The Eclipse Vortex & Shamanic DNA

Usually, I use the term “Eclipse Season” to describe the six or so weeks that usually bring a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse. Then i use “Eclipse Zone” to describe the actual days around it. But this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo (impending) is so batty; it’s an Eclipse Vortex.  I literally do not recall an Eclipse Full Moon energy so weird, radically insightful, and just stressful.

But it has led to me having some interesting chats with my Druid, and one of the things he said to me is vis a vis the Ancestral Hauntings post from last year.  He feels like there is a lot more ancestor energy around in the astral realm this year than ever before. Not recent ancestors, but further back ones, “who lived well and died well.”  He said he has been picking up on this since Xmas. And suddenly i twigged; Saturn In Capricorn, the Time God in his home sign, with Pluto also there – how rare is that? Saturn/Capricorn Vibe has many themes, but one of them is lineage and ancestors.

There is this sort of “rule” floating about in pagan and new age circles which tries to dictate that people should align with the deities most linked to them ethnically, not try to co-opt the pantheon or elements of a system that is not theirs by “right” – sort of a magical nationalism or something.  Personally, I am ambivalent about this; what if you feel spiritually aligned with – say – Ancient Egyptian energies, as i always have, even if there are zero traces of that heritage in your blood? Does it really matter in the broad cosmic scheme if your incarnation in this life is of whatever nationality or race?

But having said that, DNA testing now makes it super easy to identify your origins in that way. I once even read an article – or did i dream this? – that said, past existences could be woven into the strands of the DNA double helix. Is there a gene some people have for being magic? And if so, could scientists identify it, or would they call it something else? What if neuro-divergency were just the current era’s word for witches, mediums, and magicians?


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  1. Year of the Phoenix

    My Sun Pluto and SN are all conjunct Mystic told me in a mini reading I had that this can mean you are able to download your previous life in “globs” and it was probably quite hardcore

    Since I could talk I had another name and so did my twin sister. We would play a game we’re she was Judy and I was Can….. as I got older I thought Can? It’s not even a name?

    I have always been really drawn to anything Asian but Vietnamese culture really resonated

    When I finally visited (with my now ex who was still in the Army)

    The first Vietnamese person I met there was called Can

    I believe I was a boy/young man, I had a very intense dream many years ago where I was this boy, running through paddy fields and looked back into my tiny house and the interior was my suburban Brisbane childhood home with my parents and older brother and sister (not my twin and before the 70s reno I remember)

    I also believe I was killed in combat or by land mine and this life so many people are/were in the military. My mother and Father met in the army, Uncle died on the Kokoda track, Maternal Grandfather was a Rat of Tabrook and finally the domestically violent ex husband

    I have also recently realised my Chiron is in Aries and my 7th house and that it is me who needs emotional healing

  2. What of ancestral heritage and karma?
    A self-proclaimed Native American shaman (he is not NA nor a shaman) conned many people, stole their identities, elder abuse and finally was sent to jail for theft.
    I tried to warn others, but they would not listen. Twenty years he stole, lied and manipulated people for his own gain including date rape, child molestation.
    I feel karma finally caught up with him.

    1. Not keen on blood ties- too much mayyhem done in the name of tribes.

      Dion Fortune advised “stick to your own kind” rule when exploring esoterica. She lectured about group souls and (blatant stereotypes) in justifying the East West divide. I chalked it up to the Glory Britannia age she lived in – early to mid 20th C.

      Alice Bailet wrote about the Seven Rays and affiliations based on them-

      The energy match of soul tribes surpasses blood, I think. I think 11th and 4th H speak to affinities.

  3. I have been soooo looking forward to this special moon and we have rain cloud and howling winds here on the north coast of New south wales, australia…. the best laid plans. I will still go ahead with my rituals as per Mystic’s instructions but instead of down by the sea it will be in my loungeroom. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  4. My heritage is Celtic – Irish via my great-grandmother and Welsh via my great-grandfather. It’s funny – since I’ve been in North Cyprus, I’ve felt a very strong connection to Ireland, would love to visit it but finances and mobility issues mitigate against that. Instead, it’s as if the fae have journeyed to me to inspire my digital art, something that’s developed here in my time in the island. I have no memories of my lineage on either my Irish or Welsh side – my father was estranged from his family while I only know my Irish-heritage grandmother and no-one from her lineage. But I do feel their heritage in my bones and blood now which I find quite interesting – I still feel homesick for Australia but also now very much for Ireland and Wales. Who knows what the future will bring?!

  5. There are family members who are closely connected but not to my immediate bloodlines, who are rumoured to have blood from a particular group of people that they strongly deny. They were brought up in a generation and place that openly ostracised and discriminated against that group. This is a common feature of the history: people had love/sex relationships that were taboo and actively erased. Also there are others in my fam who have discovered a bloodline that has never been previously mentioned, and who resonate very strongly, as it answers something for them.

    In contrast, my own immediate bloodline is of people who were seen to rebel against the norm by openly, and socially successfully marrying someone not from the fold. The sibling who left home and found love where they were and maybe moved again to be family. Also people who were just different from everyone in their family and forged a life in another place and a new way.

