Pluto Resurgent

Pluto turning Direct has a presence. It’s an atmosphere, like that of before a storm, only it’s all etheric. The antidote to that edgy Pluto Direct foreboding? A spirit-driven reorganization of life.

In Capricorn, it’s probably going to be channeled through something supremely practical. From the outside, it will look as if you’re just canceling appointments or changing financial plans. But for the next 48 hours, even the most mundane morphs have heavy cosmic oomph factor behind them.

The realizations re where/how you thwarted your powers? They’re less painful with this direct confrontation. But it’s not just high noon in the back blocks of your psyche.

There is something alt-dimensional about Pluto turning Direct, an other-worldly whiff, even as you contemplate earthly resources. Pluto-sensitive people experience time-slips, timeless awareness of multiple dimensions, of Quintessence. It is fantastic for conjuring up strength and banishing grubby troll vibe from your energy field.

But most empowering of all this Pluto Direct; honoring what you endured and came through already.

“One should say before sleeping: I have lived many lives. I have been a slave and a prince. Many a beloved has sat upon my knee and I have sat upon the knees of many a beloved. Everything that has been shall be again.”

― W. B. Yeats

Image: Joanna Karpowicz – Anubis With Sparrows

60 thoughts on “Pluto Resurgent”

  1. The night of the day this was posted, there was the most magnificent storm, rolling thunder and sheet lightening, vertical heavy rain. The loudest i have remembered hearing. Went outside and drank in the lightening flashes. Exhilarating. The smell of wet earth and something else ozonic and quite magical.
    That looks like Thoth in the first pix, jackal head is Anubis though isn’t it.
    Thought of a line to a song a friend wrote ‘to the gods and the rest be damned’.

  2. 12th house virgo

    “Pluto-sensitive people experience time-slips, timeless awareness of multiple dimensions, of Quintessence.” So much of this! Its been the weirdest feeling – almost like deja vue but not quite that. Going new places but feeling they exist from another timeline. Time warp. Sort of. I have Pluto near my AC and my daughter has Pluto near her DC and we have both been experiencing it quite intensely.

    1. 12th house virgo

      I mean natal Pluto. Its transiting my 4th and her 8th. Very karmic feeling. Also, we both effortlessly let go of losing projects/relationships we had invested in around the time of Pluto direct.

  3. Hallelujah, it seems that pluto has been all over my Mars (18 capricorn) forever. Mars rules my 5th and 12th house…I cannot tell you how glad I am to see Pluto finally move on. It’s been fun pluto but not really buh bye.

  4. when you return to work from a reunion with your school friends….and find that your boss/friend quit all of a sudden yesterday when Pluto went direct. Um ok hi pluto

    1. would have been more jarring but my foots out the door. Also keep pulling vesvegir tarot (you are supported wherever you go nordic compass)the last 6 times ive pulled. I had a realization about where i want to live (between two cities) and maybe a consulting client to approach. Let’s put some rubber on the road

  5. Love the ‘banishing of grubby troll energy’ part….so on my agenda over this last month magnified x 1000 where I can no longer leave any stone unturned. What a personal and professional excavation! That is with Pluto moving thru my 10th house sextiling Neptune conjunct my Jupiter in my Pisces 12th house opp mars-moon Virgo. I think I’m overdue for a ‘Dear Mystic’ question. Ugh, psychic drudgery dreams – petrified pieces of my lost psyche emerging from the deepest recesses of my existence. That of which I never knew existed, until this last phase of my Divorce of marriage, and what it has catalytically wrenched forth of my Soul. Ways in which I never before considered how much I had unconsciously externalized the ‘authorship’ of my vitality-choice and-thus ‘power’. As I step into my personal void, even though on many levels I thought I was doing quite ok, from a new depth of perspective I have only just begun to connect the dots, with the help of physically visiting an actual cave deep underneath the forest today. I learned of the indigenous peoples holding of this cave as a passageway to the ‘otherworld’, a blessing-omen indeed. My petrified ‘pieces’ in process of retrieval feel deeply ancient and essential yet jaggedly unintegrated for now. At the present moment, I can only liken something of my experience with Sylvia Brinton Perera’s Descent to the Goddess version – of Queen Innana’s emerging from the Underworld and her diabolical initiation-meeting with her sister Ereshkigel. Bringing one’s own lost treasures into the the light of awarenss and integration aint for the faint hearted I say. Hail Pluto!!!

