Style Your Ascendant: Aries Rising


Are you an Aries Rising person? The following suggestions and celebrity Aries Rising examples will help to enhance your image. They could even bust you right out of a style rut. Aligning your style with the Rising or Ascendant sign is always a good look. It’s maximal magic and flattering.

Naturally, take the ideas you resonate with and skip the rest.

*If you don’t know what your Ascendant sign is or even what an Ascendant is: Your Ascendant – aka the rising sign – is the zodiac sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of your birth. If you know the time you were born, an Astral DNA report will reveal your Ascendant sign, along with my take on it.



For Aries Rising people, Red signals ‘go’ or – as you’re probably already in motion – ‘accelerate.’ It’s a stimulant, aphrodisiac, and your power color. Red is the color of Mars – the Aries ruler, primal passion, fire, courage, blood, and vitality.

When you wear Red – a splash of muted Maybe-Red or the whole vat of Deep Cheery Crimson – it’s energizing, and it affirms your Mars vibe – assertion, raw physicality, and spunkiness at any age.

Red is a frequent go-to for Pisces-Sun/Aries Rising Rihanna: she seems to rotate the vibe – scarlet woman red hair + lipstick one season, little red dresses the next, and then jumpsuits or red-accent denim.

If you’re feeling unpleasantly adrenal at the thought of donning a red anything, consider an accessory that you can take on and off – red-framed sunglasses or a red notebook to record your winning concepts.



Whether you have naturally lavish eyebrows or artificially augment them, it’s good for Aries Rising to have accentuated, obvious brows. Yes, they frame the eyes and give form to the face but they also echo the Aries glyph, a stylized version of the Ram’s horns.

Aries, the Ram and Mars have been connected for centuries – you may recall the incredible Ram-Sphinxes at Luxor? Appearance-wise, investing or focusing on your eyebrows – their shape, health and color – will always reap radical dividends.

Aries represents the head and even more specifically, the brow: think of a Ram in head-butting mode. They lower their head, tuck in their chin and charge at the target. The forehead is the presenting front – it symbolizes your ability to push through obstacles.

Interestingly, practically all Aries Ascendant people poke their head forward a little bit when walking. You’re practically always ahead of yourself.



You know how the people who make casual clothes seem formal or they appear clipped and precise, even in athleisure? They’re not Aries Rising. You have an action Ascendant: whatever you wear, it must not restrict movement.

You’re a long-striding, speed-walking momentum player. You cannot and will not be hobbled or distracted from your mission by something itching. Chafing is an existential issue, believe it.

This gives rise to stretchy-formal-look garments that you could technically appear on television in or break into a sprint if you felt like it. Think also high-fashion sneakers and performance fabrics. Even if you have a retinue of laundry attendants, the concept of heavy-care wardrobe items offends the Aries Rising psyche.

You’d probably prefer ‘no care’ – one glance and your clothes rearrange their particles.



It may not fit your vibe but incorporating a Ram symbol would be an auspicious addition to your look. So would a Mars symbol but it is so associated with phallic symbols and Seventies Pheromonal ‘attractant’ fragrances that it could create the wrong impression.

The classic bomber jacket is a staunch wardrobe friend and in fact many of you have sentimental attachments to one or more.

Rubies, red jasper or bloodstone are also Aries-ish but even occult bling contributes to the clutter component. Remember, if it hampers your momentum, it’s not Aries-Ascendant friendly. Even prints can irritate your singular focus. Big blocks of geometric color are flattering and dramatic without being “fussy.”

The Aries Rising ideal is to command attention, not seek it.