    That is a feature of at least a few generations from the various geographical strands. So, it took me a while to understand that many people i meet do not know or cannot accept the idea of their own mixed heritage, and insist on identifying it in particular ways. Only because those same people like to identify others by appearance (shorthand for race), rather than culture, and it’s not a mutually inclusive definition. If you only look at appearance, I’m quite sure that this does not reflect your full sum of familial connections. DNA certainly does not explain why some people and their pets resemble each other! It does not mean the adopted are somehow not quite part of their own families.

    Bonds are not forged by blood. Bonds are forged by love, and living with each other.

    We are not just flesh bags but soul beings who inhabit flesh. Flesh is a container, but soul can transcend boundaries, and seekers are driven to do so.

    I’m sure that we who have gravitated here to Mystic’s blog, just as one small example of all that you participate in from deep interest, have multi-stranded connections, some from the past, and some you are forging right now with your crew, and electronically.

    Cultural appropriation may be ignorant and wrong, but equally you cannot look at another person and know that the culture you think you cannot see in their features is not actually part of their actual DNA heritage. I went through a phase of judging like this (after political explorations and activism), and now know how hypocritical that was, and also damning of some people’s embrace of culture through their travels and friendships. There is a distinction, and you have to ask and listen to know it. One person’s experience of a culture or group is quite different from another person’s. If you’re born into it but don’t participate culturally or spiritually, are you more connected than someone who has joined that group from outside, living and learning in it? If you and another family do your culture differently, is one more “rightly” the authority? If you choose to leave a culture and family to individuate are you automatically stuck there anyway because of your flesh and organic make-up? If you’re born in a geographic location you feel connected to but are not indigenous, can it be home? Sounds fatalistic and judgmental to me.

    Philemon and Baucis were blessed by hosting and honouring a foreign traveller who was rejected from many homes: it was Hermes in disguise.

  6. 2018 in Numerology is 11 and when linked to the tremendous earth energies
    This year there is a lot of our ancestral energies at play in our daily life and our inner dialogue. I find this so awesome for it illuminates our path so much . The soul purpose shines through…exciting..and full of womder!

  7. The mention of ‘Bloodline’ reminded me of Kim Falconer’s trilogy of books about knowledge ‘being in the blood’.
    And what were those books about the bloodline of the Grail, that the Grail WAS the DNA.
    Or am i getting mixed up like i do, kinda happens as my memory banks are nearly full or even overflowing into everything else 🙂

    Myst, your DNA may indeed go as far back as 2000 BC give or take 1000 years re Egypt.
    Recently discovered is that sound waves CAN move objects which is how it was said the pyramids were built in esoteric books. The ancient Egyptians knowledge was so futuristic like you,oui?

  8. Funny you write this. Since the last eclipse season, I have been feeling my dad’s side of the family. My mom is almost 93 years old. She is German and Swedish (and I found out, also Norweigian but dont tell her). My dad has almost pure Norweigian roots…yet his father and his mother look very…native American. My paternal mother and grandmother look very Asian too…and my grandmother was well over 6 foot tall (6’2″?) Yeah, giant.

    Well, i have learned recently about the Sami (Saami) and i also learned my grandfather was showing a film about Lapland before he passed. While the town in Norway was in the western coastal fjords, i swear they have Saami heritage. They practiced a shamanism and nature religion before they were coerced into Lutheran religion.

    I have been feeling my union leader non conformist heavy drinking run away orphan grandfather now for some time. He is pissed really pissed about President Nero and I think he wants me to get involved. Or something.

    My English Welsh heritage husband has now become fully Minnesotan (converted from Virginia/Texan lol). He got waay into the History channel series Vikings to the point he now bought books on the culture and pagan beliefs. My brother and I both want Viking funerals….my a paper bag floating in my local sacred lake (no kidding it is a sacred lake) burning with appropriate fireworks and sparklers. Yep.

    Anyway, a recent episode of Vikings had Saami allies who used camoflage, bows and arrow and poison dart guns. Guerrilla warfare. Normally peaceful reindeer herders and fisher hunter gatherers, their nomadic lifestyle makes for stealth warefare. I read that Loki may be originally Saami.

    Anyway, to add to that, i am also adopted and recently connected (by email) my half sibs. Our eyes all have that Euro-Asiatic look. Oddly my daughter looks like my dad and his mother, even though we are not ‘supposedly’ biologically related.

    So now I’m looking more into this….as Shamanism is very dominant in Saami religion….probably oppressed as they are a minoriry.

    My mom’s aunt (German and Belgium German…Flemish?) Was the town healer and wise woman….so I wonder about her too. But right now the Norweigians are hanging around me. I feel them and am grateful for their strength.

    Will probably do the DNA thing
    This post definitely resonates with me. Maybe we need the support of our ancestors now more than ever!

    1. “Oddly my daughter looks like my dad and his mother, even though we are not ‘supposedly’ biologically related.”

      This happens in my family, too 🙂 Also other physical characteristics. I feel a little less like we’re just making it up, thanks.

      1. All the more evidence so to speak about karmic families. I have no doubt my karma/sacred contract is with my adoptive family. Jason Miller (strategic sorcery) suggests that adopted peeps have both biological and adopted ancestors surrounding one. I like that!

