Mars in Taurus People Know What’s Up

Mars in Taurus people know what’s up. They’re tactile sensualists with fantastic gut instincts. They trust their appetites and deploy their superior relaxation skills to a great extent. It can sometimes lead to misunderstandings.

Other Mars Sign: So, Mars in Taurus, what are you doing this Saturday night?
Mars in Taurus: Nothing.
Other Mars Sign: Great! So you do want to go to the movies/come to my friend’s drinks?
Mars in Taurus: I said I was doing nothing.

Core Competencies: Orgasms, Sleeping On It, Cooking/Baking, Corporate Strategies, Digging In, Persistence. They’re also punctual. Nobody knows where the phrase “I’ll be there come hell or high water” originated, but I bet a Mars in Taurus first said it.

Mars in Taurus People Distrust Quick Fixes

Most Mars in Taurus people are averse to quick fixes and fast hack concepts. Their consciousness is more that of a builder or an engineer. If you’re managing them or sleeping with one, they’re not the sort of Mars sign who thrills to a tight deadline or functions brilliantly under pressure. They like measured, methodical, and well-paced initiatives.

This is from my Astral DNA Birth Chart report:

Your Mars sign shows your assertion style – how you get mad and get what you want. Mars in Taurus practically has its own bible – Meditations, by the stoic philosopher and emperor Marcus Aurelius. His reflections on power and ambition epitomize his Taurean Mars sensibility.

Disdaining tricks, status signals, and short-cuts, you build. Win or lose; you’re ‘no comment’ because the deed itself or your comeback is statement enough. This is the Mars that bides its time, stays the distance, and outlasts the competition. When you have sufficient determination and the discipline to stay on mission, you don’t need fancy tactics.

The downside? If your true grit turns to truculence, you’ll apply the same level of staying power to folly or ensuring compliance as you would to any other venture. It pays to check yourself for tyrannical tendencies regularly. That includes over-controlling measures directed at yourself, by the way.

Your fellow stoic-natured Mars in Taurus people include the #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke, Mick Jagger, Muhammad Ali, Madonna, Shaquille O’Neal, Patrick Demarchelier, Elliot Page, Kate Moss, Louise Bourgeois, and Georges St Pierre. They all have big-time talent, but if required, they’ll outwork any competition.

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  1. aside from punctuality, yeah dude. i blame uranus in the first with saggo rising for my chronic lateness though; running on uranus time here.

  2. I loved it when i read about the chinese consept of wuwei. Sitting still, doing nothing, as the highest form of action.
    I love getting things done, and i will not spend more energy than what is nessesary to do things. In swimming i developed faboulous tecnique, so that i would finish fast, and not get tired. Efficiency for me is a wonderful consequence of being lazy. I am wonderfully lazy and efficient.

  3. Also, feedback forms.. I once had a friend have to hold me back from a feedback form at a certain Swedish store. I waited until she went to the bathroom… truculence, she laughed out loud when I read that to her from my astral DNA. Until I arched my eyebrow that is. I believe there is a Mars in Taurus stare. It goes beautifully with my Virgo rising *folds arms. Flashes wide smile.

  4. Staying Power!

    I LOVE it. Any HR department loathe it. Tough.

    Favourite>> what didn’t work with an email, gets a call. What doesn’t work with a call, gets me in person. What doesn’t work in person, gets a smile. What doesn’t work with a smile, gets numbers and researched to hell and back. Then a *serious face, meeting. I will get shit done come hell or high water.

    Surely Beyoncé has this Astro? Say my name say my name 🙂

  5. Long, long time reader. First time commenting. I love my Taurus Mars. I just lost a job because of it, but I don’t give a crap. Bullying Bosses only cause me to stick my feet in the mud and stay there. You needed that report today? How’s two weeks from today? If I feel like it, that is. Your way or the Highway? See ya on the road. My Super Power is dissing disrespectful people so slowly they are not sure what it is really happening. But if I love you, I will stick by you come Hell or High Water. Or even if we run out of Chocolate Ice Cream.

  6. “Fast, cheap, AND good” – it doesn’t exist in a Mars in Taurus world. Energy efficiency is valued, we’re not lazy or unmotivated, we just don’t go chasing after every little shiny thing that’s apparently oh-so-easy to get. Once, I was growing dissatisfied with my work, and what finally pushed me to leave was the appalling catered food my employer insisted on serving. I knew the kind of bonu$ upper management was banking, and I thought it was incredibly disrespectful to not even pretend they cared a little. And, I made sure to mention this to the HR person during my exit interview. Within six months of my departure, the most valuable team members left, and the company lost their two biggest clients. 12H Mars in Taurus trine Pluto/IC here.

