Twelfth House Preview

The next post in my Houses & people series is going to be the 12th House!

For an early concept of the genre, look no further than Terence McKenna.

“We have to create culture, don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe, and if you’re worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton or somebody else, then you are disempowered, you’re giving it all away to icons, icons which are maintained by an electronic media so that you want to dress like X or have lips like Y. This is shit-brained, this kind of thinking.

That is all cultural diversion, and what is real is you and your friends and your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your hopes, your plans, your fears. And we are told ‘no’, we’re unimportant, we’re peripheral. ‘Get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a that.’ And then you’re a player, you don’t want to even play in that game. You want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that’s being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world.”

See also The Truth About 12th House Transits.

And, if you’re having a twelfth house transit like I am (Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto), your research list or latest hobbies probably look like my bookmarks, below. Also, in case you did not see, Dan Brown – the DaVinci Code author – has made 3,500 Occult Manuscripts available online.

He has no publicly available birthtime BUT he’s Cancerian (Sun conjunct North Node at Zero Cancer) with Mars, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini. His unexpectedly huge bestseller was published just as Uranus went into Pisces in March 2003. His first book – Angels and Demons – with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus.  He knows his astro, clearly. I think he’s actually a Ninth House person.

He cops a lot of criticism but I love how his books drew esoteric topics into the mainstream. Nobody wanted to hear my thoughts on pentagrams before Dan. Anyway, here are my current research bookmarks FYI. Thoughts?


Above – Bonacini – The Preparation of Potable Gold 
Below – My current esoteric research bookmarks

81 thoughts on “Twelfth House Preview”

  1. Loving this bookmark list MM – and the article!! Mine is similarly themed and ginormous.. and my 12th house is tech Aries (but loaded) but midheaven in early Pisces conjunct Mars. And major stuff always, always happens when transits aspect my natal Neptune (ruler of MC). Here is another potentially ok link – have you researched your personal lucky element with all your feng shui and geomancy study..? I have found it is the One Change That Worked – I think it is called your BaZi element. If you add your birthdate/time to the five-element database here then you should get a reading of your luckiest element from water, metal, earth, fire and wood:
    Anyway. Good luck!!

  2. New mystic member here , I’m Gemini sun and mercury , with a Leo 12 house stellium ( moon, mars, Venus, Jupiter ) and this is just what I needed on my bday . Learning more and to dive deeper , thank you so much mystic medusa for stimulating my mind and spirit ! And yes !! Thank you for the new bookmarks !! My book marks , journals , pending course (s) are very similar lol

  3. New member here, fairly novice in Astrology and just got my Astral DNA like LAST WEEK, dying for all the reports now!! I have Sun 29 Pisces & Mars 16 Pisces in my 12th, currently micro dosing mushrooms everyday and feeling a spiritual warrior/shamanic consultant type vibe overtaking me in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and so many black people here in the US. I can’t wait to read this!!!

  4. Site looks like a twelfth house dream!
    Awesome work!!
    Oh.and spare a thought for the peeps having a 12th house transit and are not versed in the astrology..

  5. I’m so thankful to have a teacher like you!!! <3 And yes…I JUST had Mars enter my 12th house, which spans from Pisces to Taurus (my Aries zone is intercepted). It'll be there until next January! I'm trying to take my meditation practice up a notch and resume dream journaling. I also just decided my workouts actually need to be less high intensity and more mellow, for a while.

    1. Hi, I have Mars in my 12th natally. I workout to help release built-up tension. I believe Mars in the 12th needs an outlet.

  6. Love the new looks. Very fresh. Your reading list is like my bedside table and floor. Full of bookmarked tomes. There’s a lot on that list I should have a glance at. I’ve met a number of 12th house suns and I like them. They are usually struggling to find the authenticity in the whole of consciousness. Quite a task but they give it their all. Or they are still struggling with religious dogma which I can never quite understand but each finds their own path.

  7. I’m a 12th houser and a dancer which may be why I noticed that Uranus in Taurus has brought us ‘Electric Slide’ as one of the key dances of the BLM movement⚡️

  8. I love the new look on the site. Very light and airy (and this Libra sun, Gemini rising is bound to like that).

      1. The font titles are a really nice break for the eyes on the text heavy spaces. Visually nicer and easier to read, good move

      2. millenunanotte

        Yes, just got back to my desktop site and it is wonderful! I have had some vision struggles with the mobile. For example, the Oracle 1 slides across the page so the page has to be reduced to get all of the buttons and the text is small; the Daily Personal Horo date is still late; but all good, it is a work in only the tidying stages and done under a grand and wonderful vision. The personal Dailies are brilliant, if only i could adhere to their sagacity.

