Astrological Color Therapy Could Be Legit

Astrological color therapy could truly be a thing. Does anyone recall the Color Me Beautiful craze of the Eighties? I remember teachers and aunts suddenly brandishing fan-like color swatches and identifying strongly with their season.

For females, having your mother take you to “get your colors done” was a quintessential Generation X experience. I got into an argument with the color consultant because she said I was a Winter when I identified as Summer. And, I have green eyes – I could not be a Winter. Deep immersion in the scene demanded not only clothes, accessories, and decor in line with your color prescription but your hair dyed to match it.

Color theory was around way before the Eighties, of course, but it went mainstream in 1980 with the publication of Suzanne Caygill’s Color – The Essence Of You. A triple Virgo and early-era television star, she single-handedly spawned the personal image consulting industry. She was earnest, citing Goethe and science to ‘prove’ her theories, and clearly influenced by the four elements of Astrology and perhaps even the modalities.

Color Consultants Were The Influencers Of The Eighties

Caygill also had epic astrological form for founding a profitable classification system: Her Mercury was conjunct Venus in Virgo, trine Mars/Saturn in Taurus trine Uranus in Capricorn. Now that’s a Grand Earth Trine.

Color typing became a craze, and by the late Eighties, Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful was the more accessible form of Caygill’s book. Color consultants were the influencers of the day. Color Me Beautiful is still around, a ghost of its former self, and the current site is a time warp. Is it time for someone to do astrological color therapy?

You might think, well, no, because not all – say – Scorpios have the same coloring. And seasonally, a Northern hemisphere Scorp is an Autumn, while their Southern hemisphere counterpart is a Spring. But Color Me Beautiful has sub-seasonal color-personae – Metallic Autumn, Irridescent Summer, Patrician Winter, Saturnine Spring, Plutonic Winter, and okay, fine: the last two are mine.

Are You An Irridescent Summer Or A Plutonic Winter?


Helpfully, I received a color query recently which can serve as an astrological color therapy case study:

Not sure if you still do the Ask Mystic thing on the blog but I’ve got a question I’d love Mystic help on. I always seem to end up buying burgundy/maroon coloured items and others buy them for me. A colleague commented when she gave me a plant in a maroon coloured pot that the colour just reminds her of me. That’s when I realised it’s kind of a colour I wear a lot and chose décor in it. When pondering buying a new watch I was thinking gold and green or blue – colours/metals I like.

But after browsing a bit, the one I want to buy is…gold and burgundy! It’s not a colour I’d say is a favourite, it’s not an ‘IT’ colour of the moment, it’s just there for me a lot. I’m drawn to it, it comes to me. Where is this vibe coming from? And should a person embrace a colour that just pops up? Is it good luck to go with a colour that just fits somehow? How does ‘colour magic’ work? My Sun, Mercury and Mars are in Leo, I have Sagittarius rising and Moon in Scorpio.

Burgundy is Goth-Red, representing the Red of your Fire element energies containing and burning around the cool indigo center of your Scorpio Moon. Red alone would burn out your Moon. Blue or Black – metaphysical water- would quench your Fire. Elementally, Fire and Water don’t blend, but they can thrive alongside one another.

Your love of Burgundy also evokes the origin of the color name: the region in France, which was in itself named after the original inhabitants, the Burgundians. Before ‘converting’ to Christianity, they were big on Nordic sorcery.  According to the occultist Dion Fortune, a triple Fire person like you, the 13th Full Moon of the year is called the Wine Moon or Burgundy Moon, in their honor.

As for your color classification, if I were to do it as astrological color therapy, you would be Vermillion Goth.

What do you think?

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  1. This is great. I just started learning about the Kibbe body typing system for fashion, which also was developed in the 80s. It consists of 13 types and is VERY virgo. Also, aren’t there colors associated with each sign?

  2. LightningButterfly

    My. mom was one of the people in the 80s who got super into color theory and was a consultant! Annoying thing for me as a little kid cuz she was always making me wear “earth tones” as an Autumn/Summer and I wanted to wear pink and purple!

    Interesting about the color attraction thing too….burgundy is my favorite color and I’m super-attracted to it too, but no one has told them it reminds them of me. I”m a Double Aire with almost no fire in my chart, but heavy Earth/Water influences!

  3. I actually just discovered color theory via 12 blueprints and truth-is-beauty, it seems a lot more practical than the older stuff and really really is helping me through turning 40 and not being able to wear just anything anymore.