  6. AriesPiscesLibra

    Well I went and did a thing that involved taking an ill day for an appointment. Only my appointment was a tattoo. I just finished a half sleeve ten years in the making exactly one month ago (September 1).
    Yet yesterday–10/1, Pluto going Direct–I sat for The 3 of Swords on my sternum. Think: illustrative realism. Only the blades of the swords (very Morgan Greer Tarot/Gothic gray with streams of burgundy blood) were completed. The anatomic heart right on top of my heart will be next and it will hurt (as it should, considering its place on my body). I know, tattoos are spells. But the calendar said Venusian Vibe, just as it did one month ago when I sat for the rest of the other tattoo (a memorial for my Grandma that transports me back to her sideyard rosebush with geese from the lake begging for food while she pruned the roses and called me outside to feed them). I don’t mind a spell that transports me back to the happiest place of my childhood.

    Now I know the 3 of Swords is grief, sorrow, heartbreak, etc etc. One of the most feared and saddest in the whole deck, and what a symbol, right? For me though, I feel invincible with it. As the Ace of Swords in my 12th house tarot spread on this site told me a few days ago: “What once destroyed you…is now destroyed…by you.”

    Yes. And as a lifelong depressive, survivor of trauma, loss, etc etc etc, knowing that I still survive despite the beating my heart keeps taking, makes me feel like one Bad Bitch. In the best possible way.

    Nobody will ever fuck with me again with this tattoo. I mean, they’ll try, but I’ll have the clarity to know, you know? And I’ll always remember the pain of being human we all endure.

    ps–my tattoo artist for the 3 of swords is an apprentice (a Scorpio) to the genius (Cancer) who finished the rose tattoo. Both really kind men who make me realize not all men are violent misogynists with no regard for women’s bodily autonomy. A good lesson to learn as the mother of two sons, married to a brute Leo (who isn’t the cause of the 3 of Swords, but he did recently break my heart again for the very last time. Total clarity. Now I need a plan).

    Needless to say I feel Pluto going Direct and Mars fixin to bust the gate.

    Not gonna lie, I’m a little scared. Is it safe to be a witch in this hellscape?

  7. I feel better and more grounded! That is because I was thrown out of my tower and when I landed I found flowers…xxxx

  8. And here I was just musing on how I ought to meditate & reorg the investment planning. How both are different kinds of power, one no less worthy than the other. After a bout of horrible sadness the other night, prompted by a sook on not having been held nor having held anyone close in the last few years, I also vaguely recognized I could just go get a massage.

    Not to turn the feeling mundane from its epic murmurings but really, I think Pluto allows one to endure not just as one has survived the most gut wrenching soul-turning jabs, but also as how it’s unapologetically practical and organic. Need touch? Have no prejudice as to where to get it.

    I do adore this from Yeats, so perfect for when one feels a thousand years old yet still somehow nurtures some tender, dewy parts in one’s heart.

    1. Yes! I’m there too. Love your writing Fallen… and as soon as I get paid, I’m booking a massage.
      ‘when one feels a thousand years old yet still somehow nurtures some tender, dewy parts in one’s heart’ <3 <3

      1. Thanks, babe.. have missed being here. Methinks massages should be state sponsored as a peace initiative, but then again I also think assassinations can be justified like dead-heading one’s plants are necessary. Please do note, I live under the orange shadow of ick.

        So yes, those tender dewy parts are sometimes the only thing that keeps me from being utterly monstrous.

      2. Hell yes… some peeps just need a bullet… it’s a mercy killing to put them (and us) out of their/our misery!

  9. I am SO glad I read this!!
    I have been wondering Why why why I could not stop searching out true life morbid stories to read and couldnt get a clear head about anything else, or get in touch with people i need to get back to etc.

    Pluto is so tied in with Mars and uranus in my tight virgo stellium, and finally he is ready to join in with the list-making, the spring cleaning, and the diet revamp a la my moon is scorp!!

