Do Saturn Transits Mean You Lose Money?

Hi Mystic,

Do Saturn Transits mean you lose money? Or your credit rating? Saturn through Libra, Scorpio, and Sag touched ALL of my natal planets. Yeah.  That was interesting. And during that time, there was a litany of changes to my mindset, expectations, career, and income. Now on the other side of that, I can see how my approach to money has gotten me in trouble.  I have more debt than I’d like to admit and for a few months now, I have felt like it’s becoming unmanageable. (I took a significant pay cut when I changed jobs 2 years ago.)  I’m happier/healthier/ more balanced now that I’m not working like a loon for 60+ hours a week. 

I also managed to land a great relationship, which is looking super promising.  Job change was a good thing. So looking at the long term, it’ll take me more years than I’ve been alive to pay everything off with minimum payments. Yikes, I know.  While I recognize that some of it is unavoidable, I can also see how my frivolous spending has brought me here. 

I was recently offered a clean slate of sorts – close the cards, consolidate to one payment, at a significantly lower interest rate and be done with all of it in 4 years. Plus, I can choose to pay off early with no penalty.  That’s definitely something that I would work towards. The catch, it seems, is that there will be a period of time when my fairly decent credit score (700’s) will take a dip.  

So my question is – Does Saturn ask you to take a hit of sorts, to make the change he’s inspiring? Does the short term need to take a backseat to the long term plan? I think I’m on the right track here. But of course, your opinion would be most appreciated. … because you’re the best!    

… Almost Saturn Savvy Scorpio Sun! 

Dear Almost Saturn Savvy Scorpio Sun,

YES. Saturn Transits and money are in lockstep. In fact, probably the definition of Saturn IS that you are asked to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term satisfaction or security. Any form of a regime that involves such – cost-cutting/kilojoule cutting/shunning a substance altogether is essentially Saturnine. But you sound like you’ve learned your Saturn lesson and are now setting up healthy financial boundaries.

It’s not going to look ‘cool’ from the outside or provide a quick dopamine hit. But look at all you’re reporting back post-Saturn: “happier, healthier, more balanced”…

You spent tomorrow’s money yesterday.  Now you’re time-traveling back or in a financial sense, stalled in time until you pay this back.  Saturn IS the Time God. Obviously, I am not your appointed financial advisor but from the information presented here, this is sensible. Why? Because unless you Ponzi up into a crazy scheme or two to try and score fast money (hello, Saturn is in Capricorn, so no) you clearly can’t dirge along forever with this.

And, I am not sure what ramifications the credit score being lowered would have but it doesn’t sound like you want to charge back into debt anytime soon, right?

This sounds like a brilliant Saturn in Capricorn plan and, if you like this sort of thing, why not create a graph or something you can measure your progress with?

What does everyone else think?

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44 thoughts on “Do Saturn Transits Mean You Lose Money?”

    1. Life can be a trickster. I’m sorry for all you suffered, and I suspect there’s a huge hidden gift here for you. Keep us updated on the progress? xxx

    2. “But that shouldn’t preclude the accused from being treated fairly.”


      I wholeheartedly agree.

      I’m sorry pf. xx

  1. Take the balance transfer offer if you can promise yourself you won’t continue the habits that led to the debt in the first place, that means closing or hiding the original card, taking auto-payments off it or clearing it at the end of each month if you must use it. Your credit score will be fine and might even go up is my experience with these things as long as you make your payments, but figure out what you need to make progress on the loan and don’t add to it.

  2. Do it, girl! 4 years and done! Goes by fast. Who cares about your credit score? Especially if it’s for a finite, relatively short amount of time. If you’re that much in debt, you’re not going to need your credit score for important things like buying a home or whatever, because it sounds like you couldn’t afford that right now anyway.

    People would shudder to see my financial situation. I’m in a similar one to yours and trying to figure out what to do.. I’m used to living extremely frugally so if I could see my way to a plan, and get a good job, I could pay mine all off fairly rapidly, too. Also, even though I’m paying off debt right now and have high balances, my credit score isn’t that bad.

