Do You Have Eclipse Fever?

Eclipse Fever is hell but it’s also a good indicator that you’re aware.

Branding-wise, this Full Moon is killing it. Even astrology-agnostics are talking about blood moons and “no, it’s a total Lunar Eclipse, that means it’s extra…”

Cool terms like Super Moon ensure media coverage and its snazzy crimson cosmic dusted aura is camera-ready. It’s the new Mercury Retrograde/astral excuse for mood fluctuations and impulsivity.

Mercury Retrograde jinxing hard drives or scrambling your focus all the way to Alpha Centauri and back have nothing on “Sorry I broke your heart/the lease/pact of whatever – it’s a Wolf Moon.”

Actually, it’s not really a Wolf Moon – unless you live someplace where bright nights and cold skies bring out the wolves and other predators. But it is a Rebel Moon, as far away from the Sun as it can possibly manage, short of busting out of the Solar System.

It’s A Rebel Moon

And, of course, it’s in Sagittarius, the sign of candor. So, if you want the truth about this Moon, here it is – no wolves, no blood.

(1) Eclipse Fever is a good sign. How can that be, when the symptoms include restlessness, insomnia, conflicting desires, haywire biorhythms, hyper-fluctuating moods, a staccato thought process and strange physical manifestations that are weird but probably not go-to-the-doctor weird? It means you’re connected. You’re tuned into the cosmobiological channel.

When the Sun-Moon polarity is this extreme and both are square Jupiter, it’s like an overloaded power-grid. But apart from feeling like you’re going to short-circuit any second, the concepts and realizations are fantastic.

Cernnunos, the Galactic Center & A Gigantic Geomagnetic Storm

(2) The Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Sagittarius, along with Earth. We’re ultra-close to the Galactic Center – the Sun’s Sun – and getting nearer over late May into June. Plenty of people are going nuts and busting out their top shelf Illuminati paranoia or fanatical politics. But you can also access a smooth, uninterrupted stream of cosmic consciousness at this time. The catch? It’s not going to be via your cool, contemplative mindset. The path lies through the jazzed up complexity and high-speed, multi-factored thought process.

(3) This astro brings out the Cernnunos side of Saggo – aka Ophichius, the Green Man, the Horned God – Artemis/Diana of the mysteries. You want peace and space but this Lunar Eclipse is crowded – maybe you’re the wolf of this Moon.

(4) Just to add to the extremity, the Sun just let rip with some gigantic flares, igniting the biggest geomagnetic storm astronomers have seen in years.

So, do you have Eclipse Fever?

58 thoughts on “Do You Have Eclipse Fever?”

  1. As i still feel the Saggo energy around me am investigating the truth of origins of Covid & the cover ups that are now coming to light. Reading the biology of the virus is taxing my brain & visualising skills.RNA DNA & Spikes & a virus that comes from the anus of a horseshoe bat, what a bummer. This is because of cancelled vax appointment. Intuition said WAIT. Then 2 people i trust as not being loopie, well one definitley isn’t, sent me video explanations of why people are resisting vaxxing. So started research, after all a mysteries are the only things worth exploring right? Coincidentally found an old book called ‘People in Trouble’ by (now) acclaimed Austrian born Wilhelm Reich & is very political which is why they ‘burned his books & research’. I think Orgone was mentioned here as the electric blue light/energy emmitted from pituitary or pineal gland & later found in the west to correspond to chakra. colours.
    The word Politics has me changing the subject faster than quick, a bolt but due to the plague, politics reign when you can’t fly where you want, when you want as the government is becoming too powerful in relation to their IQ & EQ.
    Fascist & surreal are not words used by me but what i am discovering (alas it’s not a Discovery of Witches) is very alarming but perhaps real truths are.Truths were either personal or universal but what about global ones.

    How very cool is the space weather newsletter about Noctilucent clouds saying ‘something unusual is happening in the arctic circle’.
    Thank you Mystic needed to remember there is something bigger more expansive & intelligent happening around us.

  2. Well, apparently I have had eclipse fever for about 3 years.(referring to #1 on the list) Also, I absolutely love the icons at the bottom of the DM this morning. The one without the image at the top…I like that, not having to scroll down to the text. Brava!!

