The Truth About Saturn Venus Transits

The Truth About Saturn Venus Transits is that they make you harder. Not hard as in “hard-bitten” but hard like a diamond.

You can’t blame your hormones for being a bitch,” said the doctor. “They’re fine.”

Fine. I blame Saturn. The hormones are raging rabid, displaying no deficit. They are still partying away like it’s 1999.

But Saturn squared my Venus all 2017.

As some of you will appreciate, Saturn is an astringent.

Advantages Of A Saturn Venus Transit: Permanent inoculation against the Love Zombie Virus.  Dangling baubles and evocatively named eye-shadows won’t micro-drain your bank account.  Extreme pragmatism. You perfect an ability to filter out F-Wits.

Disadvantages Of A Saturn Venus Transit: Less flouncing-about action. Having such an active High Alert Perimeter Guard that it can turn out false negatives. Narrower mating options due to refined conditions/pre-requisites for ‘entry.’

Example: An Italian Leo – actually single. Not, it would seem, a secretly married narcissist seeking to up his dopamine levels from pretending to be available.

This person presented as charming, attractive, and neither mansplainy nor pompous enough to trigger Harvey-style angst.

An Italian Leo in actual pursuit, at that.

Pre-Saturn-Venus, this would have swiftly turned into a deep-assess of his birth chart.  Progressions, transits, composite charts, and progressed composite with asteroids for fuqs sake. Quintiles if truly deranged.

With possible pretensions to being interested in Italian soccer teams or research of Tuscan cuisine. There could even have been the affectation of a more “Mediterranean” attitude.

Post-Saturn-Venus? Pfft. Substance. Gravitas. Authenticity. Maturity. Mutually Respectful Dialogue. These are the new turn-ons. Not responding with a suitably Venusian display (cooing, affirmations) in response to some feather fluffing, preening, or monologue recital of achievements/possessions/high profile acquaintances?  Some could interpret this as being “a bitch.” Disdain for ego appeasement? Definitely.


The English language historian Geoffrey Hughes suggests the connection came about because of the Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis (Diana in the Roman pantheon) who was often portrayed with a pack of hunting dogs and sometimes transformed into an animal herself. In Ancient Greece and Rome the comparison was a sexist slur equating women to dogs in heat, sexually depraved beasts who grovel and beg for men.


The modern word bitch comes from the Old English bicce, which probably developed from the Norse bikkje, all meaning ‘female dog’. Its use as an insult was propagated into Old English by the Christian rulers of the Dark Age to suppress the idea of femininity as sacred. The insult “son of a bitch” originated to ridicule spiritual pagans, who worshipped the bitch goddess Diana.

Clare Bayley – Bitch – A History

Happy Full Moon.  THOUGHTS?

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  1. I love you for this post so much! You’re hilarious. If only I was less easily seduced by evocatively named eyeshadow… Leo rising finds it hard to give up such fripperies 😉
    So, Saturn is currently trining my Venus. My own LZ tendencies burst into full flower after a really dire narc abuse relationship last year. Since then I have been very protective of my heart, & I now find myself intolerant of bullshit. Like, sweet is nice, but I prefer action. I will judge a suitor by their actions, & I won’t take it personally if they are not falling over themselves to be with me… that’s their problem, lol! I also just feel less as though other people are the solution to my problems, & I’m more interested in becoming the person I want to be. Which makes it pleasantly surprising when one particular character keeps showing up, keeps being invested, keeps showing me he’s not what I expected after the others. Perhaps Saturn-Venus really could be described as healthy suspicion/ disinterest, or, that wonderful Warsan Shire phrase, ‘I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude’.

    1. Thank you for this wonderful informative comments. Currently going through my saturn trine venus. And I feel the same
      I have been completely indulging in myself as the girl i am in the relationship is going through BPD. She doesn’t use very kind and sensitive language when I get upset sometime. Although i am very supportive of her, i give her a lot of space and time in these healing phase of her. But whenever i display a slight need of emotional care She don’t give a shit about my emotional needs. So it just turning me into being self reliant. After all how far you can walk for a person if they aren’t willing to walk for you too.

