When You Have Saturn In The 2nd House

When you’re born with Saturn in the 2nd House, you and money are going to be getting real at some point. Deal with it elegantly via the helpful advice below but first – the eloquent appeal for assistance that prompted this post:


You always emanate a high-vibe, self-sustaining, spiritual woman of higher consciousness vibration.

I have a heavy Saturn in the 2nd house vibe in my chart. But I’ve spent most of my life avoiding eye contact with him (as I would some rando standing too close to me in line at the supermarket, like STEP BACK, SIR. Lol.)

Well, a lot of that is changing. It’s the last call for my new bud Saturn and me, and we’re working it out (?). For me, this is a lot of root chakra healing and getting real about money. Emerging from a long-time haze can feel pretty grim and scary.

Sometimes I don’t know how I’ll ever get it together/get out of debt/get thriving the way I know I can.

I want to saturate myself with helpful input on this topic and just deep dive while I work the nitty gritty finance stuff out.

Any especially life-changing books or people on this topic? Any especially good upcoming astro for a babe ready to get free and into a Nine of Pentacles energy?


Emily! Thank you –  this is immense validation.  I appreciate the trust and I love playing Saturn Muse. Even the mere mention of this planetary vibe can evoke unhelpful associations that we often need to call out.

FYI this is the Saturn in the 2nd House delineation from my Astral DNA report, below.

Saturn in The Second House

Saturn in the 2nd House is a financial schooling, and it happens early. You have unusual experiences with money, or perhaps it’s just that you’re exquisitely sensitive to them. No matter what occurs later or however successful you become, you retain this awareness. The musician Shania Twain is a classic example: growing up in a food-scarce and often violent household, she supported her siblings by singing in bars from the age of eight.

You have the opposite of entitlement syndrome. You know those people who think the ‘world owes them a living?’ You can feel irrationally not entitled to the money you’ve earned or be reluctant to ask for your worth/money you’re owed. Your work ethic and innate money smarts are robust – all of your regrettable $$ decisions are from being over-trusting or too generous.

And where does that come from? Well, deep down Saturn in the 2nd house can feel as if you need to pay people – even friends – back. If you feel guilty for no logical reason or working maniacally to keep someone else in comfort, check yourself and the dynamic.

Hardly any ‘taker’ corrects the situation – it’s always going to be you. At its most extreme, you’re more prone to being unfairly accused (or set up) of theft. But a well-managed 2nd house Saturn is a blessing – you sense economic fluctuations before they’re apparent to most and rarely blow money on futile status signaling.

And now, the Saturn in the 2nd House tips.  Try all of them or any single one – they work any which way and are as helpful for Saturn transits through the 2nd as they are for the natal placement.

(1) Saturn loves a plan. Don’t set an intention or affirm your prosperity – sit down, focus and number crunch. Yes, you will need a calculator and the humility to face up to debt, dumb decisions or bureaucratic dialogue with aplomb. Data is not dull, it is power.

(2) The best reading for Saturn anything? Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. His diary entries on staying stoic, relevant and poised while commanding empires, legions and various vicissitudes are timeless.

(3) Be aware that you can default to some strange settings re money and professional dealings around it, with the result that you can put up with some shonky service from – say – an accountant or an employer – that you wouldn’t tolerate in another realm. It’s a self-esteem phenom that can also manifest as over-generosity which sounds lovely but leaves you bereft and resentful. Develop a money ego and the desire to secure/keep your stash. People with Saturn in the 2nd don’t need to read diatribes about being non-materialistic or unattached.

(4) Whether it’s beautifully designed stationery or high-tech apps, make your money handling and scheduling into an art/science that you devote the appropriate time to. If your ‘method’ is to wait till a crisis and then deal with things OR be fearful and apprehensive, guess what? Neither work.

(5) Jupiter is traditionally associated with money but in The Chaos Protocols, Gordon White turned me on to the idea that Jupiter is more the deity of Kings & Queens – the planet for the one percent if you like. If you are not in that category, MERCURY is more your go-to God/ideal.

