The Libra Dress Historian On “Black”

Dior is right of course. An Aquarius with Mars in Scorpio Rising, he knew that black is unfailingly elegant- it subdues extraneous details to give you a sleek stunning line. Black is never try-hard and this helps with looking younger because nothing is more aging than over-the-top styling and clothes in gaudy hues. And yes, black is versatile- it can be embellished and foxy for a party or a professional sheath in the office.

Once upon a Dior-time (I’m thinking the 40s and 50s here), black was also edgy. Fast girls and beatniks wore black from their polo necks to their brassieres in rebellion against the sickly pastels that teens were supposed to wear. But now black is an invisibility cloak of conventionality. Girls from Aries to Pisces love themselves in black; say their boyfriends love them in black.

Fashion black has become what baby pink and blue were in the 50s, the color of pleasing. Whereas in the 50s and 60s feisty chicks donned black underwear to denote their passage into the wilderness, nowadays, the most conformist girls wear opaque black coordinates, while their more adventurous sisters experiment with color, texture, and pattern.

An all-black wardrobe can be boring. Even if you’re a Scorpio or Capricorn, total reliance on black is like an artist who focuses on line at the expense of color. Like painting, wearing color successfully takes guts and skill, but when you master it pays off. You can express yourself on a whole other level, whether you’re a Neptunian in translucent greens and purples or a Martian in acrylic reds.

Chanel once said that people only remember the women in black and white. That may have been true of the period when a smattering of women in black offered the eye refuge from their peers’ florid color. But now, when we are all too often confronted with a sea of black-wearers, who all want to be seen as effortlessly elegant, we applaud the women who take a chance on color.

The choice of colours out there is staggering, and the stakes are higher than with wearing black. The girl in ill-fitting sky-blue satin draws more pity and disdain than her friend in indifferent black crepe. But the one who isn’t afraid to be magnificent in green or gold outshines them both.

Katerina Pantelides is a dress historian and writer living in London. A Libra with Neptune rising, she is interested in the relationship between fashion, beauty and the occult.

“Her closet bloomed black. They smelled of menthol cigarettes and leather and rose attar. Black was the color of limousines and the Eiffel Tower; it was mascara; black was poetry.”
– Mary Karr

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  1. I actually think that black doesn’t do much for me. It’s NOT my color. I am blonde and paleish, a ‘soft summer’ type so softer and less intense colors suit me better. I do have plenty of black clothes, but I’ve made a rule for myself to not buy black. If I must buy a neutral buy navy or grey instead. Those colors look way better against my face. That didn’t work last time I went shopping as I got a black polka dot sweater…but I’m trying to stick to that.

    I want to buy more color…more prints…live a little! I think black is not everything any more. Anyone can throw on black but it takes more effort to wear color or white. And it’s important develop a style that suits you and is FUN. Black isn’t fun at all. I’ve been trying to revamp my wardrobe this year. Being a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl I’ve never really had a personal style, and figuring it out has been interesting. I just bought shoes that have a floral pattern on them and they’re just cute and fun.

    That said I’m working on buying the perfect pair of black skinny jeans as I think they always look good.

  2. Back to white today.
    Have finally come home and changed into my white cotton oversized PJ’s.
    Took boy to spa today.
    A learning experience for sure.
    He would not let me sleep, which I desperately needed to do.
    Kept waking me up and wanted to leave.
    I explained politely that after a week of him ringing my bell at 3 or 4 am every morning and dealing with all his drama and chaos addiction I was just shattered and that resting and sleeping was exactly what I had come there and do go there to do. He just wouldn’t let me be. I kept falling asleep by the pool and he KEPT waking me up. I could feel myself getting annoyed at his pattern of creating drama and the sheer selfishness of his behaviour was extremely distasteful.
    I took him upstair for lunch.
    He only wanted wine.
    Very bad sign.
    I ordered a fab healthy lunch but drinking was all he seemed interested in doing. I paid for the lunch and then went back downstairs to relax.
    Sadly, this was not possible due to the boy constantly waking me up. He wanted to go home. said he felt sleepy. I’m like, errrr yes, that is the whole point of being here. Nap, rest and please allow me to do the same. cue an actual argument. In the quiet, safe, sanctuary of my most favourite place in the world .I simply refused to be THAT couple and found his behaviour intolerable but after a week of him 24/4 (and to be fair until now most of it has been fun and quite loving) I just desperately needed sleep.

