Daily Mystic For Tuesday 14 June

Mercury is back in Gemini which is great because we’re going to need the extra fluidity to deal with Full Moon nuttiness.

How nuts? Well, Saggo Full Moons can be opinionated and Neptune squares sometimes provoke ideological or quazi-religious fervor and Mars in Aries just wants to drive everything forward.

Your task is to evade the evangelical-about-everything types and try to transmit tolerance/diplomacy whilst also staying true to your most cherished principles. It’s tricky because situations and people are provocative at the moment and naturally you want to stand up for your beliefs.

However, this Moon and its associated tensions/lecture-raving temptations are transient. Cast the short-term satisfaction of a confrontation or potential ‘conversion’ (lol) against the longer-lasting cool of thriving through turbulence.

Of taking the measure of the times accurately so you can channel Mars into fabulously productive action and feel the Saggo Full Moon as a faith in yourself boost or even a kind of sudden onset wisdom download.


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