  2. Yes but being a bitch to a wanker cancels it out right ?
    My theory is that you know somebody within 15 minutes of meeting them by the questions they ask or the description of there attributes eg The woman who sidles up to you at the bar and the first question is ‘what do you do ? ‘ which is like a subset question that covers the group of hidden questions … what do you have, who do you know… etc. Or the guy who describes themselves as being ‘ a good person’ who is often mistaken for being a total asshole.
    Italian Leo has probably had great success in the past with his, I’m great, just ask me strategy. I’m sure it works a treat most of the time. But not this time 🙂

    1. I know someone as soon as I meet their eyes. I’ve spotted two husbands instantly and my aqua was another you’re mine instant recognition. Then I really don’t care what they have or are or do etc because I know I will spend a time with them. In some cases a brief time, as in the bookshop meeting (of which I have divulged before) but I just know them. And I have met the idiots with the flashy cars and the big houses and bulging financial portfolios and have chatted politely, as much to amuse myself as anything but never with a second thought to being with them. The Aqua is simply penniless but I am afraid that he ticks my boxes ( can I say that in polite company?)

      1. i wish (sort of, not really) i knew what it meant – i have had two male friends say “as soon as i saw her i knew i was going to marry her” like, really????
        i mean the neptunian toro was Husband vibes for some reason after I switched on the cap moon depth sounder, and Distant Capricorn the same, but different, Soul Soothing Connection all over (and way more open and creative), so i think it is stable strong fixed/cardinal Earth that lets my moon trust where things might end up,
        maybe it’s your cancerian-ness that attunes well, emg?

      2. oh i remember now, the neptunian toro was also hunky ex military elite. we both had venus aries. given the Cap was also partial to solo camping trips and had a woodsman thing going on, i now recall that prefer my major loves to be capable of surviving in the wild for a few months 😀 😀 hahahahahahah (to be clear my bedroom is not ‘the wild’)

      3. Oh I’m not so sure on that Pi!
        You wild thing you. It could very well be my watery persona. I always blame most stuff on my south node Neptune conjunction in Scorpio 8th. Oh you’ll do, come here and drown !
        But I also recognise that they do end . We’ve either drowned or come up spluttering for air. And I never regret either. I tend to learn a lot and I actually like them for all they brought. That must be my Pisces rising.

      4. But gawd the Neptune toro sounds just beyond yummy. I adore earthy nature with peak physical fitness. Win win.

      5. Yeah he was super hot. But major issues that needed proper therapy to address. I did not have the psychological equipment to understand this until several years later.

        Wow nepttune south node 8 tj house! I envisage some kind of portal between worlds or your past or dimensions.. x

      6. Yeah the ones who you need to let go ! You live and learn. And you can’t take your work home with you, although I always seem to manage it.

  3. Saturn is conjunct my natal Venus right now and is resulting in a while new level of DGAF about men who can’t get it together.

    It might look bitchy on the outside, but it feels a lot more like self worth on the inside.

  4. although mystic as an Italian Leo, you might need to reserve the ‘secretly narcissist’ option? or maybe just ‘a great deal of personal pride’ , but with your Leo dsc the centre-stage types might be your factory settings? so not nec a bad thing. 🙂

  5. with moon in aquarius, you should watch the older rom coms. the meet-cute and snappy dialogue of the black and white era films might be just the fluidity and cheeky fun that your energy needs.
    you absolutely should [surely you have already] watch or re watch things like Philadelphia Story, Casablanca, Roman Holiday (now *surely* you have seen this! ya know)

    …..dig? not modern day hollywood trash that leaves you feeling stupider.

  6. I am solidly convinced Saturn crossing my Venus in Sag was what finally clued me in to the fact that I’m ace. Since then, it’s been so much easier not to worry what’s “wrong” with me/whatever relationship situation I’m in, primarily because I’m no longer in one to begin with.

  7. Ha! You had the transit but I have it permanently in my chart!

    I have Saturn in Aries square Venus in Cap, natally. Kind of double whammy of Saturn with Venus in Cap placement as well as, right now, triple whammy with Saturn in Cap is transiting exact conjunct my Venus! I must be the full Ice Queen right now! Haha!

