Astrology Magic Is Real

Magic is real, astrology works and the combination of the two- Astrology Magic –  is highly effective. Astrology is a method of mapping the occult or hidden energy around us. Magic is not some counter-cultural, alt-dimensional claptrap. Or, okay, it IS alt-dimensional, but you don’t need to go someplace else to experience it. It’s here. Now.

Nor does it need to involve elaborate rituals, dropping out of society, dress-up or split ends. It’s the awareness of another energy field, one not talked about in official mediums but which has always been there.

Depending on your belief systems and persona, you can understand it via varying deities, styles of consciousness-altering and of course, astrology.

Occasionally I encounter people who ask how it can ‘fit in’ to a ‘modern’ or ‘urban’ life. But why would this potent force that the ancients called by many names just die down because of buildings or wi-fi? It’s Quintessence, the 5th element and the world’s most expensive scientific experiment ever is trying to analyze it. Called ‘dust’ in Philip Pullman’s Golden Compass books and Qi by traditional Chinese medical practitioners, it’s dark matter to scientists. Astrology is the celestial expression of it.

People since forever have been using it to navigate mundane complexities of every day and for more profound purposes. True magic is high and low, sacred and profane.

Start with timing and move into the astrological optics of people and society. The Outer Planets – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – are the Zeitgeist, or spirit of the times. To even be broadly in tune with those is an advantage.

Not every practitioner or person with interest in this is going to be a person you admire or like. A politican or celebrity you loathe is just as likely to be witchy as your local lovely Yoga instructor with the rune tattoo and the altar with crystals. Magical aptitude or even dabbling doesn’t necessarily correlate with niceness.

And, if you are a Neptunian, nitrous oxide gas with Botox is just as likely to take you into a trance as an entheogenic herb.

Astrology magic is best mastered via observation. Journal your thoughts on various moon phases and how they influence you or your environment. Know your ruling planet and track it, taking advantage of its supportive aspects to make maverick moves that you’d usually shrink from.

As the Delphic Oracle said, know yourself. If you’re a Plutonic person, for example, even sharp Pluto transits to an inner planet or the monthly Moon visit to your natal Pluto are hospitable.

The more you watch the wanderings of the planets and their manifestations in people and energy, the more amazing it all is.

Image: Oana Farcas

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  1. YES!!!! Themes from my own heart. To me magic is an everyday thing. As you say, it’s always there, it’s bringing your connection and awareness to it! Pretty much the while purpose of my website!
    Love love love hearing your thoughts on this

  2. Hi! I am water sign, I feel the energies all around. As above so Below. We are each like anthenas that receive waves that we process depending on our personal wiring system. I would say Magic is the concious directing of energy.. although in a broader sense Magic exists of couse. We love in a Magical Mysterious Universe. I see patterns, receive thought forms and emotions.. also neptunian mystical energies. At the moment I am engaged in feeling good while I do what I feel I have to do. That involves some heavy saturnian capricorn vibe, Government and Politics. WTF!? I thought, why??? Well, I just know it is my place. So if anyone questions how Magic fits in our modern world.. well, just watch me

  3. Amulet of the Acorns

    I love this whole post, and all the comments.

    Magic is real, the secret is in the breath, and this is a potent time of re-membering.

  4. For me synchronicity is the most obviuos Occasionally i think think things like i have so much lovely jewellery, when i buy earrings again i will lose my wedding ring and f me if i didnt accidentally throw it out with some paper towel. Bugger. I was feeling sad the next on the way to work when i saw a disabled man riding a bespoke bike. That snapped me out of my third world problems like a shot. I shared this with mystic on the 11.11
    ” I just wanted to share a blast of synchronicity with you. I am just finalised some school report marks and decided to check FB before going to bed (yeah I know lights/ devices and bedtime)BUT I saw a new blog post and followed it in. I also noticed an archive post from 5 Nov 2015 about the Queen of Sheba and the image caught my attention. read it, researched my chart and here is where the synchronicity comes in. Natally asteroid 585 sits on my Jupiter (Jupiter 2 Can 21’3″ & Bilkis 2 Can 59’16”) Today She sits at 10 Aqua 28′ which is my Ascendant 10 Aqu 55′

    ps its 11:11 on the 11/11/2017″
    Magic all around us XxXx

    1. Sometimes i think, when i see “disabled” peeps, that i am disabled (like if my etheric showed in body for the day), we are all disabled in ways that may not be seen, I know the challenge of everyday living manifests differently, and that if our disability is not so functionally physical, then we may not even know our own disability for a while.

