How To Tell If Someone Has Scorpio Rising

For an astrological feature that’s so vital, the ascendant can be difficult to discover. Unlike the Sun Sign, which most people will tell you or which is simple to uncover, the rising sign alters every couple of hours. Even if they recall their exact time of birth, barely any non-astro-fiend knows their rising sign – aka ascendant.

Fortunately, they can be figured out even if you’re not up for sleuthing around the place. Some rising signs signal themselves while others are more difficult to crack. They’d absolutely hate this but next to Leo Rising, Scorpio Rising is the easiest ascendant to spot. Yes, easiest. Check out these four easy methods.

One: Ultra-Hypnotic Eyes

Scorpio Rising people have gaze. In conversation their eyes lock on like sci-fi phaser rockets and attempt to merge. At least, that is what it feels like. They don’t scan the surrounding environment checking for alternate stimulus or zone in and out. They’re mesmeric.

Shakespeare said that eyes are the window to your soul: in the case of Scorp-Rising, they’re more of a mezzanine to the soul, complete with floor to ceiling windows and an infinity pool.

Golden Era Hollywood star Bette Davis: her plutonic gaze was celebrated in an iconic early 80s hit – Bette Davis Eyes.

The supremely talented Greek soprano Maria Callas accentuated her already strong Scorpionic eye game with dramatic cat’s eye make-up.

Prince – performer, musician, poet – blended double-Gemini funk with mesmeric Scorpio Rising charisma and goo-goo eyes.

Two: Sudden Onset Intensity

Any element of Scorpio, Pluto, or 8th house energy can be intense, but Scorpio Rising specializes in the sudden swerve: one moment they’re nonchalant, the next moment they’re there. Really there.

They seemingly bring their entire being into the moment and focus it all on a singular point of dialogue. And no, it doesn’t matter how ostensibly mundane the discussion was – they’ll pivot to intensity in a heartbeat. The deep Scorp psyche probe is more like particle collision than conversation. Depending on the extent to which you fancy them, it can be disconcerting or arousing.

David Guetta: French DJ and music producer with a philosophical bent. Will swerve from talk of beats and commerce to his vow to live in passion, not fear.

Eighties modelling phenom Paulina Porizkova segues from sharing skincare tips to passionate – sometimes tearful – advocacy for post-menopausal women in culture.

Uri Keller achieved mainstream fame in the 70s due to his psycho-kinetic skills. He has a peripheral television niche but swerves into paranormal activism/C.I.A. rumors.

Three: Wearing Black Amps Their Aura

Another sure-fire way to detect a Scorpio Ascendant? They look ultra-hot in black – rather than draining them as it can some people, the color warms them. It amplifies their plutonic aura, upping their glow-factor and sex-appeal. For them wearing black is never nihilistic or even a ‘safe’ default fashion option, it’s more of a protective magic shield.

It evokes the sleek sheen of a raven’s wing, the Batmobile, volcanic Obsidian, black cats, midnight and the night-godddess Nyx. Other rising signs are less obtrusive when they wear black – Scorpio Rising people in black draw the light.

Black becomes Jessica Chastain, renowned for her brilliant portrayals of niche, controversial women – eg: poker hustler Molly Bloom and Zero Dark Thirty’s C.I.A. analyst.

Frank Ocean has maximum authenticity. There is no topic so taboo that he will not address it poetically and with class. Black appears to be his wardrobe mainstay.

Former adult movie actor turned journalist/producer/author, Ovidie operates on classically Scorp Rising turf. Her adherence to black adds extra gravitas to her message.

Four: Their 'Top Secret' Intel Vibe

Scorpio Rising is fab at acquiring and holding top-secret intel. You can (usually) trust them but their treasure store of covert knowledge shows in their demeanor. They always seem as if they know things – even facts about or pertinent to you that you don’t know. Or are they bluffing? It’s hard to tell.

If they’re a lower-end Scorp-Ascendant, they’ll try to keep others on edge and slightly bothered as a deflective manipulative measure. Even if it verges on blackmail, they’d see it as a sensible precaution. Higher-end ones just hold a huge array of valuable information – worldly, cosmic, micro, macro… – and treat it with immense respect. Even then, they transmit an air of inscrutable knowing.

Famous since the age of 14, Canadian singer Justin Bieber has Scorpio and Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) rising. Despite his high profile, he retains a weird mystique.