    I am a mega bitch, for sure, and I’ve never been good at stroking male egos. I can be very aloof. Aqua Sun and protective shell of Crab rising, plus the above described Saturn kabosh on my Venus.
    Oddly, I have also heavily LZ’ed at times in my life, but that is due, I think to all the Pisces stuff in my chart, including Pisces Moon, as well as having Neptune in the 5th house.
    I’m definitely feeling the cool-off on LZ’ing, though, since Saturn got into Cap and is on my Venus.
    I’ve been doing some dating again, and sort of scandalously so, with
    gorgeous, way-too-young-for-me guys in their 20’s, but honestly, I’m not getting carried away with it. It’s fun, but I’m not feeling attached and actually feel a bit tired of them once we’ve hung out for awhile. I’m not fawning all over them. Even when they fawn on me, I appreciate it but don’t take it to heart or take it seriously.
    Lately I’m really enjoying my alone time, which is pretty much all the time, with very small doses of men. I feel too acutely the energy they require.
    I also have Vesta conjunct Sun, so it’s natural for me to be alone. I’ve grown into that ‘fate’ since I’ve gotten older. It bothered me when I was younger and more ‘in heat’ and wanting a partner. Now, at 50, it’s just peace of mind for days……

    Interesting history of the word bitch. I’ve always liked the Artemis archetype, too.

  8. LMAO – I love this. Completely relate. What are the orbs for a Saturn-Venus transit? I have Venus in Cap at 1 degree. T Saturn is also squaring my Moon.

    I started microdosing today. It’s working.

  9. I’m totally feeling this, you are on point as usual MM.

    As of late I’m demanding complete authenticity from myself and others – it feels a little strange not to be in a place of people pleasing but I’m into this new version of me.

  10. In regards to many of you mentioning how over dating, flirting, texting, anything of no value or substance, do you want to know what is extremely energy draining, online dating apps! Talk about endless, useless, texting/chatting for hours that goes absolutely no where and complete energy draining!

  11. How do you tell what is squaring what at the moment? I have Saturn in my Rising Cap but I don’t know what is squaring my Venus, how do you determine that?

    1. Hey there, if you go to astro dot com you click on extended horoscopes and then the drop-down to natal charts and transits. The diagram will show you, and there is also a couple of additional tables that are easy to read that show all the aspects.

  12. LiberatingVenus

    Thoughts? Yeah, just one: If he’s not your cuppa, feel free to send him *my* way, LOL! 😀 j/k

    I love Leos – friends or lovers, it doesn’t matter <3 So anytime the King of Wands wants to rock up into my life, it’s Game On.

  13. 12th House Virgo

    Of course you can blame hormones for being a bitch! If men had to deal with our hormones there’d be special categories for calling in sad or angry. It’s embarassing how much hormones control my mood.

  14. Was trying to think of a RomCom that followed formula but still was enjoyable and…erm, sorry my Sagg brain just popped up smiling with “The Hangover 2”!!

    It followed the exact same formula, scene be scene, and in many cases frame transferred perfectly of Hangover (1). No deviance at all from the montage/framing and in that is the cinematographic beauty of The Hangover series. While it was widely panned, they found the formula and kept it up in different locales and plot lines, but same actors and narrative arcs with a precision that is almost Virgoan Mars. You can actually compare the films scene by scene. Cinematically panned but typical to romance and comedy, two genres made for emo comfort.

    Is a Piscean telling a Cancerian to fq romance by mentioning The Hangover??

    Yes. Viva real love. Your good, imperfect and striving self. That, first and ever foremost, and fuq the sacrifices to traditions of gender, creep-stalking, abuse, mealy-mouthed bullshit over real manners and respect, intuition, good understanding and receptive questioning and listening of the person in front of you, a deal between you (usu through good manners and not bombastic politeness) which means you create a space between you to experiment by expressing who you actually are, and patiently allow the stops and starts in that expression.

    And it’s never perfect when a soul is growing by trying out life, or fangin’ with their bros (all genders/metaphor for all situs of an authentic life). From that spark of real love comes every romantic gesture, the tatt, the secret untold, whatever. Unfortunately The Hangover posits the females as background to all of that, and the males as incapable fws but if you ignore the gender bs, and think of it as a metaphor for our stultified selves, you’ll see the romance is real.

    😉 😛 😀

    1. if romance happens in a straight line, it’s an arranged marriage. or some kind of hideous contract. where’s the interest that comes from narrative tension? or some such crap. uncertainty is delicious. by learning not to chase outcomes before time, we learn to chill tf out, address our fears, and let things be

      my current take as of 2:24pm 03/03/2018 #mutable

  15. Saturn is squaring my natal Venus-Saturn opposition for the next several months. (Jupiter is also conjunct my Sun during that same time, so I think it’s helping to bring out the more positive manifestations of the Saturn transit.)