    I agree with davidl above, though, and have always kind of flown seat of the pants in life. I have Cap Desc./7th house cusp, too, but don’t have Saturn there natally, just now by transit. I like living simply anyway, but would also like to get rid of my debt and just rest easy..not having something hanging over my head.
    I also agree with Saturn, that anything worth it is best achieved through the long game.
    I’m thinking of something my Cap father said once – ‘Cheap, Fast, Good – pick any two.’

  3. Wha?? didn’t happen? The kid recanted?

    I imagine you documented everything.
    Sue the F*%k out of them. Take it to the media

    1. Wtf.

      You know I’m not AU but it boils down to a lack of respect for education itself and nonchalance about the future. As if it will take care of itself or maybe thinking about it would explode minds.

      You are Uranian, I am Uranian, no further explanation needed. Wtf only makes the lead foot heavier. Drive on, PF.

  4. Here’s how I figure thinking of consolidating (I consolidated my student debts after my baby was born and I was off work for a year).

    1. Is paying back this loan possible within the time frame my credit will be impacted? (So 3/4 years).

    2. Do I have any options for cosigners if something comes up in the meantime?

    I cleared 6 figures of debt in a year. Credit is pretty much back to normal. If I hadn’t consolidated, I would be drowning, probably missing payments, etc. No regrets.

  5. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    There are always BIG lessons with Saturn. And yes you will take a hit…big or small…but if you learn from it, the lessons are like diamonds ya know?

  6. MutatisMutandis

    Saturn also touched all of my natal planets (Virgo thru Sag) in the last 9 or so years, just finishing the conjunction to the last (Neptune) and starting the trine to the first (Venus) and first opening square to Saturn post the Return. I have gone though a variant of this myself – racking up debt, then spending years cleaning up the mess, kicking off in true earnest after the conjunction to my Mars/MC/Uranus about 3 years ago. I am Aqua rising so Saturn and Uranus are my chart rulers.

    My suggestion is if they hit to your credit score is your biggest fear here, the reduction will only last 3-6 months max. So as long as you aren’t planning more big purchases relatively soon, it’s not a big deal. However my big fear was actually clearing off all the debt and falling back into my old free-spending ways with all that new shiny low balance opened up post-consolidation. So I ended up not consolidating, instead paying down my balances very aggressively while simultaneously requesting increases on the card limits to keep my credit:debt ratio good while the balances were still high. Once I paid a card off, I cut it up but didn’t close the account. My credit looks awesome now and I’ve managed to chisel down the debt to a managable amount, and I don’t have a lot of risk of ‘relapse’ because the credit cards are physically gone. For a while the biggest stress (beyond the constant outflow lol) was the sheer number of accounts… I had spreadsheets to track payment dates and account balances. Consolidation would have helped with that, but closing all those accounts would have made my credit score far worse than it was after the approach I ended up taking.

  7. astro newbie question: my natal Saturn is in my 5th house, and every lazy astro article just sums it up as “you hate fun”. i’m creating art/music/words every day and am sort of stumped by this analysis. what’s my lesson here?

    1. I have Saturn opposite my Fifth House Venus natally, so can speak from that perspective. Saturn is also squaring my Venus right now.

      Saturn can give you discipline in producing your creative work. You might have the ability to create things that endure or that are meticulously well-crafted or otherwise well-supported. And it gives you a stick-to-it-iveness during those times when any and all artists despair they’ll ever fully be able to express what they’ve imagined.

    2. I don’t agree with that at all. My 5th is Scorpio will Neptune ruling it and as Saturn approached to conjunct Neptune there, I was a little wary that Saturn would basically block all my neptunian scorp 5th house fun. It didn’t. Quite the opposite, it just rearranged and recalibrated it in a surprisingly effective way. Saturn eliminated the nonsense and worked with Neptune to show me how boundaries accentuate the positive. Like a big wedding or party it’s good to have a planner to look after the details while you enjoy yourself. A river without boundaries is a flood.

