Weekly Horoscopes from August 27 2022


The New Moon in Virgo is always a clean sweep of a thing, revamping relationships and removing bumbling obstacles from your path. This year it’s honed by a sharp angle with Warrior Mars, making decisive breakthroughs edgier and more definitive than your standard late August-September morph. You’ve already got some impetus on but from August 27, your transformation trip amps right up.


Negotiating? It’s a high-pressure juggle till August 31. If you can delay till then, do. If not, be prepared to moderate some of your more nuanced concerns. Also, haven’t some of your gnarliest lessons come from assuming that others share your finer perceptions? Don’t project your diamantine sensibility onto rock-like characters. Be expedient. Mars in Air Gemini until March 2023 is magnificent and expansive.


Warning: Relationships may not function as intended. Or a partner – business or personal – may not be ‘as described.’ Venus and Mars are in agitating alignments till Wednesday, generating trouble, desire and high pressure dialogue. Still, this config shakes off inertia and reflexive assumptions from the old era. And, from Aug 31 till Sept 3, a snazzy Mars-Jupiter hook-up helps you monetize the weirding.


You’re hatching hot ideas and/or startling new sensual-intellectual chemistry in the face of an imminent astro-storm. Most people would sense the fluctuating frequencies and back off but you’re Saggo: you’re not only undeterred by high volatility, you know there are rad gains to be made from it. The trick is high momentum – easy for you – and staying circumspect with big spends or promises – your core challenge.


Capricorn Nouveau is coming – you know it. It would be great if you could put drapes over the currently chaotic process until it was ready but you can’t. Lilith square Chiron (till Sept 9) makes it clear that you don’t have the focus for perception control and managing the actual metamorphosis. But between Aug 31 and Sept 2 you benefit from hiring or dating a potent catalyst and/or a significant tech innovation.


You’re not remotely surprised at the pace of change or shift in the collective Zeitgeist: you’re stunned it took so long. Signals that seem ultra-obvious to you are often overlooked by others; then again, they’re astounded by the Aquarian abhorrence for conventional cues. Whatever your morph since Feb 2021, you’ve been aligning with the Future. Limber up for a potentially triumphant climax over Sept-Oct.


August 31 till September 3 features a fantastic success, serenity and money config. Mars and Jupiter in friendly alignment is the pay-out for risky ventures or all the time/cash you’ve ploughed into something since late May 2022. But you’ll need to synthesize some patience for this weekend’s “feels more like a Full Moon” New Moon. Anticipate crazy comms and acrobatic flip-flopping from usually linear people.


Mars in Gemini is going to be great: you’re already sped-up and better at flicking away distractions. It’s also a charisma-upgrade. People – some desirable, others not – see you in a new, more flattering light. So stop admin logistics from interrupting your high-velocity talk-fest: rapidly maneuver all available resources to buffer against the volatility in play from August 27 to 30. You can’t (yet) afford a revolution.


A mid-June relationship agreement, attraction scenario or new season sensibility ends or next-levels by the end of August. Your ruling planet Venus is at flashpoint and Mars is in agitator mode: you win this by operating on current facts, not historical precedents or future phantasms. Interestingly, your artistic impulses and aesthetic feels are bang-on brilliant this week, giving you a valuable trend-aware edge.


Virgo New Moons like the one this Saturday inspire fresh zest for chez Gemini and family initiatives: this one does too but it’s over the top. At odds with Mars in your sign, it sparks definitive domestic decisions or a more lucid take on a relative you’d had in a holding pattern. Saturday till Tues is the hot zone and then the astro becomes more jovial – Jupiter largesse materializes as an influx of funds and friendship.


Hekate and Lilith in your sign intensify your paranormal powers; you’re more supernaturally aware and adept at tuning your intuitive frequency. It also means there is no way you can show your working or ‘sell’ half the stuff you’re doing and that drives you to greater independence. You’re in peak renegade mode till September 9 and this week’s Sun-Mars square is sensational for taking out self-sabotage urges.


You can already tell that Mars in Gemini is going to boost your weird dating and surreal social life prospects. It’s also going to pull in people who understand your creative process or a specific project. But turn Hermit for the weekend or even more ideally, until Aug 31: your ruler the Sun squares Mars and Venus in Leo opposes Saturn. It’s hot for self-scrutiny and relationship real-politik but not ‘fun.’