    So far:

    Have become a manager for the first time in my career, and I’m finding it much more interesting and fulfilling than I was expecting.

    Find I want to spend less time socializing than I normally do. I still see friends, of course, but feel there’s a dignity (rather than shame or anomaly) in spending my time with myself.

    Have begun creating a structure for my creative work. I’ve been striving to do this for years. It’s an incredible blessing, and underneath all the daily obligations of life, there’s this deep stream of happiness that I’m working on this, even though it’s in small steps.

    I was also thinking that difficult Venus-Saturn aspects, whether natal or by transit, can give us real insights into pain, cruelty (the cruelty of others and the way we practice it on ourselves), and damage.

    1. Also, the many years that go by while you’re thinking you are just doing some final deeper layers of healing and learning to self love.

      In the meantime come a bunch of people looking for love, which you would have once very graciously given, no matter the flaws in you or them.

      And then, you realise there is a divide in our cultural imagination of what love is: for the family, the friend, the lover, the acquaintance and colleague or client, the different aspects of our selves, the spouse and the so-called chosen against the stranger

      I found the Saturn transit made it difficult for my all-hail-fellow-well-met shine with strangers, and even regular acquaintances. It went over my 12th, my Neptune trine Sun, My Jupiter in its kingly home of Sag trine 5th house leonine Sun, my Moon conjunct Neptune and Jupiter and on the Ascendant also warrior Antares Rising. Did my confidence suffer? I was wracked with the deepest self doubting, and it pinged badly off my Capricorn Mars 2nd house of money and esteem and Taurus Saturn 6th house of work and daily alchemy for your magical and real life.

      The Other Person is now closer than what i saw, since astro-regardless, they all did hard yards in their own fashion (and some still) but are through it enough to articulate the pain, and sometimes even what i meant for them or even mean now. And i found i’m much freer with my loving words. You could say appreciation, where it’s work related but I’m Jupiter in Sag even if 12th so i let them know i love them, and they give meaning to me. Would have been maudlin and fake in 2017, but it’s perfect now. Guess Capricorn cusping 3rd saves it from ridiculousness that can’t be taken back, so all is well, with Venus in Aqua 3rd conunct IC and NN.

  16. Ah, but Saturn transits are not just the harsh ones. When Saturn trined my Venus last year, I got together with the love of my life. No LZ-ing, just clear hearts and minds, and dreams come true (finally— I have them conjunct natally, so he took 47 years to show up!).

    1. thank you for the nice reminder. yes me too with the saturn venus trine, it linked in with a lot of other (pleasant) natal aspects too, and from memory it felt positive.

  17. I love this post. I totally see myself in it. Totally.
    Scarcity of love prospect included (sic)

    The Sat/Ven square was extremely painful but not at all effective.
    I kept my Love Zombie attitude for way longer.
    Nept/Sat sqare was the bubble buster.

    I’ve had Sat opposing Venus early this year, when Sat entered Capricorn.
    Not later than yesterday evening while having an heart to heart very open convo with my Aqua with Scorprio rising boy-friend and I was telling him: “I almost never like anyone. I’ve never, to be honest. I only did it under the influence of Neptune (and I am also neptunian) but now this is stronger than ever. I am so NOT interested in flirting, texting, going nowhere things.”

    And here comes this post with my name at the bottom of it 😀

    1. The Lady Huntress travels with the Crescent Moon (her new resolutions that bear sharp curves/edges that slice the sky of thought and words; her new emotions), her Wolf (the wild guardian of her pure soul) and her Bow and Arrow (focused fletch to attain her desire).

      A fletch is feathers: AIR. Perfect for a Gem with Mercurial Virgo on the Rise.

      And Wolf is always guardian Dog Spirit. You know who that is, and you can call on her any time, by the sounds of it.

      Let it all meet your standards, then you can channel Haute Neptune to take a tumble into each other’s Conscious (subconscious, unconscious, all of it. The breezy gloriously fun Air Element, the Plutonic, the Neptunian higher octave of the Venusian 8th.) Only you will know! Wishing you sweetness xx

  18. Ha! and LOL.
    Yesterday I heard myself saying (and I was suprised while I heard these words): “I am menstruating (yes I do, every bloody full moon, like countless other bitches), and I will not do anything else, today.” For decades I have pushed myself, eating pain killers like candy (because, yes it is that bad), to work and to function at this time of the month.
    After Saturn Square Venus & Sun, and probably with a little help from Uranus and Pluto: I will not push myself, I will take care of myself.
    I will not blame myself.
    yours truly Bitch.