    1. I had a manager once who used to listen at my clinic door. She didn’t understand why i never ran over my time slots and felt it only write to spy instead. Later i told her I only run over when it’s worth running over for really vulnerable people, that I don’t pander to patients for the sake of it. She was floored and thought I was a trouble maker. When I couldn’t use one hand for clinical skills due to arthritis, I decided to switch hands and was better than before. My persistence simply pissed them off.

      After offending the highest echelon of boss, by finally explaining the definition of bullying, in a meeting (witch hunt) outing bullies, I was forced to leave by other underhand means. During a two year debacle, involving my health, I got a promotion at the same banding level as my former manager. I let her know by asking for a reference. Later she got bone cancer.

  7. My son has his mars in taurus and I’m grateful as he needs something to balance out his other personal planets which are all in air signs (sun, mercury, venus in gemini and moon in libra). He is stubborn as heck when he wants to be, and yes I give him lots of time to decompress and putter at home. His favorite thing after a long day of school is cuddling up on a bunch of pillows and watching funny cat videos while eating from a box of cookies. He can be very flighty because of all the gemini but once he’s settled on achieving something he’s very persistent and focused. He’s started practicing a martial art and he’s already plotting how long it will be to get to a black belt, when the sensei told him it would be about 10 years he was just like “ok”, he’s never missed a class or complained.

  8. That would be me! We know we can be more fiery or go-getters like Mars in fire signs, but we choose not to (Taurean stubborness at work!). I’ve been able to work this Mars to play the long game in many strategic matters, and usually gain more than what I initially thought I’d get out of it. Doesn’t Taurus also rule luxuries? Uh-huh!!

  9. Yes to all this, from this Taurus Mars in a Grand Cross with Jupiter, Chiron & Uranus. Vision, and the persistence to manifest it.

    And did you mention we are touch sluts? Rub my head or scratch my back and I am yours. Deeply receptive to all kinds of bodywork, from Rolfing to Rosen. Touch opens up the gates to my psyche.

    1. Oh yes, mine is like that too! He’s like a cat: scratch his back and he goes into this trance-like state…

  10. That’s my partner’s Mars, it’s him to a T.

    What an incredible work ethic… it’s also part of a Fixed Grand Cross so he’s just fuqing relentless in his work. I’ve never seen anyone get shit done like he does.

    It’s also a very, uh, steamy placement if you ask me…

    1. Oh and yes the gut instincts… as someone with a Scorpio moon conj Neptune (Intuition Central), I am seriously impressed with his attunement.

  11. Yeah that’s my natal placement. I’ve high standards and when I’m pressured I don’t cope so well. I need to decompress from people and certain energies are exhausting for me. Gut instincts are strong for me too.

  12. I think my mars in Taurus is in conflict with my sun/jupiter conjunction in Aqua 11th, because if I get invited to a people thing I am there regardless of the discomfort. Checking… yep, squared and Aqua wins despite an Aries ascendent. I am there on time though.

    I think my Mars in Taurus expresses more as possessiveness. People messing with my stuff or trying to control what I do with my stuff makes me super tetchy. Everything else seems spot on.

  13. Best Mars in Taurus description I’ve ever read for verve perspective….from Mars conj Venus in Taurus on DS plus Jupiter in Taurus. One other weird thing is natal Asteroid Linda (my actual first name) is slap bang on my Mars in Taurus…Mars ruler of my Sun in Aries and co ruler Asc Scorp. Great pic! Great perspective. Yeah….recommend sleeping on it. Great for anyone except Librans. 🙂

  14. Ohhhh yes. This is my natal placement. I have to be sent home from work lest I feel self guilt for being too sick to work. Ha ha. I need my own meditative alone space/sleeping on it, to process. Though, as you say, I always pretty much know the outcome before anyone else does.

  15. Wish Upon a Star

    ” I said I was doing nothing “. Love it !

    God Bless their cotton (probably organic bamboo for the sensual factor) socks.

  16. My Mars in Taurus boy is so beautiful. I *adore* him. So sweet natured, funny and generous. Loves his sleep-ins so much. Truculent at times, yes. Stuck on a point of principle, yes. And when his patience wears thin… RUN!!!

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