    2. So interesting! Haven’t done the 23 & Me test myself but I have Mexican and Norwegian ancestry and my Mexican grandma of all people ended up having the Sami mitochondria. She deffo has the asiatic indigenous look. My Norwegian grandma is the one who might not be fully Scandinavian. Weird how that works!

      Funnily, I had a crazy dream last night where I was traversing the fjords in Norway, but they were completely psychedelic acid trippy with the colors- like Avatar. And in the dream I received 23 & Me test results that told me I am 97% ancient Greek from Santorini…whut lol. So yeah, this post resonates with me tooo!

      Been feeling some of my ancestors intensely for the past year or so, but it’s the ones that I never knew who died 70+ years ago. Methinks it has everything to do with closing the gap on some ancestral family trauma/epigenetics. Getting my first proper mediumship reading in a few weeks to sort out the messages from the other side lol.

      1. Very cool. I also learned Saami may be located in Alaska too. Since they are navigators who trek thousands of miles across the Arctic circle, maybe that is how their genes came to North America? And then downwards to Mexico?

        Another theory is that European Spanish intermarries with Saami Swede descent in Europe, then a generation or two later they immigrated to Mexico….which probably is more logical. The oppression of Saami started in Sweden during the 1600s as nationalism began getting established.Elimination of herding rights forced many to move south to the coasts of Norway (or Russia or Helsinki…) and change their hunter gatherer to fisherman. Like other traditional peoples their way of life, language, and religion (magic!) Bugged the living shit out of the Establishment and were oppressed. A lot of parallels to the US Native American oppression.

  9. Although I was drawn to Wicca as a teenager, I didn’t feel a strong connection to the Celtic myths. I loved Lord of the Rings for its otherworldliness. However, I always felt a strong connection with India: its art, its spirituality & particularly its goddesses. England, Ireland, India, Portugal and Scotland are some of the countries in my DNA, so why didn’t the Celtic half predominate?

    I really resonate with what you are saying. Lately I have been discovering so much more about my Indian family and heritage & learning a great deal about myself in the process. I feel similarly to you when I read people accusing all white people of ‘cultural appropriation’. I feel like using cultural symbols without acknowledgement or understanding of oppression is one thing, but having a spiritual connection with traditions is another.
    (White shamans are the exception here: cheerfully leading courses for thousands of dollars on techniques they learned from authentically-initiated, oppressed & rapidly dying out shamans, with little to no credit or respect. It hurts my heart.)

    Particularly if you are white, but are in fact an ethnic mix of non-white and immigrant heritage, people tend to assume their right to tell you what is your culture and what isn’t, what you are allowed to have opinions on and aren’t. I personally believe I inherited a great deal of ancestral trauma from my grandparents on both sides, who were both immigrants oppressed by the English, as well as the trauma inflicted on my grandfather’s children by his behaviour, a fact visible in the lives they have led (with the exception of my mother, more or less). I am white, and could never claim to have had the life experience of being mixed-presenting or a person of colour; yet on an energetic level, I know I am working with blocks from past lives, and not just my own, and these radically affect how I show up in the world. I am healing that now, but I do believe that cultural oppression and alienation can be inherited.

    1. FYI, not all non-native shamanic healers do this. 🙂 Legitimate shamanic practitioners receive permission to share their teachings with others – if they don’t, they’re usurpers and fakes. Not everyone calling themselves a shaman *is* a shaman; it is a title of honor bestowed upon one by the community and not a mantle one simply takes up. It takes YEARS – often decades – of training by indigenous Elders and those who are the real deal can trace the lineage of their teachings and do so reverently. They give credit where it is due and compensate their teachers accordingly, as the principle of reciprocity is a cornerstone of shamanism. The shamanic Path itself is incredibly difficult and fraught with obstacles – the “Initiation” is different for each individual but it’s never easy and can even include a NDE. Nobody in their right mind “chooses” it and there are much easier ways of getting rich or even making a living. But once you get The Call, it’s not one you can refuse.

      Just feeling a need to speak up on this as someone who’s best friend is a white shaman. 🙂 She is 100% in her integrity and I’d trust her with my life – it’s the self-appointed “shamans” that are the ones to watch out for. And the other issue is even those who do have a pedigree need to be careful to separate their personal integrative philosophies to draw a clear distinction between that which is a shamanic teaching vs. that which is a more modern, integrative practice. This is Chiron’s territory so there is often a blending of modalities these healers utilize, but the good eggs don’t seek to superimpose their practices or views over traditional methodologies, being sure to clearly delineate which is which rather than give their clients or students the mistaken impression of something being a traditional practice that’s not. Even some of the high-profile shamanic practitioners (Alberto Villodo, I’m looking at you) get murky about this and also need to be very clear to their students that attending a week long retreat or a weekend workshop DOES NOT qualify someone to become a shamanic healer – respecting the Medicine above all else is absolutely essential and if this is being sacrificed in the name of profit, it’s no bueno.

