Fictional Astro Done Right

Astrology, both ancient and yet somehow always contemporary, is a natural fit with sci-fantasy. But it’s rarely depicted in a way that resonates with people who use it everyday or have an essentially astrological perspective on life.

Kim Falconer’s books nail it but she is a skilled astrologer as well as an author. The Myrtlewood Mystery series by Iris Beaglehole integrate astrology in a really cool way:

Rosemary patted the kitten and scratched his chin. She flinched as something black protruded from his mouth. “Ahh. Cat – gross!” “What is it?” Athena craned her neck to look over the table as the object clattered to the floor.
“Looks like one of Granny’s crystals,” said Athena.
“Naughty fuzzball,” said Rosemary. “You should know that isn’t food.”

The cat looked at her imploringly.
“What’s going on with her?” Athena asked. “Hey, that stone is onyx.”
Rosemary stared at the kitten who continued to give her a meaningful look and then touched the stone with the tip of her paw and walked off. “Well, that was weird and creepy.”
“Maybe not,” said Athena. “Onyx is a Saturn stone. Maybe you need it.”
She picked up the stone, cleaned it, and popped it into her mother’s handbag.

Celestial Magic 

I was delighted to discover that the author is a longtime MM member! She describes herself as “a tea-obsessed Leo kitchen witch and druid with a Gemini ascendant.”  Interestingly, Beaglehole – yes a pseudonym – claims that Gemini Rising people are prone to vertigo, which I haven’t heard before. 

Celestial Magic, quoted above and below, is the most astro-themed of the series and features an astrological band called Stellium whose albums are actually direct magical invocations of various planets.  The Saturn track is Death-Metal, interestingly.

The creatures stumbled backwards, but Lamorna was unaffected. She laughed. “You think you can fight the powerful magic of sirens, bolstered by Neptune?” Rosemary was taken aback, but Athena’s voice broke through to her mind again.
That’s it!

Siren magic is like Neptune. It’s all a spell…and it’s vibrational. I know what might work. My teacher said celestial magic is all about balancing the forces. Every power has an opposite tension. Saturn is the antidote to Neptune.

Rosemary frowned in confusion. I thought you said Saturn was bad.
No – it’s just hard – groundedness and structure – it’s cold hard reality – the wakeup call everyone needs.
Sounds pretty bad.
Athena let out an exasperated sigh. Come with me!
She began pulling Rosemary away as Lamorna cackled maniacally.
“But all those people!” said Rosemary when she was sure they were out of earshot.
“I don’t like our chances of saving them when the sirens themselves are immune to our magic.”
“Where are we going?”
“Over here.” Athena pulled Rosemary into a beach DJ hut. It had been abandoned, probably by people who were now standing in the sea, and was pumping out a slow techno beat. “Give me your phone!” “Why?” Rosemary asked.
“I told you. Mine’s flat.”
Rosemary shook her head as she rummaged for her phone. “Only if you tell me what this is all about.”
“What did I just tell you? What counteracts Neptune?” Athena asked.
“This is no time for a pop quiz.”
“No – Saturn!”
“What are you doing?”
“Jamming their frequency!”
Rosemary watched, baffled, as Athena opened the music app and brought up her favourite band. She frowned in disbelief. “Really?”
Athena selected the Saturn album.


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  1. I like how the show Battlestar Galactica (00s version) has the astrological signs corresponding to each of the 12 colonies. Caprica is the capital of course, and is the most wealthy and educated of the colonies; Aerelon’s main industry is farming; and the famous revolutionary or terrorist (depending on who’s talking) is from Sagittaron.

  2. January 2023 ‘Bazaar’ article ‘It’s a Sign’ says ‘more & more millennials & Gen Z are heeding astrological advice to protect themselves from life’s stressors & uncertainties & creating a billion dollar industry in the process. Brands pay attention tom what’s popular & right now astrology is on trend.’
    62% of Gen Z & 63% of millennials say their zodiac sign accurately represents their personality traits.
    I raise a glass to those who have been at the forefront since the 90’s like Kim & Mystic.
    Hope you are reaping the rewards for all the study & work done for us.

  3. Just bought the first two books as a result of this, MM.
    Love the idea of a Saturn Album… (sure it would reduce procrastination).

  4. Is this the same person that many moon’s ago had back filed for MM?
    As I’m sure I had been on a mailing list with AK Wilder (Kim Falconer), as the lovely Pegasus has made reference to the newsletter also.
    I’m super delighted by the above writing, actually feels very similar to how my day has played out. As I messaged a friend “try black onyx.”
    The synchronicity is off the hook lately.

    1. No, she’s never done any writing on here but I think I will ask her to write a piece on druidic writing techniques? Synchronicity – absolutely. It’s always extra-potent as Mercury approaches Uranus I find.

      1. My apologies. I was under the impression Kim had filed in while you had some time off, some years back.
        I’d love to read a piece on this topic. 💗

  5. Corduroy jeans

    Hi Iris Beaglehole, if you read this, I just wanted to say I think you have up-ended the matrix in the best possible way with these books. Thanks for “birthing” them out of the ether, they look fantastic – am going to search them out in local bookshops/community library. 🙂
    And yep – Saturn is the “antidote” to Neptune-poos, and vice versa, I have found!! Thank you for affirming one of my fave convictions. 😀 (lol). I mean really you can’t have one without the other? E.g. Playing the piano – you need both in balance! (Time, structure, discipline plus art and poetry…).
    I think Mercury is a good (light-hearted) antidote to Pluto (hhmmm – may be cos I have both exactly opposite to the minute in my birthchart – and find I need to “do Pluto” work, more, because #chatty). And Venus to Mars! I think being grounded (Earth) might offset Uranus nicely; and that just leaves Jupiter and the Sun – but both are “maximal”…
    Perhaps Ceres and Chiron need partnering up? Anyway – will find your books. Congrats!! Xoo

  6. Penelope Darling

    Being a MM member is like having access to the coolest underground club scene. So many interesting people!

  7. Have read every one of Kim Falconer /A K Wilder’s books Quantum Enchantment & Quantum Entanglement plus her latest Bone Thrower series #1 with #2 on order.
    They are under teen category which i love as it’s mostly witchy poo & fantasy titles =no sex but love, tenderness & magic, Harold Robbins she ain’t.
    Read in a science newsletter somewhere that astrology is not to be woo woo-ed. First time it’s been given cred in a century since the machine age.
    Iris Beaglehole next on library list.

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Witchy Poo for the Win!!!
      Hope you feeling better Miss Pegs. Also, I had no idea Kim of Kim Yin Yoga was also an author??? And ASTROLOGER???
      Honestly, as P Darling said above, this is an underground club of super talented peeps. XOO

  8. Serendipitous Synchronicity

    Cool. Best wishes Iris.
    I’m Gemini rising and now avoid floor to ceiling windows in tall buildings.
    And Saturn track is Death-Metal 🤘

  9. >Gemini Rising people are prone to vertigo

    I’m Gemini Rising, and I’m prone to vertigo. For whatever that might be worth. Sounds like an interesting book!

  10. You know one of my naughty ginger fur babies has been known to find my storage of crystals and knock them step by step down the stairs lol. A very obvious sign from the universe. He is like a deliverer of universal msgs! His Taurus Sun & Pisces moon couldn’t be more fitting🌙

  11. I wonder if it’s at my school/work library? I must investigate. I love a good sci fantasy spiritual twist escape

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