      If you have an addiction/compulsion, and it changes your body visibly, the everyone knows. But many addictions / compulsions are hidden. These are also disabilities.

      And then i remember that we say “differently able” and it kind of makes me laugh, because i wonder about our sympathies expressing for others, and for ourselves, depending on whether we realise or not, the challenge that has to be overcome by the person in our sights, including ourselves. And this sense of who might be undeserving of a difficulty, and which difficulties are worse than others. I do say this having had close friends with severe physical shit to manage, and full-on mental shit, too. But they were my friends who offered strength to me, too, in dark or weird times, and of course that made them friends as well. They were strong for me, despite that i was worried about wiping their drool or interpreting their words or accommodating a wheelchair or whatnot. (I’m not so smooth at doing those things.)

      Guess i’m saying, we think great he has an amazing bike, but the other guy who has a beaut bike and seems like a hipster first-world comfort freak might also have his disabilities, and we just think “hipster” or “overcompensating” or whatnot.

      You don’t really need to lose something to have something good.

      But i’ll let you know when i truly integrate that idea into my souls 😉 Not judging you for words, just riffing off some memories and thoughts i also have now and then, from your words here.

      1. I guess he would have cried too if he had lost his wedding ring. At the time I thought I was feeling selfish and that he was out enjoying himself riding in the sunshine getting on with life and that he would have faced challenges in his life, for things that at that moment I took for granted. I felt shame for myself not sorry for him…sort of if you know what I mean. Life is a full spectrum and a big juicy dose of magic thrown in. I mean what made him appear exactly at my low point…live n learn! XxXx love to all and I mean all!

        1. Yes, i know exactly what you mean! You totally got why your words sent me on that tangent. Did you ever wonder if someone notices you as a stranger in of their own low points, and it suddenly shifts them, too? It’s wild! The magic, the synchronicity.


  5. Yes! Hadn’t thought of it that way but astrology as a map, pointing one in the direction of how/where to access the magic and when it might be accessible at any given time by transits, and the way in which you might be able to access the magic based on your own natal chart, like guidelines, but not of course set in stone because what is, really? Hmmmm………gonna think about this more, this is good, good stuff!

  6. No need for all the discussion. If one has eyes to see and ears to hear. Waking up every morning is Magic. Breathing is Magic,living is Magic. Just look around,it’s all around and within us.

  7. I adore this post…as an outer planets person it can be challenging to explain myself to muggle friends and family. I weave in mentions of the Astro weather / observations about people based on their signs.

    But I think it’s more important to do the work getting to my authentic essence / integrating shadow side. Magic is magnetic and convinces better than any skeptics argument for dry facts

    1. Totally agree with you about integrating the shadow. Your subconscious is just as good or better at manifesting than your conscious self. The reason for people who manifest dark things or for witches who can’t seem to manifest what they’re aiming for, because while they are willing what they think they want, their shadow is willing what it wants as well. Mixed results abound until you integrate all parts of yourself into as you’ve said your authentic essence.

  8. Yes, not all witches are good. Your current reality is the sum total of every thought you have, including (especially?) the barely submerged primal ones.

    A story: I almost became sick this past weekend, and I am never sick. I was also experiencing these incredible surges of anxiety, in a way that I just don’t anymore, ever. My brother became extremely ill to the point where he called me for help (he holds the current title for the most taciturn and norm-core multi-Aquarius in existence).

    My mother is a textbook afflicted Scorpio. Social services intervened to remove me from her custody when I was fifteen. None of the children from her first marriage have had anything to do with her for close to a decade. My grandmother who pressured us to see her, died this past year, severing the last tie.

    My brother became sick on her birthday weekend. And I think what we were experiencing was the gale-force of her malevolent, wounded entitlement. Even though she is a fundamentalist Christian, it was the psychic equivalent of a Voodoo curse.

    Once I realized this, I cleared and shielded, and I was fine. I have processed my childhood extensively, and someone can’t activate something that does not already exist in your energy field.

    So, yes, there are bad witches out there, whether they consciously own it or not. Whoever emanates the strongest rays determines the content and tempo of the exchange. However, it is impossible to curse someone else without cursing yourself. I call the law of attraction, the law of return. The word attraction doesn’t fully encompass the ramifications to my mind.