  3. Haha same and just got home late from long work again to hear a neighbour who has completely HAD IT with her bf. (…didn’t hear a peep out of him. Wise man. Or kinda tired man whose gf is rightfully over the shizz she made very clear 😅)

  4. Well omg yes. But the brand new tarot IMAGES are brilliant for moving forward and not asking about things that Persephone/me has to leave behind, without asking ‘Why? Yeah but why?’ Images are not words, and words generate over analytical questions. Love the refresh of your wise Mystic offerings so on point with the times, including tech recalibrations. All is wordy, numbery and saturn-on-firey right now otherwise! 🤣

  5. ‘The path lies through the jazzed up complexity and high-speed, multi-factored thought process.’ Thank you Mystic, for offering this perspective on the craziness of the past few days. One example: Last night my neighbour’s cat was meowing in front of my door for three hours non-stop, keeping me awake and worrying about my job non-stop. It’s been like a full-speed ride through a labyrinth, hopefully something good wil come out of it.

      1. Hi Mystic! The cat is called Zosimos, apparently after the famous Egyptian alchemist Zosimos of Panopolis…

      2. There you go! What a wonderful omen! Zosimos was a ‘disciple’ of Mary the Prophetess. Somewhere in the annals of alchemy is the answer to the job worries!

  6. Wish Upon a Star

    Astrologically I am in a year 9: all about ENDINGS….

    My solar return is June 5 inbetween this lunar and solar eclipse.

    Although I feel like socialising I know I should consolidate my energy. I’m sensitive and people scatter my energy.

    It’s like avoiding junk food and eating nourishing food. The latter is better.

    I also have Uranus transitting my natal taurus moon 3rd house.

    Any thoughts peeps ?

    1. Who are your nourishing people? Hand that precious socializing out judiciously. Go eat some radically different food at a quaint local joint with a couple sibling-like friends…

    2. Yep your emotional feels and memory responses might scatter your thoughts, comms, errand running and other trips, but like you may randomly jag a park in a crowded carpark. Uranus will disrupt your pleasurable peace flow until you figure out how to master the emotional. Not being patronising, i have Saturn in 6th H Taurus, and i’m in for the long haul of handling disrupts as part of my daily living, and learning where to find the newness and innovation to counter my hardest stubborn routine everything. The House opposite can help e.g. if 9thH: style your outings for learning and wonder. Ask questions more of people in, say, the library or basically anywhere (not ask MORE qs, challenge your assumptions and ask a basic thing you think you might know, be judicious, and LISTEN TO LEARN.) Be the change you want to see and be, in how you absorb and give back joy, and where you think you’ll go and how you are actually perceived by the faces and EVEN PLACES AND BOOKS which have so many energies and memories and yes they look at you thoughtfully with wonder. Steps go forward, steps go back but if you think of it as a spiral your emotions ascend, you can learn/ be disrupted to feel differently xx

      1. When i say BOOKS i mean also comics, bus ads, flyers, sites and quick shit like you glanced over a stranger’s shoulder at their screen/menu/paperwork bc Sages need to read to answer with wisdom our questing even while it gets super busy. Just go with it and get into the feels it creates, and…communicate! People are lonely! Or need a change from their usu communicants (church ref also applicable). Just don’t swamp them. Listen and laugh and keep on the hoof 😁

  7. loafmore and dolittle

    I’m observing a lot of craziness. Humans are escalating defense modes that never worked in the first place. Vulnerability and authenticity seem to be operating like superpowers. My juvenile ideations of fairness and happy endings morphing into “Whatever is, we’ll meet it when it comes” Also, eating lot of plants provides enough levity to sort of step over intimidating hurdles when no ones looking.

  8. The link worked perfectly on Safari for me. But then I had to switch to Chrome in order to post this comment.

  9. My brain wasn’t processing at it’s usual lightning speed, and I’m not used to it! Gem – Sun, Merc Rx, Venus, Jupiter. I also have a loaded 3rd house.

    Or maybe I’m processing larger than normal amounts of information.

  10. Short answer yes. Conj my sun.

    Loved the transition and the eventual clear skies. Took a few snaps and they all show something large above the moon. My sky app didnt shed any light. Wondered if it was Anteres. Any ideas?

    And hello, new tarot design. Looks good!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Funny you mentioned Antares as I have it conjunct my midheaven and yes the moon was crossing my midheaven.