      3. Thank you! And fixes for both those are imminent! Hopefully before Mercury Retrograde! Actually, can you please email me? You could be a tester!

  9. I LOVE the new site Mystic!!

    So yes, I like you have Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn all over my 26 degrees Capricorn Ascendant, all in the 12th. Saturn and Jupiter make the trip 3 times over my ascendant all the while Pluto is just hanging out. I am currently dug deep into a branch of my Scottish Highlander ancestry. As a matter of fact, I just joined the Clan associated with my most recent related Scottish Highlander ancestor! Turns out their ancient highland lands were near the town of Glenshee which is dubbed “Glen of the Fairies” where ancient tales abound:

    “Glenshee is a magical place with a rich history, and for a thousand years has been Scotland’s hidden route north to the Highlands. Lying in the extreme north-east corner of Perthshire, Glenshee takes its name from the Gaelic word shith, signifying ‘fairies’. Until the old tongue died out in the late 1800’s the inhabitants were known as Sithichean a’ Ghlinnshith – ‘The Elves of Glenshee’. The Glen’s ancient meeting place behind the kirk was called Dun Shith (Hill of the Fairies) and is still dominated by a standing stone from the Bronze age. The Coire Shith or Fairy Burn, plunges down the side of Ben Gulabin, the mountain commanding the head of Glenshee and adds still more weight to the glens fairy past.”

    Tales of one of the Clan Cheifs in the 1600’s center around his heroic deeds, supernatural assistance, stories of mermaids, fairies and kelpies. To this day the Clan has gatherings at the ancient site where this Clan Chief redeemed a poor widow, whom the tax collectors took all of her money and livestock, by beheading each one with a stroke of his sword in a fight and a rooster flew on top of the ancient rock and started crowing, this site is known as “Clach na Coileach” (The Cockstane), the ancient gathering place of the Clan.

    I have had many, many profound changes over the last few years and this transit has really shaped me tremendously …still is and I have more to go!

      1. Very fascinating A’NLEIFR. In the last decade I’ve spent some time researching my ancestry and discovered an ancestor born in Meigle way back in the 18 century. It’s haunting.

      2. Ah, the white owl! She just came up for me. I also share (not exact place) but the specific linguistic and cultural lineage. Mother made sure i grew up introduced to the Sidhe. I am very excited for you. Happy 12th discoveries!

    1. This is so interesting! I discovered a whole heap about Sidhe last year – it is alluded to in the 12th house transit post – and did you know that George Lucas called his villains Sith on purpose. The more you look into this the more it alters your perception.

  10. Dig it. I have Pisces NN in 12th conj asteroid Industria, with Sekhmet close by. This the best excuse I’ve ever seen to embrace my tendency to go down esoteric rabbit holes during work hours, and shamelessly defend the righteousness of this activity.

    1. Ps. Sample of page titles in my bookmarks: Cats in Finnish Mythology, Ophthalmology of the Pharaohs, Maori Knowledge & Use of Fungi, Elisabeth Princess of Bohemia’s Letters to Rene Descartes, and several articles on Hecate

    1. The widget, with all our fave asteroids as well!!! We are blessed. We can use so much here to do more practical magic.

  11. Has my mac changed overnight or is this a different layout? Am never sure if it’s me or you when something changes. Thanx for my now noticing the 12th house transits, Pluto Saturn with Jupiter -Ceres looking as though they were heading that way in Oct ’19 astrodienst printout. While doing mind-altering drugs was reading Alice Bailey’s books (and the Theosophists) eons ago so seems having been doing the 12th all my life, normal i suppose with ascendant and Venus there. Explains why ‘normal’ relationships never did it for me. Perhaps shouldn’t have played Pete Seeger’s ‘Little Boxes’ on repeat?
    Have Dan Brown’s ‘Origin’ on bedside table for some going-to- sleep- facile- reading.
    Love the McKenna brothers. On YouTube? Must catch up on him,as enjoyed his validation of my experiments with DMT the spirit molecule it is said to be.
    A Spiritualist-Clairvoyant said to toss the TV when i started my breathwork studies and gave me a hypnagogic tape he had made and took me on a past life journey under hypnosis.He had had a NDE which activated clairvoyancy, which it is said to do.Have refused to watch news since Covid and only read headlines of articles as really who wants to witness a world gone insane in print and pictures.
    The Twelfth House says ‘All Will Be Revealed’.
    What a blessing Curiousity is 🙂

      1. i really spnt know these days Mystic!
        all i do know is im not living in the seclusion and peace that im desperately craving…one day PLEEASEEE higher power!