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I have an Aries North Node. Years and years ago when I was first grokking the concept/sign/placement, I was not thrilled. BUT I have since really come to appreciate high vibe Aries and try to lean into it wherever possible and it’s been a gift. Shout out to the lambs and the rams!


haha love it – especially the brows (I have naturally dark, thick brows which I get shaped and tinted now that I’m going grey). I was trying to figure out why I tint my brows but don’t dye my hair – now I know πŸ˜‰ Also in favour of a judicious use of red, block colours and clothes that don’t impede but enhance πŸ™‚

So Mutable It Hurts

I would love to reread the other signs’ Style Your Ascendant posts. I’ve tried to search them in a few different ways and nothing comes up! Does anyone have the links?


it me! it me! I am looking too and can not find the other articles


This is so on point. If the shoe sucks it’s out. If it itches goodbye. If I have to cart it around or it rides up off to the opportunity shop. I haven’t got time for fashion out to kill me.

Wish Upon a Star

I’m a natal Pisces Rising but my ascendant is progressed In Aries now. I have the Aries eyebrows. I think I will incorporate some red into my dressing. I need the impetus to build a new life right now. And for my dreamy days I can flip back to my blues, greens and violets.


YES! Especially the constricting, high maintenance clothes. I do NOT iron. I don’t like weighted blankets either… and busy prints are just painful


scorpio sun, capricorn moon and aries rising…. why do all of theseapply to me though??? XD


you are me i am you lol thats my combination


Cancer Sun, Aries rising and I feel so validated right now.


Just come across this because I was rethinking my wardrobe, but honestly. I switch from feminine Libra flowing clothing to power suits and active wear on the reg.

As I’m a tad overweight from all the sobbing last year into my icecream; I’ve been enjoying the long walks that I walk sprint into, leading my friends to the end of the path, and wearing red active wear tends to be a thing for me. My shoes are dotted with red too, but most of my leggings are either scorponic black, bright and cheerful libra or yes, sporty aries in red or gold.

I have a ton of high heels but they are all packed away because I absolutely hate being uncomfortable and would rather wear boots. It’s an ecclectic mix, and I reckon I’m down for anything that is bright in colour, a tshirt or on the rare occassion a red or black dress. Interesting! I have scorpio mercury, venus and pluto – all in house 8.


You didn’t forget her she’s standing in stride and boots!


Is that not Stevie in red leotard in a standing split?


i hate jared’s short hair, he’s so hot with the jesus look. Oh and about the looks, Gemini sun and rising here, my homework is done.


Oh man, you NAILED it. I’m a multi-Libra with Aries Rising, and I laughed out loud a few times reading this post. People sometimes ask me why I rarely wear skirts/dresses, and my go-to response (even before I was into astro) has always been, “But what if I need to throw down and suddenly wrestle somebody?”

Basically, if I can’t do yoga/splits comfortably in a pair of pants, then I’m just not wearing them. Therefore, my clothes tend towards very loose and very stretchy.

Being a Libra Sun/ Leo Moon, my dream is having a closet full of super-luxe activewear, like Stella McCartney or something. Luxe stuff I can actually MOVE in.


Hey! Great post! I am an Aries asc, and I DO look epic in sportswear, thanks. πŸ˜‰ Also, anything vaguely military inspired/structured. I have several coats and jackets that are military uniforms from past wars. I do love a good shirt-dress with pockets and epaulettes, too. If you look at Katee Sackhoff (Aries sun) she looked great in battlestar uniform. Now she looks great as a policewoman in Longmire.


What if your rising sign (Kataka) seems rather clashy with your sun sign (Cap)? My tastes do run more Cappy, clean basics, with unusual jewellry to keep things a little off-kilter. I’m not sure I could handle Victorian lace & ruffles, pastels… but perhaps that’s a stereotypical representation?

I do have a fondness for film noir femme fatale looks, and pinup vintange…


..was there something in this post besides Heather Locklear’s hair?
Signed, Leo rising

Year of the Phoenix

CAN NOT WAIT! This is gonna be great!

I am Virgs/Virgs rising but have a super packed 1st house – sun conj Pluto SN and Uranus Jupitor Merc conj as well love love love red, ott accessories with simple modernist clothes, touch of good leopard (which I consider a neutral) red shoes also perennial fav

sparkling leo

Cool photos. As a Libra rising I would love to see what style photos would be for this rising sign. Then, naturally what other rising signs would be. It’s an intriguing topic.



