The “Bombshell’ Oprah Interview Astrology

God, I want this interview to be amazing: a ‘Made During Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius‘ production that takes television into a new dimension. A peak Oprah moment. The takedown of hypocrisy, multiple exposes, and radical agendas. Revelations of ghosts and/or aliens if possible. Corruption, obviously and then some sugary gossip for humor amid the paradigm-shifting. Is William still seeing Rose? Is it true Camilla smokes while she skis?

Imagine a telecast so scandalous that it knocks Caligula off the news feed and provokes regulatory change. Fuq “starting a conversation.” We talk all the time. Change a law or something.

This Is A Mercury-Jupiter In Aquarius Production

Yes, I know the interview could well be a trot through “the in-laws were so annoying that I was happy not to live in a palace, we now only have a mansion” plus plugs for their causes. But imagine if it wasn’t? It was filmed on Feb 16. Retro-Mercury was conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius square Lilith – the renegade, a descendant of the Whore of Babylon herself, the Maleficent. Meghan Markle has Lilith conjunct Uranus and drew/still draws all the racist/sexist fire.

The interview is showing this Sunday/Monday, with Mercury back in proximity to Jupiter and both square Lilith, again. Mercury-Jupiter blows everything out, particularly in convention-averse Aquarius. Lilith in any sign is cast as a dangerous subversive but really, to wreak havoc she only has to be real. It was obliviated by pandemic news but recall that Meghan Markle copped more shit for evidently sporting black nail varnish to a garden party than her brother-in-law did for being besties with Jeffrey Epstein, and the alleged rest of it.

Oprah Is Approaching Peak Pluto

Oprah has not done television in ages but Saturn and then Pluto are about to power over her Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Aquarius. That’s talkative. Her first show was on September 8, 1986 – revolutionary in its day – and with Jupiter square Uranus in Saggo.

Interestingly, the ‘bombshell’ Princess Diana “I adored him” interview in 1995 was Saturn square Mars-Jupiter in Sagittarius. She admitted to infidelity and basically outed the Royals as a pack of archons. Occurring at the start of Pluto in Sagittarius, it set the tone for candid reveals and public, globally broadcast confessions.

The only Sagittarius this Sunday/Monday will be Meghan’s Lilith, Harry’s Mars, and Oprah’s Moon. With Mercury-Jupiter, that’s plenty. They’re also all doing Pluto. So who thinks it will be amazing and who thinks it will just be ponderous drivel designed to prop up the Matrix, distract us from the latest fuqery?

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I found the H & M interview to be uncannily similar to the big Fergie interview with Oprah. Almost formulaically so. I find it hard to care either way about this issue and it’s incredibly divisive. Everyone I know is on one side or the other re all this and I have no interest in picking a side. I’m doing the friends version of “yes dear” on the phone four times a day.


Would have preferred to watch Prince Andrew interviewed by the police


I wondered if that wasn’t an allusion to Pizzagate and if he’d been set up by a poisonous but hilarious advisor but he appeared to be referring to the pizza express in Woking without a trace of irony. And the inability to sweat the big stuff. The whole thing was baffling frankly

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FYI – I’ve just been told that incels are using the term the matrix and you might want to scrub yourself of it. I used it recently and I live to regret in horror.


Incells don’t get matrix. They can’t even get laid so they’re definitely not entitled to Keanu. 🤣


The world wide emergency is over! Proof is the spectacle only the ultra privileged can make of themselves! whew finally some normalcy.


It’s official – the interview was amazing! Which isn’t to say there won’t be a concerted push-back against Meghan and Harry. Diana didn’t manage to change anything with her interview. Fingers crossed they can, even if it has come at an enormous personal cost to them both in terms of their family relationships. As Harry said, at least they have each other.


Mehgan is an actor. She has learned her lines well.


I’m sad to see this attitude, from another Libra. I always do my best to understand both sides of the story, and take into account all possibilities. My gut says she isn’t acting. She will definitely have thought about what to say, but it isn’t scripted. Lets support our women, no matter what position they are in.


Most likely a weird troll. Of course there’s some poise and prep for an interview like this — no sane person would go on Oprah without having prepared.


According to Meghan she went into her relationship with Harry without being prepared. I’m not a weird troll. I feel desperately sorry for Harry and Meghan. That poor boy who walked in his mother’s funeral cortege has grown up into a sensitive man who only wants to protect those he loves. I’m bruised from the news in Australia about the women abused in the Australian Parliament.


I took that quote as Meghan not have in her wildest dreams being able to fathom what it would actually be like…. I am not sure if anyone could actually prepare themselves going into a family like firm. Unless you’ve lived the experience and come out of the other side, Id say you would look upon yourself as naive..I can imagine that translates for everyone on some level as being part of the human condition.

Wish Upon a Star

It’s comments like this that make people with genuine mental health issues feel like they are not believed.