The words mercantile and merchant come from Mercury. He is the God of coins and commerce.  And FYI, the very word money comes from the Ancient Roman Prosperity Goddess Moneta. So if you are doing anything witchy, along with the savage budget protocol and all, muse upon an apt deity or even a styled altar for a coin jar?

(6) Root chakra needs have to do with – I believe – basic needs and your ability to support yourself. Clearly it can be good to think about underlying assumptions that may not even have anything to do with you/your life. It’s amazing how prevalent a self-image, vulnerability or snark picked up from a relative can be. To really get spooky, ancestral or collective experiences could be somehow passed down via the genes.

(7) Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed with bills or economic fuqery, a clean and uncluttered environment that smells nice is always good for mindset and money magic. And the process of tidying up, airing, cleaning and sorting nearly always evokes genius. It’s also a good ‘antidote’ to Saturn gloom.

(8) Find a charity that you feel aligned with and make a regular small payment to it – you can always raise it as you earn more or contribute time if its easier. But this way you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the crap in the world that you can’t fix. You’ve chosen your cause, and you’re supporting it. It also affirms you as the lifter/giver.

What does everyone else think?

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  1. The great gate is open bestowing alms no crowd in the way.

    Erehwon nowhere or now-here; upside down back the front–sufi twirl . What seek ye?

  2. I agree Mystic, for years I have heard this “root chakra healing” in place of a lack of actual education and knowledge (there are of course times your root chakra is out but a lack of education and a fear of taking control of your finances is not going to come from a healer from the suburbs) it comes from you owning it and getting your shit together. I was pretty saturn phobic in many ways before my saturn return and now I have been in the midst of an epicly long series of saturn transits (exact venusneptune as we speak) + (one of the things that happens when your chart is mostly a multiple conjunct piece of pie) alternating between awesome and fuck forcing me to grow up and out of ridiculous things to do with money and time. It´s actually very cool I just, like a lot of women, did not have any support or proper education for this reality and I think given our society and the way it is heading, one of the most vital life skills you can learn. I am not just talking about simplifying this into idea bites like oh budget and drink juice, I am talking about an actual understanding of how money and time work in the real world and in your life. The structure of knowledge this gives you is a kind of power and freedom to make better informed decisions instead of running. The choices from your knowledge will empower you, take you out of debt but more importantly, take you out of fear. Then you can apply a level of magical consciousness but its useless without a base and structure. I have very few actual regrets in my life but this is advice I would give to my younger self because I never knew or thought I had skills in this area, I was always told I was stupid and lofty and that turned out to be BS- it was fear holding me back from listening to other peoples shit. You develop whatever you focus on: if you want to make money and grow a 9 of pentacles then learn about your business and how to make that grow. Do your own accounts and learn to love knowing where you put your energy- time+money. My journey was very long and I am still learning, but you have to start or it will not happen. All the best

  3. Great post! Im curious if anyone would have some practical ideas on saturnine money handling in a partnership of very different ideas/values re cash.
    I like saturn, i like to save, loathe being in any kind of debt and enjoy working hard for a reward (holiday!) However, my saggi hubby has no concept of saving, his philosphy is totes we could die tomorrow so lets borrow 10k and go to europe etc
    Now, part of me is in agreement but mostly it stresses me out not planning, saving etc (2nd house saturn)
    I dont want to ‘control’ all the money we earn and we are freelance so planning & budgeting is pretty difficult…so how to bridge the gap?
    Would love any ideas!

