The Permitted Words List

Mercury is crossing back into Aquarius – what better moment for a permitted words list? Mine just appeared, on the screen in front of me with the announcement: You have exceeded your limit of permissible words.

I momentarily freaked, thinking that some Byzantine thought bureau was monitoring me to that extent. But no it was my spell-checker – every time I hit ‘add to dictionary’ for something it thinks is a typo, a permitted word is created and now I have an entire dictionary’s worth of them.

Now some of them are not even words I use – consciously – could they represent fresh concepts that will be useful for Pluto in Aquarius? It’s 57 weeks away and yes, we will be increasingly acclimatizing to it via the Horoscopes and Daily Mystic updates. Meanwhile, here is A to E of my permitted words list with quick definitions – feel free to adopt any that you feel are pertinent.

If it is useful, I will add the rest in shortly!

As in the infamous “a little razzle-dazzle to juke the algos” cited by J.P. Morgan bankers charged with market manipulation. Short for algorithm – a computational technique to speed-sort various inputs – loan applications, social media feed, investment trades – and respond with an output. They’re getting smarter!

A workout that helps to destress, burn excess body fat and build strength via the ritual denunciation of the government. Exercises include researching off-grid hideout chic and forays into Reddit privacy forums.

One billion seconds in Unix computer time, which began on January 1 1970, as Neptune arrived in Sagittarius. Every day has 86,4000 seconds and the last billennium began on September 9 2001 at 1.46.40 UTC. This encoded time may be more accurate than Atomic time. Pluto in Aquarius = time politics.

Feigning extreme frivolity, ignorance or even stupidity as a business/power play. It may or may not involve Serenity Signaling but the concealing of complexity is paramount – and profitable.

Electronic meandering: the Daily Mail sidebar of shame, a suddenly fascinating history era/political cause, your distant relative/former frenemy’s social media feed, hypochondriac googling and any other kind of digitally aided procrastination.

As in ‘I’ve been Bluetoothed.’ Hearing and/or balance issues experienced by people sensitive to electro-magnetic frequencies radiated by an increasing amount of appliances, most of which cannot be disabled without breaking machine functionality. Other symptoms: sardonic cackling whenever ‘Havana Syndrome’ comes up.

From Brotopia – Breaking Up The Boy’s Club Of Silicon Valley, by Emily Chang. Brotopian patter can come from anyone in tech trying to sell their product as an incredibly selfless act of love and community. Or, a liberation.

Of or pertaining to Chiron, an ‘asteroid’ discovered in 1977 and later found to be a comet. Named after the ‘head healer’ Centaur of Ancient Greece, Chiron is in fact more of a maverick tech and culture Muse. The week of Chiron’s discovery also saw the release of two record-breaking cultural zeitgeist zapping albums – Saturday Night Fever + Never Mind The Bollocks, the election of Harvey Milk, the world’s first openly gay big city mayor plus the invention of the TCP protocol that allowed the internet.

Latin: referring to the concept that things, phenomena and people in ‘this’ dimension correspond with their alt-dimensional or divine counterpart. It also refers to how spiritual realities express themselves on the physical level and the old magical concept of the Doctrine of Correspondences. Pluto in Aquarius will discover granular, ground-breaking evidence re all this.

The idea that cosmic, astral and/or galactic stimuli affect us here on Earth. It used to be dismissed as a crackpot fantasy but then astrophysicists realized that we are bathed in solar/stellar winds, as well as influenced by a variety of geomagnetic currents and other interplays between the Sun, Moon, Water, Wind and more. Space Weather will be big in Pluto in Aquarius, along with satellite politics.

Legacy concept that a particular qualification, approval or membership of a club is proof not only that you can do something but of your worth/status.

The idea of making money – debt and shares in particular – less leveraged and hyped. It would involve abandoning the idea of perpetual growth and returning money to more of its historic role: a tool and useful means of exchange. The people in charge of the money-hyper matrix are not mad-keen on de-fi.

People who prefer delusion to questioning things because it is more comfortable or safe. But that perception itself is probably the ultimate delusion.

Skeevy people who behave badly but have enough Venus-Mars pheromonal appeal to (sort of) get away with it or at least maintain a persistent presence as a D-List celebrity/feel famous or hot. It can be a remarkably enduring look and lifestyle. Eg: Mickey Rourke.

Of or about the aether/dark matter/your aura and/or alt-dimensional. It’s another style of perception. Perceiving a phantom or the scent of something that is metaphysically but not physically present. When you see a scenario etherically, you can’t show your working or logically explain a thing but it’s just as real. When you’re etherically perceptive you notice light, shadows and air density more than most people. Great cinematographers often have etheric perception fyi.

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  1. Oh god. Yes. Etherically 🤯. Another one I’ve been using since god knows when. I don’t even remember when I first heard it. So love this community and Mystic’s writing. I probably read it on this site years ago and just began using it. I was thinking the other day again about why I come here. It’s not for the hunting- you know? Like astrology is cool and all that but I just love how she writes.

  2. Credentialist is a word I’ve heard a lot on red scare, reddit, substack and YouTube. Without consideration of its newness I’d integrated the idea of it. The scary thing about mutability.

  3. I mean these words are all legitimate and brilliant. Anarcharobics has to be my favourite but it’s so hard to choose just one. They are iconic.