    For example, if you buy chocolate harvested by African child slaves (virtually all commercial chocolate falls in this category), then in some area of your life you will be enslaved. To an addiction, a disease, a painful relationship. Everything comes back to you always. Every fear, every callous act, every self-imposed limitation. It all blossoms like dye in water from core of your being.

    Trying to avoid awareness of such things does not work, if the desire to avoid them originates in fear. The fear still manifests as some form of victimization, as long as it is part of you. Courageous mindfulness is key.

    (Can you tell I’ve been going through 11 years of major Pluto transits? 🙂

    1. The Pluto transits have done you well! Yeah anyone with bad qi like your mom is accessing dark energy, and it sounds like you’ve done the work to shield and integrate your shadow side. A good reminder about chocolate too- there are some conscious products out there though I think

      1. Thanks! I have done a massive amount of shadow work. I suspect I may have come across more harsh than intended. At this point, I don’t actually believe anyone is a good or bad person (most of the time anyway, ask me again when the moon squares pluto or saturn 🙂 Cancer=moods).

        I feel like morality exists on a continuum, and rather than being a fixed trait that determines someone’s innate value or worth, it is a skill that be constantly improved upon that makes life more pleasant for everyone. Every altruistic act confers benefits on both the giver and the receiver.

        Like this study that shows that giving blood drastically reduces cancer risk:

        And yeah, there is always fair trade chocolate, and it is becoming more affordable and widely available.

        1. I was diagnosed with terminal cancer 22 years ago. Since treatment I had heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure. I am still here, still well, still writing. I am sure my need to suffer is connected to what happened to me in past lives. To my ancestors, to trauma that is not in my self awareness
          I am all Pluto its conjunct my midheaven, have Neptune conjunct my 0 degrees Scorpio ascendant and mars and mercury in Gemini. Only my Taurus sun gives me a sense of being grounded in this reality. I think my Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer gives me flashes of insight and I know having lived many incarnations , we often were not good . I don’t believe we as passive and as you say we co create. But it is not all us, we are connected to a larger fabric of reality. My mother too was abusive, and now my Scorpio
          daughter is being very difficult ,easy to see family patterns. Since Jupiter in Scorpio its really come to a head, my concern being neglect of my grandson. I am working on this as I realise it triggers my experience of neglect as a child. Homeopathy has really helped me. My homeopath said a crisis is a great opportunity to learn. Of course being all Pluto I seem to have lived through many and had a very rich and wonderful life because I have an amazing son, and wonderful magical friends ,artists and writers who get me. I do 5 rythmns dance combined with ritual too. At 62 as I am now I feel the best work alchemical y is just beginning. I love learning. And well done you for being able to recognise and deal with issues in such a way. Sorry such a long post, but I love what you wrote

          1. You definitely have that Pluto grit! I also intuitively feel like your best alchemical work is just beginning.

            My Taurus Sun conjunct Uranus grandfather is much of the reason why I turned out fine. With your grandson, knowing that he can count on you to love and care for him can make all the difference.

            1. Yes I love my daughter but her su n is conjunct Pluto conjunct Saturn I. Scorpio which is also her ascendant. Power struggles. I do think I overworry too.

    2. Uranus on the ascendant sounds difficult. Like it could represent the parent rebelling against the child. I’m sorry.

      My mom’s chart is reminiscent of Georgia O’keefe’s chart. Only with more oppositions.'Keeffe.

      I think if she had gone out alone to the desert to paint bleached skulls at some point, everyone would have been much happier.

    3. “….someone can’t activate something that does not already exist in your energy field.

      So, yes, there are bad witches out there, whether they consciously own it or not. Whoever emanates the strongest rays determines the content and tempo of the exchange”

      Wow, this is very relatable – your mother sounds a lot like mine, TBH. She’s gone now but was without a doubt the darkest heart I have personally ever known; hardcore Plutonic in the worst way. I don’t understand the malevolence it takes to throw negative energy at people to this degree – I want no truck with it. Once I escaped her powerful undertow I knew there was nothing she could ever do to me again – I immersed myself in the business of internal repair and realized I had gained Teflon-like auric immunity to any bad juju she would attempt to throw my way. You see, I had been homeopathically inoculated against it by years of being dosed with regular exposure to her twisted crap. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

      I’m also right on par with your 11 years of Pluto, BTW – salud, you’re in good company.