Tori Amos has always been open about her avid interest in mysteries and secrets of the world. Her intellectual and psychic explorations keep on the edge of the zeitgeist.

Artist Georgia O’Keeffe, the so-called “mother of American modernism” had an archetypal Scorpio ascendant appearance. She was supernaturally self-composed and inscrutable.

136 thoughts on “How To Tell If Someone Has Scorpio Rising”

  1. I think my Ex was a scorpio rising. He is a pisces too. I always thought his eyes could also be the pisces?! But scorpio makes sense.
    I am a Taunus rising. @mysticmedusa: could you this for taurus rising too? that would be sooo so cool

  2. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    The little girl who advertises ALDI by eating watermelon deffo has it rising. I’ve never seen anyone make taking a bite of melon look like a demonic ritual.

  3. Wish Upon a Star

    Just wondering? I relate to some of these things. Especially to seeing through bull shit.

    I am a Pisces Rising with Neptune in Scorpio 9th house. Is this why?

    1. My Pisces dad always says it takes one to know one (bullshit artists that is)!! Lol. Pisces know what is a veil and when to lift it, with Neptune in Scorpio you bring the Misty Veil and use it at will surely.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I resemble that comment. lol. If I wasn’t in such a good mood today I would have been insulted.

        I’m actually too honest for my own good. And it gets me into trouble. I am at my best when I am short and sweet with my words.Mercury in Cancer gives me no option. I think words get people into trouble. Sometimes it is best to say nothing. The misty veil protects me. And no I don’t use it a will. That sounds so cynical.

        1. That is interesting that Mercury in Cancer gives you no option in being nothing but short, sweet and honest? I also have Mercury in Cancer. My words have me in trouble perhaps.. I see using a thing at will as a power that used well at the right time being neutral power, it’s not cynical. It’s a birthright to a Neptune in Scorpio gen person trine your water elements, like your verbal ability.

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            My Mercury in Cancer gets me into trouble too, that’s why it is better for me to be short and sweet. When conversations get negative it is better for me to walk away as I end up suffering.

            I did misunderstand your words. I’m sorry.
            I didn’t realise Nep in Scorpio trine water elements was a gen. I wish I could meet these people. Maybe I will Wish upon a Star.


  4. My Scorpio Rising boy of the golden skin and dark gold hair has intense blue eyes. Mainly they are directed inward or elsewhere. It is like having a laser from the Galactic Centre directed at you when you get his happy gaze. Plenty of disability support workers, friends & fam have worked really hard to get him to just look at them. Capricorn Sun/Venus/NN/Mercury/Pluto in makes him the inevitable master of the house. Mars in Leo opposing his Aqua stellium of Neptune/Jupiter/Moon/Chiron for extra charisma. His Ballon Moon conjunction in Aquarius is spritzy good fun but his Scorpio Ascendant makes him magnetic for some. He is my little Alien having a Human experience, and he wears the suit, but that is about it. Now he is 12 he has relaxed into complete inflexibility like a pro. He calls himself a laughing boy. Hypocrisy is exposed in his presence violently. Narcissist family members quake in his presence, knowing he will lay bare their inadequacy
    again. He can communicate quite well now, but barely bothers. Instead he draws events, people, situations he wants with the power of his being, lol. I swear I saw his tablet float over the bed into his hands the other day?? Or, maybe not, but I am not ruling telekinesis out of Scorpio Rising ability in general. Magnetism and control over their vibratory field should make Pluto Rising People Rulers of the Universe!

    1. A lot of fixed energy there, and a glass and a half of full-cream Cardinal for good measure. Are you sure he isn’t an Aztec ruler, a Pharaoh or a Roman emperor back for one last romp?

  5. ♏ ⬆️ here… I’d add that ppl take an immediate like or dislike to us. The ability to polarize just standing there. Used to it now, don’t take it personally anymore. It’s the intensity and some ppl react to that even if they couldn’t verbalize it.

    1. YES! and there’s nothing we can do about it (or so it seems).
      I’ve even consulted a body language expert for tips/advice: smile more, be approachable. don’t cross your arms, shake hands introduce yourself first.
      I’ve tried all those things by being more approachable, by smiling more, and friendlier by taking the incentive to start the conversation but I’m still considered way too intense, too aggressive.
      still, it’s very difficult.
      I’m often told I’m too intense, polarizing, intimidating, aloof, and an elitist snob.
      But I’m an introvert with social anxiety. It’s easier for me to converse with people I already know.