    1. Bitch is what They Say. Smile and let ’em.

      Clear Cut Boundaries and Loving It is what you say. Because when you keep that for self care, you do, honestly, just LOVE YOURSELF and respect your own power, and wind down to nurture your next energy surge.

      1. Exactly! thanks for your sweet comment.
        When we are weak, we need to recover and breath and nourish ourselves, thus we can get up again and spread our love and compassion.
        so, this bitch is sending love to all of you!

  19. Post Venus square realizations: men respect me when I’m in my power, hell yes to the new turn ons of authenticity etc, allergic to ppl pleasing vibe of dating. priority one: pleasing myself

    And yes, less of a flash eyeshadow or spiritual material consumption bender vibe

  20. I have a natal saturn Chiron conjunction at my asc in pisces square my frilly flirty Venus in my 3rd gemini who is also square to that Pluto uranus conjunction on my DC in virgo, poor bitch!
    One astrologer once remarked that my poor Venus looked like she was in stirrups on the Dr’s couch!

  21. Is pisces venus that ‘ bad’ though? i’m curious to retrospectively understand the triple aries double pisces, incl venus in pisces. He had a cap moon though, which evidenced itself in a (yes) sexy watch, and a material appreciation of finely tuned machines of all varieties, and a kind of continental (do people stills use that word, haha) sophistication – well in some ways – which i always find immensely appealing. I do miss him from time to time but i don’t miss how he trashed his body

      1. I find a Pisces Venus pretty much catnip. Guessing it’s my Pisces stellium incl Moon? Maybe it’s their “exalted” thing?

      2. yeah sounds like a nice vibe match. I really liked this guy in many ways, we had an amazing mesh of aries, pisces and capricorn energy and interests. and i guess if someone has venus in a sign where we have a lot of stuff is probably nice for them too 🙂

      3. Yes, WaterGem, catnip. The one guy I, inexplicably, can NOT seem to get over has Venus in Pisces…….conjunct my Mars in Pisces, within 2 degrees. I also have Pisces Moon. It’s insane.
        I haven’t been with him in over two years, but just this week had a really steamy dream about him. He’s the only ex I ever dream about, and the only one I’ve ever dreamed about this much, especially so far after the fact. I really wish it would all go away finally…. :/

      4. Maybe the dreaming persists as transiting Neptune has been hanging out around our Venus/Mars conjunction for ages…. :/

      5. Hooks in your aura, given your romantic yearnings + his easy emotional sympatico to your moon and sun, and yours to his moon and pisces other planets.

        While i say yours to his, i mean you are Pisces with a good power of Gem comms flooding the connection to fulfil and answer a thing for you. It was not a daily-life relationship, more a feeling-relationship.

        Look to your Descendant, 7th house to understand where ACTION makes a difference to your view of relating. It might be too theoretical. And if you didn’t go there, even for a romantic “date” then why didn’t you, and if you really want to astro-stalk then why didn’t he? Which of course you’ll never know, truly by astro-stalking. Your Neptunes, Venuses and Moons might be a Thing, but that is not a relationship it is a connection.

        Just like we can “blame” hormones or a transhit, we can also claim the Bitch or the introvert, or the Secretly Knowing Self. Claiming means owning why we did or not did not go there, why we did or did not act or say straight away, This is what i want, and this is what i don’t want.

        Pisceans understand far too much, sometimes. We can grok it without always having to show that, and we can even have a crush which we treasure just for ourselves, without letting the unworthy object know we have refined it in our imaginations, where we just can’t find it in the daily.

        Somewhere, for a Geminian type Piscean, you will have imaginary conversations with that dream crush, and it will reveal what you want in real in-depth communication quite apart from the Moony emotional connect that is felt more keenly and loudly in a Piscean than most others in our orbit. You’ll know what that conversation sounds like before it happens, rather than having a convo and feeling like it sounds like the one you yearn to have.