Leo Aqua

Feel silly mentioning this but does anyone else think that ..Captain Risky is a dead set Aqua with perhaps Aries rising..? I have little bit of a crush..

Year of the Phoenix

Hahahaha! Yes and yes!


My Gemini rising Aries Sun ‘adopted daughter’ who calls me Aunti has had the roof fall in on her life…lost her job, they closed, just broke off with new boyfriend of 6 weeks, a Virgo, and now just calls me to say her male pittbull Boss has just raped her Sagg 14 month old bitch Honey Bear. $400 for termination.
She’s making me feel old with all her Aries impetuosity.
What’s that generation who’s turning 40 now? They seem to have some hard lessons to learn and all i can do is supply safety net.
(soz if off thread but the Aries thing…………….they boggle my mind somewhat, the i remember their geniousity).


Sounds like the zap zone Pegs…glad she’s got you watching over her!

Maxene Schreck

Libra rising. I am intrigued.


Waiting on a Leo rising post…


Same! Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Moon & North Node form a grand fire trine with my late Leo ascendant. I’ve always dressed louder & bolder than I often feel!


Lol such a leo comment. Given that Aries is first in the zodiac, Mystic is presumably doing them all in order and an updated take on them.


oooh this is fab! i can’t wait for the rest!
i have like, zero aries in my chart but i do resonate with some of these principles via my fiery sagg asc.


I am Aries rising with Sun, Venus, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio. I look like an Aries, not a Scorp. All my clothes are grey, black, white, or red so I can immediately go go go and not think about fashion. Utilitarian and athletic. Oh, and my eyebrows are the pretty bold for a blonde. True for me, Mystic!


I love that Jared Leto look, much better than the messy one. He looks a lot like Michael Fassbender (an Aries) in that picture.


Agreed. That jawline, so bad-ass. Cap/ Aries combo completely explains my attraction to him :/ (but “no more Aries men”. This is literally a mantra I repeat to myself – & that goes for Gemini too)


Why no more Aries men? Mars and Venus and Uranus right now in aries — i’m getting a bunch interested in me (I’m an Aries). And why no Gemini too?


Starfleet Command to pi … Starfleet Command to pi. There’s concern that you may have a chameleon field attached to your gravatar. Orders are for you to check into Starbase Medusa and have you screened for possible pion contamination. Repeat: check in to Starbase Medusa immediately. Captain AnkhRising8. has been informed and will conduct decontamination procedures. A word of caution, do not stare at her eyebrows nor touch her armour jewellery. Repeat: do not…


Hi… me..? wha..? x


(I know better than to touch a scorpio(n) without the appropriate safety procedures πŸ˜‰ )




I’m Pisces rising, but my first house goes to 24* Aries (Chiron at 21*). YES to head gear, the fiercer the better. To armor jewelry. To healthy, bold eyebrows. To giving zero fuqs if anyone thinks I’m bluffing or don’t deserve it. Dressing & presenting yourself like, “Oh yeah? Why don’t you try me & find out?” πŸ˜› Natal Mars in Scorpio/8th house, so there’s that too…


*humid weather…


You rmust have read my mind, Mystic! Was only this morning deliberating over the topic. Would greatly appreciate tips on dressing Cap-like in 40 degree, 90% humidi


Sensible shoes. also, something you inherited.


Yes seriously sensible like Charles Jordan, Bally or Ferragamo sensible = investment last for decades
especially if you don’t wear them πŸ™‚


Capricorn rising just to sensibly mess with my myriad of stuff in Sagg!


God Rihanna and Jared look fabulous!
Insanely hot!


The poles.. if hot and cold are different extremes of the same thing, and the signs are set similar, can you do either your AC or your DC as image, for the same happy result?


Maybe not. Just thinking I am Gem Rising with Sagg DC, they are kind of a different ethos in terms of clothing?