      1. and often accused of flirting with other’s spouses, partners when all I am doing is chatting or just saying hello at a party to be polite.
        People misread my intentions and it’s frustrating!

        1. YES to this. My tactic to avoid other women thinking that i’m going to steal their bfs/husbands (who i totally don’t want) is to completely ignore them. Trouble is, that that often makes you more attractive to men… that haughty, unattainable, uninterested vibe seems to appeal to the long dormant hunter instinct in many men… so it’s a bit of a catch 22.

          It doesn’t help that i’m always single (and therefore ‘dangerous’) and a Libran. Seriously tho, i’m very particular about who i fancy and it’s very unlikely that it’s going to be someone else’s boring old hubby…

      2. It may be you have other aspects adding to your Scorp rising that have it so people misunderstand you. Perhaps your Sun is highly aspected – overlaid with some outer planetary action?

      3. OMG me too! I have books on body language and have received instructions on how to “look approachable”. Pfff. Like putting a pink sweater on a dragon as far as I can tell lol but I have tried at least!

        1. You had me laughing out loud. A fellow Scorp rising here too. My kids call me a dragon (I am a dragon in a Chinese astrology) and I love to put on a bright pink jumper on. I actually bought a bright pink jumper today 😀

      4. So funny when reading a post you didn’t realise you’d already read and you go to comment “Yes!!” only to realise you said the exact same thing less that a year ago… 😂 Ah well, fixed rising sign – we are at least consistent!

        The “pink sweater on a dragon” comment amuses me tho – after decades in black, and on starting over in a new city, i bought a delicious vintage pink cashmere sweater, about 14 years ago now. I loved it to death (as i suspect may be another Scorpio rising trait?), and i really do feel that it made people more ‘comfortable’ around me… it sort of smoothed my passage in the world.
        I don’t like ruffling feathers – although i fear it’s inevitable, or drawing undue attention (12th houser!), so it felt like a power move rather than a demotion of sorts. It was almost like wearing armour, or a disguise, which absolutely suits both my Scorp rising and my 8th house Mars in Cancer. I was sad to let the scraps of that garment go, and would definitely recommend giving the old ‘soft disguise’ a go if being “too intense!” for others is making your life more difficult than you want it to be…

        I’ve been hiding in browns, taupe, greys and, of course, black for the past few years of peri-menopausal limerence and hibernation, but something must be afoot as i’m getting the urge to don a black leather jacket again and reclaim my full no-fucks-given, Scorpio rising privileges..! Watch this space (as i’ll probably be back in another year to say “Hell yes!” once more 😆). 🖤

  6. Ugggh this post reminds me of my ex-hub who was Scorp rising with Nepune conj ascendant, with an 8th house Gem moon. He claimed to have been a spy and that he had folders of stuff he’d kept from his spying days as ‘insurance’. I didn’t believe any of it because he was also a fantastist but he certainly did spy on me, and my friends.

  7. Love this one Mystic. Thank you. My Gemini son has a Scorpio Moon in the 12th close to the Scorp asc upon which sits Pluto. He fits the bill 150% – eyes, privacy, vampire, black, killing looks – love him to Neptune and back.

  8. I am drawn to Scorpio people. Love their depth. I have a stellium in leo and have saturn in my scorpio 8th house squaring my stellium.

  9. The mystique and heavy intensity of Scorpio rising, is likened to having Pluto in the 1st right? I never truly understood till later in life, why I often repelled people just by existing even before I opened my mouth lol.

      1. Definitely has created some very isolating/deflating moments.
        I’m also a Libra rising, which throws Venusian vibrations on top to create even more atmospheric pressure. Chart placements are such a blessing lol

    1. I have Scorp Rising AND Pluto in the 1st. I’m getting tired of men telling me they find me ‘intimidating’ or ‘judgemental’ when I don’t feel like I’m either, Libra Sun that I am

      1. Oh wow!! That’s sounds like powerful energy you’re packing 💥…. but the reaction to it all depends on who you’re letting into your orbit & their own level of security. I have to believe that the more we find comfort in our intricacies, the more we put the people around us at ease.

  10. Also, that cat-like nanosecond glint that passes through their eyes when they are amused or you surprise them. Only the most astute Virgo-Vision detects it, I think.