      1. That’s awesome. I feel like I personally get the best results from stressful aspects. Looking back at my life I have never gone through a challenging transit that didn’t culminate in some massive upgrade in my life circumstances by the end.

        This year for example I had Pluto opposing my Sun and Mercury, and Saturn opposite my Moon and conjunct my Neptune on the south node. At this time, my grandmother died. She had stage IV liver cancer, but I also discovered my mother had been poisoning her by lacing her orange juice with bleach for months claiming it was a “nutritional supplement.” She simultaneously manipulated my grandmother into changing her will to leave her all her liquid assets, even though she has six other siblings, who were left land they can’t sell because it is on a conservation easement.

        The worst part of it was the betrayal I felt from my grandmother. She was my replacement mom, I bent over backwards in many ways to please her, and it felt like she was validating all the abuse (my mom lost custody because she admitted to laughing at and encouraging my suicide attempt at a counseling center, among other things).This all came out on the day my grandmother died which was the same day as the women’s march.

        This radically changed how I related to people (for the better). I used to somewhat painfully accept almost always being the nicer, kinder, more generous, more caring, one in my relationships (I’m a Libra rising with lots of Cancer and Sagittarius). Now I have much more appreciation for the concept of reciprocity. I pruned away several relationships with people who saw me as a narcissistic prop rather than a person, and I put more into the relationships I had with people who deserved more. I also bought my first house, which is a dream house, a gorgeous, spacious cottage from the 1920’s with a fireplace, garden and a deck with a mature grape arbor. Even though it is in the middle of the city it feels secluded, because almost all the views look out on trees and nature.

        So now I am happier than I have been (thus far).
        Power is power. The energy of a strong transit can be applied in many ways. I find Pluto the most challenging, because to me it represents repression. The things we locked away because they were too painful to contemplate. And with elements like that they often have to explode before we acknowledge them. For years, I was invested in the idea I wasn’t a victim anymore. I HAD to not be a victim anymore. But I was still giving away my power in countless subtle ways. Like it was clear in retrospect my grandmother didn’t actually care about me. She never wanted to hear or learn anything about me, unless it was a piece of career success that would reflect well on her. But I would listen to her and sympathize with her for hours. I don’t do that anymore. I still give lavishly (Venus in Leo) in my relationships, but only to the people who genuinely care.

        1. So much learning and you sound like you are now recognising people who do not recycle energy. I am the same I have wonderful friends and a magical tribe. You sound like you’ve done amazingly well. Pluto transits as I think Mystic once said there’s no way round it just got to through it! Into that chthonic world where you are stripped of your props and vanity and illusions. I love the Persephone myth and the seven veils. I am hoping for a gentler time in coming years but I am not holding my breath. Favourite quote ” get knocked down seven, get up eight” .I have had to learn to receive and to be vulnerable. The gifts on my illnesses. And living in the moment

        2. LOL, my *life* is a hard aspect! My nativity something that generally makes one go “Ouch!” when they see it – T-square action up the wazoo, a Chirotic Yod, and plenty of pungent Plutonic sprinkles for extra “oomph”. I have precious few “easy” aspects – when do they hit by transit/progression, believe me when I say that I try and make sure they’re good to the last drop by squeezing everything I can out of them.

          Our mothers definitely sound related – I can check the “gold digging” box off as well (was yours a hoarder, too??) and while to my knowledge she didn’t *actually* poison anyone, I’m pretty sure the years of toxic physical, mental, and emotional abuse wrought upon her nearest and dearest came close. It was so bad I ran away from home as a tween and took my little sister in tow with me – it was a matter of survival. I’m so glad I had the Plutonic wherewithal at that age to get out when I did because it allowed me to begin my self-healing journey early; rigorous and honest self-examination for the sake of personal and spiritual betterment is a path that I have committed to for as long as I live as a result. Am always trying to grow, learn, change…transformation is my raison d’etre and I do my best to turn all the psychological lead I started out with in life into pure gold.

