Jagger’s Saturn-Uranus Deal

Musician Mick Jagger, 78, performed in Las Vegas this week – a magnificent way to celebrate Saturn exact conjunct his Midheaven. It’s a once every 28/29 years ‘taking stock’ sort of a transit, a measurable checkpoint. It can be challenging, particularly if Saturn is caught up in a gnarly square with Uranus the way it is this year. But Jagger’s got some special Saturn-Uranus deal going on.

Famously a meta-Leo,* he is Gemini Rising with Saturn and Uranus both conjunct that Ascendant. They’re not actually conjunct one another but every time he goes to express his mercurial persona – his magic – he gets the Hermit and the Iconoclast. Clearly, it works: he’s arguably the most enduring mainstream performance ‘brand’ on the planet (Saturn) and yet he seems to still enjoy a renegade Uranian rep.

Every time Saturn crosses his Midheaven, it opposes his Leo Mercury-Pluto and squares his Taurus Mars – a trio of transits that could easily be stress factors but for Jagger, it’s reliably a fantastic astro-passage. Check out these correlations:

The first-ever Rolling Stones gig – in July 1962 – occurred with Saturn on Jagger’s Midheaven and the next time it occurred, in February 1992, he was on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, lauded for his lithe vitality at 49, an experimental solo album, and – with the Rolling Stones – an unprecedented landmark contract with Virgin records.

He also starred in a cyberpunk D-movie called Freejack – as a multiple time-line hopping bounty hunter working for a murky organization called The Spiritual Switchboard. It’s almost the embodiment of his Saturn – the big-corporate deal – and Uranus – the ahead-of-time yet sketchy sci-fi.

And now, with Saturn crossing this vital vocational point yet again and Uranus squaring that + his Leo stellium, Jagger is leaping around at Vegas.

The moral? If the fixed sign emphasis and ongoing Saturn-Uranus square is giving you the merdes, remember that it need not be onerous. Match its intensity/push back to gain some of the substance and tenacity for yourself: An avid exerciser, he apparently has the Uranian inability to tolerate more than a touch of television and the Saturnine taste for hefty, instructive biographies.


*Jagger has the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, and the North Node in Leo.

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  1. My handle, SheRat, is my handle in the Rolling Stones Internet Universe — was given to me, in fact, by what by now is an international family of fellow fanatics (repsonsible in part for my move from the US to Scotland!). This week I was SO tempted to do the band’s chart: The Keith Richards being JFK thing was so out there..and there’s NO WAY “Sympathy for the Devil” isn’t going to be, again, the subject of controversy. I bet Jagger / Richards thought they were over being in the centre of these poltiical maelstroms after Altamont and Mick’s very calculated decision to make it clear he was not taking himself so seriously (a la, summoning the Devil by playing that song while the Angels killed that kid and being blamed for it), so I am SO not surprised to see a Stones-related post nowabouts. Fun fact: Jagger’s Mars Taurus has played out: Marianne? Cap. Biance and Jerry: Taureans. Anyways, thanks for an interesting post. I’m generally a Keef girl, but most true Stones fans understand and respect Mick’s power — with any other singer, those guys would have just fizzled out as Alexis Korner’s backing band. Thanks, Mystic!

        1. I did Mystic’s tarot and you got 5 of Cups in the 11th House.


          If it weren’t so much – 
          it’s not everything – 
          but it’s about the effort, you see,
          and how you seem to have 
          found yourself

          So maybe this one said this 
          about you and maybe that one 
          said that about you. You can’t stand  
          to look behind you 
          at those who are still standing.
          Are they standing for you?
          Did they have your back? 
          Or are they still standing
          because they were cowards?
          Witnesses for whom their shame
          is the fact that they took no hits. 

          But anyways.
          Most is lost and lost is most
          for now. There will be a hollow,
          probably in your chest and a lump
          probably in your throat
          while your mind loops useless.
          Be still in that hollow,
          let your mind loop itself —
          after all you’ve learned to ignore 
          –bad EDM, and the lump will dissolve –
          try to imitate the synthesizers 
          accompanying this destruction. 
          This disappointment. 
          Be still in the hollow. 

          Then you’ll lift your head
          And start again. 


  2. This local Mars in Taurus individual gives the ‘rock on!’ hand gesture to Jagger and the other Mars in Taurus celebs; there’s plenty and they usually weren’t passing fads!

    I am, however, still trying to piece together what the recent Uranus transit did to mine! It wasn’t a lovely Vegas deal, but maybe something of scale within my own life? 🙂

  3. So i have an Uranus return to look forward to? Flinging myself around with a mike in hand at a karioki bar singing a track from Let it Bleed’….and don’t forget to put roses on my grave’?
    Went to Stones after gig party in Melba circa ’67 or 8. Keith wasn’t there but their manager at time Andrew Loog Oldham sat on the floor with me and chatted. It was the first time i had seen pancake on a man.
    Mick raced my bestie to the motel they were staying at later.She was a model, a Jean Shrimpton look-a-like, who was strangely silent about it after but nick named him ‘Migglejaffa’.
    She had a story about Bob Dylan wanting to race her off when she was pregnant and being horrified. Apparently he was attracted to pregnant women at a time they were thought be be unattractive, bless him.
    Keep in mind the 60’s when everyone knew everybody that was hip, cool, a drug dealer or in music and the arts.

