media do not seem a natural fit in some ways. Taurus is more papyrus and indigo ink scrawled actual love notes that smell faintly of iris and tuberose, left under the pillow.  I think also stationary snob – paper has thread count too, you know – and opinions honed from years of perfecting and quality information gathering.

Are you relating?  Social media can be a toxic cesspool – I have to turn off my ‘messaging’ function on Facebook*. It was a message with a GIF that involved a lit-up cross (with light bulbs no less) revolving and a “burn, witch” rant that did it.  But it can be an extraordinary way to connect and to quickly access information. Personally, I prefer to connect with my readers/members via the site. And my personal use of it is Tumblr for image-finding and Twitter, for news flow. Both of those are less chatty.

It is also healthy to go on a social media cull every now and then. I know Taurus people like to ‘keep’ things (note the tact) but aerating your bookmarks, go-to daily reads and the people/things you follow is good for your consciousness.

What does everyone else think?

*Update – I killed my Facebook page in 2021, with 160Kish “likes” and all.

42 thoughts on “Should Taurus People Stay Off Social Media?”

  1. I have a new phone. This is a welcome post to see.

    This would explain a lot. And since I’m looking for any reasons at all to let go of what happened the last few years, I’ll own my progressed Taurus sun
    Spray my deeply diffused strange invisibles Taurus perfume and smudge myself when I say this is the only site I kept posting on.

    I’m have huge amounts of remorse about my online behaviour from 1994-2013. I’m looking at this reintegration process as *integrity combined with side splitting laughter*

    I’ve been a gaping buzzkill myself so as I start to think about the future avatars of Ellendom I remember why I used the networks in the first place, to learn, to grow, to meet people to save the multiverse with.

    I’m looking forward to uranus in Taurus. I’m glad I’ll live to see it.

  2. You ate a hungry jacks biscuit and lived? That stuff is so gross. Tastes like elmers paper glue mixed with flour baked into something. Smells rancid too.

  3. As an Aqua sun, a weirdo, and an introvert I LOVE the internet and have been active on it since I was a kid. I have a nostalgia for the early internet where communities gathered around shared passions and ideas and that is one reason I love this site so so much.

    As a Taurus rising and moon facebook is killing me too. I stay on it because it is my only way of keeping in touch with some people but it just aggravates me and kills time. I also get clients from it (through certain communities I used to be a part of word of mouth) so that’s another big reason I stay. But I feel completely stifled, I wouldn’t dare share many of my real opinions just because they are nuanced and complex and the thinking on the platform seems so…black and white? It does feel like a witch hunt on there!! As a person with some Buddhist-leanings I also think Facebook doesn’t go well with the whole No Permanent Identity thing…

    1. That last bit, this is huge.

      Also I was thinking of irc chat

      I still type from that format *pours cup of tea and reminisces about coven full of strangers from all over the globe*

  4. Year of the Phoenix

    I have two identities online, myself and my business. I created a FB personal profile for my biz as well as the actual biz page and found I was far more outgoing and shamelessly friendly to the point of being suspended from making any new “friends” and eventually shutdown altogether due to not being a real person…

    I even made some actual friends which was nice!

    I too have the friend who posts non stop happy snaps that in fact that whole day / weekend / holiday was actually really tense and they all fought the whole time. The need to be seen and seen to be winning in life is so important that all the realness is lost.

  5. That is all so right. I have a very large stellium in Taurus in 3rd house and I omit social media. And like others here said – i cut off people who don’t keep up ethical standards or behaviour standards. Lately I blocked about 10’friends on my phone as soon as Saturn entered my 11th house bringing harsh realisations who they really are..

  6. Taureans should stay off social media, Aquarians, Pisceans, Geminis, Leos, Scorpios, I mean everyone should stay off social media. Except Capricorns. They need something.

  7. I quit social media for two years and it was divine. But I’m well and back and addicted now. It’s less divine, but I am more hardy to some of the crap than I was before. And I have always been very liberal with block/hide/unfriend/etc.

    I’m trying to work up the strength for another fast. Scared I won’t see anyone in real life though and social media is better than nothing.

  8. Taurus Sun, mercury, Jupiter and MC plus Leo rising here… Parts of my Leo really miss the vanity of lots of likes for my selfies and proud works of accomplishment! But the Taurus over powers these days and I go on month long spurts now of no social media. It is SO liberating and makes me so happy. It’s been two months now and I feel like I’m winning a drug addiction! I feel so at peace without it. I have moments when the drug calls, but again, life is much more peaceful without it. This article made me smile bc it is spot on!!!! Amen.

    1. 100%! I’m Leo Sun, Taurus Rising. It feels like there’s an extreme pull between wanting to be seen and adored and the Taurean no BS discernment, the “really are we not evolved past likes equally self worth?”. You’re so right, it’s a socially acceptable drug.

  9. Unicorn Sparkles

    A burning cross?!? what the?!???