    1. Yes, it’s hard when a couple have that dichotomy. My advice is that there is always different ways to approach obtaining objectives like a holiday. I’m definitely not a borrower but I love to barter and exchange services etc. e.g find a couple who live in Europe who will swap apartments ? Get a freelance contract in Europe and get your fares paid by the customer ? I once went on a 3 month trip of the USA via a customer who needed to go there to research but didn’t have the time. I once looked after a house for 6 months rent free in a town I was thinking of holidaying to for a few weeks. Cash is not the only way to get what you want x

      1. Love your ideas.. .2nd house uranian! Thanks David, im going to think on this…you must have a wonderful trust in the universe, i had this once when did a lot of hitchhiking though europe & was shown i could go wherever i wanted with $15 and faith in humanity…ahhh..im a 9th house aqua sun, wanderlust is the blood in my veins..I guess its having a child makes the need for security run deep x

    2. My husband is also a Sag. We finally split our finances. We use YNAB, which someone mentioned above. It works great for freelance kind of stuff where it’s not the same paycheck each month. We have a section for my money, one for his and one for shared. I track what he spends with (some horror, but outwardly) no judgment as long as he gets his half of the shared stuff to me each month. We’ve budgeted a bit extra for that each month so that we have a fund to take from if we go over. Plus YNAB makes it easy to budget our average yearly spending (put extra toward the heat bill in the summer, for example, so it’s not suddenly a super high expense in the winter). It may not be the best solution long-term (he doesn’t even think a week ahead much less retirement planning), but it helps me feel insulated from his choices and allows him to have the freedom he wants – along with the consequences.

      1. We do hack YNAB a little by counting our separate incomes in expense categories rather than as regular income. Depending on the percentage each of you wants to contribute to expenses, you could do it that way or just assign the income as it comes in, as per normal YNAB.

      2. Great idea..how did you broach the ‘money talk’ with another free as a bird sag? I love the whimsical approach to life & dont want to squash it – nor be polarised into that position but, well..reality check!

      3. I just own it as my needs. “I need to know there’ll be money next month.” “I can’t enjoy something without saving for it.” It was after many such conversations that we came to this compromise. I’m not out to ruin his fun, but I just didn’t feel safe. Now I mostly do. He takes getter his half of the shared stuff each month as a challenge, and so far hasn’t fallen short by more than $100 or so. Which I can cover for a week while he works to pay me back.

  4. Emily I am with you girl! Saturn square Neptune has been all about “emerging from the long haze” and realizing my spendy ways are holding me back from everything that I want. I found a budgeting website and accompanying software subscription that has turned me into a money crunching power nerd. I live for reviewing my budget now lol! It’s called YNAB and it’s short for You Need A Budget. Honestly the best #adulting thing I’ve ever done in my life.

    Fantastic tips as ever Mystic, will be downloading your book suggestions as soon as the budget allows. 🙂

  5. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Make a plan. Reduce all spending. Save, save, save. Track.

    Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, or as the Scots say, many a mickle makes a muckle.

    There are SO many ways to save money! Using candles instead of electric lights will reduce your power bill and ensure early nights. Old newspapers can be used as toilet paper. Growing your own vegies is easy AS and can be done in pots to save space. I know people that have used their own excrement (pnce composted) as fertiliser and it works wonders and saves money.

    I am a big fan of reducing expenditure to the bear minimum.

    I know someone who ATE OUT OF BINS to save money and is now a millionaire, so obviously it worked.

    1. I also have a friend who spent two years dumpster diving as we say in North America and spent no money in order to save up to pay for college in Hawaii. He now lives there and has a degree in tropical agriculture and goes to the beach every day which is a big deal to someone like me living in landlocked Canada.

      1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

        I ain’t laughing! I think it’s a perfectly legitimate way to live 🙂 This bloke wasn’t vegan tho…

      2. I am probably allergic to rats seeing as they eat a lot of food I can’t eat. Lol.i am not above doing organic cricket farming tho!

  6. April Morning Star

    You might be interested in these 2 books, both currently available on Book Depository. I have studied astro all my life and these are among my favourites! “SATURN a New Look at an Old Devil” by Liz Greene and “ASTROLOGY KARMA AND TRANSFORMATION the Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart” by Stephen Arroyo. Good luck xx

  7. Try or should I say don’t try natal Uranus in second house Leo for money flow.
    I’ve made heaps lost heaps, given away everything been given everything, all in the weirdest ways. It comes it goes it’s always seemingly been totally out of control. Once I had children though it all seemed to settle down a bit.
    I’ve worked for myself since I was early 20s as it was the only way to live I could handle. I’ve never had a desire to own stuff or buy things which has helped.
    I remember once having $5 in my account and used it to buy a coffee for a stranger who turned around and offered me a days work for $5k. I’m the last person who should give financial advice to anyone but all I can say is, I’ve been to the top and I’ve been to the bottom and it never effected my level of peace or worried me because I don’t judge anyone including myself on what they or I have or don’t have.