    3. Oh I have saturn transiting my 5th now…it is actually almost exactly square my natal saturn 7th! It does hurt, and I do feel throughly stretched, like the pain is informing me…

      It is NOT fun, it is where I experience I am working at pleasure, if that makes any sense…and it actually feels dam good…The only thing Is the worry…just general fear of not being able to pull together what needs to be done. I should have been more mindful of this coming…

      So what’s grim is my false partnerships are being glaciered by truth, tests, restriction, all the usual saturn stuff…marriage is pretty much been seriously flogged…

      I cannot take anything for granted. I have responsibilities to really take hold of, like never before, as in how to support my child alone…with limited partner support. My parents are OK, but providing minimal resources (emotional, capital, etc…) and I have to pay off all (karmic) debts…

      The upshot I guess is that everything seems crystal clear…it is shall we say without embellishment…though I seem to wistfully lust after another (neptune is in my 7th), I know I must prove my self worthy of it, all that really matters, my child.

      There will be tests and hopefully it will be beneficial in the long term…this is really what I think saturn is…serious adult strategy…personal consolidation…building new structure.

  8. We moved our debt onto zero interest credit cards and paid them off in the 18 months we had allotted. Don’t remember it being fun-

    Now we own a house and I’m aiming to pay it off in ten yrs- we’ll see! Keep trying to convince the husband to Airbnb it while we go camping all summer to pay it off.


    1. I’m libra rising and I found out my husband had maxed out our ccs (I was always deathly afraid of debt, refused to go to college to avoid it) literally the week Saturn went into my 2nd house, paid it off as Saturn moved to the 3rd.

  9. I would say yes, but no. Definitely yes to sacrificing in the short term to get your financial sh#t together. But I think no to the consolidating your debt.

    I am a frivolous multi-Pisces with Pluto and the North Node in my second house so let me tell you my life so far has been about buying every shiny thing that caught my attention not to mention my 20s funding my bar hopping ways with my credit card (Hello Neptune delusional lifestyle).

    In my 30s I took several different jobs, each consecutively paying less than the last in hopes I would be happier in the job (sadly I wasn’t). Now, I had to relocate to another part of the country to move back in with my parents ( I just turned 40 yesterday) and take another job that isn’t what I want to be doing but that pays better so I can finally get a grip on my money and my life.

    So I get where you are coming from wanting to get rid of a huge debt as quickly as possible. However, what Saturn has taught me about money is that paying debt off quickly doesn’t change your spending habits. I did consolidate my debt in my 20s and I got an inheritance mid 30s, paid off all my debt and both times racked it back up higher than ever within 2 yrs.

    You have to learn how to make your money work for you and not work against yourself or buy in to a quick fix solution.

    I rarely recommend apps or books for people that are self help, health, money or anything like that because I think that everyone’s journey is so different what works for me might not work for someone else. But this is the one book/app that has finally after all these years taught me about money and helped me feel empowered to change my life. I recommend this to everyone I know.

  10. LiberatingVenus

    This is classic Saturn – “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”. It’s time to pay your dues. There are always consequences with Saturn lessons; we’re always penalized in some way. But costly life lessons prevent us from repeating the same mistakes – experience is the best teacher and when you look back on this and remember how you had to bust ass to rebuild your credit score (hello Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn!), you’ll be disinclined to put yourself in the same position again. IMO, take what you know you have coming to you because there is no getting away scot-free.

  11. Shit yeah. Saturn now in my 10th. It’s about to hit the fan. And I have now pretty much decided to leave behind my 30 year career in order to truly be myself and offer up my 30 years of experience in what ever way I can. Uranus in 1st has done its work. I can no longer tow the line or put up and shut up. I have a gift of seeing the larger picture and I’m afraid so much of the world I am licensed in is beyond repair. It is so small minded and crushing. So you take the hits but you step out renewed. Go for it and live your life

  12. Hi everyone,

    First of all, hooray for getting rid of debt (death?) and I believe that credit cards should be cut up immediately! I never use one and one can still thrive without one 🙂 I used to train people in the banking industry and most of them didn’t even own the cards they “push” onto clients… suckers!