    (from the archives of a ‘star fucker’ a term made famous by the Stones song Star Star).

    1. The fact that Keith wasn’t at the after-gig party lends credence to his story that when they first played Melbourne, he struck up a friendship with a single mother there, and spent all his free time at her modest suburban home having cups of tea and just hanging with her & her baby. Not quite the image of a Rock animal. He says that somewhere in Melbs now lives a middle aged guy whose nappies he (Keef) had once changed.

  4. the Uranian inability to tolerate more than a touch of television”

    This is a known thing? I have more trouble focusing on TV than on reading, I think because reading is an active process of imagination whereas TV is just processing visual information. It’s gotta be REAL GOOD to keep my attention and even then I find it difficult to watch more than one episode of something at a time or make it through a movie at once. But at the same time I find it silly how people act like reading is inherently better than TV, like there’s both highbrow television and really trashy terrible books.

    I started using TV as a tool lately. Once I need to stop being so intense start winding down work for the day I put the most stupid shit on in the background to begin to force my brain off of being in a mode of logic obsession. Like 90 Day Fiance and Love After Lockup haha. I’m only like 1/2 paying attention and I’ll keep it on for about the last two hours then end for the day, turn it off, and start my daily routine of evening meditation and physical therapy exercises.

    1. So true about reading Rache, being active vis a vis the passivity of the screen. Explains why TV sucks my brain out through my nose.

    2. Its a uniquely post-pandemic phenomenon for me – applicable both to books and TV. Cannot concentrate on anything beyond a few minutes. Wonder if I will ever improve.

    3. Oh, and I love trashy bodice ripper historical romances with the same plot lines over and over. ‘Quality’ literature often fails to comfort, something traditionally attributed to TV. Trashy romances have unstuck me from obsessing over so many merde – money, love, career, family – I can’t imagine a life without them any more. A few quality ones, I must have read them about a million times. Favourite of the lot – Venetia by Georgette Heyer. 🙂

    4. My dad is more Uraniac than I am (Sun, Rising, and like, 4 other planets) and the minute he gets up in the am, he turns on CNN. It’s on all day until he decides after a few beers to turn to music. He barely pays attention. He reads, cooks, does crossword puzzles, but it’s always on. I am the same way — a little less so than he, but still. I always have some TV on in the background when I’m not paying attention to music.

  5. At their age, rock ‘n’ roll sure is a physical fitness game. I remember seeing another huge band of that era a few years ago, and they joked about travelling with personal trainers, Pilates instructors and drinking herbal tea before bed.

    1. So true Chrysalis, the last 3 years since all bodywork stopped my fitness level has dropped to the point of my being physically weak now with atrophied arms. Up until then pilates, yoga and stretching was necessary to stay fit and flexible until 70.
      It has been heartbreaking to refuse work still being asked for, then had an idea:
      ‘Tea & Sympathy’. Professional Listener over a tea ritual.
      As i write this going to give it a try on Thursday as the person said they miss ‘our talks’ when told i had retired.

      1. I can empathise with your frustration about body issues, Pegs… on a smaller level I’m dealing with something myself. Having said that, I LOVE your idea for ‘Tea and Sympathy’. It’s genius, truly, and so needed in these times. A way to share your brilliant wisdom. x

      2. I NEED a Tea and Sympathy practitioner where I live. Australia is lucky to have you, Peg! Run with the idea, its Goddess’ work.

        1. Thank you Cappie. x
          ‘Bodice rippers’, it took a lot of time to undo those bodices compared to little silk or satin slip dresses worn with a g-string of late 🙂
          The men would have to be truly dedicated or did they simply lift voluminous skirts i wonder. What a romantic you are or just craving a time when men were men and everything was more gracious, refined with emphasis on quality? x

          1. Haha, you make me laugh so much Pegs! 😀😀 Check out Bridgerton on Netflix, when you can. Based on books by a contemporary bodice ripper fav author – Julia Quinn. Made by one and only Shonda Rhimes, so very inclusive and talented cast.

            Quality tailoring is definitely more alluring than half naked bodies – for both men and women. Half the fun is in hinting, something I miss in current fashion. Still, I love some brands that retain that sense of soft feminity – Chloe, Miu Miu/Prada (few pieces) come to mind. Of course, all way above my price point. So, I make do with traditional saris of my home land when I want to feel extra womanly. 🙂

  6. love the man, love the band.
    i love saturnine biographies too.
    he’s a very affectionate and involved father too.
    would love to see them again.
    live, he’s just so….Jagger lol
    got venus tr asc & merc return for my birthday, yay
    ravens & beefeaters in a few hrs
    happy rememberance day everyone
    and happy birthday to sensitive scorp Prince Charles xxx

  7. MJ is so gloriously a Magestic Lion (I share Sun, Merc Leo and Taurus Mars – I find his longevity so inspiring) who always has made me think that he’s he’s lived countless lives in this carnation.

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