The Astrology Of The Metal Monoliths

Is there an astrological meaning behind the two (so far) metal monoliths that have appeared in Utah and Romania? Yes, actually there is. I just crashed my astronomy program figuring it out.* Read on for a take that includes an ancient American people who mysteriously disappeared, a Uranian priestess, and, well, interstellar space.

Of course, it is highly likely to be a publicity stunt but weirdness would be on-brand for 2020. Personally, I prefer an alien geomancy/return of the Archean era gods storyline to an ad any day. But most importantly, they’re connected by star-lines. Which ones? Vega and Deneb, first magnitude stars of immense magical significance and history.  Along with Altair, they are connected to a beautiful ancient Chinese soulmating story and the old Egyptian creation myth – this puts a whole new spin on Mother Goose. 

The Astrology Of The Metal Monoliths Features Dragons & Mystery Queens

Altair is an Eagle or a Falcon and Vega means ‘falling vulture’ – before you freak, pull up: the Vulture-Goddess is the oldest of all, a precursor to Lion Goddess Sekhmet. Cayelin Castell, who has some epic resources here, points out that the scientific name for the Vulture is Cathartes Aura – the golden purifier. And Cygnus has a hybrid fan group – a vortex of aspirant incarnate Atlantis residents/starseeders and astrophysicists. It’s interesting how tribes deemed “primitive” managed to accurately detect and monitor the darker rifts and eddies in the river of stars we call the Milky Way. It wasn’t till super-quantum telescopes were invented that scientists were forced to concede many of these ‘superstitions’ were poetically describing sophisticated astral paradigms.  

First of all, the background astrology is that the next-era Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is imminent – on the Solstice. While these occur every 19.85 years, this is the closest since 1623 and the first in Aquarius since 1405.  It is an astronomical (the proximity!) and astrological phenom, initiating a new Air element cycle.

The horoscopes are talking a lot about this epochal hook-up but short version: new reign/super-amped new cycle of commerce/culture. The calendar year began with a big-deal alignment of Saturn-Pluto, flashed up three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, and wraps with Jupiter-Saturn.

It’s an ambitious undertaking: if it was an investment opportunity you wouldn’t know whether it was your cue to sell up and hide out in a secret valley town or buy in and rewire your toaster into a Dark Matter generator. So why monoliths? I say why not monoliths!? It gets better…

Both monoliths are at sites featuring petroglyphs and with a cool ancient history AND navigationally, the Utah site corresponds to Vega, in the constellation of Lyra and the second to Deneb Algebi in Cygnus – The Swan. And if you’re thinking these star systems sound familiar, it’s because I wrote about them in May. That post was whack, covering everything from Black Holes and the Tuatha De Danann to White Swan Myths and Streetlight Interference Syndrome.

But its key point was the mysterious asterism that consists of Vega, Deneb Algebi, and Altair. Altair is longitudinally at 1 Aquarius – aligned to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the Solstice. So and yes – I am aware that if this is a Verizon mobile phone ad or an Elon Musk stunt, I’m going way over the top but get this – the part of Utah where the first metal monolith was found is renowned for its star-gazing and astronomically themed ultra-ancient ‘rock art.’ My fave is the “winged monster” art in Black Dragon Canyon that scientists keep trying to ‘debunk’. 

Some of it is by the Navajo people who are the original inhabitants but much of the petroglyphs are by the Anasazi – the name means “the Ancient Ones” and according to this Smithsonian museum piece, they just disappeared. Nobody knows why or where they went. But they did build an observatory.

Piatra Neamt – where the second metal monolith was found – also specializes in mysterious ancient rock art. I’d actually heard of this place and its enchantments as one of my favorite Surrealist artists – Victor Brauner – was born there. You can tell he was channeling something cool, right?  The original culture was goddess-centric, as evidenced by thousands of statues and pieces of artwork.

The Ancient Ones

They were called Dacians and get this: they revered the stars, had jewelry featuring the constellations AND  “Large circular metal disks were also found: 7 of them made from silver, some depicting female deities with wings on their back.” This article talks of bronze chariots with Swan art on them (Cygnus, again) and that their symbol was a Dragon but it was changed to a Wolf with a serpent tail, to pacify Christians, apparently.

They worshipped many of the same deities as the Ancient Egyptians cited above (minuscule explanation: the Titans) but most impressively:  At one point it was ruled by the “Priestess of the Uranian Sun – Dachia, the supreme judge and military leader.” Her fortress is near where the second monolith was found. One of their customs was that they burned down their houses every 60 years. Practicality? Or two Saturn Returns? Nobody is quite sure what happened to the Dacians either, btw.

So I went far more into this than my originally intended quick look at the astrology of the monoliths but I hope this was informative. And now guess what?!

If my hypothesis is correct, a third monolith would appear at Nabta Playa in Egypt. If you don’t know it, think African Stonehenge, only more ancient. Unfortunately, religious extremists have ruined much of it but it had temples to goddess Hathor and was probably aligned to Orion, Sirius, and Cygnus, the Swan. It makes a loose triangle with the Anasazi/Navajo land and the Dacian temple site.