    I can’t deal with the socio-emotional- status politics of friending/unfriending/ blocking. And I’m barely anything in Taurus.

    Three pastel backgrounded airy affirmations/quotes and you’re gone. I’ll still be friends in real life tho.

  10. Libra here. If you are really my friend we will meet in real life. Far away friends i write by paper or email or text. I hate voice phone as it does increase chances of seizures. I mostly use social media for work, but even with that caveat ugly things do find their way into my field. Gotta make sure to cultivate your social media! Plus social media fasting!

    As you have prob heard, FB causes depression:

    Social media (in general) is really not a fit for any sign.

    But don’t cultivate too much…. There should always be a couple of low grade irritants on social media just like there are in real life. That’s what happened when many people went into a delusion political bubble last year.
    It’s easy to love the echo chamber of FB where they only show you stuff you will like, unless FB is experimenting on you showing you shit that will make you sad or mad. (Yes, they have a “right” to experiment on your feelings according to the terms of service.)

  11. Fuq I accidentally deleted the first message Neptune retro?
    #2 Yes I have a collection of bookmarks and I am unashamedly an image hoarder Gigs n gigs of images, beautiful artworks, designs, ancient magical artefacts and a “thing” for Picasso- could it be the bull? Pre-computer c1996 I collected magazine clippings of colours and gardens and artworks and beautiful designs, I have them all archived somewhere. But my inbox is regularly emptied, with little subfolders for important warrantees etc. ( I freak when I see coworkers with 927 emails WTF! what if there was something important in there?) I friended my daughter on FB for TWO days. She shared a Kardashian (I don’t care if its spelt wrong) post Whoosh blocked!. And I can’t stand chain-mail flavoured troll posts- Like n share, type amen, type yes, most people wont blah blah blah. I agree with Venus Verticordia and MM and also love the Rossetti (do care that its spelt right!)

  12. So on point here: I’m a Taurus Rising with Leo Sun. I have a love/ hate relationship with social media. I fantasise about deleting all my accounts and starting afresh. I so need to cull my IG newsfeed. I have friends I love IRL but drive me crazy online posting ‘positive’ yet uncitated, incorrect quotes all the time. Don’t tell me to be the queen of my life! Urgh!

      1. Maybe your Scorpy side has the ovaries to cut the ties… I must explore what parts of a chart make one overly concerned with coming across as nice and ovary the heck up.

      2. leotaurusscorp

        yes! find some inner scorp somewhere and make yourself happy first.

        mind you, i still want everyone to love me – leo, d’oh!

  13. I’m a Gemini Sun with Leo rising and use NO social media. I read this site and the news lol. Oh and I spend hours just googling / Wikipedia-ing random things.

    I’m sure mystic must have a post on this: signs who love social media the most? Gemini?

    1. Probably.

      I consider that it is not so much that Gemini can’t keep track of feuds rather than that Gemini just doesn’t really engage enough to remain personally invested, and/or that feud X, Y or F23 v5.9 is simply washed out in the flood of data. For Gemini there is both the particular and the general.

      1. Correction. Gems will engage but not be / remain invested. Based on close observation of gems in my life

      2. If I encounter drama or conflict I’m literally so averse to it that I often hang up on people or physically walk away from someone who is yelling. Drama online repels me. Not because I don’t care – conflict and other peoples pain actually upsets me so much that I just completely shut it out. Doesn’t sound very Gemini huh. Maybe it’s my Pluto in Scorp? Maybe I’m just odd.

      3. Yeah I get it… I can’t deal with the scenarios you describe either. Like, relax lol
        Gem is an air sign, I don’t think it’s really part of the mo. Engage I mean discuss, debate, be interested (if deemed interesting), rather than a full-body investment in an outcome. If that makes sense?

    2. I’m Sagg Scorp rising with Leo Mars and have never used social media – like, at all – either. Like you, use the internet avidly to research things I’m curious about/shop (cos i hate shopping) but that’s it. See twitter, FB etc as total time-waste. It’s tragic, on public transport, watching people glued to their phones – for me its a time to listen to music, watch the clouds/trees, meditate or maybe even strike up a conversation if a real person sittng next to me says something engaging/interesting (usually people older than me who like me aren’t addicted to their internet enabled phones). I don’t even own one, by choice. I see the minimal time I spend away from an internet enabled device/laptop at work or at home as a blessed relief from info overload and a chance to connect with people in person.