  10. I feel it. All that inward directed energy turns on a dime. That’s what it feels like to me but I’d imagine Pluto really leaves skid marks and the smell of burning rubber.

    1. “Pluto really leaves skid marks and the smell of burning rubber”

      YES! The thick choking smoke of about 100 tires burning in a pile/pyre – that was pretty consistent w/ my experience of it. Eyes watering and stinging; stumbling forward while holding your breath is about all you can do to find your way through the toxic cloud of incinerated petrochemicals.

      Yet still you rise.

      I will say this, though: Burnouts are useful for creating traction. Sitting in one place and using your own personal internal combustion process to put power to the ground in a concentrated spot for a prolonged period will give your tires more grip to help you maintain control while going like a bat out of hell.

  11. He’s leaving the fourth house.

    Since 2001.

    He got into a good arts program and will start spring semester.
    We’re very proud of all he’s accomplished.

    He capped off with sending my 87 year old dad to the hospital with a concussion.

    Dream from that night before we found dad

    At a party on an island
    I’m wearing a sundress
    The clouds in the sky start to turn to snow and ice, start falling like sheets off a roof from the sky to the ocean.
    A tsunami overtakes the island, I think I had a drink in my hand, water.

    As the wave is on me I think
    “I am safe and all is well”

  12. IMO this energy is absolutely tangible. And I’m not just saying that because I’m naturally Pluto-powered – see the massive quake Indonesia just had. I’d say “seismic” is a pretty good word to describe the vibe overall…..

    I lived through my Pluto turning SD by Progression (don’t ask how) in early adolescence, so I’m acutely attuned to the low rumble it emits when stationing. It’s a frequency lower than most humans can detect, but I know that sound all too well…

  13. Starting therapy soon, realized I have a lot of repressed emotions that I then intellectualize. Need to find an outlet of expression.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Go for it baby! It is huge that you came to that conclusion yourself. Therapy is very interesting.

      Go Well. !

  14. Time has been a strange one. The air was so thick and I felt like I was moving so slowly did the air turn liquid…Quite spaced out and zombie like. I ended up crushing and slept for when I thought was 15mins was really an hour.

  15. Aha so pulling everything out of my wardrobe and giving / throwing / storing away more than half of it is right on cue??

    Shudders at the dustballs right at the back; marvels at old treasures found in a bag down the back then gives most of them away; wonders what to do with smart fancy underwear that was for special occasions (lol) and that I never really wore?

    Also I love the quotatation (and the gloves!) but the final sentence – “everything that has been shall be again” – gives me a shiver. I think I’m over nostalgia consciousness and right now there’s a lot I think about our culture that I really DON’T want to be again :/

    1. Same here with ‘fancy-too-small-but-expensive’ underwear draw can it be , re- getting ready for Venus retro practicality?

    2. I was thinking more of the past life consciousness – i took it as meaning that great loves and strong bonds come again, life after life. It seemed more of a perspective restoring mantra pre-sleep, at least that is how i read it

      1. Yes, it’s odd how rereading it now, late in the evening, it has more of that feel to me too. The very rhythm of the words is soothing. I feel a bit curmudgeonly taking such a literal view of it earlier!

      2. No i get it! I actually find the Snake chant from the Egyptian Book of the Dead really soothing so maybe I am a bit more Gothic in sensibility than some. LOVE Yeats though…

  16. It’s so perfectly my life currently. Having to be absolute about myself in a very quiet but direct way. Seeing where I freeze in headlights due to an utter lack of self confidence but pushing past that. We have a mistral blowing here carrying lots of dust I’m feeling the winds of change

    1. I think the winter is also about me really looking towards a future path one way or another. I may pursue this career as it’s been a complete eye opener in so many ways then see where it leads. Frankly my work would be best placed to solve crew dynamics, mostly introducing some positive psychology to the mix. Whilst making beds and cocktails. Things are already changing in our group with a more understanding attitude and people actually supporting others and helping ?!?!? Who knew that was a good thing !!! So it’s paying off. Just two other captains to sort and it would be heaven

    2. This perfectly describes how I’m feeling. I reached this moment of success only to be completely paralyzed with fear and almost self-sabatoge. But I’m pushing past that as I literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

      I literally said: I’ve lived a thousand lives just this morning.