      1. Venus,
        The book ‘Urban Shaman’ has a lot to answer for 🙂
        ‘The Secret Science of Miracles’ by Max Freedom Long, (published in 1948) would have been initiated and given permission to record all he learned from the Kahuna’s in Hawaii.
        Chapter one headed ‘The discovery that may change the world’.He would have been initiated as he mentions the ‘secret within the secret’
        Yes,years decades a lifetime and beyond to learn.
        Way above my head so to speak 🙂

    2. The xpression Cultural Appropriation pisses me off completely!
      I mean sarongs, feathers, face paint, braiding, leathering, pareos, saris, nose rings on and on is showing appreciation, love of their designs and respect.
      The Indus valley is powerfully ancient place of myths and learning.
      White Tantra is so holistic, a seriously encompassing and mindful way of being.Thanx India, you have given me 72 Derwents when it’s mainly boxes of 12 sold.

    3. Yes, i understand that position and the assumptions that come with it. I appreciate your expressing that, especially the last paragraph, because it’s kind of opposite-appearing but same for me.

  10. Another thought is – I believe BOTH are relevant and real, and sense both going on for me.
    Kataka stellium + heavy dose of Leo in first house.

  11. I’m getting more shamanic, portal, whiffs than usual, as opposed ancestral. But am also thinking a lot about my own lineage and influences. Been feeling a mega shift on the horizon since December. This questions brought to my mind what some healer/shaman colleagues of mine might say about ancestors v past lives vibe (aka contact with spirit/energy?) and it would be that the energy is the same, we may overlay a druid or a taoist monk or an Egyptian priestess or a wolf onto the spirit.. Just a thought…

  12. Sometime between Thanksgiving & Christmas, I had a dream about my great-grandfather Lester who died 2 months before I was born. In the dream I was watching a show on Netflix about his life with one of my friends. At one point my friend asked, “What is he going to do next?” I answered, “I never met him, so I’m not sure. Let’s watch & see.”

    Been feeling strong pangs of longing to be with relatives & in the area that I grew up in (my family has been there for generations) for months.

    We really do need the science & health community to acknowledge magical beings. Part of the reason I don’t like being on medication is that it dulls down my intuition & creativity. I don’t even tell many people about my auditory hallucinations because I am afraid someone will try to “fix me,” but I consider it a gift to hear music from other places/times.

  13. Re the ‘cultural appropriation’ argument.
    I can well understand the anger etc from certain groups who might feel that their religious activities have been borrowed – with limited understanding of their original intent.
    But If you have a connection with a certain face of the Divinity, then its no one’s business but your own.

    1. Reminds me of some relatives who clearly stated that i did not look or behave enough as they deemed fit, largely due to the blood mix. And also of the relatives who felt the outsider was much closer to them than the family member, and embraced that married relative and also recognised me as one who had gone from them.

  14. The Lion & The Centaur

    1) Yes, ancestors are around. Even ones that have never visited me before and who I thought would be “beyond” visiting this realm any more.

    2) Honoring your living relatives is a Cap thing and happening too. I have started to visit my grandfather daily.

    3) I’m a Leo and six weeks of Eclipse Season also sounds like a thing. My Eclipse is seasoned with hyperthyroidsm which started showing signs mid-December. I strongly believe that the symptoms will quickly dissolve into the ether after the Eclipse but the thing is intensifying as we approach Eclipse and I would describe the feeling as living in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia and waiting for an apocalypse. Mystic’s mention of this astral energy overactivating the limbic system was right and I have remained sane thanks to that!

    4) I’m “on the spectrum” meaning I have ADHD and it’s definitely magic!

    1. Have you tried Acupuncture/TCM? I’m having some diagnostic thoughts which connect the Thyroid issue and ADHD and the flare up in the season/element of FIRE your water and fire are out of balance one needs nurturing to restrain the other. (possibly) And you are a fire sign, Leo and fire is the element of the Heart…

  15. Years ago, when I lived high in the Border Ranges of New South Wales, I decided to do a ritual honouring my aunt whose name I bear. She died when she was six of diphtheria and my mum promised my grandmother she’d name her firstborn girl after Maureen, which was me. But I’d never liked being named after someone who’d died which is why I eventually switched to Mo, the short version of Maureen. But those mountains, the caldera of an ancient volcano, were so powerful and one day I felt the urge to do a ceremony to honour my long-dead aunt as no-one ever mentioned her name which is what happened back in those years, around 1924-ish. I keep the details of my rituals to myself as I think sharing the details de-energises the ritual, but when I finished I felt this huge surge of love and warmth around me, and a feeling of gratitude that I’d acknowledged and validated Maureen’s existence. It felt like I’d enabled her to finally move on and release all ties to this world from her previous existence. It was an incredibly moving experience!

      1. Hi Crazy Crone – I have done a similar ritual around my great grandmother whose existence had been almost erased and whose first name had literally been forgotten by her grandchildren (!!!). I felt a connection and became absorbed/preoccupied with her story and was able to reconstruct much about her life and passing which culminated in a ritual at her graveside. She needed to be reinstated into the family story and so I formally took hers as my middle name. Understanding her story gave me so much insight into some of the dark dynamics of my family of origin, and it has brought some peace to her and to us all.

        1. You are both inspiring me with your stories of connection & honouring. As someone currently encountering the darkness of their family past, thank you.

    1. MO! Justdropped into MM and voila, you too.
      Mystic has connected some inspiring people thro’ her blog that would never have met in day to day life. Hearts & Hugs. x.