That they have no voice.

That they are really “crazy”.

I applaud you for actually stating your beliefs. Some people pretend to be compassionate but the “gut” says they are full of shit.


Agree with you however, let’s be even clearer Wish, making people feel not believed is called Gaslighting & a particularly callous form of abuse.

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Wish Upon a Star

Thanks WizarDora.


Piers Morgan “left’ his post on Good Morning Britain it was announced today, after he had said Meghan was making it up. I’d emailed before 9am calling for him to be sacked. I believe the house of cards is tumbling, ever so slightly.

Sometimes, dreams really do come true x


LOL, not his finest hour. Eris on his Merc might have been his undoing (for now at least) Never recovered from Meghan ghosting him it seems. Loved how Alex Beresford let him have it.

(*more rag spin* could not be a more apt anagram of his name, though i think i prefer *romping arse*)

Wish Upon a Star



From another Libra – I totally get it. I never had an opinion about her but watching this made me realize she’s kind of an opportunistic creep. Woe is me, and all my riches!!!


She is as nasty as they come.

Billy D

I’m going to put my chips on prop up the matrix. Just like Megan’s black nails, it’s all a distraction from what’s really going on. Does anyone believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide? Or ANTIFA is a group of peaceful protestors? Such a long list, so little truth.


Agreed Mystic, regardless of what lens we choose to use, it will be interesting. Personally speaking, I would like Pluto to lift the veil to the mercurial truth quicker; until we look inherent racism and misogyny in the face, it will not change. If the couple are in some way a catalyst, due to time, place, ancestry so be it. If it’s a media polished turd, well it’s only an hour of my time, grab the popcorn and count me in. Astrology of buildings; that a thing? I’d be up for a peek at some castle/royal building astro.. Warwick and… Read more »

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I’m no monarchist either but i find it interesting because many of the things Meghan (and Harry) spoke about are what many others are speaking about in terms of the nature of institutions, power dynamics, and silencing – especially of women and PoC. This is a more ‘regal’ example of it, but there are many ‘smaller’ examples in many people’s lives right now that are being revealed & exposed. I found Meghan’s story very relatable from the perspective of feeling like an outsider in an established institution and feeling silenced in order to keep up appearances – even tho my… Read more »


I don’t doubt like all families they have their sqabbles. But they stepped away, wanted their privacy…until well they don’t. On their terms, course. But the media is a fickle beast. On you one day, off the next. They talk about rent a Kent (tongue in check) but these 2 look like they are going to take it to a whole other level. Honestly I wish them well but not interested in all the interviews.


In the UK, The Daily Malice has lived up to its name. I don’t support the monarchy as a matter of principle but I appreciate their symbolic significance for many people. My take on it is that the palace courtiers are out to do a hatchet job on H&M for a number of reasons – they took attention away from the heir and his missus; Megan had the temerity to be black; it moved the news agenda away from Andrew etc etc. It’s even been used as a distraction from the disaster that is Brexit. I think the Oprah interview… Read more »


If I were to put myself in their shoes I think I’d have tried to apply a touch more grace in the face of the problems they’ve spoken about. They’re right service is universal and therefore they can go about their business without lashing out at those who lash out. Quietly do your work and let that speak for itself. I wish them all the very best and now can we just move on, they are simply human beings after all.


I can’t see how Harry could just gracefully ignore the racist and sheer malicious abuse that his wife was copping in the media – even if his own mother had not been killed by the press hyenas.


Completely understand about remarks and press etc and she won her case against the press but I can’t see this as the way forward. It smacks of immaturity to me.


I don’t think a stiff upper lip & carry on old chap is what this couple is about. Nor the new generations, thank fuq. Not calling things out or not confronting bullies is so past its date, and keeps the rot from drying out. If anything, they have been a touch naive & idealistic in thinking they could fit in that outdated institution. Also we don’t know the story, only those versions told by the tabloids, so i will reserve judgement for after the interview.


I don’t think they are ‘lashing out’, I feel that they think it’s right to address these issues and stand up to an institution that never really gets the blame for anything. The media also need to be held accountable. I don’t think this interview will do them any favours – they have thought about it and decided to stand up, rather than sit down and be silent.


I am so here for this! The fallout so far has been explosive with a well timed counter strike of bullying allegations from a royal ‘source’ against Meaghan today, plus Piers Morgan banging his hatred drum has set the stage for a necessary showdown.
Prince Harry did what he had to do to protect his family from a similar fate as his beautiful mother. It’s time for the couple to have their time in a controlled environment with Oprah and shift the narrative. Lilith do what you do!