    An hour later one of the staff approaches me rather awkwardly saying that “my partner” was waiting for me upstairs.
    The boy was totally inebriated – as in completely and utterly drunk, behaving very rudely and inappropriately at the front desk area of a 5 star hotel spa area. Not cool. Telling me I should “go fuq myself” and staggering around swinging a full wine glass in his hand.
    He’s run my bill up to almost £200.
    In alcohol, in one afternoon, without my consent and after I’d bought him a new iPhone 5 to replace the one he smashed (yes- not smart of me. I know.)
    It hasn’t arrived yet so I will see if I can get a refund on it.
    I’d also told him that I’d help him find another job and that he could crash with me until he got something more permanent sorted out.
    I didn’t want him to have to go back to that nasty boss. I felt protective.

    Hotel security came straight up and a scuffle ensued. Them trying to prize the wine glass out of his hand. Him shouting. I paid the bill and just left.

    Have dropped his things at the restaurant -was very polite about it, just said that these were his things and to please make sure he received them.

    Spoke with concierge, he is forbidden to ring my bell.
    Unfortunately he is doing so right now.

    I don’t care if I seem sociopathic right now.
    I have nothing to say to him.
    i don’t want to call the police but if he continues harassing me, especially late at night, or at all, I will call them.

    I’m back to working on my project now.
    Have to make today productive.
    Will relax tomorrow alone chez spa.

    He can keep my clothes if he wants, I honestly do not give a shit.
    What an idiot.

  3. And then what happened ?
    Were they mean to you ? Awww
    Don’t take it personally.
    Yellow is very hard to work with.
    Would you say it was sort of a cheesy yellow ? Or lemon ?
    Let’s not talk about beige.
    Were you never told that only Rastafarians look hot in yellow tees.?
    See , it’s not your fault

  4. This post is music to my ears. I love black but when I say I love black its not a drowning uniform of oppression but haute statement black that I love. It’s not just black however, I am madly in love with high contrast (though annoyingly this look has been badly thrashed out in pop culture now for a time so its a little overdone on the eyes), though done with purpose and drawing on its ancestry of power archetypes, faultless.

    Interesting Dior was mars rising scorpio considering the statement silhouette he produced.

    But then I have have so much mercury in my chart I’m always torn between androgyny and expression of power in gender

      1. what degree is your Asc out of interest

        Like most of my mates, I mainly befriended black in its beginnings via sub culture. f you’ve got electric coloured hair, piercings and tattoos then you’re hardly going to walk around like the country road catalog of upper middle class aspired hues now are you?

        I am neon white and have interest in only very certain colours. I love colour, I just don’t like wearing many of them. Make up and hair are usually my colour statements

  5. Oh. This is a great article. Love it. Not sure what progression is to blame, but after a long period of black, grey, dark blue and olive green I am enjoying my wider array of colors now.

    Let me think … my progressed Asc is in Cancer since ages, my progressed Venus is in Pisces but since a couple years already. Progressed Moon in Aqua perhaps? Dear Dress Librarian, what is your take on this?

      1. I am already wearing those. What I ment was whether progressions could have an influence on change of taste in clothing / personal style.

        I still blame Italy and Mr. Saturn for mine.

  6. Scorporation, Inc.

    Black is a staple & a blank canvas. A foundation. Black bag & shoes go with everything. I only wear black pants to work, & then pair them with whatever color top floats my boat that day. Which is usually some hue of blue. Blue’s the best.