      1. Hiya, Pegs – Good to catch up. I’ve been absent for ages but suddenly felt the urge to write yesterday. Never ignore the urge, eh? Hope all’s well with you. Still in North Cyprus, six years on Feb 21st, my, how time flies! Much love to you too. xxx

        1. And hello to you too, milleunanotte, isn’t it interesting how we’ve all suddenly popped up again. Nothing like ancestors to draw us out out of the woodwork!

        1. Ancestors, eclipses.. yes… I trust you’re still in and around my ancestral ground and enjoying life’s bounty.

    2. These valuable personal stories are one of the reasons why I really appreciate the very soulful, honourable and constructive comments on this blog.

  16. To me, this idea is simply logical. Why wouldn’t humans have a kind of ancestral memory imbedded in their DNA when so many different animal species absolutely do? I’m probably mixing up the species and the tool usage here so don’t quote me on this, but there are ravens who know how to use twigs as tools even though they have never been taught, monkeys who know how to use hollowed sticks as straws to suck up ants and these seem to be skills/memories that are based down via the gene pool. Why wouldn’t Magic/shamanism be the same? Magic/Shamanism to me is a skill, an aptitude honed by intention, experience, opportunity and evolution. And just like any other talent or aptitude, why wouldn’t it begin at a genetic level? For example, artistic talent is often passed thru genes, from one generation to another. To me it only makes sense that the Shamanic spark is passed like an evolutionary torch from one generation to another, shining light on the path ahead.

    1. Yes. I remember reading years ago in the book Clan of the Cave Bear the idea that Neanderthal children were not taught how to make tools, select food sources etc but reminded. It was assumed they knew what their genetic lineage knew when born and only needed prompting to spark the knowledge from memory.

      1. Exactly! I have only read the first Cave Bear and that was eons ago, but yes, that iswhat I was thinking. but I certainly think there are many other ways of transmitting this kind of energy/knowledge/evolutionary growth as outlined by Liberating Venus below.

    2. Purely in the interest of promoting further discourse on this topic, personally I don’t know that I subscribe to that philosophy – shamans (I mean as in legit healers; not just people with visionary/spiritual abilities which IMO is Neptune’s turf) may be born but it’s not the ancestral ties I necessarily see present. Sometimes yes, but frequently I find it’s not linked to the DNA or even ethnicity at all; besides, who is to say the soul hasn’t spent other incarnations in other lands and then carries that memory with them into the current lifetime? I don’t resonate with the idea that our spiritual connection has to be all in the bloodline; for some it may be, but who can say for sure what experiences the soul may have had in other lifetimes and perhaps our organic spiritual attraction to another culture is so because of soul memory rather than ancestral memory.

      When I say that we’re born with it, I mean you’ll see that energy signature present in the nativity, often semi-dormant until activated by some heavy-duty transits or progressions. I’ve had the opportunity to examine the charts of many individuals who are actual shamanic practitioners and it’s always Chiron I find at work, so that’s where I’d look if I wanted to see whether someone was born to walk a shamanic Path. I would say there’s only been a handful of times where I saw that someone had literal shamanic DNA, where their Ancestors were also healers. The most recent instance – when I indicated this to her – stated she did have Inca blood.

      Incidentally and on a related note, I have a theory that because of the great need there is in this time, there are more shamans currently being born (of every color!) than ever before. Look at the state of things; we’re killing the planet, our global “leadership” (god do I use that term loosely!) is fuqed six ways to Sunday, and there are vast tracts of society getting sicker and sicker (physically as well as psychologically) by the moment. We have all kinds of weird diseases popping up that we don’t understand and modern medicine certainly doesn’t have all the answers; much less treatments that won’t kill you or put you in even worse shape. I predict we’re going to get a huge new batch of shamans cropping up and really coming into their own as that Aries Total Solar Eclipse in 2024 draws closer; it’s conjunct Chiron nearly to the exact arcsecond. I think there is going to be an explosion of consciousness – especially among those early-mid 70’s babies who will be at Chiron Return age by then.

      1. Food for thought, LV, and thanks.

        Would you see Chiron conjunct the north node in a natal chart as indicative of shamanic leanings?

      2. Was a thinkin’ yesterday how we have reached a critical mass, a ‘something’s gotta give’ scenario re the health of the planet-humanity, so intertwined that we are.

      3. Yes, absolutely. I don’t think it’s an either or situation. I think it can be both. There might be a genetic component or a soul spark of some sort… maybe even the memory of a community trauma that passes into the collective unconscious to be shared with those who are attuned. And your point about a spiritual connection not having to originate along bloodlines speaks to my own experience as well. I am not a shaman by any stretch, but I resonate spiritually with many different cultural symbols (on an artistic level) that my own gene pool does not contain.
        Fascinating thoughts, LV! I am loving this post… so many interesting ideas being!

  17. To answer “….Does it really matter in the broad cosmic scheme if your incarnation in this life is of whatever nationality or race?”. Of course it does, otherwise you wouldn’t have been born into it! In questioning this life’s incarnation you must logically also question any past life incarnation. This life, along with its ancestral links must be just as relevant and important as any of the past for they are what you are passing on to those that follow you. The past is always with us in the present…..somewhere.

    1. It shapes you for sure, but often we find as we grow older that they ways it defines us may be far less limited and far more nuanced than we once believed.