  12. Getsomebalance

    Apologies for my ignorance, I am only new here and absolutely loving it all, but how do you know when you are having a 12th house transit? According to my chart I have sun, Mars, Mercury and Pluto in 12th house….

    1. No need to apologize! So you are born with all that energy in your 12th, it is innate and you can tell if you’re having a transit by comparing the planetary movements as shown in an ephemeris to your birth chart OR get one of my Year Ahead or Seven Year ahead reports, which details the transits through the houses, from Jupiter out and what I think of them!

    2. On if you set up a free account you can bring up your chart + transits which clearly shows which houses the planets are travelling through at any time x

  13. Wish Upon a Star

    Terence is a Shaman !

    I wish I read this when I was a teenager in an inner city suburb of Melbourne and the roots of a big old grand tree emoted to me. Then the tree was omnipresent and the concrete and suburbia disappeared. And no I wasn’t on anything.

    I still remember that moment. It is etched in my mind.

    1. Your moment is still and even more to be treasured, Wish..Star. With a different understanding of clock time and soul time, might i ask if there are regrets clouding your “mabarosi” moment? Sometimes the pain of not being understood, and not fully understanding the significance of your own self in the world feels like regret but is part of our journey. I wonder from reading your thought whether Regret wants to simply protect the pain for our earlier selves, and other beings to whom we may have passed on that pain while imperfectly journeying..? I definitely have such regrets. But we could reshape these old pains of what we were in those times to keep on a good journey. Wyrd in the temporal so i cannot explain well, but it just feels true of stuff, like plants and bees and ever evolving beings who must also evolve with externals. I always felt so sad for them, for the destruction, but i kind of hopefully wonder if the spiritual matrices of “mabarosi” connection evolve together, past and forward. Feels like yours does.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        My heart melted when I read your reply.

        Nature was so strong as it was balancing my lack of nature in outer suburbs.

        Yes I felt weird living in Melbourne in the 80’s as a teenager. Pisces Ascendant was strong against the back drop of materialism and wearing black. And that was a painful contrast.

        Everything about my nature was suppressed. Taurus Moon. My first interview was as a childcare worker. Everything fell into place for me as it was natural. But I resented it as my Gemini mind found it too simple and stupid. Low pay. So I threw the 2nd interview. I will never forget the look of shock on the interviewers face. I thought I was being clever. But it appears I had alot to learn.

        And in this era of vivid childcare workers are appreciated.

        The point is always follow your heart, look for opportunities.

      2. Wow, yeh wearing black and oh god, all the angsty inter generational contempt while feeding from the old money new money values. The urban growth. And i recall doing a similar ‘clever’ second interview, different circumstance. We knew it all then, eh? But it gives you deeper understanding.

  14. ram-madam a ding dong

    OMG!! Terence McKenna!!!! He’s become my deepest crush, & my daily goto for a philosophical/spiritual/heart warming fix.

    Thanks to Covid, i’ve been able to hook into virtually every youtube of his available. Heaven!

    1. ram-madam a ding dong

      .. & to peruse his bookshelf!! My 9th house Pluto cj Uranus would adore drinking from that well 🙂

    2. This Covid has been great for browsing YouTube and the web. I’ve found many a soulmate. And as you say listening to all I can find. It’s been a breath of fresh air literally.

  15. OH I have to add I have been watching Strange Angel the Jack Parsons show! I guess that is more of an 8th house theme than a 12th house theme (and I am having more of an 8th house transit year) but I first read about Jack Parsons on this site and couldn’t believe the story was real. Also I can’t believe he did all this stuff then died at 37, I felt like such a slacker loser when I read that

    1. Do you feel Strange Angel conveys the magic/astrology/occult themes authentically? I usually avoid shows like that, even when they feature fascinating people, as they get so much crashingly wrong.

      1. I enjoyed the first season a lot when the characters were first learning about Thelema and their simultaneous attraction and repulsion relationship when encountering it. But in the second season when they started showing more of the the rituals and stuff it got kind of cringe. It seemed like hollow Halloween props combined with idk a polyamorous party lol.