    1. i’m the same with white or cream vintage men’s shirt.
      black pants are the shizzle. i couldn’t imagine wearing a pencil skirt in any other colour than black. Shoes too.
      Heels I mean, I’ve tried other colours but they just feel wrong. Unless they are red.
      I do have a thing for red shoes but that was always on the cards for me 🙂

      1. Having said that, I CAN do preppie.
        But I call it Hip Hop Preppie.
        Like totally shredded baggy blue jeans, a white t or breton top and some serious leonine OTT bling with tennis shoes. Brown RL briefcase or saddlebag but jeans have to be low slug and ripped to shit. The bling has to be cheap and cheerful and a middle finger to the whole “classic Virgo” vibe Clean but with a hint of ho

          1. in spite of my antagonistic opener there, i am actually interested in having a debate with someone about the ongoing relevance (appeal?) of those confounded stripes. Pi x

            1. Are you referring to the breton stripes only – or stripes in general? If it’s the former it is because the French have NEVER let go of them, it’s like baguettes. So their influence in fashion will always be there.

              1. No no I love a good stripe, generally. But that particular width. I think my aversion stems from where I live. Local street fash makes me die of boredom around here. Oh well. Price you pay, etc 🙂
                As for the French thing… Hmm.. are they really hanging onto it? Maybe I need to spend more time there investigating. Just seems like ..oh I don’t know. Phone typing is hard. Never want to see baguettes disappear tho

                1. @Pi
                  We need to talk about Breton.
                  Can’t now tho as am cold and running a bath. Boy is sleeping in my bed. I am disturbed because his horrible rich old (ok he’s my age but is an alcoholic so looks about 400) accused him of theft and staged an “investigation” all because he is jello. I did confront him (the boss about this last night) because ever since- even before we hooked up but since we did it’s gone mad. He (this restaurant owner has been saying nasty things behind my back to the boy since before xmas when we met. Things like “she’d never go for you because you don’t have money.” and all the while trying to kiss me and calling me constantly which is one of the reasons I started avoiding that place. The boy did say, “I don’t care if I loose my job because of you.” and I said “Come on stop being so dramatic. People are jealous of you being with em and they WILL try and come between us but you work 15 days without a break,from 11am until midnight every day and you run that place like a boss. Everyone loves you, he’s cute, never looses his cool and Gem ascendant makes everyone feel like they belong there. He also cashes up, fits the speakers, installed the security cameras and does loads of shit not in his job description. This boss guy Danny has ramped up on the calling me (14 times last night) and is now saying really malicious and untrue things about both of us to the other because he is sore that HE can’t have me but this lowly serf is getting the royal treatment. So tonight in a non aggressive but firm way I asked for an apology. This idiot has no idea how to apologise and the fact that I stuck to my guns made him furious. He smiled outwardly but then when he saw the boy and Me leaving together he staged this whole pseudo investigation. Felt the need to call me and tell me he was getting the cops round and having the boy deported. Said he needed to talk to me in person and would I please leave my phone on.
                  I gullibly believed it and was pretty gutted but fell asleep watching a movie. Cops were never called because it was all bogus. Boy shoed boss wanker all receipts and accounted for every single cent.
                  I missed 9 calls from Slimy boss and poor boy was knocking on my door but I was just dead to the world.
                  He rung my bell at 4am YES AGAIN and obvs I was livid but hearing the way this guy behaved just made my blood boil.
                  He basically left the boy in the street, told him he’s fired anyway and drove off in his posh car … The way he treats boy is disgusting and yes. I’m feeling protective. I’ve switched off iMessage as slime boss was even using this to try to reach me. It’s fuqin ridiculous. This is malicious and vindictive and just wrong. I dislike injustice and duplicity.
                  Boy is passed out in my bed and I’m doing laundry since 4am and thinking I’m never going back to that place. What piece of work that boss dude is. There are more deets but I won’t bore you with them, besides, I’m cold and need a hot bath…

                2. Yes, really – they will never let go of the breton stripe. it is the national uniform so to speak. I’ve been going there for years and the breton remains a steadfast stalwart. I prefer the non breton variety – love the Russian navy stripes. Love how Gautier uses them too – very sassy, stylish and humourous.

