A Gemini Flipped The Zodiac

Can you conceive of Aries as ‘the Owl,’ Aquarius represented by the Peacock or Scorpio as the Wolf? How about Leo as a kind of were-Lion?

These and the other associations displayed in the table below were all legit at one time or another. They’re from the The Gods Of The Month In Ancient Art by Charlotte R Long, a prolific writer of books and archeological essays in prestigious journals who was not actually an archeologist.

A Gemini with Mars conjunct Uranus, her signature style seems to have been audacious theoretical leaps powered by fantastically detailed and witty observations of the art/deities depicted at multiple ancient sites.

She noted hairstyles, color nuance, fashion statements, trident styles, decor trends and the difference between symbols or associations from place to place.

Reading between the lines, you can see that while some admired Long’s diligence, others resented her – I rather like her and well, what do you think of the alt-zodiac symbols she discovered?

To me it seems clear that, in this sample at least, goddesses were more prevalent as zodiac sign rulers then. Long made a point of noting the exact deity pictured with each sign or clearly connected to it by dint of the way they were depicted.

11 thoughts on “A Gemini Flipped The Zodiac”

  1. Corduroy jeans

    Athena & Minerva have always resonated with me, and their? owls (although owls almost frighten me, such is my respect for them!) Doves & bulls for Taurus rising – bliss.
    So, thank you Charlotte, for persevering against all the cognitive biases and entrenched positions – even though it must have felt more tedious and fettering, than anything else. #Geminiwisdom And thanks MM for bringing these (research) stars to new audience!! X

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Also, “currently working on the subject of griffins in ancient art?” Waaaah! Can somebody tell me how this can be done in 2023..? Be happy with just being a folklorist, tbh.. Lol

  2. Totally!
    You might also be interested in Jean Shinoda-Bolan’s book Goddesses in every woman (she has the same book for men) which is based on Jungian psychology and archetypes. Based on that, I really associated with Artemis – and there it is in Long’s table 🙂

  3. I’m going to dig deeper. Liked her at first glance. We all have different nuances, so why not different symbols. Although in Chinese astrology, I’m an ox. Don’t identify with oxen at all.

  4. Yes, we Virgos are all basket cases. 😶‍🌫️ My Aqua Sun is puffed at being called a Peacock. Damn right! Those shiny, metallic colours couldn’t be more Aqua if they tried. 🤭 And I would respectfully claim Juno/Hera to be more Capricornian. I can never not see Saggitarius as a horse, but maybe Dog can be apt too…especially the hind leg muscles of a working dog are as powerful as that of a horse.

    Tldr; Love it, but not convinced. Maybe I simply need to read her work myself.

    Poor Geminis, no matter how much research they do, people will always think that they are making up stories. 😆

      1. Most are dry but steady. A tinge jealous, but rarely show it. I would pick one up for a life partner in a heartbeat and thank my lucky stars. Yours sounds like a keeper too.

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