Capricorn Spirituality Is Understated

Capricorn spirituality is understated and subtle. They get more credit for their worldly ambitions but they are a highly attuned sign of the zodiac.  And their symbolism is the weirdest, by the way. What other sign has a mysterious magical creature as their symbol?

You see it in these words from J.R.R. Tolkien. 

“…All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king…”

 It is the key-mystical prophecy from Lord Of The Rings but is it not SO haute Cap?!

I love baiting Capricorns for being careerists & control freaky megalomaniacs as much as anyone. 

But there is a profound side to them. Capricorn spirituality springs from their awareness of time. The Sea Goats have a finer perception of it and its magic than most people. They’re able to live in both Newton Time and Einstein Time, concurrently. 

Patti Smith is Sun conjunct Mars in Capricorn and this comment from her feels so much that:

“In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth.”

Metaphysically, Capricorn people are like the Hermit character of the Tarot, walking their own path, guided by the light that they carry and their deep connection to old Earth magic.

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  1. Instantly made me think of Led Zep. Ultra Cap Music – the very best and the very worst aspects. Used to love this stuff back in those mythical teenage years. Pagey and Jonesy are both Caps, btw.

    There’s actually some really interesting connections with Led Zep, Wales and Tolkien. In the early 70s the band liked to escape to a couple of secluded spots in the Welsh countryside to work on new material. So rich was the inspiration that many of the things they wrote there ended up on about 4 albums (including The Runes, of course). JRRT was on the reading list and soon enough, on every fan’s reading list.

    Google: The Tolkien-Zeppelin Connection

    Google: Bron-Yr-Aur

    Google: Tolkien and Wales …

    In a 1955 lecture Tolkien described his love of Welsh, saying: “For many of us it rings a bell, or rather it stirs deep harp-strings in our linguistic nature. It is the native language to which in unexplored desire we would still go home.”

    Mystic Cap at work …

  2. I have heard this so many times read to me by my dad as a kid that it’s like.. the start of the Classic FM ABC news update. I don’t really notice it (Da, Da, Da-Da-Da-Da, Da, Daaaa; Dida, Dida, Daaa etc.) But reading it again is really nice, I am appreciating it anew!

    Love that Tokien is a Cappy, resurrecting the bones of the Old English myths for a new audience with such nice form and clarity..

  3. Odd that I just started Lord of the Rings again last week.

    Aragorn, the subject of the poem, was eventually crowned king and married Arwen Evenstar. Their story is Tolkien at his best – a beautifully written archetypal story of faith, love and loss. Makes me cry every time I read it.

  4. Both folks are Cap sun/ Scorp moon, and extremely tenacious. Me Saturn Rx ruler, I inherited that quality as well. There is much suffering in silence which gives a tremendous depth of empathy when helping others.

  5. It’s interesting because my mother-in-law, a Capricorn, was really psychic, a real witch. She uses to live near to Pendle, in Lancashire, UK (a famous witch place), and could clearly see the witch on the hill caused by iron in the water of the spring. My husband could see it too. She phoned us when we had to put our old dog to sleep as she sensed Bryan’s distress. She used to phone when he was really ill with Ross River fever, knew exactly when he was having a super-bad day, knew he’d turn up on the doorstep after he’d been in Australia for many years, and baked a cake for her granddaughter before she turned up. I had the utmost admiration for her. Orphaned at 13. Put into service, realised she was being used almost as a slave, ran away at 15, found work, married my father-in-law, kept him in line when his eyes wandered a bit too much, ran a boarding house, brought up 3 kids. Grand woman. All power to Capricornians.

  6. Mystic I swear you may be one of the few Astrologers out there that does actual ‘get’ us. We do live our lives as if cast in a central role in an ancient Epic.

    Argue as we may about the birthdate of Jesus you cannot deny, every Capricorn has a Jesus / Martyr complex somewhere inside their psyche. Daily chores become a battle between good and evil, and often times our compromises actually play out in our minds as great noble sacrifices for the good of others.

    But we do have great stories, no?

  7. OH I LOVE that I am finally back at my computer this morning and their are three little posts that are SO up my alley. Mystic Capricorns, Tori Amos and Virgoans of Fashion!!!!

  8. Am unpacking boxes and rediscovered my massive LOTR hardback trilogy. Spring is not the ideal time for breaking out the Tolkien, but reading that poem reminds me I may need to dip into Middle Earth wisdom to stay grounded through this coming summer’s (and beyond) astro-whirlwind.

    “Not all those who wander are lost…” Amen.

  9. This week one of our cats suddenly went into shock, diagnosis: he has diabetes.

    Moments ago when I was preparing for a long night, he is now into hypoglycemia, I decided there will be a time to think about memories, about emotions.

    I thought this was my Cap Moon talking. In the middle of crisis, it is good to know at least I can draw on Cap Moon to be calm and collected. Otherwise I easily slip into being a day-dreamer escapist (Gem Sun/Pisces rising).

