Downtown Marsopolis

Welcome to Downtown Marsopolis. There’s no welcome committee because that would be inane. It’s not that sort of a neighborhood. But if you can handle yourself – that is,  don’t try to fluster people’s focus with fluffy opinions – they’ll reward you with a conspiratorial wink at some point.  Some people moved here ages ago, natal Mars squares are an automatic in.

Real estate agents in Downtown Marsopolis are openly strung out and it’s not just the Space Dust. Their antennae are twitching, sensing a completely new paradigm. But if they can’t sell it, sleep with it or snort it, it takes too long to parse.

So they’ve got a conspiracy theory going that the increasingly repetitive property styling artwork is possessed. “Why is it always that same topless woman with the thing across her boobs?” they whisper to one another.

If you think this doesn’t sound that Mars-like, re-calibrate: These are people who can sum up the state, make and cost of your shoes within nano-seconds. They then cast those numbers into an algorithm with your toenail texture/degree of obsessive exfoliation and posture to arrive at an accurate summation of your financial position/propensity for illegal home businesses/messy relationships. This is a martial art.

The Property Styling Artwork Is Possessed

It takes chutzpah to insist that the sewer under the house is a Brutalist architecture water feature by a hipster artist that the cognoscenti are all investing in.

And real concentration to interrogate a hot potential tenant about their single status and income at the same time you’re painstakingly photoshopping in a lawn or polished oak floorboards as well as s**t-posting on your competitor’s social media accounts via one of your several fake personae.

The nice thing about this end of town is that there are few illusions. Every time one pops up, people stay up all night trying to eradicate it like a computer virus, scanning their brain like it was a hard-drive and they know there is at least one more crapdos.exe auto command in there.

When you live in Marsopolis, you’re not paranoid but you know that there are a lot of hidden folders and underground lines of things. If you want legit data, you need a hard hat with a headlamp, metaphorical or not.

Fashion is functional here, closer to armor than decoration. It can’t itch or tinkle when you stride. Nobody has a job here but they’re always working – on themselves, a project, a mysterious ‘thing’, cracking some code, their crypto, cyber-security, an enterprise…every day is a fuqing start-up.

And few things phase the residents. They greet plague, corrupt cardinals, local council incompetence and the debauching of money with the same ‘that’d be right‘ mantra and derisive smirk.

Image: Marco Sciame – Immaculate Obsession

41 thoughts on “Downtown Marsopolis”

  1.  “Why is it always that same topless woman with the thing across her boobs?”

    We were just talking about that **artist** and the outsourced paintings that bear his signature, questioning why he’s revered by those that ‘sit’ for him (by sending a topless photograph lol).
    Weird so many recognisable woman ready to get their kit for cookie-cut **art**

    A decade ago was obsessed by the house of cards propping up his searing popularity I once spotted a work **by him** at auction (one he actually painted) and immediately recognised it as a poor copy of a well known tattoo design by Sailor Jerry.

    The bare-boobed, sword wielding copy of someone else’s original Pirate girl hangs above our toilet. A fair spot for a genuine fake lol.

    So the notion of Marsoplosis property stylists (home stagers) replicating a replicated image style created by a fleet of factory painters in Bali or Vietnam or wherever – that are possessed is simply too funny!
    Algorithm indeed lol 😂😂😂

  2. Nope, just no. Busy growing roses around my fortress.
    Wake me up when its over or, at least when there is green light to blow up the government.

  3. I have natal Sun in Aquarius 4th house square natal Mars in Taurus 7th house. Relationship matters are definitely up for me. Each hit of the ‘Covid cluster’ (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) this past year has corresponded to major turning points in my relationship with my ex. In transit, I currently have Jupiter trine natal Mars and Neptune sextile natal Mars in the 7th house. I feel like Mars has my back. I am going to get through this, but DAMN!

  4. Huh. It’s weird that I never realized that I have Sun square Mars. I guess it makes sense that I figure this out as transiting Mars is inching closer to opposing my natal Mars, and squaring my Sun from a different side. Also, I just looked at Mars in the night sky for the first time tonight!

    I feel like Mars is a blind spot in my chart and life. I’ve been more focused on my Saturn, which conjuncts my Mars. Maybe this is the time to make friends with Mars!

  5. Ha ha Mystic…loved it.
    Oh yes, it’s dog eat dog at the moment. Apologies to dogs btw…):).only brutal when trained by humans, and how brutal are they at the moment, unless sedated by alcohol…rife at the moment I am finding..

  6. The marsopolis synopsis is bona fide brilliance.
    I absolutely love it when mm posts in this riffingly humorous style of prose.

  7. Will check how much longer with mars on my side & listen again to the downloaded advice as it’s about time as my chronological time is shortening like my telemeres & I must take to task the medical profession & section of health department (lol spellcheck wrote ‘death’ instead of ‘health’) & have my say as taking care of a person’s well being is not on the agenda, simply script writing is with denial of side effects. The DVN (demented virgo neighbour) under same roof but divided by a wall, tossed his dealer boyfriend & is now chemical free & diverting his energy into gourmet cooking after 10 years of addiction, so environment is harmonious less frenetic & calm allowing me to conzentrate on something useful to make changes or to prick some consciences.Have five years left to make changes as an activist I’m not tho’ my fervent desire in my youth was to shoot down animal testing labs when I turned 85 & die protecting rats mice monkeys & beagles, the ‘death by cop’ thing. Guess that Mars-a-talkin’.