  18. I bought myself a 23andme test for Christmas, wanting to see what came out, maybe find some cousins, and ended up finding a half-sister I knew existed but didn’t think we’d ever find. The timing is crazy (we connected on the eve of my youngest brother’s birthday and in a time of familial flux). Like the rest of the women in our family she’s a strong dreamer and believer in the greater good, leans towards nature and the astral.

    I’m so glad I have mystic’s advising on the celestial happenings as it helps me make sense of why things are so intense right now.

  19. Ancestral Hauntings and vivid ancestor memories are very very real. I’ve certainly had a few. It took me by surprise because I knew the visions were not from a past life. However understood at my core how they were directly connected to me, and survival mode triggered them. Epigenetics are being looked into more deeply, thankfully. The modern technology for DNA testing also confirmed some things I had only been suspect of, as I had been adopted and unsure of paternity. Also to answer, “What if neuro-divergency were just the current era’s word for witches, mediums, and magicians?” ABSOLUTELY! Science and Mental Health need a new word for the Magically Inclined. I’ve been misdiagnosed again and again for being on some sort of high functioning autistic spectrum or having some type of mental health disorder. I personally claim Neurodivergent now to Muggles who don’t understand.

  20. Makes sense…theres a growing interest in epigenetics, which is tracing the effects of genetically inherited traumas to a lineage and how it affects gene expression. I.e. something like famine-linked heritage marks folks with a typically robust constitution but anxiety prone, whereas non-famine heritage with a less robust nervous system

    1. Yup there is research showing that people whose recent ancestors starved pack on weight/get diabetes while people whose ancestors had ample food can maintain their weight as you’d expect. I think about all of us who have parents/grandparents who went through the world wars, it’s no wonder there are emotional/stress/anxiety issues so prevalent.

      1. Lili Brett is an Australian author who wrote anthologies of short stories exploring some of this in fiction. It’s not just about food, though that is in there.

  21. We’ve done the 23&me years ago (as gift from my daughter) we still look back and go over it (just did Friday!) On past lives…I often feel like we’ve been this way before. My husband has dreamt that he and my daughter were siblings lol(im the mom ). My father (who is passed on) used to say that ‘the sight’ came from his side of family… my dad was agnostic and would still have insights to premonitions and knowings. He called me one night right at the time when our family dog had died and we were all crying …he said “I heard you crying, knew that something was wrong!’

    1. Eclipse is conjunct my ascendant squaring natal moon/nept in scorpio. I can’t remember was what happening last year in august at solar eclipse in Leo other than we went on vacay with family in early September.

  22. While I understand people’s affinity toward various ancient cultures,I find it imperative to not disregard our current social identities, and then use this information to inform how you engage with these cultures. Just because you have an affinity to a culture or place from long ago doesn’t absolve you of any of the privilege that you may have within this lifetime. The fact of the matter is that regardless of where you may inhabit this planet, such things as white supremacy, settler colonialism, and imperialism are all systems that we are living within. Due to these horrible systems being in place, many folx of color have been admonished (and continue to be) for taking part in their indigenous and ancestral practices. For this reason, I and many other people of color find it problematic, if not ironic, when white people want to claim these affinities while not recognizing this history and current state. I can’t say what the right way to go about this would be, but I think people should ruminate on this fact.

  23. Yea I have been feeling more called than usual by my ancestors. I am at the beginning of practicing this more intentionally – started with Saturn in Cap. Moving thru my 4th house. Makes sense. I have some funny stories around this. I got one of those dna kits for Christmas too – excited to get that back in a few weeks.

  24. Last night definitely felt liminal. I took the oft recommended alchemy bath (epsom salts and baking soda with just a drop of clary sage) then went straight to bed. In my dreams, I danced with a partner (yay someone to dance with) quickly and skillfully past my father and his siblings sitting on couches on either side, creating a path. In waking life, only one of those siblings has passed on but the rest are in their 70s or close to that. I am not a fan of much of my family dynamic, so being able to “quickly and skillfully” move past them has a significant meaning to me.

    I read somewhere recently to call upon one’s “enlightened ancestors” rather than just invite any old enlightened entity into one’s space. That has been affirming and calming and supportive.

  25. It’s the consciousness (apparently and according to some schools of buddhism) that reincarnates and yet consciousness can be in cells as well as outside the body. The this life nationalist stuff seems wacky if we reincarnate. I will not be surprised if the past lives show up in DNA but ponder these as beyond lineage… No matter how far back they trace ancestry. fascinating idea!

  26. Last month I started activating an ancestor altar, lighting candles and talking to pictures of relatives who’d passed. Seems like good timing for it.

  27. I’m so over this eclipse already. Thursday found out bank loan denied which I had been assured was a certainty (mercury retrograde hangover, sigh). Today told I have to move out of my office into cubicle area. I’m a capricorn, I’d rather die. Still recovering from my house flooding last year and trying to manage fixing of my house, crazy finances from losing all my stuff…Yes there’s a positive side to everything, just that office door made a real difference to my ability to cope and I just don’t have anything else to give.

    1. Hugs xxx glide and don’t take it personally. You’re probbaly clearing away bad juju. A door is symbolic 🙂 Open and let it pass.