  4. I sure do remember ‘getting your colours done’ – it was a bit of a craze. Apparently I’m an autumn and should wear gold not silver, and avoid white. Warm colours and copper were recommended for me.
    colours I wear most often now are greens, blues, turquoise, deep pink, orange, mustard. I love purple and deep blood red. For neutrals, navy, grey, olive and tan. I don’t like to wear black, I find it harsh and feel happier in colour. Gem sun, Taurus moon, mercury & Mars, Aries rising, Venus in cancer.
    colours I love and use in my artwork – fluoros especially fluoro pink.

  5. Multi Air and Gem rising, and feel most myself in white or gray or navy blue. Orange clashes with my aura, and yellow feels too zazzy. Red is good on cleaning days for some fiery zip, and I adore turquoise undies for some reason. Too much Aqua in the chart to care about conforming to just one palette. Colors do have an effect on my personal energy, which is cool.

  6. Original Scorpsta

    There’s definitely something in this – I feel like I have colour transits. Until I was 19, everything I wore was blue. Then I had a long black phase, a red t-shirt with everything phase before a brief white period (messy eater – didn’t last long). I’ve just been come out of a grey woolly jumper and rainbow stripes phase, and recently I’m getting all ‘festive-DGAF’ with my new favourite WFH attire – a teal blue velour tracksuit with neon stripes.

  7. Hey I had my colours done back in the day. I was a winter then. I got a swatch of colours. I liked the colours. But I could also wear autumn.

    But now with salt n pepper hair I have no idea. I live in a hot humid climate and like to cool down my Pisces Rising in greens, blues, silver jewellery and purple. Sans for home decor and in winter I warm up with burgundy reds etc. I still like Black as I grew up in Melbourne. I do have a liking for those strong Scorpio colours too.

    1. If I wear red and purple together I feel protected.
      Magenta purple raises my vibration immensely.
      I love red and orange skirts to feed my sacral and base chakras.

    2. Correction: the opposite of sans. I can’t find it on Google.
      Please anyone what is this word? It is wracking my brain.

  8. Hey Mystic, in case you needed another random avenue to explore (lol prob not) is there an astrological alignment with the changes between “girl” and “boy” colours ie in art history blue represented female purity, now it is the Hallmark colour for “male” and once masculine red is now female? Pink, for decades taboo for straight men is now worn (fairly) freely and Barbie wasn’t always lolly-pink. Could we be seeing the end of pink? I’m concentrating on the blue-red polar relationship here partly because of stars and the long history viz availability of those colours as dyestuffs but don’t want to limit your musings. *Big love and respect*

    1. Well I’m not mystic !! but as a casual observation traveling extensively to India multiple times over decades, Men wear all shades of pinks from pale to intensely blazing, the Sikhs in their turbans, in the south in Madras now Tamil Nadu and other regions.
      Alice Steadman “Who’s the Matter with You?” Believes the western tradition of pink/blue boy girl should be reverse per color therapy. She was born in the 1920’s.

  9. I’m a sun in Taurus 4th house & Aqua ascendant and when I see articles, blogs etc for Taurus I always mentally say yuck I like the Aqua or Aries (Moon Venus) images much much better. Can’t wear florals, possibly childhood pj overload. I think the rising sign theory (fact) is closer to my truth. But I do really love colours but not on me.

  10. I don’t know if I fit the mold.

    I mainly wear black and have since my 20s, but I also look great in true red, green and blue– winter colors– though I think I’m technically a spring with my fair skin, light blonde hair, and blue eyes. However, I have no interest in wearing any of the spring color palette. None! It’s my least favorite palette.

    I’m Leo Sun/Mars, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising (with Saturn on the ascendant). Venus and Uranus are conjunct in Libra. I have Capricorn on the MC… I’m assuming that and Saturn on the ascendant gives me an affection for black/white color combos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Hi Megs. I bet you look great in the winter palette, too – I haven’t seen the sub-seasonal colour charts, but as a “winter” myself (given my appearance), I find it weird that have always been drawn to warmer, earthy colours (summer/autumn) – so, a warm red (more brown/gold undertones) than cool red (blue-purple undertones, which is more suitable acc. to chart). I wonder if you like yellow/mustards – my Cappie son is Virgo-conjunct-Saturn rising, and he is like a grand-dad in a young person’s build – likes old, traditional colours, potatoes (lol), his favourite footy team colours and especially gold/yellow. I wonder if that is Saturn?
      Personally I like black/white – not necessarily in combo, and I am liking the richer colours as I get older – but definitely still can’t pull off emerald green. I wish!!
      Definitely the planets have something to do with it – maybe Venus especially. My Venus is in Aries, maybe explaining liking of warmth. Your Venusian Libra might describe a liking of (b&w) balance, conjunct Uranus, also the impartiality (b&w is the uniform of judiciary, mostly).
      My very young daughter favours black, also – and she is a sunny Saggi!! But with Venus almost conjunct (2 degrees) Pluto in her Cap rising.

