Daily Mystic For Thursday 31 March

I hope your Dark Moon is going well! This Moonwane ahead of the revitalizing New Moon* is about to be revved up by another one of those large geomagnetic storms. Rope in your satellites if you have any! (Joke, but watch the space lawsuits fly if this gets out of hand.)

As you may know, we are beginning a new Solar Cycle – a Solar Maximum** – which has many benefits but entails more of these solar events. If you’re one of the people sensitive to it, expect pure genius thought flow and awareness but to be physically jumpy.

It could be difficult to find the balance between zonked out in an existential stupor (okay, and possibly bread or potato chips) or whizzing around in a blur of kinetic hyper-everything.

This space weather is an incredible accompaniment to an already hyper-magic atmosphere and is expected to arrive just a few hours before the New Moon, aka Full Sun. If you’re reeling, relax – what this means is that Sun energy is potent- metaphysically and astrophysically. The New Moon is when the Sun is strongest, just as the Full Moon is the peak lunar vibe.

So super-strength high solar winds at a time when the Sun is conjunct with the Moon + Mercury = apollonian self-actualization. If you’re becoming aware of the amount of focus, energy, and resources you give to others compared to yourself, great! Or perhaps you’ve had some sharp insights about recent defeats or parts of your psyche worn down by pandemic concerns.

This, too, is part of your New Moon/Solar Storm process. Could it be time to restore your ego and/or true identity? Totally. Power up your aura and beam it all out there. You don’t need to ‘acquire’ anything to be more magic or paranormally perceptive; it’s a consciousness adjustment and innate.


*06.32 AM Friday UTC but see the Moon Calendar for your zone

**I wrote about the last geomagnetic storm here, and this is a much broader post on the solar maximum.

Image: Max Ernst – En Autre Caprice De Venus

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