  14. Blech. People blame social media but that’s like blaming the phone. If you don’t like the news/rants/recipes/gossip your friends brings you, get better friends? Taurus has Pisces on 11th house so discernment flies out the window for a “let’s all play together nicely” Neptunian ideal. Screw that. As someone with Saturn in Pisces in 11th I only connect with world changing thought provoking leaders … and those with Oh The Drama life scripts that I can live vicariously through. Namaste. Xxx

  15. MoonstoneMagnolia

    I do relate VV & MM, prefer a written note or phone call to a haphazard text, not to mention a soft, squidgy, tactile pillow or three. Not a Taurus, pleth of sensitive Cancer planets & Venus in Virgo = a grammar Nazi. I just turn off notifications from the offender(s) (particularly talk of multi marketing sales on personal pages, nail salons or colonics). Every few months, when feeling strong, have a gawp at their rants. We have a fb community selling page where there are often “Chester draws” for sale and each week someone asks if the markets are on (they’re fortnightly) or what day school goes back the night before. I mentally correct & resist urge to get out my special gel pen & type FFS GAG! Fortunately my neighbour and I laugh about them to avert teeth gnashing.

  16. This Toro used to live and breathe Facebook + Instagram, these days not so much –

    During the last Mercury retro I decided to fast from social media; I deleted Facebook from my phone and my stress levels have dropped enormously.

    And also in true Toro style, it’s too much work to maintain + to bother with. I’d rather sit in the sun and read a book, tea in hand 🙂

  17. I’m a Libra and i started weaning myself off toxic fora in 2012/2013 and, wanting to expose myself to more postive, creative content i found this site. I was addicted to the high that came with people respsonding to my posts and the rapidity of conversation. I think i blew through 10 years of bonsaiing my awesome due to this. I was a true tin foil hatter until i woke up and realized how crappy my life was turning…for years. I had to develop real life connections and real life fun….social media addiction is so life energy draining and i didnt even realize it. So yeah, i keep my accounts for professional reasons and keep my personal posts to a bare minimum now.

    I love this site because Mystic and her community do post mind boggling in depth posts and comments that do feed my inner vibe. Gemini north node i crave variety and information all the time so i have to curb my addictive tendencies.

    (Btw i think Saturn was in Libra during that cull so, not surprised). Please forgive my typos…I’m typung on the phone.

    1. Year of the Phoenix

      Completely agree (Libra 1 H Jupes Merc conj Uranus trine Gem mid heaven)

      I love this virtual place! I try and tell my irl friends and rells but they give me slight side eyes and murmur something vague.

      Having finally ventured here early 2012 from the now decidedly decrepit broadsheet version I have learnt SO much and navigated some of the roughest and toughest years of my life with a calm harbour of tolerance insight beauty and wit.

  18. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Avoid pointless rants or arguments with fools—I think social media is not a good fit with toro.

    You can’t feel it or taste it…so what’s the point? 😉

  19. LiberatingVenus

    Mute, unfriend, unfollow, block. Boom – done!

    Seriously, depersonalize it and just filter out the digital detritus. If logging on makes you nauseous, it’s time to take advantage of the current ongoing Saturn/Uranus Trine by raising the bar to build more QUALITY social networks – Saturn always favors a bit of judicious pruning, so tighten that circle up! The reason I advocate not throwing the baby out with the bath water is because you may want to maintain a (leaner) digital presence for networking and professional reasons – this trine is good for that at the very least. Uranus and Jupiter will also oppose once more; don’t rule out the possibility of opportunity knocking at your digital door.

    FYI, you will definitely need to develop these abilities before Uranus hits your sign, which is imminent. Learn how to be plugged in, yet detached – it’s a necessarily survival skill in the Age of Aquarius.

  20. Facebook is a very happy place that I have carefully curated with my Taurean “standards and discernment” as so well stated above. Anyone or anything unpleasant invading my personal orbit is quickly removed, easy as pie. It’s a thing of beauty as a matter of fact. I could live like this!!!

  21. I’m a Taurus and just recently just hopped off all my social media accounts because I couldn’t stand them (the shenanigans and quick contacts alike). I’m a letter/note writing kind of gal myself! ?

  22. Maxene Schreck

    At this point social media has become so integrated into our society that I feel it’s necessary to adapt or else you’re liable to get left in the dust. Like anything you can use it to your advantage.

    Just don’t feed the trolls.

  23. Hah. As a Leo I’m all over social media like a rash, but I have two Taurus friends I have to stay in touch with by “old fashioned” means (text or phone calls) because they cannot tolerate the “wittering” of free for all social media. They’re both great communicators one-to-one, but like to communicate with depth and consideration. Social media is just an irritant to them.

  24. 10th House and MC in Taurus and I have extremely stringent standards on who I follow and how I follow content on social media. I refuse to pollute my mind with content that does not support my values and a few years ago, I culled pretty much everyone I knew from all my social media and blocked a few. What a relief.

    It’s using social media to connect with people that I struggle with… hmmm… maybe because of the stringency? Or the high brow ideals? Still, I refuse to lower my standards and to be honest, after several years of social media silence, I’ve been attracting better people.

    My rule now is if I want to attract people who support my values, I need to put my values out there for people to resonate with and find me i.e. that’s how to find your tribe. The rule applies: We are influenced by the closest people to us. If we don’t like what we see, then we need to change ourselves.

    In that sense, social media is a boon as it is a rapid-fire mirror-reflector back to ourselves!

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