      1. Earthstar– I look ghastly in yellow/mustards/golds (though I love mustard as a wall color). I definitely have cool undertones. I always associated Saturn with black (I think in Vedic astrology there is a strong association with the two). Your analysis of my Venus/Uranus makes sense. I’ve always associated Leo with yellow/orange and neither of those colors has been a fave. I’d guess that my love of red comes from my Aries moon. Maybe Taurus is where the green comes in?? (but I only like certain greens…. I hate others. I have very strong likes and dislikes.) I like almost every shade of blue and red, but feel only the darker colors look good on me.

  11. The gold and burgundy screams Leo and Scorpio! Personally, there are colors I gravitate towards but I tend towards a theme that includes different colors. I wear a lot of blacks, dark reds, and dark blues (Scorpio rising and Neptune conjunct moon). I tend to wear clothes I can move well in and my litmus test for shoes are “can I run in them?” (Sag moon). I enjoy putting outfits together and mixing up styles (Venus in Gemini) but I am cautious about sticking out too much (Saturn in leo). I’m a solar leo so it all matters as part of the picture.

  12. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I love this! Actually you do make colour suggestions in the love warp 9 report…for our venus sign. Since putting more lilac and aquamarine in my wardrobe my life has improved significantly and I am fighting off the wealthy good-looking lovers with a stick (lol).

    1. Oh I forgot about that. I must reread it.
      Venus in Cancer.

      It’s cerulean blue. That goes well with my Pisces Rising.
      Good timing. I am changing my lounge decor. Bohemian it is.
      I have picked out a saffron pink wall tapestry and different blue cushions will pop against brown floors, curtains and cream walls.

  13. I think that this is totally a thing, but also that it needs some nuance. I’ve got a Sag stellium, and almost no water in my chart, but the colour I’m always drawn to is deep indigo. Rather than just blue=water I always think this particular blue corresponds with vast spaces – either deep underwater or outer space – something that makes my Sag self very happy.

  14. Love the link on Nordic sorcery, too – and the revamped Alchemy tarot. Got the iron card twice yesterday – feels significant given my long-term inability to hold on to iron. Thanks MM

  15. Love this and I have had a love affair and affinity with colour since I can remember. Like, I remember the aqua tone of my favourite summer terry towelling shoe string tied romper of 8 years old and around the same time a particular polo that has a stripe combo that included aqua and jade and red. My favourite decor and linen cols fall in the light aqua to the jade spectrum and our house is dappled with other colours that highlight or compliment this. Such as gold tones and earthy tones. My sun is Leo and I’m a moon Pisces ascendant with Venus in Virgo. My affinity with colour and design has always figured very strongly in every chart reading I’ve ever had. So, yes, I do believe in Astro colour modalities and therapy.

  16. i remember clearly in 1986 that my high school art teacher had her colours done – and she was suddenly wearing very strange combos like pale lilac and butter yellow.

  17. Interesting, I am a winter, and when younger blue reds and vivid purples and some chocolate browns were my colours. As I have matured hot pink, orange and blue-greens have become more dominant in clothes and home. Astrologically, I am sun aqua ascend virgo (pluto,uranus and jupiter all in my first house) moon,mars,neptune scorpio. I cannot stand white other than in an occasional shirt. White interiors make me shudder and a little teary.

    1. Agree! I find very white and neutral interiors sterile and boring – it’s like many designers and builders are scared to use colours now, all new houses are beige, white with a bit of grey or black! *shudder*

      1. Yes I agree. I wonder though if Architects and Interior Designers have a particular astro profile and therefore colour preferences?

        1. I think it’s a fashion – houses as neutral and bland as possible are supposed to sell better, ie appeal to the masses. If there was a strong colour theme, like red splash backs, only a smaller percentage of people would like them. People can always add colour, I think it’s about making the interior inoffensive.

