Daily Mystic For Thursday 6 October

The Piscean Moon sweeps in like the ocean, more powerful than usual because the Moon is waxing to be Full on Sunday/Monday.

While it naturally comes with its own surreality, this Moon will feel more fluid and less of a grind than the fixed, locked in tension of the last few days. It is also in harmony with the Moon’s South Node, Hekate, Neptune and Lilith – all the witchy-shamanic energy.

So, if you’re seeking a cool lunar strategy, do the metrics, calculations and equation crunching before this Moon and then be open to more flow, intuition and poetry. It will be a helpful hiatus ahead of the Aries Full Moon, which can traditionally be a bit frenetic.



Image: Art Activist Barbie – Sarah Williamson

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  1. I loved the article you linked mystic and I’ve downloaded all the photos of her onto my phone. She’s priceless.

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