      I will check out. Antares on now.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Most likely Antares. It’s in my 10th house conj MC. Woo woo.

        I stood out on the back porch here in Qld, Australia. Clear skies.

        In the midst of the darkened moon I imagined me standing on earth right in the middle of the sun and moon.
        The visual gave me perspective and felt good.

        A child held by the cosmos.


      2. It was a moon ripe for any kind of energetic work wasn’t it.

        Re your comment above on socialising – yes some people are good at scattering energies intentionally or otherwise and Gem is one of the masters as they can jump from one thought stream to another very quickly so you have tools to navigate or even redirect those energies.

        Some of my mutable thoughts.

        Remind yourself that someone can only scatter your energies if you’ve let them in, which can be as simple as being caught off guard or having a low qi day etc – it is not always an open invitation but it is often an opening or a match … their thing triggers us, our thing magnetises theirs etc.

        Use you Mercury to scan any access points and cloak them whilst throwing grifters off the scent with a clever redirect. Then show them a disarming Gemmy smile that engages your fire and maybe even your joy and sense of fun in the dialogue dance. You might try seeing it as a bit of aikido, engaging without contact or direct hits unless necessary. Finally…yes dig your heels in for emotional peace if all else fails and hold that space, Taurus moon lol. But don’t go here too quickly as Taurus will do hard line stubborn and refuse to negotiate an alternate outcome.

        Mercury really enjoys this kind of engagement, fluid, light, skipping around and disappearing out of the corner of your eye…was that a flash, oh wait you’re here now…what was that you just said? And before they know it you’ve redirected everything and got the back door shut without anyone being any the wiser and without anyone experiencing harm.

  11. “restlessness, insomnia, conflicting desires, haywire biorhythms, hyper-fluctuating moods, a staccato thought process and strange physical manifestations”

    well yes & also perhaps the perfect timing for me to begin my journey into a late ADHD diagnosis, which started last week. The build up? a series of meeting key people, like signposts over the last two years, culminating last month when a flakey employer-to-be changed her mind about a job offer but not before sitting me down to watch a TED talk abut women with late ADHD diagnosis & telling me, “we gather together without realising you know”..

    Maybe this wolf moon I get a missing piece of my own jigsaw. Normally I loathe eclipses; for me, they’re too much, more ME than I can cope with. This one feels illuminating.

    1. Wowed out so much about that job interview with tedtalk and supremely quotable quote by the would-be flakey-employer. A close person has had their child recently diagnosed and is seeing themselves in that diagnosis as well, despite previously recognising (maybe blaming or resenting?) their spouse and spouse’s parent in this same light for years.

      A diagnosis, in my thoughts, should not be presented as a malady. One of my clients speaks of themselves as neurodiverse. It’s not easy for that client, but it’s good to see yourself as one of many humans who diverge but can recognise how and what. I wish for you the illumination that brings real universal support and clarity. May you ever step into coping with and LOVING the You, really appreciate it, like your voice is appreciated and read with real interest here.

      1. Totally agree with the malady part, diagnosis needs to come and assist clarity. I’m decanting shame like a person possessed. Enough with it and also, looking for support that works. So myb seeing a proper psychiatrist will help 🤷🏻‍♀️ although to be honest, I’m seeking resolve for always feeling out there and ‘other’ in the most negative ways. My family will never consider neuro diversity; they still think dyslexia is made up 🙄

  12. I must be a freak because I am SUPER productive. Did the laundry, cleaned the apartment in prep for Eclipse rituals tomorrow and made a lovely, healthy meal. Energentically, have ramped up the dream work and active presence. I was a bit tired but nothing that a nap could not fix. SNode and Uranus in early Sagg that moon will traverse in 3, 2, 1….

    1. The Lion & The Centaur

      Same here! I’m Sagg Moon conjunct North Node (conjunct this Full Moon) so the going is weird enough for me to function properly hehe. Blasting Alice In Chains and cleaning & creating like I’m on some substance.

      1. Thanks for the recco…have to hear Alice in Chains now. I am on yaas gurrrl type of music bender and not proud of it. 😄

    2. leotaurusscorp

      Me too – I feel as though so much hardwork has been done and, at last, things are actually coming good.