  18. i love love love this site.
    a massive amount of my mental energy gets spent on my version of this theme.
    im slightly obsessed with the colour wheel and am perpetually doing people’s colours in my head. Not as much by season but more nuanced than that. Very much influenced by skin tone, undertones and hair colour. The exact shade of someone’s hair, even the texture- especially the texture and how that relates to their temperament and demeanour. So into this. 🐚

    1. Also, how you change your clothing and makeup (if you wear it) when you age and grey… if you keep colouring your hair the colour of your youth it sometimes looks really fake or harsh (thinking of older women dying their jet black). I’ve had no colour a few times since hitting 50 and because I have short hair it’s interesting seeing how much grey (silver) I have. I do my own colour and don’t dye it all (have dyed red – I’m a dark brunette – in and off for 30+ years). Now I don’t like the regrowth so tend to do my own foils, some blonde, auburn and bright pink, leaving a lot natural so I have silver and brown too. It’s more flattering to my ageing face now 😀

      1. Yes! I’m obsessed with doing my own haircuts and am currently sporting a silver mullet with a pixie fringe. Very short and I have bleached it and toned it silver as I haven’t yet grown my genuine silver magic locks but I adore the trend and follow lots of #silversister hashtags on Instagram. My flat mate has long silver grey and white hair naturally and I’m super envious!

        1. I sometimes have a bit of a chop when I’m hanging for a haircut but managed to get mine cut in the week between lockdown 5 and 6 in Melbourne, Australia. Thank goddess x

  19. I love this! I obsess about just this kind of thing. Endlessly. Just yesterday, before the new 🌚, I was all wracking my brain trying to think of colour correspondence to Virgo. which according to the internet is Brown. But to my mind it can’t be just plain brown. It’s gotta be polished to a shine, deep acorn brown, or verdant forest brown or stunning teak bowl filled with cool water from the cleanest aquifer brown, don’t you think? And maybe a combo is the way to go … Virgo just has to be white. clearly. Deep hued brown with white. and silver accents. Understated. classy. Sharp contrast but not as obvious as black and white. That’s more Scorp, isn’t it? Or Cap. I think this sort of obsessing must be my Mars in Libra speaking. Pretty sure. P.S. every year I look forward to the Pantone Colour of the Year forecast ( also Benjamin Moore and all the other paint companies) so I can spend the rest of the year arguing with myself about why ( or more often, why not …) that colour is appropriate. In the past, I’ve tried to err on the side of optimism, but these Saturnine Times call for grim reality and I have adjusted accordingly.

    1. Also ( forgive me, I could go on about this topic forever ) I have just finished reading Chuck Palanhuik’s Consider This and in it, he relays an anecdote about how the Victorian’s loved green and used it abundantly in rugs, wallpaper and curtains because bugs and vermin seemed to avoid it. Turns out that was because the dye used to achieve those greens was loaded with pounds and pounds of arsenic. So when Scarlett O’Hara rips down the drapes and swathes herself, she is actually wearing tons of toxic chemicals, growing paler and sicker by the minute. Party On, Scarlett O.

      1. The Victorians also made a black-brown out of mummies stolen from egypt and there was a colour called logwood which was made from tree trunks sourced by pirates in the Carribbean.
        I think virgo may be chestnut brown, which is just as you describe, polished and glowing.

        1. Wow. That’s fascinating. And horrifying. Imagine wafting about in crushed mummy? Seriously. It’s like wearing dead people 💀

        2. The history of colour and pigments is fascinating, and when colours and dyes were invented. They used to make blue using lapis lazuli which was super expensive and used to paint the Virgin Mary’s robes in religious paintings. Then there’s the painters that poisoned themselves with lead in oil paint!

      2. Also pink is supposed to be calming so they’d paint mental asylums walls pale pink? And red orange and yellow are used in food manufacturing and fast food chains like Maccas because they make you hungry. Not sure whether it’s true. I find blues and greens in decor calming

    2. Yes. Virgo is totally brown and white. I get that. Bone white, bleached hot sand, white hot flame and cool deep earth brown. Brown like blood and roots and worms. Fertility

      1. I used to hate it too but after a year of Saturn opposite Venus I have only a few items in my wardrobe, all hand made by me and in neutral colours. I’m now craving pale blue and pale pink and kind of fjord vibes. 🤷‍♀️

  20. My father coordinates his clothing colors according to the ruling planets of the day! Style game much!! I think he’s simply making his life easier, although absolutely love his neon green shoe days.