    Secondly, Libra Risings who progress into Scorp ascendent use it to maximum on-demand advantage to woo potential suitors/haters. More than those born with it. Its like a charm offensive with a sexy edge thrown in for good measure. Manipulative much?

  11. Ooh! Happy to see this pop up on my homepage. I think I first read this ~10 years ago, and it’s taken all this time to feel my way into my Scorpio rising vibe – I clearly recall back then not feeling sure or confident about it, like a puppy with too-big feet. But now I can embrace it, and also not take myself so seriously about it 😂

  12. …not forgetting jimmy page….was thinking of getting his symbol ‘zoso’ tattoed…but after some research its from an ancient sigil representing saturn….ruler of his cap sun sign…so maybe not…

    1. Circa 1973 some musicians in London told me how much Jimmy Page was into magic. Obviously that interest or practise has grown since then. Didn’t he buy Aleister Crowley’s old house

  13. Found out I am Scorpio rising much too late. I kept thinking I was some strange Sun sign Leo who resented all of the Leo descriptions. I despise familiarity from strangers, love sunglasses, and cannot go unnoticed. And, yes, I can see through you…and your motivations…

  14. *cough* Scorpio rising here, Taurus sun – and no resemblance whatsoever to a vampire – whatever they’re supposed to look like.

    Where the heck do people come up with such ludicrous notions? Been snorting spices, or something, have we?

    The worst people say of my appearance is that my eyes are penetrating and make them feel exposed, as though I’m seeing everything they’re trying so desperately hard to hide.

    Hardly anything vampire-ish about that.

    1. eyes are penetrating and make them feel exposed, as though I’m seeing everything they’re trying so desperately hard to hide.” OMG, this it’s bizzarely similar to what I’ve been told multiple times. Men are more likely to get freaked out by this than women, in my (sad) experience. Also, I’m Libra Sun. Perhaps what you describe is Venus-ruled sign + Scorpio Rising common effect?..

  15. I’m scorpio rising with libra sun. I do not look like a vampire. But I am intensely a background manipulator of sorts. I am intensely loyal and I hate with the same intensity as I love when someone betrays me. I do have a set of rules I operate on and expect all my friends to obey those rules. It’s common sense rules, unless someone doesn’t have common sense, then I guess you’re on the shit list. LOL! I usually don’t like to be friends with a person first because I have to feel them out first. I can usually tell if this person will be a good friend or if I can use them after I first talk to them about stupid stuff. Their responses usually carry the answers I need to make a decision. Even after that initial contact, I can tell what the hell they’re thinking by looking in their eyes. Or how they react to me. The men especially are so easy to read.

  16. ya know how i can tell if someone has scorp rising? they wanna be my friend. i’m literally SURROUNDED by them. must be all my 12th house darkness that draws them in like moths to the flame.

    1. nop im venus in leo scorpio rising mars in sag i have no darknes its not about darknes its about intensity darknes is mars and sun
      in scorpio

  17. Had a boyfriend who pretty positive was a Scorpio rising. Can’t say he looked like a Vampire but man he had a serious presence of power and going places. 23 years later, he more than exceeded going places and became quite the leader in his field. Wasn’t surprised at all.

  18. And you must have felt SO at home with him – aspects like that to the IC mean you relax with them at some deep dimension – bet you both unburdened deep psych merde to one another within a relatively short time of meeting lol xxx

    1. Very true! INTENSE was our keyword, dealing with demons type of thing 😀 very difficult to get over because he felt like family, like a part of me :/

  19. i dated a sag martial artist with scorpio rising conjunct mars, his Pluto & Moon conjunct my IC… he was definitely a vampire smh!! even though i KNEW he was pure evil he was sooo damn addictive 😀

    1. Also had an affair with a Kung Fu-ing Sagg. Became addicted even though i KNEW he was supremely bad news. It was like he set up camp in my head. A champion of bread crumbing gaslighting ghosting before they became a noted behaviour.

  20. its to do with scorpio being sybolised by the eagle. scorpionic folk nearly always have eagle eyes (nothing is missed) and also a rather profound sharp eagle like nose.. thats why they think vampire but no, its the eagle!

  21. i am a Scorpio rising with north node in the 12th conj Jupiter and Neptune and its easy for me to tell, Scorpio rising people are penetrating by the magnetic pull of the planet and those with Scorpio on the ascendant have the same effect, they are revealing of the self without speaking, no matter what the rest of their planets are.