        FWIW i have a very strong Connection with someone i have a daily relationship with, but not a romantic one, even though for both of us with our transits and tranShits of age and real living, we both used the unspoken but wildly apparent Crush to work on ourselves and still help each other. God help me, me Venus is on his Sun, as it was that year with another buddy whom i lost to his partner’s passive jealousy (still probably unacknowledged there) and his latent feelings, which i know we both kept Aqua truce about. Friends first, like. And if I know a Scorpio Moon, well, i know feelings vs actions for a Scorp Moon are the telling of the loyalty. I respected and noticed his loyalties, and thus am a friend. Cap Moons trust each other, too. That does not mean you both need to make emo expectations, right? If anyone, a Cap understands the difference between wish fulfilment and undercurrent. Happy to be alone, and sometimes happily unhappy to be lonely without action. It guards your sense of relationship value and status.

      6. there’s always so much to respond to in your fruitful comments mille, so don’t take my brevity to be disengagement!

        so much stuff here would be easier to chat about irl 🙂 ergh typing

        your last para has some wise observations. (just to re-align a thing, I was involved with the Aries guy for a little while – he’s a moon mars sun aries after all, and he pounced, and my venus in aries was then beyond happy to join that circus.. you know i think we were both dealing with strong mental health issues at the time (oh fuq OFF chiron) – me kind of circumstantial but becoming exacerbated by a thing, and him lifelong – as a pisces rising he has virgo dsc, which my cap moon and mercurial orientation can sometimes be confused as virgo ish, but it’s not because virgo is The Nurse and of all the archetypes, that one is definitely not mine…
        anyway where was i

        I am completely relating to your mutual-awesomeness with colleagues but also very much the Aqua Truce: so much,i have aqua mars, I engage by setting them free I think. maybe i just made that up?

        need more coffee. happy weekend mille x

      7. Oh god don’t take my prolix posts as anything, either, dear Pi xx I know your voice and style here. It’s been fascinating to read over time because I’m so non-Gemini! And you are Piscean, too.

        It’s amazing that we can be so undermined by ourselves. That last Saturn thing with Chiron action has had me reeling. But we do see things in others. A long time ago a psychic reassured me that it wasn’t a delusion but looking through time, some of it possible rather than actual future. Like you, though, i still don’t know about that.

        Wishing you a happy weekend, too xxx

    1. As my Aries ancestor used to say (much to our young, ignorant mirth), “I couldn’t give a continental.”

      Obvs her Mercury was not in her Sun sign, as mine is in hers.

    2. “Continental” is an entirely Anglo-centric term used by the British to create a psychological distance from the rest of Europe – though some may claim that the term is purely idiosyncratic. No one in the rest of Europe refer to themselves as “Continentals” – just plain Europeans.

      1. lovely peeps – yes keenly aware of the sub-text of such a word. sorry if the waves breaking from that have nudged a tripwire(s) somewhere. i think i just got bored with saying ‘european’… (actually his background is from there so that’s not even a made-up fact)
        now that being french is less fashionable (“we’ve moved on, darling”, trying to pronounce Roederer has been superseded by trying to pronounce hygge) all the books are like “HOW TO BE SCANDINAVIAN” because they do minimalism better and mid 20th century furniture is so much easier to reproduce and wax a profit on i suppose)

        no really do want more caffeine
        this week’s been a total shit, Mystic thank you for the heads up about the Urgh full moon

      2. Hi Pi, I thought it was funny (as in a nice ha-ha-ha isn’t Pi funny kind of way) that you questioned the use of that term – because it’s true – you don’t really see it being used so much (if ever) anymore – like it’s from a fustier era or something.

        It was more Pf’s comment which nudged the trip-wire. Living through the splendid relationship between Europe and England right now is exposing a few of those wires unfortunately. And if this didn’t have the potential to fuck up so many people’s lives, and Mars wasn’t trine my Mars nor Jupiter squaring it too, then I probably wouldn’t of even bothered responding. 🙂

      3. That’s a good list PF. This SNL character did come to mind when the topic of continental was raised. Something about Walken in a satin robe that is creepily comforting. Thanks for posting JV

    1. I have Saturn square Venus natal. Hoping (a) nothing ever cancels it out, and (b) i can balance the pleasure drives with the valued-walk-my-talk drives for EVER.