    1. I would also be a big fan of neon green shoe day, but curious as to which planet that is? Uranus? Pluto, maybe, on the outside?

  21. I remember being told that I fit into two different seasons and I thought, “that’s great, I can’t even fit into a colour category” #aquaproblems

  22. I am a light summer! And was told to take my hair as light as it could stand in the blonde market. It worked. I love it. And every time I try to go back to adding my own colour every says god you look tired!!! I have a feeling as I have aged I may be going a little further toward warm summer but my daughter is a warm summer and I am way too pink for that. Anyhow being a cancer stellium it seemed to work. She’s a cappi?!?!?!

  23. I am feeling intrigued by this idea. Not so much the colors specifically- because material, construction, and context have super magic powers too. And yes, I am quite a fan of finding a website with a great concept that for whatever reason.. were left to just be…and haven’t been updated since 2004 or something. I remember meeting one of my best friends on such a website designed for girls to make girl friends. We were both working in socially isolating industries, had no femme friends, and happened to sign up for this very old- yet still functioning model of what was like an online dating websites for female platonic friends lol. That was definitely a tangent, but I believe fashion astrology- is something to tap into? I find myself looking at the astro-charts to decide what to wear baffled in a sea of too many options (pisces rising). I LOVE all of the articles you wrote on astro fashion and I am super inspired aesthetically to align my fashion with the cosmos more. Colors! yes Could be a great starting point- but maybe gemini moons look great with quickly generated fast fashion and Venus in virgo channel their love energy best wearing denim?

    1. Starhead, that is such a lovely story that you made a best friend after stumbling upon a retro friend-matching website. 😊 So interesting what you say, espec re Gemini moons. Sounds spot on – my daughter is a Gemini moon and seems to have a mutable fashion sense – can look good in anything new that’s out, and can effortlessly generate quite different looks for herself day by day. It’s like this mega mutable fashion sense. Makes me wonder how much our moons influence our fashion.

  24. Green eyes as well & definitely a Summer blond (now turning silver at last) coloured person. Wear black in summer & white in winter & switch in around sometimes. Strangely i cannot wear any colours at all but love it in say cushions, wall paint & others. Never believed those klutzy colour cards but have a strong belief in colour healing either by visualising & breathing in the colour or by using it to draw paint colour in or colour my world. Aries friend DOES look amazing in red. Leo’s i know wear sun yellow well,Was told by a Singaporean Shaman to wear indigo for attracting money but if i had to choose a colour it would be emerald or ultramarine.
    Have an esoteric colour chart with the meanings of 20 colours. No burgundy, closest is magenta for ‘sparking mental emotional & spiritual processes.
    Ha! Emerald deepens ecstacy. Ultra marine ‘expresses self esteem’.Wow!
    Crimson ‘ignites’. Canary yellow clarifies. Bright yellow ‘helps investigation. Aqua ‘invites contemplation. Forest green = expansion.Violet ‘reinforces supremacy. Kingfisher blue ‘connects to higher purpose’. There are 11 more with Gold ‘awakening spirit among them.
    Interesting fact: there are 120 colours in Windsor & Newton tube paints for watercolours & blended could make another 240.
    Then there are the 72 Derwents that introduces one to names of colours. 🙂

    1. I literally ingest colours? I have to paint my house with colours and I use them as vibrations. My sheets are often times deep red or orange to aid the old lower chakras but currently my bed is pale green. It’s a heart phase.

      1. Oh yes I feel this. I have tried to be less sensitive with moderate success to the colours around me because it’s often not practical to completely change the colour scheme of one’s residence but ugly architecture and poor aesthetic choices in interior design actually hurt my soul. I realise it’s pretentious but it’s been one of the hardest things about not having money. Having to endure external aesthetics I find offensive. Giving up that control to serve my change of life direction is the thing I’m most proud of because oh my. It’s been hard.
        one day I hope to enjoy ingesting colours again. Beauty is such a glorious gift to oneself. X

      2. Orange sheets when they first available in the 70’s gave me insomnia, at the same time the orange jeans by Amco & matching sweat shirts were just amazing. Remember telling someone i was a carrot, yes i was tripping.
        Sleep on white sheets only prob trying to reclaim innocence or purity. We can dream 🙂

            1. My favourite podcast is called Red Scare and it’s these two really smart women talking about the news and whatever’s going on with their pithy bohemian hot takes. It’s like listening to Nietzsche and Freud but with vocal fry upspeak and wry self objectification. It’s incredibly earnest, jaded, hopeful, honest and wonderfully controversial. They nail it and say the unsayable. Stuff that you’ve been saying in your head and possibly out loud to your best friends if you’re wildly volatile and incendiary like me.
              At the end they both sign of with
              SEE YOU IN HELL.