  4. this Is pure internet gold Mystic.
    please share more with subscribers)
    only you could have come up with this.
    mind blown.
    and thanks for featuring Dasha on the Aquarius weekly scopes. I adore that aspect of the scopes anyway but seeing our succession star comfrey in the scopes made my day 🙌

  5. Bimbonic = a move I’ve had to evoke for survival/ get through it purposes when I found myself in places where low intelligence and/or high testosterone were present! I thank Virgo Mercury/ Sun conjunct and my Libra Venus/ Uranus conjunct to assist with surveillance and going undercover!

    1. Reminds me of that controversial book Mystic posted about ages ago that I actually quite liked even as a female in a male-dominated industry… “The Princessa: Machiavelli for Women”

  6. Douchecore
    Skeevy people who behave badly but have enough Venus-Mars pheromonal appeal to (sort of) get away with it or at least maintain a persistent presence as a D-List celebrity/feel famous or hot. It can be a remarkably enduring look and lifestyle. Eg: Mickey Rourke.

    It’s like you met me before I got sober LMAO. Venus Mars square girlie who was just looking at Mickey Rourke’s fits the other day and loving it, from the healthy distance my laptop creates.

    1. Douchecore may well become more of a thing with celebs – no pressure to say the right/wrong thing at events. Publicists and sponsors will be delighted if you turn up on the right day, not totally smashed or breaking parole.

      Additionally, carte blanche to stroll around in a hazmat alert colored velour track outfit with someone’s dream catcher caught up in your hair extensions and the uber driver you’re paying to pretend to be your martial arts instructor/toy boy? Amazing.

      1. “a hazmat alert colored velour track outfit with someone’s dream catcher caught up in your hair extensions”

        Spitting out my tea! Perfection!

    1. Mystic’s use ‘fuq’ instead of ‘fuck’ is the most brilliant coup of softening a hard word that can be used in a myriad of ways.
      It has gone viral.
      JacQui have you ever heard Osho’s talk on the F word? It’s recorded somewhere maybe on youtube, it’s an hilariously observant discourse on the way it is used in english language from an outsider spoken in a slow monotone Indian accent making it even funnier.

  7. Recently I asked the I ching,
    The centaur Chiron represents the pain. (Of something I was asking about.) How does chiron deal with it, live with it? And the response was hexagram 58 unchanging.

  8. I love anarcharobics! And bingling, that’s a great one. I will shame myself with this word when I’m Daily Mail surfing before bed. Or, better, watching the stories by that one acquaintance I keep around on my feed to monitor their fascinating fall from legitimate, sponsored social media influencer to a person who never leaves their room posting delusional erotomanic stories every hour. The theme is always that all these male celebrities are in love with them and female celebrities are obsessed with them and somehow plotting their downfall. Of course this person don’t know this from actually communicating with them, they *just know* this from things that show up in their feed. It’s a real-life dramatic myth about the heights and lows of social media. Don’t we all have that ONE real-life reality TV style person we observe?

    Brotopia… also known as San Francisco, did my time there…

    1. The Daily Mail is the worst journalism, the laziest spell checker, overuse words like ‘flaunt’ and i find totally addictive, perhaps because no thinking required when reading.
      Read an article in Vanity Fair that mentioned a woman in charge has the journo’s play private detective and ferret out and uncovers truths carefully so they can’t or don’t get sued. She increased their profits hugely.

  9. Words wickedly winding around a wordsmith of new/ancient concepts designed by Mystic Medusa so brilliant!
    Things become what you call them as in if you say it is so it is hence ‘spelling’ the making of a spell which is simply a thoughtform.

    “Cosmobiological” and it’s effects on health & wellbeing. Have just started record keeping of oxygen levels/pulse/air pressure/humidity/temperature/wind speed with direction plus checking space weather (thank you Myst for that newsletter) for my COPD as it is a disorder that fluctuates for no obviously discernible reason & energy levels depend on easy or obstructed breathing. It’s a mystery worth exploring.

    “Douchcore” sums up that horrid show married at first sight, watched for the first time in utter shock. Watched because heard others at hairdresser discussing it. No wonder i had such trouble putting across tantric concepts to people. Now i understand what is meant by ‘mouth breathers’.

    “Bingling’….guilty, it’s a bad mindless wake up move, checking in here is way better for the psyche.

    ‘More to come’. Eagerly looking forward to that. The Dickionary full? Of course it is 🙂

    1. All of the love-adjacent shows are ridiculous. Lol. It’s crazy because people clearly are desperate for connection and affection, but when you add in the cameras and potential for 15 mins of fame it always seems to manifest terribly!

      1. My watching MFS is so wrong on so many levels it’s fascinates me so i’m glued to it this time around. The embarrassment i feel for them and their lack of knowledge about relationships in this the information age. Aghast at their lack of curiousity about how to interact kindly, generously and lovingly toward one another.
        I know it’s supposed to be all staged…..cringe.
        The worst of these reality shows is that it puts writers, producers, real actors and artists out of business all for cheap thrills.

  10. Love this. Since becoming a member to MM I have adopted the use of Fuq and fuqery on the regs and have complied a list of words and phrases that inspire and tickle wierd reflexes. I have Merc in Aqua….go figure.

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