            2. Breton.
              I got a few classic breton tops after seeing Coco Before Chanel.
              The movie I blame for my ill considered hair cut.
              Note to self
              I am not Audrey Tatou
              So now I find them useful, say if I’m interviewing accountants or at a smart casual thing where I don’t wish to fly my freak flag and fun when I trash the look in a hip hop pasta way. They can be sexy tho. There is no getting past that. On the right person, with the right attitude and outfit, like most things – they work.
              Context is everything.
              Best worn without the beret, baguette and string of onions tho I feel 🙂

              1. pasta was meant to read gansta. Oh predictive text at no point have I EVER meant to use the word “ducking”
                Is that even a word?
                Like a noun???

  7. I too saw a lovely all in black elegant office girl sighting ( now i take a tram to work here on the GC I can relax and view the world – love it). I can’t do black myself being a red/greying hair freckled thang with pale skin it drains me but I do admire those that can. i had my colours done years ago and am better in softer colours.

  8. Yeah, black could have a whole book to itself. In oil painting, I was taught that you never use black pigment right out of the tube. You should mix black as a color like thalo blue plus cadmium orange, and mix a range of black colors from warm to cool. But color balanced blacks are hard to manage.

  9. Virgo-to-the-max

    Oh, I love black. Something well-cut, well-tailored, in good fabrics. I’ll do dark navies as well. I get away from all black with accessories. Not a full-on contrast, but a splash of colour – a red bag, or red shoes, or my favourite piece of jewellery (an oval turquoise pendant on a long chain; the turquoise is set in silver. There’s a small piece of lapis inset into the turquoise with a Sanskrit “Om” written in silver filigree overlaid on the lapis. I adore it).

    I have heavy black glasses, and short, dark, red-brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Dark colours make me feel comfortable. I tried branching out a wee while back – bought an ecru (shut up, it is so a colour) raw silk shirt for work. It makes me a little uncomfortable. But the fabric’s glorious!

    I’m uber-Virgo (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo; Aquarius asc)? I like everything clean, simple and quietly striking. Dressing well makes me feel good – and it’s good “armour” for work. (Don’t get me started on how pilling on a jumper or a loose thread can derail me until I sort it out …)

    1. Pilling. Ok let’s Virgo out on that. I might be louche but that makes me froth at the mouth. Usually seems to be a consequence of cheap, crappy fibres in my experience? Acrylic I am looking at you.

      1. Virgo rising here, and I really, really hate pilling. The fabrics that pill are usually blends of natural fibres and synthetics. The synthetic fibres, due to their very nature, are infinitely long and natural fibres such as wool, cotton, etc are shorter, therefore they work their way out of the twist of the yarn and pill on friction points leaving that nasty shiny synthetic fibre behind. There, that first degree of mine in textiles has come in handy 🙂

  10. Sometimes, I am aware of the influence that the moon has on me when choosing what colour clothes to wear. And I would like to think, that it’s a mixture of comfortable yet stylish minimalism with a hint of humour ..(after all)…, be it in black or/ with colour – normally hues of blues and greens with touches of reds. But for the last few weeks it’s been all about bold beautiful colour. Big , bold prints mainly in black and red with other bright colours like yellow and orange. I have natal mars and moon in leo in 10th. So I figure that its the scorp mars leo jupiter energy zapping about….” It feels good to be the king!” ….or queen, even.

  11. electric eel libran

    The whole black is youthful and colours ages you thing is ingrained misogyny. Because oh noes if you actually look your age! Older women choose more colourful things because their skin tone is different, not as pink or cheery. Add black to an already dull or pallid complexion and it will not look good if you are going for a typical heteronormative look.

    In my area, colour still reigns. Adherence to the Pantone of the moment is encouraged. Black thankfully is still a refuge for those who want to make a statement. Black, esp if the style and cut is too mainstream says “sheeple” these days.

    I myself have been celebrating my old person status by allowing my hair to grey noticeably and choosing colour or white instead of going to my black all the time. white is the new goth colour anyways.