  8. I have no problem sticking to a budget, just have problems finding work which actually pays me *and* feels good. Astrology is so far the only thing that’s ticked both boxes. I’d love to get paid for my art, but that’s very, very rarely happened because I’m a poet. Virgo in 2nd house, Gemini Mercury in 11th opp Saturn, Venus (in Taurus) conjunct MC, rich planet Jupiter in my 9th: travel, learning & consciousness expansion genuinely have led to money for me so far. I have serious issues with my root chakra & am at the peak of my saturn return, so i can identify with this post a lot.

  9. You know I am not unhappy with my health and education purchases but I really do wish I had done more ephemeral experiences like travelling before my big illness has limited my range. 🙁 If only I had travelled more. I plan on doing more travelling in the future by I will most likely not be able to see more exciting locales like asia now that i have such bad food allergies.
    Also 2015 was the huge yoga teacher training. Have i made money on this venture? nope. I have at least broken even but i wonder if i hadn’t been ill and involved with such a Neptunian twerp.

      1. I took a hatha 200 hr track. Idk where you live but in my area everyone and their dog has one of those. There is a huge push to do yoga therapy instead but that is like 1000 plus hours. The old 90’s style cult of personality style yoga is over and done never to be seen. Plus if u don’t have an “industry- beautiful” body that is plastered over Instagram forget getting famous or a lot of followers.

      2. I have accumulated over 800 hrs of training in the seven years I have been a YT.

        I wrapped up my 500 HR this year, totally worth the time and money. You are right, it seems as if everyone has their 200 HR cert – but what I have learned since obtaining mine is that if you focus on what makes YOU different, the industry beautiful body/instagram doesn’t matter. People will find you, keep showing up!!


    1. Have you tried GAPS diet for your food allergies? I had a terrible gut infection 2 years ago that robbed me of some pretty helpful enzymes.. did FODMAPS for last 2 years & became ultra conscious of everything i ate… now im nearly back to normal (god help me right now im eating cheezels! Agghh! But hey, we’re doing xmas today & ive just found out am in early menopause so you know, cheezels!) Anyway…maybs my situ bit more simple to fix but the gaps diet looks great for gut healing

      1. I am allergic to a lot of foods that are featured in GAPS that it is hard to do. Plus can you imagine travelling to remote east Asia not speaking the languages trying to order food? Nope. I have a hard enough time here.

  10. just looked saturn right in the face.
    finally had my molar pulled.
    in some pain right now, hope i made the right decision ( extraction rather than root canal )
    ouch ouch ouch. moons abt to go void and its jus been a full moon. ah well.
    at least i didnt do it when moon was conj my moon.
    a bit of a root snapped off but should come down of its own accord….merc retro?? return of the root!

    1. Hi Dawn, I feel for you. That wouldn’t have been fun and I can kind of relate though perhaps not to the bit about the root coming out by itself though many years ago with a wisdom tooth a bit of bone worked it’s way out. It was part of the side of the tooth not the root though.
      A small piece of bone or root can work it’s way to the surface but a larger piece of root that is still in the jaw may go either way. I’m not a dentist and knowing people in the field doesn’t count but I can say that if there is still nerve (and they sit in the root canal right) and it gets inflamed or becomes problematic eg pulpitis that root would likely have to come out. Not wanting to rain on your day but do keep an eye on it and look after you. As an example, I had a root canal that in theory was a dead tooth and had been static and behaving for years when it flared up and got infected … and once that happens, no dentist, only endo as is specialist work… so it’s been re-rooted (lol) and as it turns out there was a second canal which means second nerve that wasn’t picked up and is likely that was the problem child.