Unicorn Sparkles

Camilla smoking while skiing is the only bit of royal imagery I need.


yes. yes please, c’mon Cammy, give us a photoshoot


I hope the brand is Alpine.


who is Rose?
think im missing something here…


William allegedly had an affair with a high-powered aristo named Rose back when Kate was pregnant with Louis. Rose’s husband is quite powerful and depending on which side you believe… the palace purposely fed H&M to the wolves to deflect from William’s affair…. or H&M outed William’s affair to get the heat off them. There are two distinct camps trying to spin this tale. IMO, no one comes off looking all that well.


yes i googled…cant believe this went under my radar…its been VERY hush hush in the uk…


Yep. Almost as much as Andrew’s troubles. The fact he’s been a prick all his life, yet protected by the firm really turns my stomach.


the firm rules


It will be like a series if canons going off but in the PR world the vibrations will last, until George, Charlotte and Louis grow up. Already they are speaking in public to distract from their grownups’ messes, or is it Will’s trimming rosebush? Kate’s laziness and cluelessness is so underwhelming…

Original Scorpsta

Most likely the latter. She gives off serious narc vibes. As for Harry – if I ever had to cry on cue, I’d just picture him walking behind his mother’s coffin. Gets me every time.


looking forward to this…think its on next week here…i do think they are massively hypocritical
and also…why do it?
if yhey’re so fixated on having ‘privacy’!


They’re not fixated on privacy. They stepped back to get out alive from all that bullying that you seem to be doing one yourself. They’re entitled to manage their brand and their image just like every body else in that Family. But the royals, their courtiers and hounds continually smeared, bullied a pregnant woman because she makes Harry a part of her glamour and modern world. Together they sparkle when the rest of the family drips


they’re not fixated on privacy?
are you sure about that???
i believe she was wholeheartedly welcomed into the royal family and given a house here, it was redecorated at the taxpayers expense (which has been paid back)
i dont think she fully realised what she was getting into.
but, she was in love
i still think they’re hypocritical and don’t understand why they’re doing the interview, but hey, looking forward to it!


as for bullying, i refer you back to your own nasty comments on kate above….


Matrix fuqery, imho.

Wish Upon a Star

I have no idea what matrix fuqery means.

Please explain?

Wish Upon a Star

Megan copped more shit for wearing black nail polish then creepy Prince Andrew did for being besties with Epstein. That says it all.

Lately my hackles have been up about why women conform. I am an early Gen X so I have been affected by this.

I envy the newer generations. I sometimes feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. My Aquarian mother was non conformist but society wasn’t.

I am a Pisces Rising so I just want to be fluid and effortless in my individuality. But I get angry with double standards.

Wish Upon a Star

Oh and I have Lilith in Aries conjunct Saturn 2nd house.

Unicorn Sparkles

This is a theme of a few Instagram rants and articles I’ve come across lately. Conforming to financial subservience, conforming to being dignified (ie silent) on personal pain. I’m happy it’s being put out there into the world. As a gen x myself I grew up being taught absolutes – you can’t do this, you should do that…the standards are changing. I hope for the better.

Wish Upon a Star

Can you name a few of those articles and memes please?

I would like to read them.🧐

Unicorn Sparkles

Hard to trace the Internet rabbit hole I’ve gone down but started with Graces Tames speech, then Brittany Higgins account having to choose between being heard or ending her dream career…then the laws which Grace Tame fought to abolish in order to be heard only to have Victoria and NT recently propose same law where victims of sexual assault couldn’t be named. Jill Meaghers parents would never be able to publicly speak of /name their daughter again… BBC news on women callcentre employees and the compliance taught in school years which then makes them perfect for menial work. The Alice… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star



I’m hearing you (also about the Pisces rising)!

Wish Upon a Star



“Lilith in any sign is cast as a dangerous subversive but really, to wreak havoc she only has to be real..” brilliant, MM – this is true in my humble experience. Lili is conjunct my Asc at 24 Taurus. At 6 years of age I remember telling my step-mother that ” If you need to wear make-up to make somebody like you, then that person does not deserve you”, or something like that. I feel Lilith has always given me a crystal clear vision of relationship dynamics, even if I don’t always agree. Diana is present in this interview. Both… Read more »


Sorry, re-edit: “regulating it may only subdue its inherent flux” ~ but not stop its capacity for making the truth (which I think is always represented by Lilith) become the first casualty any narrative. Respect for the truth is also Lilith’s domain, in my experience (only). 🌼

Crystallised future

Lol! I absolutely adore your take in things Mystic!

Love Merkuri

Have never been a fan of the royal family, but I do love how Megan & Harry are a little rebellious and it was about time the royals old A.F traditions got a good shake-up.

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Frankly I can’t wait. Even if it just turns out to be a distraction. Blow it out of the water guys.


latest fuquery…no more


hahha 🙂 love it great article thankyou “ So who thinks it will be amazing and who thinks it will just be ponderous drivel designed to prop up the Matrix, distract us from the latest fuqery?” – I am leaning towards the latter


agree, but also I think it will support more people seeing through the Matrix. THAT is happening at an alarming speed.

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