    Black and dark blue are the colours that support the kidneys. They are the colours of the common people. Black is actually a rainbow.

  12. Well considering that I spend most of my days wearing trainers (admittedly Michael Jordan’s personalised with my “CJ logo” in my brand colours -black and Red or the white ones with hints of pale grey, and the CJ in red with a fluorescent orange lightening bolt but still, trainers and gym clothes) I do like to glam up a bit when I can. Since I have a strong bone structure, jawbone from and cut glass cheek bones, courtesy of Grandma who came from German royalty, natural fish lips that weren’t always considered cool, courtesy of the groom she escaped her hideous family with carrying only some jewellery, her education, intelligence and their true love on a boat to Africa I get mistaken for a transexual/ trans-gender person even in ripped jeans since I started body building I find the comments when I wear my one red dress a bit mean. I have one LBD but I’ve always liked the androgynous look. As in tuxedo pants with a boy beater vest and braces. Tacky I know… So lately I’ve defaulted to skinny vegan faux leather pants with a cream silk tux shirt, usually from a vintage shop but I do have a few white or off white shirts. I dislike the word “blouse” also I feel too prissy when I wear them. Too prim. Like the bob. It might be stylish but it ain’t me babe. I dig the boho/minimalist vibe. The carefully considered “don’t give a fuq” look.
    Obviously I do. But a cropped black jacket or a pencil skirt can feminise the look if I have to go smart lady. Having very small boobs I do LOATHE bras. I understand it’s “impolite” not to wear them and I try, I try. I realise how deeply offensive my nipples must be and I try to keep them covered but is it REALLY so bad if a teeny flash is spotted under a black jacket?
    I mean I’m almost 42. Look at Rene Russo in the Thomas Crown Affair remake. Her boobs and style is flawless, sexy and classy as fuq IMO.

    I realise I’m not a fashion expert but I do notice details.
    I adore menswear.
    If I could wear suits from Jermyn St in the evening with a trilby and a La Perla slip underneath, I would. And screw handbags too. I’m so over them. I need a briefcase. Or just a pocket, one or the other.
    That’s just where I’m at clothes wise right now.
    At home it’s Gold Kiki De Montparnasse, Louboutins, La Perla or white cotton jammies…..yes ironed, yes fresh ones every night but my new boyfriend loves La Perla so it would be a shame to waste that opportunity now wouldn’t it. Besides, he looks great in my oversized size 14 jammies…. No he hasn’t been home since we got together.
    He tried to stay away but showed up at 3am this morning drunk, telling me he couldn’t, he tried. I was not amused but I did find it slightly endearing I have to admit. He’s been in a fist fight with some guy from the food market who asked him why he was hanging out with a transexual. I just laughed.
    Put him in the shower, made him brush his teeth about 4 times. He thought singing Lana Del Rey with a toothbrush in his mouth was the same thing as brushing them. It wasn’t.
    He’s also been to see the x to tell her he was now with me.
    I said “oh really? Are we a thing now?”
    He just covered his face and said “i think I love you. I can’t stay away from you. I want to be with you. I don’t care what people say about you.”
    I laughed and said that people are just jealous. Then I told him to get his ass to bed and hands OFF!
    Boy was suitably embarrassed this morning.
    I woke him up with ibuprofen, fizzy vit C, caffeine and verbal bitch slap.
    I said,”listen kid. I get that you were shy about coming back here and you tried calling from the restaurant and I didn’t pick up. I get that your iPhone is being repaired but you pull that shit again and I kick you out ok?”
    Once, I can handle but I have an empire to build and no man/ boy/ child is going to get in my way ok? So if you want to go out and get drunk with your friends that’s great. Just don’t think you can can hang with me afterwards.”

    More face covering and “I love your drive, your ambition is so sexy, you are so sharp and organised and focused. I want to go places and you are going places.”
    “Yes? so you got some ketchup to do then boy. No scenes, no jealousy, no nonsense. If you want to go where I’m going you better start pulling your weight.”
    He started cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry… “not now” I said “Kristina is coming, I don’t need you for that.”