Hm. I’m thinking how do you DO Libra Rising when you see beauty EVERYWHERE, as long as it’s outside a mirror. But I guess it just takes work. Things aren’t necessarily easily done…


Funny, I’ve always liked the style of the ladies above, tho only knew Lucy L is in Aries…always been a big fan of Joan too. She being a sun Gemini /Aries riser seemed to do the imperious, power -shouldered diva thing a bit more humourously than an Aries sun like Joan Crawford.

Am stellium Aries, but lib rising, so a softer look than above, but I love a well cut jacket, and I can wear a clear red, or preferably shots of bright pink/oranges.


Aries rising. I do occasionally wear red, it makes me feel powerful. I love colour in general and never wear black or white. Headbands = no, hats = rarely, sportswear = only when exercising or relaxing at home.

Love a red shoe though. Love glitter and sequins but try to restrain myself.


p.s. love Joan for her SWAG


I am completely surrounded by Aries rising people! I adore them ((swooon))

My best friend is Aries rising but Pisces Sun/Moon/Merc has her more into the pastel shades. However she has never shyed away from a sporty but stylish shoe, and seems weirdly attracted to tennis outfits.

The Aussie is quadruple Aries (Sun/Venus/Mars/Ascendent conjunct) with Mars rising.

Yes to headwear, scars from headbutting and other daring-do, yes to strong brow, and looking unexpectedly hot in red.

My old dude was triple Aries (Sun/Ascendent/Merc) and was super boho in his look- until he randomly came out in a pair of red basketball shorts every once in a while. Aries men are all jocks- even if secretly!


Ps it’s so obvious now I’m been channelling wayyyy too much Cap.

Explains why I could never quite escape the bright nails and lips.

Time to resurrect the leopard print, bvlgari gold chains and watch, Dolce, Versace and my tan. And my hot rollers.


Amazing post!!

Does this apply to your home as well, our would you look at your forth house cusp for that? πŸ™‚

Love, leo rising ?xx


I laughed harder than I should have at this, so seriously BANG ON with this and the pics had me in stitched. Well done, once again MM x

Lucy the Leo

I love this so much! Can’t wait for Cappy to come around!


What if you are not Aries rising but you have Mars rising? Red is the best colour on me…

Aries gal

What an awesome placement
I think it would absolutely apply to you if not more, in the raw sense your ascendant is your appearance
Mars hot on it trail will definitely effect

Can you relate to aries rising description?


I have mars rising in libra.
Red is my fave colour! So is it the best colour for us?


I have Scorpio rising and I don’t really like wearing black. I don’t relate to the sporty wear at all either but I DO like wearing red! I didn’t mention it up there but it’s a Mars-Uranus conjunction that I have rising…
Aguess that is where the subtilities come to play!

I have A Libra Sun and a Taurus Moon so I like to think I am more Venusian than Scorpionic. Plus my Venus is in leo so I like flashy and glamourous.

I would be pretty miserable if I dressed accoring to my Scorpio rising.

Aries gal

Wow!!!! Uranus rising too, lol.


I think I would really like you lol


Haha!! Is your Sun sign Aries?

Aries gal

Sure is! I have a packed 11th house and my pisces rising is in the third decan ruled by Pluto
I look like a scorpio lol


This series will be an entertaining read! I look forward to the continuing insights and candour πŸ™‚


genius. except it’s gonna be a helluva wait for Pisces rising. Rihanna used to be listed as gemini rising, but now she’s a double aries i see. Love it.


Or just randomly as she feels inspired.


just spent a few minutes looking up female politicians/public figures…no aries asc located before getting bored…lots of scorp tho.

i always wonder about female scientists and such and whether they share astro signatures. which sign goes with lab coat? πŸ˜‰


Hmm, good q. To me, lab coat is precision, attention to process, remaining open-minded, observant…?




And research scientists.


Oh u said that.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

This is geiiiiiinius! I loooooove it! Can you please do a whole series!


joan collins always looked dynasty even when she was broker than greece.


