The Seventies Vampirella Zodiac

Seventies Astrology Art like this launched the “You must be a Scorpio?” trend. It took Astrology from the Hippy Shop’s fusty confines into the swingers circuit and suburban cheese fondu belt. Speculating on Geminis ‘going both ways‘ was acceptable repartee, and someone made a fortune selling Zodiac Sex Positions Iron-On patches.

The images shown here are by the second-top Vampirella artist – Esteban Maroto, a Spanish Piscean. I can only put Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, and Scorpio up here as the remainder are nuder. The fusion of Art Nouveau, Occult imagery, and Hot Chicks, along with deep-cleavaged alien vampires, expanded Astrology’s mainstream popularity. Heterosexual males, in particular, conflated sex with the Zodiac. Who wouldn’t want a girlfriend into, you know, ‘sex signs’ and ‘erogenous zones’?

If Mr. Maroto and I met in a Seventies conversation pit via a time warp, I’d ask him about his Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. I suspect he would pronounce it “U-raynus,” not the correct “U-rah-nus,” but you can also tell he reveres Astrology beyond the cool artistic backdrop for the girls. Astrological themes even weave in and out of Vampirella.   “I’ve heard a lot of the hard-core astrology freaks rap about it…the ultimate sign trip.”


28 thoughts on “The Seventies Vampirella Zodiac”

  1. yayyyyyyyy
    my prog moon is now at 0 degree SAGGG!!!!!
    i have been waiting A LONG time for this!!!!!
    god that was hard!

  2. “the suburban cheese fondu belt” bahahahaha. Genius as always, Mystic. Although now I really want to see the nuder ones. I can imagine Pisces, lol.

    1. Oh i did too, but now i can say, “Awww, Chrys, that’s your Gary Quincunx talkin’!” And i bet you starred the HeavyMetal zine 😄 for laters.

  3. Love this! But I find the Cancer one disturbing with that demented crab in the background.
    The Tauro one is great. The chic is ecstatically lounging on the bull like it’s her couch.

  4. ‘Hair’ the musical circa 1970 mentioned when the ‘moon was in the 7th house & Jupiter aligned with Mars then peace would rule the planet as we were in the age of Aquarius’ started much interest on astrology and instant assessments unfortunately. For many of us it was Linda Goodmans Sun Signs followed by Love Signs. THAT one influenced many relationships! Goodman’s books officially entered mainstream as a New York Times best seller and your star sign worn around your neck in silver or gold if it was an ‘approved’ one or you liked the design!

  5. The art work reminds me of Frank Frazetta who had an enormous volume of work that was so fantastical & imaginative that i had some professionally framed. O the 70’s when my libido was off the charts and no wonder with this artwork around to rock it.

    1. Yes, he reminded me of him too! Another Pisces. I remember seeing Frank Fazetta calendars & posters everywhere back then, & those fantastically powerful & sexy big assed women owning their cellulite.
      I had a poster of his “Seawitch” which used to make the boys quite nervous, heh heh.
      God i miss those old hippy shops reeking of patchouli & sandalwood.

      1. Hahaha YES the amazon warriors, the boyz were a bit wtf :-)Pisces huh, so love their imaginations to take you places intelligence doesn’t.
        Didn’t Einstein say something like that……imagine sliding down a light beam?

      2. Was cellulite even a term then? Or was it just a woman’s derriere, if you were that shape? Egads, the Helen Gurley Brown and later morphs of girls’ journashameism really got far after corporatisation took over. And i do love Vampirella, since my pre-teens! Love how one of the Esteban Moroto’s illustrations has her flat footed on the earth with her natural leg, thigh and bottom in profile. It’s a look, not a lewk.

      3. The terror of “cellulite” swept in during the early 70s – hot on the tail of miniskirts and tight jeans which exposed new areas of the female body to be scrutinised & exploited. I even remember the early torture devices like the electric shock treatment gizmos for thighs, stomachs & asses being a thing then. All they achieved were broken capillaries & spider veins to form.

      4. Oh yeah, that’s right, those ads for some kind of belt contraption and the zapping, i read some as a kid. Like it was one’s job to be ashamed of the real changes in feminine body, and to buy into soft self torture to uphold the…well, the disrespect.

        If you ever did that, may i applaud your capillaries and bless to heal the spider veins. I have those anyway since v young, without the extra torture. They’re genetic. Smoking wouldn’t have helped.

    2. OMG YES thanks for this reference! The pulp paperbacks and custom vans of early childhood. The weird shit at the babysitter’s place that smelled of incense and weed and cigarettes and bodyodor and candles stuck in wine bottles. Ah.. I’d LOVE to smell that right now for 2 minutes! Fun time warp to see where our generation got some of our ideas of sexuality and female power/beauty from.

      1. Joolz visiting some abodes mostly 30-40 year olds (Saturn in somewhere generation) made ME think i was in a time warp of the 70’s. They must have subliminally absorbed their parents shit.
        ****sigh**** the days of innocent radicalism where only music mattered.

      2. Pegasus, please remind me, where are your Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces and also Leo n Libra? Just in ref to your music comment (not my takes on musicality in general, if anyone else is wonderi g 😀).

  6. Amazing!

    Also, want to thank Mystic for the fabulous Oracle – I had a total meltdown about The Past (forgot that this Uranus retro goes back within a degree of my tight Sun/South Node) and I went to the Oracle, asked every question, and was told a good half dozen consecutive times to move the f*** on from “the past.” (Any other early Taurus people not enjoying Uranus coming back?)

    1. Love the Oracle. It saves me from bugging people with my frustrated mind shit not meeting my inchoate intuitition. And i always think i’m going to break it or flag Mystic’s IT peeps…..wwwvvrrrgghhhnnnnhhhh wwwwvvvvvrrrghn!…’ Red Code Alert! Subscriber in Fqery Mode’ But no, it’s weird but all good. Thanks, Mystic, you may not have meant it for that but it really helps xxxxx

  7. There is something charming and almost naive about it. Adorably tacky.
    Like how I got so angry about Sorkin’s portrayal of women in the west wing because I only watched it a few years ago for the first time. Then we got Trump and Covid-19 and all craziness of the past few years and yeah. These fragments of past seem parochial and quaint/odd rather than actually malignantly patriarchal

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