    “He said you don’t need me for anything do you?”


    “no sweetheart I don’t. Now get your clothes on and get to work because I have a lot to do today, so go!”

    Then I got a cab to the spa.
    It’s time to work out, have a sauna and some steam.
    If he behaves, he can join me here Sunday and Monday.
    I hope he does.
    I really like him.

  13. Know I am in the minority but I think Black is the uniform of the unimaginative and unadventurous. And NO, not everyone can wear it. WHY would everyone want to. The ‘black uniform’ recalls the days of strict Catholic schools filled with unsmiling pupils being herded by unsmiling nuns in medieval garb. The biggest marketing scam of the last 40 yrs by the fashion industry whose real purpose in black is beautiful is to reduce their costs. How? By the usual method when the market is women – lying to them. ie wearing mourning clothes, even tho’ you’re only twenty, is cool; that looking like everyone else is ‘cool’; that everyone looks good in black (big lie), that you can wear it everywhere (even bigger lie). Black is for sheeple. Black is not cool, black is BORING.

    1. In other words we should wear what makes us look good & feel good. Not everyone can or should wear black.

  14. I have Scorpio rising but I also have a no black rule. I wear black pants sometimes but I make a conscious effort to never ever wear a black top. It sucks the life out of me. I also have long thick black hair so maybe it’s just all too much. Yay for colours!!

  15. “You can have any colour, as long as it’s black.” – Henry Ford

    I LIVE in black.

    Black jeans are a staple. So are black boots made in Italy.

    Having blonde hair, black just works.

    I plan to wear black (and boots) well into my 100s.

    1. bull with sting in tail

      And my avatar,

      seems to have self selected over time to stable representation as depicted adjacent.


    2. 🙂

      ‘Monochromania’ …love it.

      Impressive that you MAKE your own boots! In my next life, I’m coming back as a shoe designer. (Pisces sun).

      Check out Alberto Fasciani regarding boots for life.

      1. bull with sting in tail

        Thankyou for your enjoyment,

        Senor Fasciani looks to be a provider of much beauty,

        and whilst i , in the main, provide for the needful…

        for myself and and the willing discerning

        i provide, i hope, quality and discernment.

        Thanks again Mim

  16. I love black, pink, & blue. But I will buy lots of grey. Its a color that can be worn winter or summer and very versatile. For the red carpet, I would go silver with feminine details and add color accessories like blue sapphires. I always make sure to have a pair of black boots tho. 😉

  17. Ummm, black for me reflects a state of mind. I have altered between hating it on me, for years… But now I am fine with it. Same goes for white. But black with white, I really like.

  18. Agree with the others who comment that all black looks v weird when outside city/urban areas. Sub tropix summers = black lol.

  19. Ah, yes! This is the difference. Good black is a freaking knockout. In that girl’s case, it was the form that sealed the deal. By the sound of things.

  20. Wearing black dress right now for date with Mr Leo … it’s not that short, but it clings in the right spots. With knee high boots. Chunky silver pendant and rings. Red lippy. Raunchy undies … 😉

    But generally no, I don’t wear all black. Unless it’s statement dressing.

  21. Wore heaps of black until 2008 – just couldn’t and still can’t handle the heaviness. Extends to shoes as well,

    Not sure if it the move away from the city to being enveloped by trees.

  22. 😯

    This is fantastic! Right now, I’m wearing black jeans with zippers in odd places & black boots but that’s about it the black dept. I’m into colour at the moment & I like to experiment with that a bit more 🙂

  23. Year of the Phoenix

    Yep always a staple but agree with Rachel re the bold x1 with it.

    It doesn’t suit me at all tho ha! Had my colours done during a fashion class at tafe and wow it is truly amazing what colour does when its close to your face! Girls noses straightened and bent depending on cool/warm shades and dark circles appeared and disappeared

    I am a “summer” (very northern hemisphere virgo) so black is way too harsh but weirdly everyone’s fav colour suited them the best – mine deep dark red to go with my deep dark blonde hair and scorp moon

    1. Seeing how colours work is amazing. My cap rising aqua sis wears colours that make me look like a morgue specimen. The colours that make me look like a Pisces goddess makes her pale olive complexion go a shy, and ups the grump factor by about 50. Crazy huh.