      Balance being the key operative i strive for. Could never over-perfume myself, mask myself with makeup, be too prim or deny explorations to learn in love. Can enhance myself to please me not others, naturally withdraw from a vulgarity of soul, give any assistance when and where needed without losing myself to pandering, ensure my home is gorgeous and clean and naturally aromatic to come home to before i go out exploring. Can also psychically smell the difference between a dishevelled person and a chic looker with a dirty soul. (Caveat: my Venus Aqua 3rd trines Uranus 11th Libra…i “read” your cheap perfumes and your natural scent beneath! I also smell your expensive perfumes mixed with a cheap spirit/mind/intent.)

      Maybe those ideas will help you love your transit 🙂 Maybe smell your way through relating.

    2. Don’t be shy, celebrate the bitch within, harness her power and make her work for you, she’s really only trying to protect you. Vive la bitch!

    1. Pi, I feel like you are my astro mirror image. From previous convos, your chart is flipped from mine, right? My Pisces is 4th house, yours is 10th, right? Now I find your moon is Capricorn, mine is Cancer.

      I’m actually retro-coveting? your Cap moon. It feels like it would have been nice to have an earlier start on clear-values-assessment. Lessons, though. I learned mine. Thanks to the MM mentioned Saturn square Venus. OOOF…I get it. Thank you. Have cried Uncle, will continue to situate myself well in regards to others and MY SELF and her desires/needs/wants/expressions/possessions.

  22. Ha! He better be suitably in awe, I tell ya! The other good thing about saturn venus is that it saves you time.

    I like the odd astro synchronicities you discover – artemis and hecate being my favourite deities to call on when I need some new way through the permafrost of my life, I had to laugh when the only dog who would be suitable for us, since we have cats, turned out to be a black greyhound. Everything about her is black, even the whites of her eyes are dark and she has black gums, she is utterly sweet, so adorable. And then there is my name, which is from the hebrew for lily, which the oracle tells me is lilith’s flower and I have lilith bang on my north node and I am pretty much an astro-cliched outsider bitch, reviled as some kind of whore in my town, but actually longtime celibate because of bad experiences…and the profliferation of eed-iots hereabouts. hmph.

  23. Ugh. Saturn squared my late Pisces Sun recently, has just come off a direct square with my Aries Moon and Mercury, and is gearing up to square my Venus next. I’m feeling it with you.

    Your description of the scales falling off makes me happy! The world needs more women who have embodied their soul purpose, claimed their beautiful feminine wisdom, ride the wave of their natural rhythms and won’t diminish for anyone. And we need more men who have claimed their feminine energy, too. If the Italian Leo thinks you’re being a bitch then maybe he has his own work to do, to catch up with you.

    Have you read (or watched) any Dr Christiane Northrup books or interviews? Very inspiring for me.

  24. “values are the new chemistry” – genius.

    And you’ll know it’s Neptune if your soulmate is also out there trying to laser-co-ordinate something in the Bermuda Triangle…or would that be a Uranus mate?

      1. Considering re naming some Uranian in my phone “Bermuda triangle”. Or maybe renaming my whole contact list code names, how scorpimanic

      2. Haha great idea. When I was going through the crappiest part of my divorce I renamed my ex hub in my phone to a pertinent swear-y phrase along with a bad picture. It made me laugh every time he called me!

      3. Yes, i had to resist the MercAriesSagAntares Rising flip the bird style delete number, as one sticky number kept in touch at loooong intervals, and after deleting the number the first time, i accidentally responded.

        So…cue pithy shit names to alert me not to read the texts, and to brace myself and be prepped to save the stalker ones to hand on to the po-po.

        That’s Police. I did NOT name them in contacts as the Po-Po, though my Sag stuff was very much about to at the time 😀

      4. And my Neptunian problem transit also saw me in lerve with the married Sergeant who took my case. Ah, i was a basket case!

      5. A long-distance Aqua bae posted a nekkid selfie with a caption about the Golden Triangle so this fits…

  25. I can absolutely relate to this. I also got – or should I say, earned – my Saturn-square-Venus badge in the last couple of years, followed by Saturn squaring my 7th house sun-Saturn for aeons. I am not interested in ‘destiny’, I am too busy making my own. Values are the new chemistry.
    I like new Saturnine me. I hope it sticks. I have Neptune approaching my 8th house to oppose my 2nd house Mars. Watch this space for news of me chucking it all in to go and shack up with my soulmate who is only living on a ‘yacht’ in international waters until the tax department runs out of leads.

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