              1. Thanks for introducing me to this.
                I liked the podcast on Camille Paglia about the loss of the female sex symbol. Can you tell me what part of America these 2 women come from?

                1. Hey wish! Yes they are super cool I’m thrilled that you like. Dasha Nekrasova is from Belarus originally but moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with her acrobat parents as a wee tot. She studied Nietzsche and Hegel and Marx and is ridiculously erudite and intellectually competent. Anna Khachiyan grew up in New Jersey but was born in Moscow. Her dad was a famous mathematician and her mom is an artist. She’s also insanely smart and witheringly funny. They both live in Manhattan and they met on Twitter. I actually subscribe to their patreon and highly recommend the paywalled episodes. I’m on the Infowhores level 🤣

                2. That Patreon has come up 3 times this week in various sites, look like to could be worth a subscription. Will have to purchase some wireless earbuds so can listen whilst walking w/o the distractions of home as they sound like they are worth a listen with those backgrounds. x

                3. Interesting… 🤫
                  I wonder in what context?
                  they definitely represent something very zeitgeist-y or in the ascendancy. They’re both kind of into astrology and jungian psychoanalysis and also pretty solid traditional family and religious values. It’s all couched in this degenerate bohemian royalty vibe and if you don’t hear into the depth of it it sounds like something so tedious and banal. It’s very clever, Slavic and dry with the vocal intonations of eye rolling adolescent decadence almost. It’s dark and well concealed. Mike White asked Sydney Sweeny and the actress who played her zoomer/ lesbian crush / best frienemie to listen to the show before shooting takes. He’s a longtime fan of the pod and it’s wasted on the actresses completely which actually works as a litmus test. Not sure that makes sense, it’s pretty subtle but neither of the actresses understood the show as evidenced by interviews I read which I almost wish I hadn’t. There was a deliberate attempt to distance themselves from the opinions of those espoused by Anna and Dasha. Sydney Sweeny nailed the vocal frequencies though 🤣

                4. Err. In the white lotus.
                  um. Yeah my flat mate hates their voices which I find hilarious because I only ever listen to it in my room but still get to do the eye roll and giggles

                5. Listening to their voices keeps me sane and grounded. I live in regional Queensland. There are alot of rednecks here. When I heard the tone and intelligence in their voices I cried. It’s like coming home. I thought that part of me was lost.

                  Don’t get me wrong I love my cottage here in nature. And I have nice neighbours.

                6. Omg wish you and me both honey. They are so honest and actually really emotional! That cool, millennial vocal fry eye roll act is a brilliant disguise. There’s an episode on YouTube you would love because it’s visual and Anna is being interviewed by Eric Weinstein on his show The Portal. I think it’s even called Bringing back the divine feminine and something about Camille Paglia. Have a Google for it. I was blown away by her intellect and also how bang on all the points she made were.There’s a bit where she talks about how women in media are either bitches acting like nice girls or nice girls acting like bitches. Okay no wait I’m butchering it but it was the first time I saw her and obviously she is massively charismatic and even gets drunk and takes the piss out of Eric quite mercilessly. But yeah I was randomly watching YouTube one night and that interview is what made me think ooh I need to check it out. Because yeah I love Paglia and Anna is ….I mean I totally get it that you cried. They make me feel so seen and understood too. I’m addicted to them too. We’re back! Heheheh

                7. Also wish Anna is Virgo right at the beginning on the edge of Leo / Virgo. And Dasha is Pisces on the edge of Aqua *******squeal and toe curls****. Yeah. I get it. ❤️

                8. I did last night. It’s episode 17. Tbh I watched the last 15 minutes. Running out of data. And it was great. Everything today is so black and white. Loved the grey and the nuances.

                9. Yes exactly. She’s wonderfully nuanced. Eric too actually. I’m always struck by how self effacing and earnest she is because it’s at odds with her jaded, bitchy persona. But yeah nuanced.

              2. Checked out Red Scare…thanx Invicta. Podcasts are on Spotify. Bit long at 48 minutes for my attention span & stops me listening to my inner voice which of course is way more important to me….lol.

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