  22. Merlene Shedlock

    Scorpio rising have distinctive full bodied hair, like Mozart. Their hair usually has some distinctive quality?

  23. When I was watching Twilight(don’t laugh!), my mother told me I could pass for a vampire because I have “dreamy eyes”. I had no idea what she was talking about.

  24. My Pisces sister has a Scorpio Rising and there is nothing goffick (gothic) about her. Swarthy complection? Well yeah, thats comes with our heritage. She’ll try to do intense but comes off as contradictory Pisces/Gemini instead (to me atleast). Then again, I have an 8th house moon conjunct Lilith and Pluto in the Midheaven so its not easy for me to spot Scorpio Risings based on the stereotypical discriptions because they also apply to myself.

    1. I am definitely Scorpio rising (yes, I’ve seen my birth certificate), and I am not remotely vampiric looking. Round innocent face and kind of looking like a cow.

  25. Scorpio rising sucks when you have a sun in Cancer, can not hide the feelings that well. People read my face before I say anything, kinda sucks. Also pluto conjunct ascendant and trine sun, adds to the intense stare. Truth is I try very hard not to stare. Also black eyeliner and smokey eye is my obsession.

    1. Blondie is a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Rising and Pisces Moon.
      Her eyes are amazing. They twinkle and tell a story.

      So you are an open book. So am I. Or so I’ve even told. I like to stare too.
      I feel protected when I wear black eyeliner.

  26. Don’t see any correlation to Assange’s appearance whatsoever. I find him très Moonie and/or Cappish. Even his advertising the truth for all to see does not appear the least Scorpionic to me. Are they not more the keep everything hidden/never reveal, it’s always about sex, and how they always outlive their every adversary type?

          1. The latest scoop claims not only does he have Scorp rising, but his Moon and Jupe are there as well. Luv it. Still don’t believe it, though. I was so hoping for a Sag Moon and Jupe in Cap. ;p His bail’s now set at £200,000. Wonder who last had that amount set for their bail in the U.K.?

  27. my bestie years ago was poster girl for scorp asc (cap sun/toro moon)
    massive green eyes -sicilian/ gypsy with green eyes that looked like a cat (nearly everything else was in leo) was the biggest magnet for gay men basking in her Divaness and managed to make goth quite glam.

  28. When I read this post I immediately pictured Eric Northman in my head…. mmmmm…. Now I’m struggling to think of things to say. *drool*

    When I first met my saggo with scorp rising he did look kinda vampy I guess, but at the time I thought he looked more kinda elfish a la Lord of the Rings films. Now he’s gone full throttle Saggo, tanned, muscular and surfie.

    1. Alexander Skarsgård has – by some accounts – Scorpio Rising. Others say Virgo, but that’s based on a “C” reliability, so i’d go with your gut (and mine) and say Scorpio… there’s a reason he was cast as Eric Northman! He is a Virgo Sun so that does lend also a sort of innocence, a butter-wouldn’t-melt, all will be forgiven vibe, beneath that magnetic darkness… *drool* indeed!

  29. Pegasus– Everything is paid in metal and spiritual coin …Ernest Holmes
    The Value of something is the Value you give it.

    1. Yes, they say our attitude to money is emotional.
      I can believe that. Shall check out EH’s work as i have
      a book written by an eldery Scottish Sister of the Church
      about the spirituality of coin, so thanx.
      My Cap rising & Venus finds money an extraordinary subject,
      philosophically of course.

  30. Ha Myst, so you met a Saggo Martial Artist as well. Never did
    get Butch’s dob & altho’ a ‘blonde’ he did look kinda spooky
    in the dark & we always met late at night, never in daylight
    Today’s email on Mercury in Cap ‘All about money’. The weekend
    & yesterday was on a true ‘bummer’ about charging far too little, as
    i was almost in tears from tiredness after a very busy week instead
    of elation. A realisation that i am undercharging by a whole 50%.
    My altruistic ‘make these techniques affordable’ is non sustainable
    vis a vis what it costs me to recoop the energy output required.
    I’m the Lead not the Chorus & so must charge accordingly & not
    wimp out with excuses.
    As Lou Lou H says (and i have the affirmation card on my office wall even)
    ‘MOney is energy and an exchange of services. How much I have depends
    on what I believe I deserve’. I’m listening bigtime now!