    1. Your Demented Virgo Neighbour is GOURMET COOKING after all these years?!?!?! (Great he’s channelling his
      meth-cooking, ingredient-weighing skills to more Taurean pursuits.)

      Hey, maybe be all Uranian inspired by it to channel animal rights fervour into your beautiful animal right to have as much care. Goddess, Pegasus, “5 years” is a Bowie song, with all its crashing symphonic discordant harmony before the heartbeat end. I will love you, to whatever your end and beyond, but can’t you get more quality time? Are you not an animal, too?

      1. Bless your cotton sox Millie. Not only is he cooking but offering maintenance! Meth can be horrific by creating acquired bi-polar 1, total Jekyll & Hyde persona & terrifying to be near.The day i emailed tenant manager so say i had enough & was considering moving, was the day he cut ties with the supplier boyfriend he was sugar daddy-ing. Writing IS ‘spelling’ isn’t it. Write it & the universe reads it. Am guiding a close friend into self-care, insisting on it as she is abusing herself with Retin A to avoid wrinkles & result is creating traumatic looking burnt red skin.Shaved off her naturally thick eyebrows so it seems to me like she is ‘cutting’ herself. A Cappy who Saturn has done a number on, so self care is The Order of the Day.Helping other people (your work) is something to be proud of Millie, it brings joy, the Pisces simpatico is endless.
        Off to get the *#%* printer hooked up to get those letters of correction done :-)x

  8. Just read fist paragraph so far & had to say that summed up Sydney concisely.Happiness I enjoyed Watson’s Bay & Lady Jane beach when the people were interesting & carefree.The I took a trip & saw the dark side of Paddington-Woolhara, complete with vampires & moved faster than quick to Whale beach-Church point…they followed.

    1. Do you do that Sag horror movie thing? Seems unlike your Cap self.

      OMG, Pegasus, i just realised my Sag CapRise mate is training to further confront actual horror, as ambo officer. Must find out if they watch horror, and i actually think, no, tolerates but does not seek, prepares to have it meet them and does the whole Archer SeaGoat thing to quell the horror. Well, you and my bud are incredible in v different ways.

      1. LOve Anne Rice’s books.
        Am very calm in crisis as don’t much care for humanity en masse but seeing an injured animal brings me to my knees. Used to be an avid horror movie fan (effects) until i read Stuart Wilde’s take on doing so….can activate ghouls in the atmosphere. In some tribal countries you cannot assist an injured person as if they die the family blame you.
        Bite me 🙂

  9. Natal Mars sq Jupiter/Lilith & not necessarily proud of it, but i totally appreciate the savageness & beauty of this verse. Especially after just having dealt with various real estate fuc agents.

      1. Will ask my artist friend about it when she gets back from her month at the Mayo clinic. Gift from a friend. Her north node is my south so I told her to fuqin GO FOR IT.

      2. It doesn’t need professional installation. It’s an earthing / grounding plug that fits into pocket of the fitted sheet which then blocks EMF apparently

  10. I’m natal Mars square Mercury, both Mars and Mercury are mercurial signs (Gemini and Virgo respectively).

    I don’t know what that means, but this Marsopolis hood does sound like the psychogeography of my inner monologue, if that makes sense.

  11. I’m natal Mars Sq Venus, husband is Mars Sq Sun… And we’ve just sold our house. This is hilariously apt 🧐😅

  12. Hate the Vote Schmote. I am Mars in the first house with Antares on the Rise. Not garnering tickets. You be the change.

    The change I push for is also mine, and that is what will make the difference. Uranus over my Saturn in Taurus 6th house of the Daily Alchemist; Mercury retrograding past my 0 degree Scorpio 12th with the Neptune Jupiter Moon in Sagg conjunct on the Rise in Antares Sag as i continue the CPTSD work, if it is ever complete, but i know today who to drop from the process, literally everyone it seems, unless those who drop are also traumatised but Aries, so many Aries, why do they tango in their emotional deficit with a Pisces 5th Sun with Antares and Sag on the Rise, while they argue their point; Saturn in Capricorn tempering my Mars; Venus at Virgo pinging off my Pluto friendships and Lilith bitch at work, opposed my Sun in creative 5th, also opposed my own IC conjunct Venus Aqua which is square Saturn, as I said, in Taurus 6th.

    Yes, vote not for me, I have no ticket and am only for change. Vote not for the other, just to get some inequitable change. Can’t NN or SN yet. We await MM’s new response to those.

  13. Vote 1 Davidl as the mayor of Marsopolis.. Natal mars 1st house, current transits Mars conj Sun and trine Asc for months. Making Marsopolis great again.

    1. Any ‘weed’ that managed to push up through cracks in the concrete would get a plaque and council protection. And the council would be forbidden by convenant to spend rate payer funds on anything beyond Marsopolis limits.

      1. Yes! And can we please get this on t-shirts – courtesy of Marsopolis City limits: ‘It takes chutzpah to insist that the sewer under the house is a Brutalist architecture water feature by a hipster artist that the cognoscenti are all investing in.’😂😂

  14. Aries rising, I’m part of the mars club despite my bovine Taurus moon and contradictory gem sun. When I need to dish out tough love to myself or others I’m staunch and I am allergic to fake and bullshit. Cut the crap and give me the nutshell version are favourite expressions. And if you really piss me off I will head butt you out of my way

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