Aries Rising and all of this is true, I’m addicted to sportswear but always in dark colours, black or dark leopard print to stay true to my Scorpness. My eyebrows are always something people mention a lot they are very prominent, thick and dark, into hats too, although if they interfere with my sunglasses wearing (every day whatever the weather) they have to go, only thing I can’t do is red. Colour freaks me out unless it’s muted. Actually thinking about it my physical appearance is such a stereotypical hybrid of my rising and sun signs it’s kind of amusing.

Aqua Ramette

My Aries rising really expresses itself strongly in red – red shoes are my particular weakness. I think I’ve got 10+ pairs.

As for eyebrows, I don’t think mine are terribly impressive – I’m more about the high forehead, which I believe is also pretty typical, complete with a few old scars obtained from head-butting things (nothing too dramatic though – the bottom of a pool on a shallow dive and the road when I once fell off my bike).


I think the headband is an old samurai thing, it’s called a hachimaki. It’s supposed to give you strength, but it also has practical purposes like keeping your helmet on during battle. So symbolically, it IS your helmet. Headbutt away. If you manage somehow to get your head bashed in, at least the hachimaki will keep it from falling apart.


Indeed Charles the hachimaki keeps your head together, i know, as i wore them often in the 70’s to keep from brain tightly intact from all the psychedelics ingested πŸ™‚


Pegs if you started a cult, it would be the best cult EVER and I would totally join it. Xoxx

Prince Stolas

I never noticed before, but Xena has a little Aries glyph on her outfit! awesome!

Also, which sign does rule the brain? Aquarius? Gemini? got to be a rational sign whatever it is. =)


Which sign rules the brain; gotta be a rational sign?

(a) No one sign rules the brain although some planets might more more associated with some bits than others; and

(b) There are relatively few parts of the brain that can be described as “rational”, unless you look at rationality in purely Darwinian – survival – terms. Either way it ain’t ruled by Gem/Aqua!

The brain is made up of all sorts of different parts, like an orchestra.

In (very) short,- these include various sensory bits (taste, smell, touch, visual), motor function bits, hormonal bits, animal (limbic) bits (where primitive emotions/instincts are conditioned by memory of threat/safety), language/learning/working memory, big picture/spatial (I can throw this spear to shoot that dear a long way away because I can judge distance/speed etc).

We’ve all got strengths/weaknesses in each bit depending on genes and environment.

Then there is the prefrontal cortex which develops last, not fully til the early 20s, and which ideally functions increasingly as the conductor of the whole orchestra, or executive control centre, as we age.

It is probably the most “rational” bit, if we define rational as acting in a way that will meet our overall, balanced long-term life objectives – ie to balance out the needs of all the planets/signs/houses in our chart in the context of the society we live in.

Its role is to help us learn to identify needs/emotions (“ah! that tension in my jaw is actually repressed anger at my boss who is taking over my whole life!!”) and to decide how to act on them (“do I deck my boss, or defer THAT immediate gratification so I can get a good reference and start looking for another job? And if so, how do I strategise getting the one I want, and how can I find one that gives me time for my fave hobby/lover?”) .

OK, OK, so maybe Saturn rules the prefrontal cortex. But only if all the other planets feel like they are being well-served by the old bastard. If not, watch the limbic system take over, and mount a coup….bit like Aus politics.


Hahaha! Love this, so subjective, yet accurate and definitely, so Aus politics!

A great read, thank you! πŸ˜‰

Loved MM’s read and look forward to the series. It certainly appealed to my Aries MC! πŸ˜‰


….indeed! Supports at least two of my points, if you think about it, non?


omg Mystic can you do a series of these – one for each rising sign? This is fantastic!


I second this!

Pleeaasseeeee Mystic…..

virgo kathleen

Thirded! Please do a series!



Aqua sun



yessss please to the series

libra rising

yes πŸ™‚ all the rising signs! :))

Sextuple Scorpio

This is fantastic!
Thanks, Mystic.

tripletoro/pisces rising


Runa Hauk

OHHHHH! ME ME ME NEXT PLEASE!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Jumping up and Down!!! LOL! This is So AWESOME!!! This month I’m aiming to get on TV next…I NEED to make doubletroublesure I’ve got my LOOK ON!

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