    I have a burning question about finances and seeing that you are all well versed in astrology (and I am not), I’d like to understand something. I’m a Leo, Asc Aqua with my Saturn in Aqua… this short-term aspect of Saturn in this thread has got me thinking.

    I am very good at saving BUT once I reach a certain level, like clock-work, I go back and money drains away from me. Like now, I’m waiting for a new work role to show up so in the meantime I have to use my savings and it causes me grief 🙁 Is that a Saturn effect? Short term loss for long-term gain? but why the repeat pattern?

    My biggest dream/vision is to buy a home of my own… but for some reason that wish eludes me. I save and get loan approvals then once I’m ready… bam! an event happens (my work contract ended this time) and I go backwards, and goodbye home loan… is that a planetary curse?? Am I not meant o be a home owner? I am stumped and yes, I have “witched” out my financial beliefs so I do my “inner” work… but why???
    Thanks for any insights!


    1. This reminds me of a friend of mine. With him I’ve found the universe gives him all these opportunities but then he doesn’t always take the right one then bam like you said. Everything will go pear-shaped and he ends up in chaos. Maybe it is the Aqua. Does this make your 4th house Taurus? Or is it Gemini? Maybe it’s not relevant but maybe look at dates and planets (both natal and by transit) in the fourth to see the pattern in relation to your dream. Sometimes we work at cross-purpose with ourselves and the universe.

      1. Thank Aqualady! yes Taurus in 4th house 🙂 I am looking up all I can find about 4th and 2nd house where I have Pisces. I appreciate your input.

  13. I agree with everyone else, it sounds like a good idea to do the loan consolidation program. Yes, Saturn makes us suffer a little. It’s usually not terribly sadistic though, not like Uncle Pluto would do to you. It’s of the “for your own good” variety which leaves the door open for us to choose. Which requires discipline to make that choice, and who wants to be disciplined when having fun is so much more… fun? At least you get to choose. Pluto gives us no choice. I recommend getting going on this before the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in two years so you don’t get it both ways. (I need to get a move on myself! Yikes! Lol)

  14. if you can consolidate your (credit card?) debts into one bank loan (a bank loan means that there is no credit card temptation lurking – v. important) and pay that off, I guarantee you will be in a better position. Vital Act: Cancel Your Cards. don’t let the cute sounding person talk you into some bullshit. cancel. cut it off. Like a lying cheating boyfriend, they will never come good. Cancel. Block. Deny. there will always be another one down the line if you want to punish yourself. Throw money at the loan and watch the negative balance disappear. in 2-3 years time if you get another one, restrict the credit limit. Lowered credit score disappears in 7 years (in AU i guess.), If the bank etc is desperate enough for your money they will work around it anyway. No good ever came of bad debt, as far as I can tell.

      1. Lol yes! Qi vamps. But wise tauriscorp mom had us get them young and pay off tiny amounts every month though…credit builds! I’m allergic to the feeling of debt sag 2h needs freedom

  15. Short answer: YES

    Sometimes even a middle range hit. My experience with Saturn has always been:

    – grow the fuq up
    – adulting is good
    – get realistic
    – learn the difference between short-term ego demands & big picture goals
    – big picture goals always require a sacrifice of short-term ego gratification
    – the hits and losses are always to the ego and are a matter of perspective
    – better to willingly let go than have it wrenched out of your claws

    Kind regards
    the crabelicious prowlncrab 😉

    1. “– big picture goals always require a sacrifice of short-term ego gratification

      – the hits and losses are always to the ego and are a matter of perspective”

      All of this really resonated with me, particularly these two. Thank you for the reminder.

    2. Awesome list to describe Saturn Transit. Should be posted in a dedicated post, IMO.
      Saving this on a personal note on my Mac for sure.