    2. libra dress historian

      Love deep red as a neutral. Especially good if you’ve got a Scorpio moon or Venus like me. Good job banishing the black!

      1. Year if the Phoenix

        Red as a neutral! I have been known to wear head to toe shades and tones so now it doesn’t seem so semicrazed thanks : )

  24. It’s so much about climate. After living in the subtropics for years I visited Melbourne, hadn’t been there for years.
    I was stunned by the sea of black. It really stunned me. If you live in a beachside sub tropical town black does not please.

      1. Totally agree about the climate. I wore a bright pink top to a meeting in Melb mid winter and was treated as a curiosity.

        I am sure there is something to the diabetes theory – too much fear held in kidneys.

      2. Yes – I think I’ll go out on a limb here – and suggest that diet is a factor in the growing number of diabetics throughout the world – especially booming in the developing countries where the color black is hardly worn (you know, sub-tropical and tropical). But I will tell my next patient suffering from diabetes that he or she should refrain from wearing black.

        1. So you have the answers others still search for – Karl Popper was wrong too i suspect.
          The theory as i understand it is grief is stored in the kidneys and black is associated with grief.
          Its mot perfect but another thought line – or should we not explore all ideas and just accept insulin injections and the inevitability of alzheimers (type 3)
          Modern medicine is so arrogant

          1. I do not have any answers – other than lobbying governments to ban fast foods, and I am definitely not an advocate of taking insulin. Believe it or not – not all doctors are slaves to big pharma. But when so many obese people in the south sea islands are diabetic – I certainly would not put that down to wearing too much black…not many wear it around these parts. Please don’t think that I don’t understand the power that color has on the mind and how it can be used to heal.

          2. in defense of black

            In TCM – it is the Lungs that are directly involved with Grief. A normal and healthy expression of grief can be expressed as sobbing that originates in the depths of the lungs – deep breathes and the expulsion of air with the sob. However, grief that remains unresolved and becomes chronic can create disharmony in the lungs, weakening the lung qi (vital energy). This in turn can interfere with the lung’s function of circulating qi (vital energy) around the body.
            The color related to Lungs is White.

            The color related to Kidneys is black or blue – the element is Water. And Fear is the emotion related to Kidneys.

            Before you demonise Black, it is the color that was most priced by the ancient Chinese. In the I Ching, black is regarded as Heaven’s color. Lao Zu also chose black as the color of the Tao, as he said that the other 5 colors make the people blind.

            Modern Chinese use black in daily clothing and white is associated with death and mourning still. White is also the color of mourning and grief all over India as well as the Middle East and some African countries. But I suppose that one day all negative things will be related to black if the current trend of demonising black continues and Western globalization strangles all opposing cultures.

            In the old pagan tradition of the West, Black is the color of defense by repelling dark magick and reversing spells and thought forms into positive power. It is also releasing, grounding, focusing, calming and opens channels from the feet. It is the color of the Crone and where new life develops.

            1. I like your interpretation of black.
              I feel protected wearing black and also it suits every occasion from work or social.

            2. Totally agree about its use in repelling negative thoughts/energy as someone who is too absorbing of their environment I find I am drawn to black most of the time.

              I say, go with your instincts, people should do when they are sick, especially if they are already in tune with things.

              I get Seasonal depression and prefer warmer colors during these times in my own home.

              Space is black, maybe its the unknown and vastness I think that scares people, it can be an unearthly color, it is silly to demonize it like you say.

              As a child I was scared of the color red, I demonized that. Now I like red.