      1. thanks centaurus…yes im hoping it wont be problematic…otherwise it is major gum excavation…we’ll see x

      2. Ah yeah, it’s one way alright…which aspect of Mars? The outta space aspect or the I can’t control my arm… ok look my fist wants to punch you aspect?

  11. The amount of synchronicities in this post made me cackle (not least being that I changed my twitter name to “anti-fragile” last week, having never read the book). If I was waiting for a sign, etc. etc.

  12. Oooh this is my topic as of late, but none of it’s straightforward. I’m very Saturnian (Aqua rising, Saturn in Libra) so I have no issue with structure and working hard, but I’ve also got a Pisces ruled 2nd house, so never cared about money until lately. I care about it now because 1. I have a ton of student loan debt from graduate school; and 2. I’ve realized my lifestyle of health, education, travel, and well-crafted things takes cash. I’ve had so much anxiety over the debt because I’m not yet finished with grad school so haven’t been able to see how much I can earn and how much my debt repayment will be. In the meantime, I’ve had to focus on prosperity consciousness because I have a lot of negative programming in that regard, and I need to open my eyes to cash flowing in rather than my go-to Saturnian work myself down to the bone for very little money approach. Although I take the Stoic philosophy as my ideal, I’m also working to acknowledge and process the emotions around money and worth that are deeply buried. In this regard I’ve found Bari Tessler Linden’s book The Art of Money helpful. She is a somatic financial therapist, a Capricorn with Cancer Moon and Virgo Rising, so she’s very practical and talks about budgets and financial software and all that conventional stuff, but asks us to work through our deep-seated fears, anxieties, shame, and guilt around money, and to make all the budgeting and planning fun, creative, and inspired. That, for me, is a super effective approach, combining the practical with the creative because otherwise I start to feel the drudgery of the everyday chop wood, carry water.

  13. Great post, Mystic. My Sag in second house and 6th house yod are totally being activated. The Marcus Aurelius quote so appeals and will help keep me on track for my career morph that includes the new coursework for which I have registered to transition industries.

    Astro Hacks and Meditating on Astro post was amazing as well. I am starting to see how I need to be more Aries in career (natal Saturn in 2nd and north node in Aries) which I feel I have often resisted. I have worked so hard but maybe in ways that don’t work for me. I am now conscious of my South node comfort zone and pushing myself forward in new ways.

    1. I woke up this morning , my first day of my holidays thinking, “eat healthy from now on.. after yesterdays xmas party with kids gorging.” I walked into the kitchen thinking Special K and saw rye bread and thought blow it just 2 pieces. AND a CROW outside cawed. Message recieved loud and clear…..Fruit for breakfast and a big walk next!

  14. Speaking as a spendthrift pisces with saturn in Leo second house (have often embodied mystic’s term “self-embezzlement”), I am greatly interested in this topic. I just recently caught myself again on a regular but sneakily low-key self indulgent shopping spree. It’s the easy way out to cope with slippery self-esteem-undermining stress and uncertainty during wierd solitude. The worst times were after a session with the therapist where I come away feeling raw, fragile and vulnerable. ‘How do I fix this?’ says my moon. with luxury bedlinen and sparkly earrings and this and that and oh look i’m broke til payday.

    Anyway I guess my point is, get to know your weaknesses. Good luck, I’m on this journey with you.

    1. I totally feel you on this. I’ve replaced a lot of admittedly more self-destructive habits with shopping, mainly because it’s a socially acceptable way to be impulsive. Feeling bad? Buy a book. And a lipstick. And some crystals because that doesn’t count because it’s for personal growth. Wait, how did my credit card bill get so high?

      1. Yeah. Having financially wise (and non judgmental because hii anxious feelings) friends helps. Isolation is the worst. I’m pretty light on as far as a solid, cohesive circle of friends who are up to date with my inner state these days – wait is that the entire internet out there lol – so it adds to the turning to material stuff instead for solace I guess. I see all the angles and I am recently realising *just now much* I need to be my own Numero Bloody Uno cheerleader in life, it feels good to know but yeah

      2. I’m with you both. Few years back I had to cut a ton of favorite foods out of my diet due to food intolerances and was amazed at how much money I blew online shopping whenever I wanted to eat some ice cream and couldn’t. And I was already pretty spendy. Books crystals and essential oils are especially easy to rationalize. My best friend is the exact same way. We are both Pisces.