        They also modified much of the facts for TV, like there is a character who is important who never existed in real life and a lot of the show has to do with their relationship. I’m only halfway through the second (And last) season but so far Jack is still with his wife and no Marjorie Cameron in the picture.

        So yeah I think there is a lot of room for improvement around the rituals and tying it in to the character development in a way that isn’t so basic.

  16. “a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that’s being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world” lol called out! this is what i became after 2 years killing myself in tech for someone else’s dumb product. now i’m like retrieving my soul very slowly.

    I have moon and Mars in the 12th. But my big stellium is outer planets + Venus in the 8th. Currently have Uranus transiting my 12th house preparing to cross my moon and then cross my ascendant into the 1st.

    1. Just reading the post again, the same quote really got me, Raché. But when i saw your response, i thought how every ancient culture has ceremonies for the dead. Some of them use the bones, literally as in an ossuary, in imagery as in skeletons (i usually have little patience for animated kids’ films but the Mexican tale i accidentally saw twice and kept watching, is super 12th house!). What if what you built to honour it was actually the farewell to that life? What you now know cannot be unknown, ever. So when you birth the new there are no old roots clinging, no weeds left. No regrets.

  17. Can’t wait for this one – doing my Saturn return in the 12th and my bookmarks look exactly like yours but with a financial/investment twist. Two nights ago I dreamt that I accidentally mailed an ex-lover a printed copy of my browser history. Looked at his chart and it turns out he’s got a ton of planets in the 12th. We had a good laugh about it.

    1. Well that is but one of my bookmark categories – I also have Geomagnetism/Lifi/Space-Weather, Global Financial Fuqery, Art and Media cats.

  18. Re: True North -vs- Magnetic 🧲 North… I imagine the infinity symbol which hovers like a halo over our spirit archetypes in Tarot (e.g The Magician in 1; the Holy Spirit angel holding the fiery lion’s jaws in 8) symbolises the path traced by the edges of the Earth pole as it wobbles along while spinning around our Sun ☀️.

  19. Cleopatra the Alchemist is not referring to the Egyptian Queen – there were apparently four very powerful female alchemists in old Alexandria, but she is the best known. This is one of her drawings.

    1. I love that drawing but didn’t know it’s history. I want to know more about these four female Alexandrian alchemists! Thanks Mystic ♥️

    2. Wow, i ran to my previous journal because i know i had drawings of the symbols of tarot, heiroglyphs and planets, which in the drawing process had morphed into something like cartoons or graffiti, and brought onto the page a sense of character, personality, anthropomorphic form of probably me, along with some collected others who interacted in an undercurrent manner at the time. The particular pens i used made the graff form. Anyway, i also discovered i had many 11 juin entries from past years. Haha you can draw those dates interestingly in many ways. I am NOT a calligrapher, i have a Sun Mars Virgo sibling, so i know what calligraphy looks like 😁 I am a scribbler who draws terribly.

    3. The first moon-like symbol is very similar to a pair of gold & crystal earrings purchased have from Mimco, often seen tangled in my roll neck sweaters 🙂

    4. I dreamt about lots of snakes last night, I tried counting them but there were too many. The bottom symbols would make a great tat

  20. OMG research rabbit hole! PURE GOLD. Thank you from the bottom of my Virgo stellium-Sagittarius Moon heart!

    1. Oooh yes. Virgo Stellium and Sag stellium here same same reaction and head / heart reaction 👋 I see you friend.

  21. I have natal Saturn, Mercury, Venus conjunct and then Mars all in my Taurus 12H. Transiting Uranus and Progressed Moon are there now, too. The transits from Capricorn to this house have been edifying. But, if you ask me to explain it all, I loosely quote Rilke: ‘We are alone with the alien thing that has entered into our self, because everything intimate and accustomed is for an instant taken away. The new thing in us, the added thing, has entered into our heart, has gone into its inmost chamber and is not even there any more, — is already in our blood. And we do not learn what it was. We could easily be made to believe that nothing has happened, and yet we have changed.’

  22. Ahhh a collector of bookmarks, I hoard them and occasionally purge. (& also in the images books too I see) You’ve given us some fresh fodder and Yes aqua rising too!
    (Take#2 add comment works in chrome not samsung internet, Mercury Rx close?)

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