          It’s rare for me to speak this candidly about the darkness surrounding my upbringing. While I’m always honest, I tend to give a brief and watered-down version of the truth without getting into the full magnitude of just how fuqed up things were. It’s the type of thing that tends to make people uncomfortable because they have no idea how to respond other than to stammer something along the lines of “Oh I’m so sorry!” as if they had done something wrong to ask about my past. Or maybe they were just sorry they’d asked, IDK; some people have a hard time with darker subject matter even when they’re getting the lite version of it. Either way it is what it is, though. There’s also the angle of how some judge it as blasphemous not to have a relationship with your parents, to which I reply “Sometimes the best relationship you can possibly have with someone is none at all” – I just don’t think they can conceptually wrap their heads around how malevolently fuqed up a parent can be toward their children because they have a comparatively “normal” reference point. But like you, the stories I could tell are disturbing to say the least and trying to have a healthy relationship with really unhealthy and psychologically unaware individuals only winds up being an exercise in futility and martyrdom – no thanks!

          I’m sorry to hear you had a similarly difficult relationship with your mother – FWIW, I take some small degree of comfort in knowing that someone can understand and relate to such an extreme life circumstance and hope you do, too. This kind of craptastic Plutonic “fuel” is the catalyst for major soul growth, insight, and personal empowerment, though, and we would not be who were are today without it.

          It has been a pleasure chatting – I look forward to hearing more from you in the future <3

    4. My Pluto in Leo conjunct my midheaven 12 the house. Uranus tightly conjunct Jupiter in cancer in the 9 the. Neptune in 12 the conjunct my Scorpio ascendant where Saturn sits in opposition to my sun. Chiron conjunct my IC conjunct Hekate. I could go on! Already am really! A grand cross in my chart. Gosh what interesting threads coming out here!

    5. We would have to do a lot more than buy fair trade chocolate. We would have to not drive cars or use anything that is powered by petrol (killing the planet). Not eat meat from animals that are farmed in horror conditions. Not eat vegetables or fruit that are grown in great monocultural swathes using fertilisers (killing off the land). And not be on cell-phones and computers that use conflict minerals. None of us are exempt from blame. We are steeped in it. Therefore thinking that we can perform ritual magic without repercussions is naive.

      The way I see it we are doomed by our desire and will – the two things that create false “magic”. It is like giving babies machine guns to play with.

      Anything that we try to force or create by our own ego-driven desire and will is bound to the law of this plane of duality. It comes at a price and it entangles us further in this plane.
      The magic that Mystic Medusa is referring to is the real magic. It is about *awareness* of our place in this earth. It is about how to read the many signs that guide us to navigate its varied paths with grace.

      1. “Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good,”-Voltaire.

        I think the magic Mystic was referring to and what I was referring to are the same thing. Everything is energy. Everything is one. In a very real sense, the movements of the stars are the movements of your soul. The pain of the child in Africa affects you, because in a very real quantum mechanics way, you are that child. It does not have to be all or nothing to matter, because it is all significant.

        I do not demonize the ego. It is a part of you. To me it would be like hating my legs because they trip and cause me to fall now and then. Or hating my eyes because they allow me to see in color but not infrared like a bumblebee. We are here having a human experience, and a human experience inextricably includes a conception of self, desire, and will. If you ascribe to the idea of chakras, there are whole energy centers in the body devoted to the expression of desire and will. I would rather approach the challenges this entails with compassion, curiosity, and openness.

  9. I was raised in a very science-y, atheist family where the only truth is what you can see, touch, hear etc. Luckily for me, if I’m going by the proof of my actual experience and what I have heard and seen, magic is very much real.

    My family treat me with tolerance for my weird beliefs but they are Muggles through and through. I don’t mind though, I know how powerful my magic is and I’ve found enough people who get it.

    For me, the more I look for magic in the world and the more I practice it, the more magical the world becomes. My only regret for the steadfast non-believers in my life is that their version of the world seems so boring!

    1. I had a bit of an opposite thing – my family is very religious, so in their world, there are supernatural forces at work, but you have NO CONTROL OVER THEM. You cannot predict them, you cannot do anything with them, you cannot even know what they MIGHT mean, and any implication that you had any personal power or even knowledge of them was foolishness at best and dangerous at worst.

      So, I absolutely agree with you, their version of the world seems incredibly boring. I’ve never seen the point in limiting myself and my perception of the world like that.

  10. What a beautiful post!! <3

    Quite simply, it is a mindset. It’s looking for little ways to make the mundane more magickal and perceiving the plethora of portents plastered in plain sight. Magickal consciousness isn’t so much about ritual or spell as it is having a different and spiritually-connected view of reality. It involves being sensitive to the intangible energetic matrix that surrounds everyone/everything – the etheric “web” of invisible currents – and working within it to weave with the tool of Intention. Magick is not some arcane force that happens *to* you; it is something you CREATE.