      3. It’s so easy to get into that mindset of “oh,
        I’m so deprived! Let me buy things so I don’t feel deprived anymore” isn’t it? Funnily enough my chart skews hugely Capricorn and they’re supposed to be the sober savers!

      4. Yep, that’s exactly the position I’m in. Sometimes I get this vision of myself walling myself into my flat behind a mountain of pretty but pointless stuff. Good luck, I have faith in you (and by extension I guess also in myself) x

  15. You could also look at where Juno is in your chart to give you some added insight – as one of Juno’s titles used to be Juno Moneta (from the word moneta comes *mint* & *money*) & one of her symbols was the cowrie shell which was an early form of money.

    It was in Juno’s temple that Roman coins were first minted – making her the protector of the city’s wealth. It’s not really surprising that money was printed in the temple of the marriage goddess as marriage was considered a business proposition whereby a contract was made which secured the stability and resources of the family. Juno was the divine representation of this marriage & of the money that it would provide & protect.

    She was also Jupiter’s long suffering wife. So while he was the big expansive spender and excess god, she was into commitment, responsibility & stability – and a good manager of resources.

    Since Juno’s transit through my second House, i’ve had to do a complete overhaul of my finances as well as finally sorting out a pension scheme: managing & protecting resources.

  16. Solid list–

    anti-fragile as an audio book can be found on youtube also fyi–I have been listening to it lately while doing dishes, etc.

    I struggle hard with scarcity mindset–was raised in a lower income house–seem to be perma-struggling with finances–AND YET have brilliant moments of like, instant manifestation when I really get in flow–

    I’ve got mars and venus in the 2nd–North Node in the 8th, leo and aquarius respectively. Saturn in Cap in the 6th.

    I try to focus more on prosperity consciousness and seeing abundance even in while facing a strict budget/not much money to work with. Like, my body is a resource, my sensory experience can reflect an abundance etc.

  17. Might i suggest going to the Dentist pronto, Saturn seems to sock it to us in the teeth and hip pocket. Getting in before dialling for an emergency appointment may well save $$ and pain in the near future…like “a stitch in time saves nine”…but for teeth. Will also link cool financial page i follow…
    Kudos to you for looking Saturn in the eye and holding your nerve.

  18. I’d add good solid financial books. I loved “Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach. There is also Dave Ramsey “Total Money Makeover”. Suze Orman has a good reputation. But Automatic Millionaire book makes it simple and I do it every single paycheck. Total Money Makeover helps people who have never had a budget make one without to much bloodshed and pay off their debt.

    Starting is the hard part. I’ve got a online program that I divvy up my paycheck into my budget envelopes so every penny is accounted for and it takes less than a minute. Once the money is spent in that envelope then I do not spend till next paycheck. I save for upcoming bills and have the money to pay for them. Mvelopes.com is the site.

    Blending their systems are simple and it works. I recently met with a financial planner regarding retirement in distance future and I am on point for having enough money now to grow to have enough for retirement. Start saving today! and start paying down your debt. It will happen.

    1. Amazing tips! I learned to have little “pots” (read envelopes) designated for certain expenses and to “pay myself first” (read save at least a little of each paycheck) from my mom. And that was when we only had paper money and checks. The budget envelopes particularly appeal. Thank you !

    2. My mum still does this with actual envelopes and I have been wanting to find an electronic version. Was thinking of setting up a spreadsheet (Cap stellium and Sun-Saturn conj lol) but this will be so much easier. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Saturn and Dr Chiron in 2nd/Pisces I have been struggling with cash flow but everything else has been abundant. New house, new job, cars, children and their new friends, boats, houses. Its crazy town. Sun, true node, Mars and Mercury in 4th/Taurus, but Jupiter in 5th Cancer. Actually add sugar to the abundance list.

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