  31. Lil Aries is Scorp rising. He certainly has that “dont mess with me look in his eyes” when he is unsure, scared or angry. Not pale though, but he is only 5 so we will wait and see if he turns int a Vampire!! lolololol

  32. My Aquagirl (daughter) is Scorp rising. She is pale with gorgeous rich brown hair with natural red highlights but her eyes are opalescent blue/green and she has a megawatt smile with perfect teeth – so no to vampy look – yet. She’s only almost 13 but yes to scorpy traits; private, discrete, able to stun with phoenix-rise from setbacks etc. Will be interesting to watch her grow.

      1. I am getting anxious ss as shit happened to me in my early teens. Am so aware of psychic shit (in therapy an all) but never countered on having a glam teen (she doesn;t even have to try ffs). Still all is good as awareness abounds despite the button ;pushing kids. Love this life.

  33. I hate having my picture taken too. It’s true that I never show up in them, like mirrors. The reflection always seems of someone else. The real me is hidden, I’m sure.

    1. There is an old Indian saying about not taking one’s
      photo as it was believed to capture the soul.
      capture one’s soul.
      Love taking them but dislike mine being taken, prob
      due to that saying i read when i was a nymph.

  34. i know two guys with scorpio risings – one is a gem, the other is an aquarian and they match the “vampiric” description. maybe the gemini. a little. possibly because he looks way too masculine for a gem (and, in my opinion, that is rather unpleasant). or possibly i might mistake the mischievous attitude of a gemini for scorpio brooding? my libran self will never know it.
    then again the aquarius really has nothing of the mystery aura of the scorp.

  35. I’m going to be the one who says sometimes I suspect other placements or maybe even genetics over-rides this one. My biz partner is Libra with Scorpio Rising. (Yes we have her actual birth certificate time when we calculated.) She looks nothing like a vampire and more like I would an expect a Libra to look: very chubby, fair, lightly freckled, generous booty, short, huge round eyes, long pre-Raphaelite-looking hair, etc… Can another placement over-ride an Ascendent?

    1. I’m a Libran with Scorpio Ascendant.. one thing i read about the Scorpio Ascendant sign is that it *intensifies* the Sun sign… So the description of your friend is hyper-Libran and very Venusian/Taurean to me. I agree with you about genetics – we can’t avoid that, but it’s the *impression* one makes, especially when meeting someone new, that is where the Ascendant comes across. Once you know someone on the inside, as opposed to their outer projection, you’ll be engaging with their other planets. So it’s possibly that too. However, a stranger who your friend meets may get the full Scorpio Ascendant treatment… And, tbh, she does sound pretty sexy! And that’s a dead Scorpio Ascendant giveaway 😏

      One other theory is about the MC. Does she have a Leo or a Virgo MC (or other)? This also makes a difference to how people project themselves into the world. A lot of ‘typical’ Scorpio Ascendant types have Leo MC, so there’s a bit of flair and presence in public life that contradicts with the secretive, mysterious, privacy-loving aspect of themselves. But there’s another smaller group with Virgo MC, who aren’t quite as showy, and perhaps recede into the background or give across a more quiet, earnest, ‘innocent’ vibe…

  36. WOW!! So Right on. I met a women at a party 3 weeks ago we connected she said she was a sag. I got her info . she has scorpio rising . VAMPIRE face intense pretty with those dangerous eyes that seduce you and haunt you. An Amazing voice aspires to be in music. INTENSELY Dangerous. I was so into her. I offered to be her Manager.

  37. I asked a friend of mine what her ascendant was, she didn’t know so I looked it up for her in my astro software, she was a Scorpio ascendant. She asked what that meant, I struggled for a bit and then told her that an ascendant is how she projects her self-image into the world, and Scorp Asc meant sort of a Goth energy. After about 5 minutes, when she stopped laughing, she told me that when she was in high school, she was “all about Goth” and that people told her to tone it down, so she stopped. Now she’s into anime stuff, she even wears a Pikachu hat, which I don’t think is a very attractive image for a 28 year old black girl, so I’m trying to encourage her to go back to goth. But she won’t do it. I almost had her at one point, she was considering taking an office job, I told her to get a black skirt suit and go “business goth.”

  38. jackie onassis my idol has scorpio rising…hence the sunglass wearing which she is very famous for…me= mars in scorpio

  39. Well, yeah that was true of my lit-nerd Virgo ex, but it was also in his piercing, I-see-right-through-you stare. That may have been the Scorpio Moon though. When I met him, he was working at a still gothy Hot Topic and it was only at nighttime when we would meet up at a friend’s place. He’s pale, but I just assume it’s because of his Scandinavian heritage as opposed to me, since I’m Mexican-American and pale as crap.