        2. My patrners type 2 and blood pressure disappeared over a year when he switched to a job he loves. Diet same, alcohol intake same, exercise same and his weight is the same – he just took control of his happiness

  25. I dunno, maybe I’m just a conformist, but I wear black to hide. I feel like I attract enough attention as it is, and it makes me uncomfortable. I had one period in my life where I wore colors and patterns and heels and it was because I was really, really high, and I could absorb all the energy. Otherwise it totally freaks me out, this feeling of being too seen.
    But always accessories and little color pops too, so. Assuaging Leo Saturn who DOES want to be seen maybe.

    1. Me too! I remember reading about it being good protection from negative energy, although too much can make you feel depressive.

      I like black and ‘plain’ colors most of the time as I don’t want to attract and just ‘blend’ in, especially in environments that are crowded and I’m not comfortable in.

  26. I could wear monochrome navy with white tennis shoes every day for probably the rest of my life. It might as well be black, but it is so much better.

  27. This is so great! Gives context to all these fashion statements made about black, that make me go, ‘wha?’. Unique? Sleek? Yawn.

    Since I have had Saturn on my Scorp Lunar I have emotionally become obsidian by look and nature. I feel protective and self protective.
    Black bikery style jackets, shiny black aztec bead earrings, glossy black ouroboros scarves, black boots.

    After a while it just seems lazy to wear all that black.

    My inner Leo has gotta get back in the game with all this fizzy Jupiter stuff!
    Loves my green, turquoise, pink and gold.

    1. Yes me too. I discovered that I only instinctively reached for the all- black , skeleton themes, garnets, etc when moon is in scorp. Time and place I guess. Otherwise , my wardrobe is like a ballistic riot of colour. Vive les couleurs! X

      1. I think when helping others delve into their darkest emotions people like you to wear lighter, reassuring colours. I tried not to buy black for a while, but I do love it.

  28. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    That does it! I am going to try the no-black challenge! I will see if I can go a week in colours-other-than-black!

    1. It’s a piece of cake 🙂
      I think too much black is bad for the aura.
      Back when I was a corporate office fish, I made it a personal policy to wear absolutely no black on Mondays: not even undies, or socks, bra, hair elastic, shoes, bag, Nada. Niente. Nicht. (Ok maybe mascara, lol) Mondays were hard enough without wearing weekend mourning colours 😉

  29. Raché(Aqua/Tauri)

    Oh, I have to admit that I do love black. In my younger years I was ALL ABOUT weird colors and patterns and took a lot of risks but black is awesome for blondes. Mixing black with unique colors can make them stand out while still looking pulled together… I like the skinny black Audrey beatnik look with Docs and then one piece of attention-grabbing flair (earrings, coat, purse) for my casual uniform. Better than blue jeans imo. But I refuse to do the little black dress thing and agree that’s overplayed…

    ALL the Aquarians I know are like this. We have really consistent staples, almost a uniform really…but throw in surprise elements that make our style unique.

    1. Doing the brown at the moment and unless I am made up, black looks pretty drab. With hair as blonde as yours black is smashing! You are a stunner Rache.

      1. Raché(Aqua/Tauri)

        I’ve toned that blonde waaaay down, was just platinum for one year but prefer the Rich Hot Milf shade of blonde that is still light but looks natural. lol.

        After the platinum I went a shade of auburn to cover it all up and let it get healthy again and overnight my day-to-day look went from looking like neutral to super-goth. Warm shades seem to look best on redheads and most brunettes, like the color palate for autumn clothes.

        1. I really look best blonde but the chemical process gives me migraines & it’s exxy in both time/$. Warmer shades don’t work that well on me, being a dark blonde or mouse-grey naturally. I do better cool pastels or bold colour rather than Autumn palette – pity really.

          I am going for dark chocolate next time, it’s cooler than my current colour.

      1. Yep, definitely another Aqua here wearing her ‘uniform’ look of skinny black ankle pants, a pretty top, and Victorian earrings. It works surprisingly well. I shocked my coworkers the other day by admitting I only own four pairs of shoes, and am considering chucking the sneakers in favor of black granny boots. Yet, I have over 2,000 books … A life of the mind over a shoe wardrobe. 🙂

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