    1. Oh so sad to hear about yr cat Quadrupled. Cap Moon or not, it’s still a emo trip for sure. Kataka Moon and NN here. I was an Uber Cap in my past life apparently, yet strangely only know a few peeps with Cap Moon (mostly)/Sun in this life. Blessings to you and yr precious cat. xx

    2. Hugs and good thoughts to you and your sweet kitty Quadrupled.
      I have two, a brother and sister and they are so loved. Sending healing vibes. X

      1. Thanks Saturnrox. It is hard to see a cat pricked and poked so many times, and listen to his cries. But what needs to be done, has to be done. We apologize first, then prick his paw to get a little bit of blood. His ears are already pierced far too many times and in a bad shape.

        I wish there were an easier way. To send our kitties love, please hug your kitties. x

      2. Thinking of you and your kitty, Quadrupled. Think I know what you’ve been through. Hoping my kitty in heaven will watch over him!

      1. Thanks Libraquarius, amazing how resilient cats can be. The vet told us he has the will to live, so we can petting him a lot to make sure he doesn’t decide to leave us.

  10. I’m always a little amazed whenever I read from astrological sites/books that Capricorns aren’t creative people. Some of the most influential and innovative people have been Caps. Tolkien, David Bowie and just yesterday I learned that Miyazaki Hayao is a Capricorn (the creator of movies Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle).

    So all this stuff about Capricorn not being creative is just a load of crap, isn’t it?

    1. Yeah. You need to put those astrologer’s away!

      Actually, I read somewhere (was it here?) that most astrology books at your average bookstore are written by commissioned free-lance writers who simply look up other astro books and then put their own spin on the material. Hence, you end up with a lot of copy-cat, stereotyped bs bunk that turns into urban myths about Scorps always being sexed-up and Caps so business obsessed that they wear pinstripe undies.

      And because astrology is just for entertainment, who cares about getting the facts right, right?


      1. Hahaha, pinstripe undies… 😀 Sometimes the stereotypes do shine through, and not surprisingly because stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. But of course most astro books don’t ever go into natal charts, so a lot is missed out. I’ve just come to take most things I read in stride.

        I’ve certainly read my share of Leo stereotypes, but I can only grin and laugh. Some are true, some aren’t. Just depends on the person and what else they’ve got going on.

      2. This “recycling” of astro-bits bothers me too. Another thing that bothers me is the application of what psychologists call “the confirmation bias” to astrology.
        In other words, as astro-buffs, we pick up the things that seem “right” in an astrology chart-personality/prediction and ignore anything that doesn’t fit. Over time, astrology begins to feel more and more “bang on” when in reality, it’s possible that our “filter” gets more and more dusty.

      3. That’s why I appreciate the astrologers/writers who aren’t afraid to admit their doubt or ignorance of a matter.

        But don’t we apply “confirmation bias” to most everything in life? We observe patterns, find connections, assign meaning… All while holding our blind spots dear.

        However, I have had readings where transits that seemed very important to the astrologer didn’t appear important to me when they occurred. But I suppose that is much like life, and a longitudinal study of patterns would better find meaning in the astro.

    2. Miyazaki being a Cap makes total sense! I remember reading somewhere that he didn’t start animating until he was into his 40s. Being successful later in life with the reverse age thing. I read once that Cappy children can often be very serious and reserved when young, then as they get older they take on more playful and whimsical child-like traits. Both seem to be apparent for Miyazaki.

      1. Yes, exactly!! I was watching a little doc on him that came with my Spirited Away DVD. Actually, wasn’t so much a “doc” as the people he’s worked with talking about him and what amazing talent he has. When they mentioned that he directs, writes AND draws everything I instantly thought that he either had to be a Capricorn (all that work!), or an Aries (Aries, with their “Me” complex totally the type to want to do everything themselves because of course no one could do it better. :D). I settled on Cap because he has more of a Cap air to him, but it turns out that his moon is in fact Aries. So I guess I got ’em both. 😉

        Someone said of him that they didn’t think he ever lost his ability to see the world through a child’s eyes. That tipped me off too, because I’ve also read that Capricorn is a sign that gets better with age. Serious and older than they really are as children, but more playful and younger than they are as aging adults. Now I’m really curious to know what Miyazaki was like as a kid… But definitely getting better with age and letting himself have fun.

      2. Maybe MM will do a Miyazaki post?! (Pretty please) Thanks Cat’s Meow, I love Hayao, nice info.

      3. Okay. I may have to invest in a little tv/DVD thing just to watch Princess M. A couple of people I respect highly recommended the film to me. Now I know director/producer is Cap Sun/Aries Moon like me, I must watch!

        Does anyone know about the illustrator Gennady Spirin? Total Cap artist –right down his Father Time beard.

  11. My father is a Cap and absolutely obsessed with Tolkein–has read all his works many times, has read them in Dutch, read The Hobbit to me before I could read, owns basically all supplementary texts, critical texts, maps, etc–so this makes sense. Dad and Tolkein were just Capping it out together!

    I love it too (not as much as he does!) and I’ve got Moon, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all tight together in Cap–it speaks to me on some level.

      1. seemed appropriate ~ the passing of an age~

        Saturn ties, my mentor always said, show life-long connections.
        Dad, Sister and ex-husband all conjunct planets in my chart.

  12. Absinthe Dragonfly

    You’d be surprised how mystical the sea goatie really is. We just don’t wanna let anyone know, cause sometimes we get embarrassed by it all…feelings can get so messy.

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