  28. Over the school holidays I have read random books (I liked the covers) and movies that have all had other worldly themes quite accidentally. I knew my lineage was German & Jewish German with a mysterious grandfather (so 1/4 either WW11 French or English soldier) But my test came back and suggest majority of genetics was from Luxemburg and eastern Europe, which was very surprising and no sniffles of anything Jewish at all. I have a wonderful (and freaky) photo of my Jewish Oma at 12 standing in front of a Nazi emblazoned plane for a school joy flight C1932. Her father repaired radios and push bicycles so he was considered useful and wasn’t sent to the chambers. He listened to a radio in his basement and passed info to the underground.

  29. The August eclipses brought up lots of issues for me around age, identity and my place within the generations. It was heavy going. They felt personal. There were no surprise events – those had been in the preceding weeks – it was my reactions that unsettled me. I felt overwhelmed and confused. So I’m a little nervous about these; so far the only thing that’s happened is I’ve committed to a creative practice, but one of the themes I’m exploring is…ancestral imprints.

  30. Yeah, I’ve been feeling ancestral haunting atmospheric recently, like a pressure drop. As a kid I was super into Irish and Welsh and First Nation stories and magic and culture. Getting a resurgence of this interest from the ancestral pool. Wanting to visit all the places

  31. I’ve told the story here how 2 very separate experiences came together and gave me some insight into ancestral lineage. Briefly again. Around 19, 20 years of age I had a few consultations with a hyptnotist psych type woman who recorded our sessions. Without much coxing I babbled on about past lives.
    That was all very interesting. Man I’ve lived quite a few short cruel lives and then a few longer more settled ones. Of course this was all conjecture, maybe I was just dipping into the pool of the unconscious, picking up the stories of those that had lived before. Genetically and statistically we are all related to pretty much every person that lived pre 900AD. All of them. Maybe I was just illuminating those gene memories.
    Then 2 years later at a family function, my uncle who had just returned from abroad informed us that he had documents tracing one side of our family tree back to the 1400s. As I read through the generations I was immediately stunned by the correlation between my family tree and those past lives. Many matched, and in time sequence. Was I my ancestor ?
    I’ve come to the view that I’ll never know but that the idea of us returning again and again into the same soul family resonates and makes sense. Swapping places, genders, roles so that the soul can experience all human experience amongst a group of souls that are eternally connected by love and genetic harmony.
    On a genetic and soul level we are all one big family. This should inform our behavior with all that we meet on our journeys. I’ve touched the oneness of all of us and it’s bliss. Let’s hope we can survive our ignorance of it and survive.
    Our stories are important for those that will live in the far future.

    1. Right-on D,

      I’ve always imagined we’re the sum of every ancestor (essential nature) then shaped by our current environment (existential nature, astrologically inclusive). I mean, it’s logical as.

      Undertook some heavy research into knowledge at uni. My premise stated that we’re born with it. It’s different from instinct. I reckon we – the soul – lands at birth good to go. Naturally, parentals part is to nurture and protect as much and if possible, but that aforementioned essence is irrefutable.

      Our life, a creative non-fiction novel in the never-ending ancestral story series – you nailed it right there.


    2. It could be my Libra IC but I’m a big fan of the idea that we make pacts with friends to meet again. I’m sure it’s not all about deep insight and evolution stuff (I get that’s not what you’re saying though, I’m just riffing here). Maybe sometimes we just want to make sure we have some good people at the next life-party.

      1. Damons and Pi as well.
        It’s like an old school reunion going down at Myst’s.
        Cool. The eclipse is working it’s magic. My deepest regards to you both.
        If i may be so bold to say (w/o permission from her but she will not mind), Taurean Alchemist is doing marriage on the Blood Moon eclipse with her Saggo of 3 years, making it foreva and a day.
        How can you not love a Saggo, huh, huh?

    3. emergingfromthedarknight

      I feel such a connection to my ancestors and I have tracked the astrology going back four generations on my Mums side and its phenomenal to see the link ups both in signs between charts as well as transit charts that had significant placements when key events like migrations or death occured. We are cell in the body of cells and recent research in epigentics backs this all up. See Mark Wolynns excellent book It Didnt Start With You to understand how we carry ancestral issues onwards.

    4. We all split off from the main consciousness on a fractal and of course we meet up with those who we split away from. You immediately know that this is one of mine. A previous neighbour or ‘soul mate’. On another level I see DNA as time capsule or time travel that is in matter just balled up in a squiggle. I no doubt am very like my maternal great grand mother. Never knew her but I resonate like mad.

    5. I have believed in reincarnation for awhile now, & it just makes sense to me that souls might choose to stay in the same biological family in order to “finish what they started.” Why start over on the other side of the world when you can just come back as your own descendant? (Unless of course a soul was not following their true path and needed a clean slate.)

      1. what about when your ancestry is an international mish mash of different nationalities, ethnicities and religions where it seems like at least one member of the family moves country/continent every generation and is determined to piss off their parents by “marrying out”? Mine have been doing this as far back as my mum can go on both sides (she’s really into the genealogy thing)

        1. Then you probably have a very healthy gene code. The wider the mix the stronger and healthier the offspring. That type of behavior, mixing far and wide shows firstly a healthy attitude to ‘the other’ and probably means you are a healthy well balanced lineage. I’d be thanking my ancestors for that foresight.