    Bjork has Scorp rising, but she just looks adorable. Then again, apparently dark hair like hers is rare for Icelanders.

    Are native Scorps better at hiding their rising sign? It took me forever to find out that a Scorpio friend of mine was Aquarius rising.

    1. I’ve been called intense and passionate but never look like a vampire, elf yes, vampire no.
      I definitely don’t sparkle! 😉

  40. Makes sense. Bryan Ferry always had a whiff of the “man of wealth and taste” about him, although he was probably really more harmless than Satanic. (But we Scorp types like to create the impression, and he did so!) And he was always popular with the discerning ladies.

    Assange on the other hand looks more like a slightly aggrieved LOTR film elf than a vampire. Although he does seem surprisingly popular with women – given that “adorably goofy über-nerd” isn’t something that usually figures highly on the average woman’s Pitt/Clooney scale, half the commentary seems to be about his sex appeal. Clearly a case of Scorp Rising – a sheep in wolf’s clothing? But something clearly works as most of my straight female friends want to take him home and give him a good meal. (Or something…)

    All power to him however, his organisation is fighting the good fight and amazingly he seems prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for principle and the greater good.

    Bryan Ferry’s family is a little less cred on the political front, supporting foxhunting etc. Oops.

  41. Im a scorp rising and I look nothing like a vampire, in fact, I seem to resemble the german milk maid/washerwoman more and more every day, australian amazonian is a nice way of putting it, but there is something very helga about my appearance, and i would like to know where the fuq that comes from in my astro, because vamp is so much more socially acceptable than helga, and most clothing available to lowly peasants is not actually designed for helgas.

    My scorp rising may very well be in my eyes that have been known to flash “i will suck your blood and kill you” and I dont even realise its happening, I thought i was milking cows.

    1. I have a leo friend with scorp rising. Somehow with her the leo dominates her looks. She is all thick long golden hair and open face. There is something a bit scorp about her eyes though. A lingering broody intensity behind her smile.

      An aquarian I know with scorp rising looks like dark fey…very scorpy.

      Heh plutonic gem at your flashing eyes of death.

    2. Now listen up, mein leibchen plutonic gem, I cannot for the life of me visualise the wonderful who who graces these pages with such intelligence as a Hilda or a lowly peasant.

      Perhaps this is just forthcoming full moon eclipse in Gem, on top of Sun opposing your Sun, fuqing with your self-image right now?…Take heart, leibchen; with all this cluster-fuq in capricorn (transformation for you?), plus gem eclipse, perhaps what is really happening here is that the impetus for a radical make-over that makes you feel wild and sexy and dangerous as per your scorp asc and youthful gem sun is building, like lava, just before the eruption…

      1. Beautifully said Fi & tres sweet.
        has a great massuese once called Helga with
        The strongest arms ever. Muscles on her eyebrows.

          1. So funny…. followed mm Twitter back here and see this quirky discussion that I didn’t follow up December last year. Fi it is hard to imagine I understand…. and my cyber ego is a little flattered you can’t picture me as a cow milking frau…. but it is the wide shoulders and buxom bosom that give it away…. have to embrace my external frau aka aryan amazonion… am visualizing long and lithe as I pound the pavement and see if I manifest a more giselle look…. am also massage therapist with muscles to go, but two years little massage and muscle turns to…. well you know…. that thing our country has declared war on ….. fat. BTW it came out that assange does have a scorp rising mystic – you are right…. I have a crush on him.

  42. I always thought Bryan Ferry was an ultra-scorp but recently discovered he is Libra sun, which explains the collecting of beautiful objects, clothes and women (!) he has dedicated his life to! But something so scorpionic about the man, Assange too…

    1. Bryan Ferry has Scorpio Ascendant so you were right to think that. I used to be super obsessed with him… then later realised he has the same Asc, Sun, Venus and Mars as me. I still love his music (swoon…), but feel like it’s a bit narcissistic of me to be crushing on him so much when he’s basically my astro-twin..! 😆

  43. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

    Wow…what a neat way of telling. Thank goodness it’s not pages long! I don’t want others figuring it out. 😆
    My canines are particularly sharp, re the vampire thing, and have always been proud of them being distinctive. Ever since I was a wee one people have always commented on their shape/sharpness, if they were observant enough that is.
    How about when one of us Scorp Risings look at someone? Or through someone if that person has been deemed persona non grata? I reckon that’s a giveaway.