    3. No probs. Saturn and I have done some hard yards!!! One thing I have to say for the bugger is he/she/it never actually killed me and is VERY persistent. *snort*

  16. First off, interesting question! I think you are definitely flowing with the vibe, and on a great path. I used to think of Saturn’s influence as a “hit,” but now I think of it as a gift. <3

  17. I keep fighting with money, but after Saturn transiting my 4th (the house of SELF) I re-did my diet, my psychological balance and yes, also did some serious self inquiry about money.
    And since 4th house is also family (the one you come from) I decided to swallow my pride (Saturn is NOT about pride) and ask them the money to repay and old debt: I wanted to do it myself but they (the private pension found I had the debt with) would not accept a long term payment.
    So I asked my family and since part of my 4th is also in Cap we agreed that they would give me the 8000 euro cash and I would pay them back with a regular fee each month. Which I am doing.
    But at least I don’t have that huge debt anymore.

    So I agree with @Mystic here: the definition of Saturn is “sacrifice short-term gains for long-term satisfaction or security” and I would go with the debt repayment.
    You are already healthier, happier and going to a bright future so pay your debt and you’ll be free.

  18. I have Saturn in cap, 7th house, so I’m more into stable relationships than stable money. In fact I’m a total cowboy when it comes to finances. I couldn’t give a shit what my credit rating was or is or what it will be in the future, I have no respect for financial authority in any of its forms and have often gone out of my way to show any authority my bad attitude . I’m always juggling money but seem to get by with last minute slam dunks to cover myself and the family. I’m currently having my second return, so nearly 60 and nothing has changed. Live for today my friend, the future is from my experience totally unpredictable in all matters. Saturn may be the master of time but mastering change is to me the skill one requires in life to truly enjoy the short time we have here.

    1. Yeah but that’s your superpower and your touchstone mate! More power to you for it. If I tried that approach I’d be freakin’ dead or locked up in the psych ward right now!

      My relationships refuse to stay stable … but that’s probably because I honestly can’t prioritise them. For me? It’s all about work work work … that’s where I get my intrinsic joy from life. Not for the status. Not for the power (haha!!). Not for the money …. but because something about what I’m doing is the wind beneath my wings.

    2. Scorpio_Rising

      I too have Saturn (natally) in my 7th House.
      Money comes and goes in my life due to the fact I’m an artist/musician and work freelance.
      It can be feast or famine.
      Since I’m a Virgo this lack of financial stability freaks me out instead of having faith and going with the flow.
      Any advice?

      1. Scorpio_Rising

        Anyone else have Saturn transiting your 3rd House?
        Trying to grok its message. It might be so obvious I’m temporarily blind.

        1. Ummm … just totally throwing it out there but do you have a website/snap/insta/pintrest page … anything where you are communicating with the public about your work? Pictures, blog, youtubes of your music? That’s the first thing that came to mind – build a relationship (natal 7th) with your audience (transiting 3rd). I always tend to view Saturn as work or health related. But it might have very different aspects in your chart. 🙂

          1. Scorpio_Rising

            yes, I do.
            I make most of my income via social media through managing artists/bands and my own work.

  19. I’ve made a mental note to stop shrugging and saying “easy come , easy go” when I get another …dental bill (kids!) or electricity bill or WTF water rates. So now its “easy come, easy come”. Yes to banishing debt cause who knows you might wanna buy a house/flat (that’s the Taurus stellium in 4th house talking) or a farm – Uranus in Taurus style

  20. First, well done because you are obviously well on the way to building a stable financial future!
    I would definitely agree that Saturn helps us see that short-term gratification is out, because we are all about The Plan. It’s like he retrains our optic nerve to focus on the future and we just can’t see the short-term options anymore.
    Also, I imagine you weren’t just ‘offered’ that solution to your credit situation out of the blue…I imagine you sought out some options and negotiated it for yourself. Well done again – a bazillion extra points go into your Saturn score for taking responsibility and finding a solution. x

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