          1. hmm hadn’t thought about the physical side of it 🙂 I was wondering if it affected the “reborn into your own lineage” thing, but I guess it wouldn’t really matter…

    6. Funny David but i recognise you.
      Did reside in Sidders in 70’s……..
      Don’t think you have put this avatar up before so perhaps it is ‘the knowing’
      of like soul-spirits.

      1. The 70s. Maybe ? My uncle introduced me to the club scene at that time. Do you remember a place called Martins in Oxford St. ? Were you a beach babe at Bondi ? Did I throw myself at your feet and beg for your attention ? 😉
        Good to hear from you lovely one xxx

    7. A long long time ago a past life healer suggested i was my own ancestor, and my ancestor’s ancestor!

      Blew my mind, and sometimes still does, but also seems kind of normal. There’s no automatic superiority in having lived first, or in inheriting other memories. It’s got to be a cycle or helix, at the least.

    8. Well with ancestry from Africa, Europe and India I am at home in a VERY big tribe 🙂 I like the picture you paint of ancestors meeting again and Again to support each other in our ascension. I «carried » both my parents in this life time meaning I was more a shaman and healer to them than their child. Now they are gone, thankfully. I realised when they passed that a lot of emotional feminine and masculine energies, activated by ancestors, had to be cleared so it could be carried forward in a more healthy way. Do you perceive yourselves as filters for the amassed energies that we have inherited?
      Im a sun Leo with Asc Aquarius so this feels like a roller coaster period.

  32. Great post MM. Thank you for bringing this to attention. I agree with your druid friend – I have also felt it since about Xmax and more potent this month!! Going back many generations and some need to dwell and research about it!

    1. Funny how sometimes in life we want to forge ourselves apart from our families, and at other times feel drawn to them. The living and the dead 🙂

  33. OMHecate!… I just remember a few days ago I feel REALLY STRONG the presence of my fellow grandfather and great grandfather indigenous wayüü male witches following me and I also remember recognize them like really important spiritual magic guides in my life and now i’m reading this and it’s like woooo~~

    also I have being feeling like ‘quick fevers” and weird muscular pains and then be totally ok like some kind of arrangement going on also in a biologically level also more quiet and chillin not going out so much that’s not usual in me. My coordinates are virgo sun, scorpius rising..YES…Moon in Leo!

  34. OMHecate!… I just remember a few days ago I feel REALLY STRONG the presence of my fellow grandfather and great grandfather indigenous wayüü male witches following me and I also remember recognize them like really important spiritual magic guides in my life and now i’m reading this and it’s like woooo~~

    also I have being feeling like ‘quick fevers” and weird muscular pains and then be totally ok like some kind of arrangement going on also in a biologically level also more quiet and chillin not going out so much that’s not usual in me. My coordinates are virgo sun, scorpius rising..YES…Moon in Leo!

  35. my grandmother and great aunt’s gifts to the family this year were our own copies of the family geneology work they’ve been doing the last decade or so. DNA testing and detailed birth/death records going back almost 700 years! spent hours looking at it while visiting family and thinking on it since. No surprises but seeing the continuity, page after page, the names and geo travels was very powerful

  36. On Thursday just hours after the eclipse I am flying home to my Aunties funeral on friday, my cousin from my dads side is getting married that day, and my sister in law is 2 weeks pregnant – I cant even image how busy it is on the ancestral realm.

  37. Before I took my Autosomnal DNA test last year (and before I dove into genealogy) I “guessed” my ethnicity estimates. I was 100% correct and 1% off. In fact, FB just shuffled my guess post writtern this day last year this morning 🙂

    Autosomnal ethnicity estimates only reveal the last 5-8 generations. But I do believe memories live and our bones and blood speak – IF you are interested in listening 🙂

    To the ancestors – now back to transcribing death records into the ancestral database. Saturn just entered my 8th in Capricorn where Underworld Pluto is keeping it company 😀

    1. P.S. Y and mt DNA is more ancient and my Dad has y matches from Europe to the Levant. I’ll leave it at that 🙂

    2. Super interesting scientific distinctions of different types of DNA. I felt for a long time that DNA studies were limited, and in part by research bias: we find only what we’re looking for, and relegate other findings to the side.

      There’s also the idea of ancestral human cradle civilisations, before the geographical spreading. But geographical wandering has always been part of human nature, as the clan has.

      Astro-interesting that you have strong Taurus identity, too. The body, for one, the earth and nature for another.

  38. Seems more than plausible 🙂

    I also feel the ancestors around. My Moon/Neptune are at 8 Capricorn, Saturn at 0 Cap. I’m feeling much more comfy hanging with the ancients atm.

    1. Oh.. this eclipse will be conjunct my MC/IC at 11 Leo/Aqua, and my daughter’s Moon at 11 Aqua.

      I’m very much focusing on bringing the higher self into my physical body. It feels really amazing. Shamanic, yes. I’m mysteriously ill (stress related to Internet trolls… fancy that, Aquarius SN and all…). Managing ok.

  39. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Omg…I am feeling the eclipse energy and I feel like “shamanic” is the best way to deal with the stress rn.

    IDK about ancestral hauntings, but something is UP.

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