  11. Here’s a small spark of magic: I checked the Jupiter in Scorpio question in the Oracle today, and this is the answer I got:

    “Christmas 2018 – when Jupiter is aligned with Antares at 10 Sagittarius – is going to be vital for you”

    Suddenly remembered that 10 Sag is the degree of my DC, which is ruled by Jupiter (ergo Aldebaran at 10 Gemini is on my Ascendant).

    Then I glanced at today’s chart and saw that Mercury was at 10 Sag AT THAT VERY MOMENT.

    It’s also my Jupiter Return rn.

    I would get chills if this weren’t making complete yet ineffable sense to me. Es muss sein.

  12. I too believe magic is real. Being a Sagittarius sun, I’m on a constan5 quest to learn/study more. Can people suggest any books/people/places of study? Thanks, ahead of time!

    1. Have you checked out The Power of Myth, Bill Moyers’ series of interviews with Joseph Campbell? Mind-expanding and fascinating. It’s all up on YouTube.

    2. If you are interested in Chaos Magic, as in the Chaos Protocols book that Mystic often refers to, I’d recommend the work of Carolyn Elliott. She runs an online magazine at and offers several courses on practical magic. I am currently enrolled in her course INFLUENCE and it’s pretty awesome.

      1. I am signed up for her emails/newsletters and follow her on FB, and have attended a couple of her free webinars, but I have not yet signed up for INFLUENCE. I need to manifest a lot of money first, lol.

      2. Thank you so much Kriblack. I don’t know if it’s just right timing for me now, as I’m generally pretty fussy about the craft of wordsmithing i’m reading, and associations or assumptions embedded, but that blog is actually SPEAKING to me.

        Have dipped into some recommended witching blogs etc before and found them interesting but only of that moment for me. Bookmarked and never went back (or popped in, then deleted, and that’s fine too). This one might be something i can come back to, as it fits in with the very un-witchy work environment i’m in, and doesn’t seem to glaringly reveal any dissonance with my daily work, and my spiritual work. So far, Mystic’s site is the only one.

    3. I recommend the Alice Bailey books / the Arcane School in NY is the official org, though they usually want you to have read some books before applying for their program of study. Very esoteric but the real deal and worth checking out if you want more than intro fluff 🙂

  13. Some call it magic. But for me, a Mutable so mutable I sometimes have difficulty being ‘here’, it is just accessing ‘there’. Because ‘there’ is close by, within reach. So no magic about it. Have yet to meet anyone who believes me when I share the insights/messages/knowing that come to me from ‘there’ . It isn’t that I tell them they are from ‘there’ (I’m not stupid after all….) it is that they are come to me sometimes so far in advance, like several years in some cases, that they seem impossible to all but me. So, I have learned to not share because that look of ‘are you a wacko?’ became too disturbing. The only time the insights have been recognized as legitimate was by a refined European man in the seat beside me on a plane. I asked him what drew him to his profession. Before he could even breathe I said Don’t answer that, I know the reason. He pressed me and after searching for the most diplomatic words I could think of, I responded. He paused, embarrassed because his reasons for his professional choice were based in bigotry, he looked at me and then quietly asked Are you a witch? No, just highly intuitive I said. Strangely, I was gratified. Someone actually believed me for once! That is rare. It might seem like witchery or magic, for me it is normal.

  14. Excellent ! Love this Mystic Medusa. Magic is connection to the source, the stars grounded by the earth…as Hermes Trigestimus said, As Above, So Below. My experience is you hone your skills by simply using your senses to notice little signals waving at you, but you will never work out how it works or how things will manifest cause the patterns of our universes, are so complex. That’s why magicians and witches don’t get rich and those that push things too far meet forces greater than theirs like Alistair Crowley invoking the demon who killed him oops. Respect is due cause magic is real indeed and I have seen some pretty scared people who obviously thought its just a fashion fad or new age burble. Definitely watch what you say in a magical space, cause you may just get what you ask for but it comes with a horrible twist or at a great price. I just love the way you wrote about this Mystic. Its what’s kept me going through dark times!