      1. The eclipse was in my 4th. I have done so much hard work to make my home my private sanctuary, like Circe. So I know what you mean and want to high-five! ✋

    3. Was same even with 11 hr work days and now i’m grateful because i existentially crashed. That is, my personal growth goal got bingled. At least i d9n’t have domestic chaos when i feel a bit sore and disappointed with what i thought would be my unicorn amazeballs self. And can’t get the vaccine while i picked up a stupid cold. Yes, grateful it’s a cold, but really? Right before the weekend?

      1. Its a common (hehe) complaint! Though we wash our hands so much, we still catch colds of nastier variety. Hope you feel better! ❤

    4. I spoke too soon. The digestion was shot for 3 days on a diet of liquid lentil soups and yoghurt. Bizzaro! I finally got my footing back today and treated myself to fast food crap and a cinnamon bun. My self esteem is higher than before too. Eclipse and mutable season is okay when we get to hide in our homes.

  13. Penelope Darling

    Absolutely and my partner (who doesn’t “believe”) is too! Staccato energy is the perfect description.

  14. seawitchmermaid

    This is exactly on my natal Saturn in Sag, and I have Jupiter in Pisces in early degrees too. So interesting. I have been super tired😴

  15. Hahaha yes! I have the eclipse fever, and the mercury-neptune vapours (i am pisces sun moon, mercury). Staying away from domestic tasks that involve a chainsaw for the next few days. I dont trust myself! Who knows what I could end up chopping up into small pieces apart from firewood.

  16. So scatterbrained lately… more than my typical air sign moon scatterbrain this just feels different. Like trying to process a million things at once. There are so many life changes, not to mention global and political chaos… oh and since the eclipse hits my 5th house (near my vertex): a big crush on someone. Unsure of any interest back. Trying to stay cool, take it slow, and not zombie which would prove a big fat Saturn lesson learned (he’s transiting my 7th currently).

    Romantic love never seems to come easily for me but maybe it will this time. 🤗✨ I’m not woe is me about it… Just trying to understand why and appreciate the abundance of love I have in other areas.

      1. Thank you. Wishing many blessings to you along this crazy life journey whatever yours may be.

    1. Wow! I have that too! Just found out the Eclipse conjunct natal Vertex in my 5th house… is that why I send him funny crazy messages, crying or laughing when surrounded by people?

    2. Update: I asked for a sign and crush up and quit today without me getting to say bye or get his number. It works both ways so the sign was: he’s not interested.

      Welp then…

  17. This all tracks. Trying to sit down and work on my projects while dealing with what feels like an immense full body buzzing sensation. This eclipse is on the Mars/IC conjunction I have with the quadruple Scorpio I just broke up with last week… hoping for no drama but that seems unlikely! Oh well my Aqua Sun/Gemini moon says bring me that chaos 🙂

  18. Aware and connected.
    Along with Neptune opposite my Sun/Mercury/Mars in Virgo square my Moon in Saggo, Mercury’s square Sun and opposite Moon, Venus conjunct my Saturn in Gemini….. and there’s more drama to my restlessness than I can handle. I just wrote to my love of my life that I don’t want anything to do with him and that’s not true! I’m still going through a divorce (this is my Cancer rising opposite Pluto/Saturn – sad old story) and I don’t live with my kids. Had a compulsion to scrub the floor where I live instead of looking for a job.

  19. Holy Moly! That explains a few things. Hunkering down indeed, not sure if it’s the eye of the storm or a reset, but I’ll take the pause while I can. (I just realised that if an eclipse like this feels like the eye of a storm, what fresh hell am I living in?)

  20. I’m hunkering down and getting lots of writing done. Minimum social media consumption, maximum reading horror stories. MY AC is CJ Galactic Centre so maybe I’m streaming stuff from source 😉

  21. Insomnia: Check.
    Speedy thought processes: check
    People throwing spammers left right and centre: check.
    Just wanting to lie on a beach with strawberry daiquiri’s. I wish.

    1. OOShazberry laying anywhere with a strawberry anything will do..or just laying , shall lay until beach pass is possible .
      Bless up to ALL & gratitude to our
      boss lady👇🏽

      1. The few hours a night I’m permitted to lay currently – parents did the crime my sag
        self pays the fine 😂for being born Nov 23rd🤪

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