    1. The eyes definitely have it, UPV. Or so I’m told. Apparently mine are amber, very lovey piscean looking and light reflective when I’m not threatened/ happy/looking at someone I’m fond or protective of (thats venus neptune on scorp ascendant); and black, opaque, laser-like (light directed outward, through you), impenetrably devoid of any visible emotion (and therefore, particularly scary) when I or anyone I care for is fuqed with.

      It’s a purely defensive power that most of the reasonably well-adjusted amongst us don’t enjoy employing nearly as much as everyone thinks we do.

      Ha! and I have a picture of me taken as my sister’s bridesmaid when I was 12 and had braces and was fed up with having my photo taken. The effect of the braces and my mood at the time is that I look EXACTLY like a vampire – and said so, in horror, when i first saw the picture.

      But then I have always LOATHED, I mean, LOATHED having my photo taken, even when I was young, even on good hair etc days. Is this a very Scorp ascendant thing? I think I read somewhere that it is not just me. I see photos of my mum, for example (a scorp sun) and they quite simply do not convey her gravitas – ie the sheer power of her thoughts, and her eyes, to affect other human being. Perhaps that’s what it’s about…we know that the effect of photos is like being caught after dawn…

      1. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

        “black, opaque, laser-like (light directed outward, through you), impenetrably devoid of any visible emotion (and therefore, particularly scary) when I or anyone I care for is fuqed with.” – TRUE DAT!!!

        I also used to HATE having my pics taken, but have always thought it was just my Virgo sun; though come to think of it, not wanting to be in pics I really, really didn’t wanna be a part of, that would’ve been Scorp rising barrelling through… 😆 I used to hide behind my hair if it was an absolute must-do, like your bridesmaid pic.

  44. Ferry is the love of my life!
    Never met a scorp rising I did’nt love or any scorp for that matter! Certain he wrote Avalon for ME!

    Ooops! Mystic did tell me (in weekly) “to shut thy mouth”

    1. Avalon is a beach about 30 kms north of Sydney & the residents
      claimed the song, CapFire, coz rumoured he wrote in on an Oz tour when
      he was invited to Palm Beach for partying.As ALL rockstars were.
      Think he actually wrote it before he went down under, so IT’S YOURS 🙂

      My Leo Queenie bestie in Sidders had a very funny story about when she met
      DeNiro waaay back when. She thought he was a real taxi-driver as the group had
      been talking about the movie he had just finished.

      1. Familiar with Avalon Pegs, I live in Sydney. Must argue facts with the locals next time I am up that way. Funny snippet 🙂

  45. I can’t remember my past lives 🙁 and I don’t think I look like a vampire. I’m pale, have dark hair but I don’t sparkle!

    1. Holy Cruickshank! Just ‘membered that my 11 month son is Scorp Rising! He looks and acts like a baby GI Joe … or perhaps a supernatural Vampire baby that is hugely, casually strong. He had some beetroot soup bleeding out the corners of his mouth yesterday and it did suit him?

  46. I got on the wrong side once of a woman with Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Rising and Scorpio Moon. I suggested that perhaps, instead of looking at past lives, she might look at the source of her problems as being the pillock right beside her whom she was living with (I was a bit more tactful, didn’t actually call him a pillock but it suited him down to the ground). She went right off her beano, came out with all stings waggling like fury. She split up with him a few months later. I rest my case BUT I’m slightly more circumspect in my comments now around those with Scorpionic tendencies. Don’t know what she looked like, btw.

  47. Working Scorp Girl

    Oh Goodness, I’m Scorp with Scorp Rising and some Scorp Planets as well! I must look like the proverbial devil… Maybe my Gemini Moon saves me? Or what else can one resort to for looks? Venus in Capricorn?

    1. I too am Scorp and Scorp with Gem moon AND Venus in Cap. Have we finally figured out how to be in two places at once? Are you Me? 😉

      1. Oh and on a side note… at the moment we have Mars, Pluto and Mercury sitting atop Venus in Capricorn. How fun no? lol (Mine is in the 2nd house.)

    1. Haha, I always get told that I am mysterious looking! I have Scorpio rising also. Wear alot of black, obsession with shades and quite pale.

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