    1. Actually, witches can become rich, purely through magic. I know because I have done it. I manifested a six figure lump sum with literally zero tangible muggle-esque effort or compromise of ethics. All the work was on the energetic plane. I’ve experienced many things that others would deem miraculous, impossible even. That is just one example.

      I would agree that is an exceedingly complex endeavor, however, that takes dedication. You get back exactly what you put into it, and it progresses incrementally, step by step, so it can take time depending on the distance between where you want to go and where you are now. But anyone can do it. And by it, I mean manifest anything. Anything.

      From your post I can tell you have strong monkey’s paw beliefs blocking you. It might be worth Googling the upper limit problem.

      1. Not at all but maybe its generational patterns of poverty etc. Very interested to hear from you x have manifested a house worth half a million and quite a lot of stuff. I think you are misreading what I mean, I e, magic generally works better when its not for purely selfish ends.

        1. No idea what the upper limit problem is. Also being older can have a different view but again v interested in what you say. One can always learn. But John Dee, Merlin, many incredible magicians died in poverty and unpleasant circumstances

          1. An upper limit belief is basically if something in your life gets really wonderful, you’re too happy, too in love, have too much money etc. you will have to suffer in some other way to compensate. So a person may have a great career advancement, but their love life falls apart. Or they may come down with pneumonia on their honeymoon (this happened to me). It boils down to the belief that too much of a good thing is dangerous, so be careful what you wish for.

            We all have upper limits of how many and what kind of blessings we will currently allow into our lives. Even Bill Gates the billionaire philanthropist undoubtedly runs into upper limit problems now and then, because manifestation exists on an infinite continuum that can always be moved further in the direction of desire.

            So, the magicians who died in poverty, may have had beliefs that they could only have spiritual power at the expense of material power (I grappled with this myself and still do to a progressively lesser extent).

            Crowley was a special case, more attributable unleashing dark forces better left leashed and the concomitant karmic backlash I would imagine.

            1. Somebody once told me Spirit has no idea or care for the earthly worth of something so if you are going to the trouble to manifest wealth ask for exactly what you want and/or add a few zeros. Made me laugh. 🙂

            2. Thankyou you are making me have a good think. Indeed Crowley went beyond normal laws etc. I feel that people are often unthinkingly asking for things using language that leaves them then open to danger. I always ask that my will be aligned with great spirit, and that will and heart are balanced. Things created through simply the force of human will tend to come with a price tag and don’t seem to last. I’d love to speak more to you. I live in the UK. Maybe talk as friends on Facebook?

                1. I’m not on facebook unfortunately. I would be happy to correspond with you more in the comments here though.

  15. Hmmmm, I’m a strong believer in magic, kledons, synchronicity and that kind of thing, and you’re so right Mystic, it fits into everyday life, it’s everywhere, if know where to look, if you’re open to it. This evening I had the oddest sense come up for me while I was travelling home from band practice, a bit zoned out, that there’s someone just beyond my ken who’s going to be a very important part of my life – I’m quite content to be with myself just now, I’m not looking, but I feel this quite strongly so it’ll be interesting to see who turns up in the next little while. Mercury is floating about in my 12th house and Neptune near my IC in my fourth, Venus and Jupe (my natal and chart rulers) hanging together in my 11th. Watch this space…

  16. I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now. Since Jupiter went into Scorpio, actually, I feel a return to some long-forgotten part of myself that is more magical and just OK with expressing it. Also, I went to a Lords of Acid concert and I just have to say: goth is back! I swear, to me, this is what Jupiter in Scorpio is. Going into that show was like walking into a time warp, like 20+ years ago, early 90s (was jupiter in scorpio then? IDK). The people there, were caricatures. It was a trip. Lots of black, of course, and lots of facial expressions, like people were trying to read my mind. Lots of bondage-wear, trench coats, alternative hair-dos, face paint “tattoos,” vinyl in various colors, spiky jewelry… Yes! Jupiter in Scorpio for sure.

    1. Wow that’s amazing. But maybe it just never stopped? I remember going to a bush rave a few years back and I saw people there exactly like me in the 90’s – young ones, with the same fluro raver pants, glow sticks and dilated pupils. It’s like ‘the youth’ keep re-discovering what was past, and so counter-cultures (all culture?) moves in a continuous wave into the future. I’m trying to think of a relatively new counter-culture, but all I can come up with is Furries, and they’ve been around for a while.

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