Strange Transit Of The 1950s

Want a super-weird example of a Uranus Moon transit? On November 30, 1954, Aquarius Ann Hodges became the only known person to survive a direct meteor hit.

The Alabama housewife was was napping on her couch after lunch when the nine pounds (four kilograms) rock shot through the roof, bounced off her radio and whammed into her hip. It left a massive bruise but otherwise no physical injuries.

Breifly thinking it was “one of the neighbor’s kids,” Hodges stormed outside to confront them but instead found a bunch of shocked onlookers gawping at the hole in the roof left by what had evidently been a fireball so spectacular that it had been visible across three states and generated sonic booms. It was a fragment of what was about to be known as the Sylacauga meteorite, after the town it flew into.

Aries was rising, Mars and Pluto opposing and Jupiter was conjunct Uranus, in close orb of her natal Moon. It was fierce astrology and Uranus-Moon transits are known for surprises but still, a rock from outer space whacking into your hip while you’re napping? Wild.

Ann Hodges and the meteor – which was named after her – gained immediate fame but her landlady then tried to claim possession of it on the grounds that it was her house the space rock had hit. It became an unpleasant, ridiculously publicized dispute.

These days, of course, an Aquarius surviving a direct hit from a meteor while napping on the couch could spin the episode into a business. She would have scored a gigantic social media following and spun it into reality tv semi-stardom, sold off micro-fragments of the meteor, started a spurious religion or sought compensation from one government body or another.

But then? Sadly, Ann Hodges wound up hating the rock. The associated publicity and litigation took a toll yet she was unable to leverage her weird experience for financial gain the way others – who’d merely found fragments of the meteor did.

Interestingly, scientists estimated that the meteorite was from asteroid Toro, which was exactly opposite Hodges’ natal Mars in Scorpio. Her Mars was also exactly trine Uranus at Zero Pisces. And at the time the meteor fragment smashed through her ceiling, asteroid Toro was conjunct Hodges’ Venus and on the Midheaven.

Asteroids can be strange like that.

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  1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I think being hit by a rock from outer space is VERY aquarian.

    Has anyone died from being hit by a meteor? (leave the dinosaurs out of this)

    1. Hey! Just realised ! Uranus in taurus = Also meteors! Space-rocks. Meteor strike for earth? Interplanetary life forms. close encounters.

  2. I was thinking Elvis, I mean look at that BRUISE – it’s like a huge pair of LIPS… Lord Almighty! that’s what i call being kissed by a Hunk of Burning Lava!

      1. I know – you couldn’t make this shit up.
        And the land lady’s name – Birdie Guy…wtf? What PLANET was her mum on?

  3. Hi everyone! I have a question that I’m desperate to know the answer too and I don’t know where else to ask it, so I’m hoping you can help!!

    I have Scorpio rising at 17 degrees (Gemini sun) and I’m trying to prepare for the August eclipses. I know that normally for Scorpio, Leo rules the 10th house and that’s why we Scorps are supposed to have big things coming in our career. However, my 10th house ruler is Virgo at 5 degrees, with Leo entirely squished into the end of my 9th house. Not sure if it’s relevant but I also have the moon in my 10th house in Virgo at 17 degrees.

    Will the eclipses still bring me big things in my career? Neither Leo nor Aquarius rules the cusp of any house in my chart, but of course they are basically aligned the same as any other Scorpio rising person.

    I’m REALLY in need of a career boost – I’m self-employed, finishing up my Saturn return, and in a major cash crunch from a seriously weird series of events. Any insights would be SO SO appreciated!! 🙂

    1. Oh thank you so much! I had totally missed the link to Astro Hacks – looks awesome!! 🙂 Jupiter transiting my 12th is giving me *crazy intense* dreams so looking forward to October!! I will email you. Sorry for posting in the wrong place!

    1. When Uranus and mars conjuncted over my asc in Pisces I fell off my bike and fractured my skull amongst other things! It was totally unexpected, shocking and shook me up !!!

      1. Oh that’s shitty Emg. But god, you’ve made me check my chart and – Holy-Moly!! When Uranus, Mars & Venus conjuncted over my Asc in Libra I had sex for the very first time. And though it was not wholly unexpected – it did rock my world. 😉

  4. This month is hard. Just realised I have stronger feelings for someone than I had realised. I won’t see him for a few weeks. Waiting is hard. I might even be a in a bizarre love triangle. Who knows its hard to judge from facebook posts that i am stalking… another problem.. why is this turning me into a love zombie!? Maybe because of the waiting and the uncertainty.
    He is a pisces away from home struggling with homesickness. I cant be there for him until i see him in a few weeks. I am Virgo. He is exactly a year and half older almost to the day 🙂
    Read recently that people always return to those who feel like home and I am sure that this girl from back home who he grew up with is his “home” which I can never be. And that hurts 🙁

    I could be very wrong about all this though


    1. Love Zombie and Pisces are like cheese and crackers >.< Their Neptuniness is like a transmissible disease and I haven't found the vaccine yet. I'd say run… but then i'd have to take my own advice

    2. Me too!! A Pisces.
      He glamoured me, well and truly.
      Disappeared once, apologised. Now it’s for good. I think I was supposed to not care and keep it casual. That’s the dating etiquette these days. Pffft. Whatevs. My Scorpiness doesn’t have a dimmer switch. If you can’t handle the heat. Leave then.

      Will be avoiding Pisces men like the plague next time.
      Gonna miss the bed work though *sigh*

    3. better to be his future (north node) than old home (south node). virgos and pisces are a great match as long as he is high pisces – good luck!! (virgo sun, pisces moon here) BTW double pisces ex just crashed here for a week due to being between abodes…be warned 🙂

  5. I wonder if she was dreaming at the time it struck her. If it conked her on the head and she turned ‘Edgar Cayce’ that would have been a story

  6. Territorial disputes by petty Muggles. Going out to confront little buggers and finding society gawping … at what turns out to be your own situation. Having the darned piece of rock-turd bruise the heck out of you, which annoys you truly, so bloody irritating, while everyone else is amazed a human can survive it. Ending up with your name plastered over a death-defying event while you were just trying to catch a nap. Then washing your hands of the whole damned thing.

    Also, the photos of the damage looking very much like a Surrealist sketch for a painting, or rather a Surrealist painting because who wastes time in sketches when you have a vision to make form.

    “Ann Hodges” – this will be my new mantra because Uranus transits are always a bitch and being anything personally Aqua makes it all truly annoying when you’re trying to catch some down time to just get on and quietly individuate. Pah! The effrontery of a rock!

  7. Probably gave her a limp for several years or at least meant she wasn’t sleeping or sitting very comfortably for a long time! And all those media gawpers lol. A double aqua might quickly have enough of that, tyvm! Depending on the rest of the chart.
    I love the astro of films and events. Typical Aries rising meteor crash, just barging into someone’s house like that 😉
    Hang on was Uranus in kataka / cancer too? Or The 4th house of the chart? Or maybe her 12 th, if she was asleep at the time ! Was taurus involved? The couch, you know 😉

    1. omg i am catching up with an aqua-science buddy soon, and i can just imagine her taking nature extremely personally, to the point of anthropomorphising it, even though she counselled me recently in interpersonal shizz in a very detached and righteous-to-my-individuality manner!

      Needless to say, i do take her counsel as whack but ultimately sound.

      1. As a piscean I do greatly value aqua advice when I am stuck in a personal situation that includes being caught in an emo fog and needing to relocate / re-assert my individuality..

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