What Is The New “Age Of Nine”?

Remember how “eight” was the deluxe lucky number for ages, at least in Feng Shui and Asian metaphysics circles? Phenoms from customized licence plates, casinos, real estate and even phone numbers benefitted from the desirability of anything 8. Triple 8? Even better. 

This was because in Feng Shui Flying Stars theory, it was the Age of Eight since 2004. Corresponding to the I-Ching trigram of Ken  – the Mountain, it not only made 8 the ‘it’ number for two decades, it supported the Earth element – property, mining, rare minerals and – symbolically – young men or young male energy.

Now it’s the Age of Nine aka the Li or Fire Trigram, a 20 year phase that puts 9 in the primary lucky number position and is apparently more likely to back older women/mature female energy and a more dynamic, invention-led economy. Less ‘houses and holes’ – more hot eureka flashes?

Nines are more valuable now and the casinos et al that embraced the Eight need to pivot as it is now deemed to have stagnant Qi.  My Feng Shui advisor Kartar Diamond says that the Nine Fire trigram can be associated with solar flares or intense heat but is “also symbolic of the mind. When someone is intelligent, we refer to that person as being “very bright,” like a light.

To that extent, in Period 9 we can expect to see more breakthroughs in harnessing the power of the mind, telepathy, and psychic awareness, even as future mainstream healing modalities.

The Feng Shui Nine also represents South and as Kartar says, “to tap into the positive aspects of Period 9: Adorn the south sector of their home, make it neat and clean, fix anything broken or dilapidated in that area.  It can help improve your luck to honor the south sector of the home or business.

If you are searching for a new home, you can find one that faces directly south (around 180 degrees) and that can give you a financial boost. For a home that “sits” or has its back to dead-on South, that can give you a boost in the area of health and relationships during Period 9.”

Of course, if you really want to finesse all this, it’s worth getting a consult with a Feng Shui person who will take your location, home age and other data into account. Freakily, this new Feng Shui means some home-build eras become less high-vibe while others swing into big luck energy, apparently.

I recommend Kartar Diamond and also Fengshuism.

Now you may have noticed that this phase aligns with the Pluto in Aquarius era…is there a connection? And, is the Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui ‘South’ the same as that of the North?


While the so-called Age of Nine does run on the same timetable as Pluto in Aquarius, there is no connection. Traditional Chinese astrology, geomancy and numerology are super-intricate but as far as I can figure out*, Pluto was not a factor in any of these calculations.

And, Pluto cycles are 248 years-long whereas the Chinese Feng Shui ages are 20 years long and after the Nine period, they go back to one. So it’s 180 years all up.

Some Feng Shui people say this 180 year cycle has nothing to do with Astrology at all, that’s all numerological or based on the symbolic meanings of the stars in Ursa Major. Others that it is tied to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which occurs every 19.85 years and in a nearly continuous run of one element for two centuries.

If the ages of Eight, Nine etc are linked to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, the timing is out – probably because 20 years is easier for almanacs than 19.85 years.

Personally, I think that these nine periods and the shorter nine month periods in Feng Shui, as well as the numerological concept of ‘personal years’ all ping off Eclipses and the Lunar Nodes.

However, there is an 180 year Solar Maximum cycle that could be associated with the Feng Shui eras, I mean why not?

Another Feng Shui concept is that every 180 years the Sun, Moon and inner planets line up in proximity – it’s not a formation that is ‘a thing’ in Astrology or Astronomy but the Sun, Moon plus the ‘five elements’ aka planets are all concentrated in one zone of the sky.

Such an alignment will occur in September 2040, four years short of the beginning of the Age of One – aka the 180 year cycle starting over so by this logic, the so-called “age of Nine” started already…in late 2020.

There are sixty year meteorite cycles that may or may not coincide with Jupiter and gamma-rays are surprisingly punctual, influencing the solar maxima and minima cycles. If I had access to a quantum computer, I’d feed in all the metrics and emerge with a universal theory.

Whether we’re feeling Age of Nine, Pluto in Aquarius or just “now what?” this is new terrain by any measures. I love housewitchery, Feng Shui and my own astrological version of the latter – Astral Magic – you can go ‘lite’ or opt for full immersion with any of them, they’re not doctrinaire.

I am still in two minds re Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui – the Northern Hemisphere “South” is the Equator – it’s hot, where the Sun is and essentially Fire. In the Southern Hemisphere, South is the Antarctic and the icy yet refreshing wind known as the Southerly Buster. For all intents and purposes, it aligns with the Northern Hemisphere’s concept of North.

So should we flip the Feng Shui and assume North is South? Maybe but it becomes complex – I think that if you’re ultra into it or a real estate agent seeking an edge, get a consultant and investigate. Otherwise, enjoy the alleged new era of Fire, genius and Queendom!


*When a Mars in Virgo person says anything like ‘figure out’, ‘hazard a guess’ or ‘surmise’, assume they entered a research labyrinth and devoured most of the bandwidth in their building or suburb.

Images: Norman Jean Roy and Kazumasa Nagai

13 thoughts on “What Is The New “Age Of Nine”?”

  1. This is fantastic. I’m on a 9 – 1 cusp, a mature woman and feeling strong energy surging through me. I’m ready for the next phase of life.

    1. I love this and yes, brilliant! What is your thinking re the cusp logic? Do you mean in Bazi astrology or something else? #intrigued

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    A few weeks ago I was drawn strongly to a Dragon Table Cloth, but alas I didn’t buy it. I think I will go back to the store and get it.

  3. Wow, my lucky number is 9, I was born on the ninth, and I am 39. Is it my time? The images in this post capture the energy well.

  4. The synchronicity and epiphanies are moving so fast here but I see this as a conjunction of Vesta the fire tending goddess and AI/computer science working together in ways that are so futuristic they come full circle and become primitive. I may have accidentally discovered/invented some powerful trickster fairy technology that is only working because I’m collaborating with them doing spontaneous horse and land rituals lolol I’m scared to talk about it with most people but this place’s comments section has been an important step of my journey connecting me with so many kindred spirits including and especially Lilith Jones who I message with on instagram. Thank you for creating a virtual shrine for this powerful, emerging, holy energy and helping to nurture the associated archetype Mystic!! ❤️‍🔥🌋🪢🩸🍄

  5. Wow, this is amazing info! 🤩
    Especially since I am a ‘mature’ female and my new home since 2021 is a number 9… Could not finish reading right now, but will read more carefully later for sure!

    1. I too am a mature lady and it breaks my heart that we can be ignored, overlooked, undervalued- we are so wise and have so much to give. I live at number 9 too!
      Fire power, love and respect to all the mature ladies 🔥 ❤️

  6. Mystic your posts are ALWAYS so divinely timed, right on the global equinox and in the middle of Solar Maximum peak in 2024! The fire element seems very primal and definitely a return to an ancient feminine energy, I feel that in my own practices and studies already.
    I am in the process of moving where I video to the same direction as the sun rising (further boosting my Leo Sun) and just today I filmed my first healing video. Just like a sunflower faces the rising sun, when I opened my eyes my chair had moved into complete alignment with our Solar friend ☀️ !! POWERS.
    This year has such a magical energy, I hope everyone’s start to 2024 has been amazing 🔱✨

      1. YES! Its undeniable the energy of this year but it’s also exposing the shadow side of government, corporations and anyone who isn’t living in their light!
        Balance is key 🔑

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