But seriously, this unique alignment AND the Solstice behooves such precision and some degree of ritual. Thoughts?

*It’s been deadset cathartic figuring this s**t out. First I realized that my old maths teacher – an unironic Triple Taurus – was correct: trigonometry would have come in handy. Then, I had to confront my extreme cynicism. This is, I assumed, a publicity stunt.

So I dipped into the neon sewer of Crazy Days & Nights to see if they were the work of some Space-Dust deranged studio executive trying to beat up interest for the spin-off of a remade remake – visit their illicit lover in Salt City, a tax shelter in Transylvania, etc. But no. There don’t seem to be any 2021 new film releases that would fit this. Although...Dune?

Images: CTV- The Monolith at Piatra Neamt
Cucuteni Vase

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  1. Checking in re the more monoliths situation. I haven’t time to parse all the locations and my trigonometry needs help BUT fyi, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is exact over West Australia – I am putting lat/long etc up in the My Mega Mystic page shortly. So the aliens/hype team got it wrong if that’s the reference.

  2. Very interesting article thank you Mystic….having already moved to a hidden(in plain sight) valley I await whatever comes next and wonder if such a monolith might appear in northern Australia in the Kimberley region near the Blackshaws. I read an article many years ago where it was thought ancient ships from Egypt came to collect minerals from this region and it was thought an ancient port or harbour had existed near there. I no longer remember where I saw this information but my memory of the story has remained with me. Also I know of a stone circle that has been erected on a private property near Rylstone, NSW but do not know if the area is of significance apart from being one of many slaughter zones of local Aboriginal peoples at Dunns Swamp.

      1. me too – i was part of a ceremonial event in Rylstone 12 years ago . . . was initated by a sculptor there – would be interested to know more . . .

  3. I love every bit of this article. I was so hoping you’d write a brilliantly insightful piece and I love how it connects back to your earlier Cignet post. The monoliths in all there shiny sci fi beauty have been my favourite news story for ages. It did make me think of Dune…

  4. Now this read is the type of mind expansion that hurts so good!! Do the calculations for the 3rd monolith found to further your catharsis plssss 😬😩

  5. I feel as though it was on this site that I read that metal is balancing to excessive earth. Assuming that it’s correct, my gut is that these monoliths (publicity or not) are the antidote to all the earth energy we’ve been buried under this year.

  6. Even if the monoliths are a publicity stunt, the publicist had to get their inspiration from somewhere. Unfortunately, the Utah one was in an environmentally sensitive area, as well as an area of mystical interest, and people were not staying on established trails to get to it,. So it’s just as well that it’s disappeared/transitioned to Europe/been removed by park rangers.

  7. Love this post. You’ve put so much energy into the research. Absolutely methinks, you’re correct and onto something. Book: The Lineage of the Codes of Light ” by Jessie E Ayani
    Published by Heart of the Sun USA 3rd printing 2005

  8. Incredible post!! I’ve been living off this story lately and I’m loving your take. Yes to some kind of ritual on 21st!

  9. Wish Upon a Star

    So can someone name the movie for me?

    When I was a child I watched a movie and was transfixed by the scene with the monolith.

    What was the movie called?

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Just rewatched that scene.

        Wow the moon looks great. The music so spooky : that’s what probably got to me as a child.

        Somehow in my memory the monolith was bigger.

        I will have to re-watch that movie. Thanks W.

        1. ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ is prob the soundtrack you are thinking of. Zarathustra-ism is very an old religion. I sometimes use that expression when i think iv’e written something profound….lol. The movie was quite prophetic when it came out, many ‘Hal’ jokes abounded.

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            I just briefly read about this religion: very interesting.

            Will investigate further. The soundtrack to this scene is actually something different.

            I listened to your soundtrack: spectacular. That is the theme music.

      2. So 2021 will be 20 years since the 2001 of the title (not the film which came out in 1968). Wonder if there’s a sequel/remake in the offing?

  10. Wow, I can’t keep up!
    I’d also love it to be a Gods storyline.

    Ref the Chinese soulmating stars, that story relates to the Qixi (Double Seventh) Festival, the roots of the festival speak to finessing one’s domesticated dexterity, especially the skill of needlework. And the veneration of the Goddess Chih’nu, the daughter of the Jade Emperor and the Celestial Queen Mother.

    Monolith – Giant needle – Geomancy link? love it!

    The star Vega, along with North Star Polaris and the seven stars of the Big Dipper are used in the nine star Ki system and through out Chinese cosmology. Vega and Polaris represent Yin and Yang respectively.

    P.S I’m thinking it’s a movie promo ….. Hopefully it’s about the cosmos 🙂
    Maybe you’re the scriptwriter??

    1. any way to follow your ramblings somewhere ? your words and addition to MM’s take on this intuitively resonate and fascinate. MM yes to ritual ! and thank you for this so enjoy your perspective on it all. Dont you think there should be yet another point – the number we are looking for is 4 ? (although I know for aquarius it traditionally is 3). X

  11. talking some serious bandwidth here..
    the kind of research bender that both illuminates and depletes!
    take a bow MM

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