      1. I can entirely relate to this, emg and tne. I’ve been cruising on upwardly rising air currents all year – also known as working damn hard, removing self-esteem blocks, Earth energy. Only to find in the last week or two that I’m coming undone with low level panic and overwhelm. Find myself letting myself down/self sabotaging, inadvertently playing ‘schlemiel’, by things like not arriving on time or being late replying to emails, and it’s all fertile ground for negative self-talk /the inner critic. I don’t understand what’s going on other than maybe it’s the brain’s reaction to too much change (positive evolution/success)? Ego may be freaking out at losses of control as I sideline its tired narratives (but then oops come crashing back into them.. sigh)? Or maybe I just HATE October – to me the most endingy of months – the hump of the year to get through, along with early November, before I can discern the signs of the seeds of the new that I will polish and then nourish come winter solstice and the new year. Just don’t know how to get through this time of year best to find those best seeds. Maybe just accept, let go and let the darkness show the way?..

      2. It’s always a big jump for me too. That equinox period in September always heralds something radical. This has been a major shift for me but well overdue. What resonates in your tale is the self sabotage or coming undone. Normally I’m uber efficient but here due to personality and protocols I’m seemongly bloody hopeless. I cannot work it out. Maybe it is overload ?? I see October as my slow down month with changes at the hearth Hot chocolate and fireside. Warming soups and just a shift of pace. By November I’m wanting to be in the carribean !

      3. Hey, yes I think it could be overload, maybe from the eclipses and Mars-Uranus, maybe. Or what about suppressed rage with all the Lilith-Mars-SN intensity? I’d be interested to know how other people power up through a darkening time of year (- obvs this is from a Northern hemisphere perspective rn). I set some fairly outrageous goals the other week on the equinox for what I’d love to achieve by the end of the year – everything from savings goals to papers/proposals I’d like to write. Maybe breaking these down into time specific chunks will help provide yang-like structure to fall back on as the yin (darkness) takes over. Thing is I know so much at this time of year is about sacrifice (you can feel it in the wind – references a recent previous post by MM which was brilliant). The tricky thing is not knowing exactly what it is that will be going! I also never know how much I need to go out and try to actively connect with new people now to rustle up new contexts and scenes – new fertile soil if you will – for the fresh seeds to settle into next year. (Do things started now have the cosmic oompf behind them to really take?) Or whether to just relax into the letting go in private with my hot chocolate by the fire 😉

  17. What a great time to take my daughter on holiday tomorrow to celebrate her gradual recovery from serious health issues. They’ve been ongoing for the last 7 years and have truly taken us through every possible level of hell on Earth. We’re obviously in tune with the zeitgeist!

  18. It was a strange weekend: an extremely full Saturday, where basically every member of my choir that I thought was single came out as actually part of a happy couple (if not a whole family) and a fleetingly depressing Sunday.
    Not very keen of starting a new week, not very motivated.
    I believe though that Chiron in Pisces opposed my BC Pluto to the very degree has something to do with my mood.

  19. Pluto direct is coinciding with the first Saturn square after my first Saturn return. Pluto is just about two degrees from squaring my natal Pluto (and about 2 degrees past my Sun). both squares are happening to the 8th house. Yesterday my CPA came back with a big tax bill! However i’ve been working my Saturn like a madwoman these past few years so it’s only mildly disappointing, as I’ll be cutting into my savings. I think something like this a few years ago would have thrown me for a huge loop because I likely wouldn’t have had the means to deal with it and would have felt like a terrible failure.

    1. Well done for the hard graft and getting prepared. It must feel good. All that action to the 8th house sounds heavy. I’ve had Pluto going over and reversing over a square to my Sun for a while too. 1st to 9th house though – perhaps feels less dredgy.

      1. thank you! not ‘good’ in a pleasant way but good in the sense that I’m not melting down over it. Its been a slog the last several years – I’m already 8H heavy but I’m ready to move on!!

  20. Oh love the gloves!
    Honouring what I endured and came through already
    Pluto direct has blurred the lines for me
    Dreams of old have become parts of current days
    Gone from nausea and the wobbles to a clicking in place of a lock, a settling, a well deserved ease.

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