Gary The Aries Fragrance Freak

In the wake of a Neptunian weirding episode, my daughter and I were meandering around a department store in the city and met Gary the Aries fragrance freak. Mature, witty, and perfume-erudite, he was manning the legacy/classic scents counter.

As hyper-opinionated as any Aries, he regaled us with fantastic fragrance tales while wafting aromas around.

Smell this,” he said. “It’s Black Jade by Creed, the scent Marie Antoinette was wearing when she was apprehended.”  Swiftly followed the last fragrance worn by Princess Diana, the perfume commissioned by Grace Kelly to seduce someone she would never name, Cary Grant’s favorite scent, the ‘dark rose tweak’ at the heart of Lady Vengeance created by Nina Ricci’s racing car driver grandson, a thunderous lecture on “blonde” scents versus those more suitable for “true brunettes” (it is apparently hormonal) and the evils of the new Justin Bieber cologne.

At least Justin is not dead in a conspiracy theory,” sniffed my Gemini daughter. Up until that moment, her faith in Eau du Bieber had been unshakable. “Steel yourself,” said Gary: “It is literally toilet freshener, public toilet freshener.

We talked about Fracas, created by the dazzling Germaine Cellier, and her lesser-known Bandit. Gary trumped me by asking if I knew she also did a Brigand. He was not at all surprised when I recalled living in a haze of Fracas around the time I’d asked for a divorce:

Of course, it’s all the tuberose…” he said, launching into a quote from Thomas Moore’s poem Lalla Rookh: “The tuberose with her silvery light, that in the gardens of Malay is called the Mistress of the Night, so like a bride, scented and bright, she comes out when the Sun is away…”

Apparently, before no-fault divorce was made legal, many fragrances alluded to illicit romance – My Alibi, My Sin, Indiscretion and so on – but the Rose (unlike the naughty, nocturnal Tuberose) is reserved for wives. Sadly, retail staff talents like Gary are rare these days.

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  1. God I am loving this post!!!!! Gary PLEASE help me! Simple question …… I have loved byzance by rochas I say loved because it is now discontinued. Is there anything remotely similar ps I am religious follower of this blog for six years. I’ve read every post and almost every comment but I’ve only posted a comment twice? Three times? You have brought me out of the wood works … I hope you come back

  2. Gary is there a book that reviews or discusses perfume in a poetic way?
    I would love to read something like this.
    Any favourite perfume classic?

    1. I’m not Gary but I’d recommend The Perfume Shrine blog by Elena Vosnaki. Her writing is divine.
      Gary, if you don’t have a blog already you should get one because I for one (and I don’t think I’m alone here) would totally read it. Slavishly.

  3. I have to go elsewhere tomorrow but I will check-in throughout the week and see if there is anything I can do. In the meantime I’m at David Jones Tuesday through Sunday this week 11am-4pm. I’d be delighted to meet you.

  4. Gary, if you’re up for more harassment- it’s only because we love you- I’d love to know if there’s a scent out there that smells of lemons groves and the sea. Perfume takes me places and I want to go somewhere balmy, fresh and a bit wild. The kind of place you see busty women with their skirts tucked up collecting herbs, and birds dropping off the edge of a cliff. Is there a scent like that?
    And yes, I’m a natural brunette 🙂
    I think I’m going to have to take a trip to Sydney to meet you. Do you accept gifts?
    I have only discovered the joy of perfume in the last year but since then have been going hard. Current faves are Mecca Balsam by La Via del Profumo, Amaranthine by Penhaligon, Serge Luten’s Fille en Aiguilles, L’Artisan’s Dzing! and Tea for Two. It’s like a whole new world of connection, and pleasure has opened up to me. If this is Neptune’s influence, bring it on!

    1. i’m not Gary but you might like The Different Company’s Sel de Vetiver..opens with lifted citrus followed by a smokey vetiver. Smells exactly like sitting by the ocean. Said to be inspired by the smell of sea salt drying on the skin. It has notes of grapefruit, patchouli, cardamom, geranium, Haitian vetiver, iris and ylang ylang. I love it in summer..

    2. They are all fabulous perfumes. May I suggest Creed’s “Neroli Savage” – its like a Neopolitan citris orchard. Heady nights in Amalfi.

  5. How many Moons in Librans on site loving fragrances, aromas,perfumes, just curious where most Moons are placed in regards to the enjoyment of them. Aromas are memories as we all becoming so aware of and how much the ‘industry has grown in the corelation to Essential Oils Boom.
    My mother’s signature was Joy by Jean Patou,(in her 20’s) and as a self made Scorpio Woman told my little self ‘it is the most expensive ‘perfume in the world’. The came Poison by Dior in her mid age, then Coco Chanel in her final years.
    As a Sagg, my choice was Chloe – ORIGINAL,as it has changed completely then through all the major designers as went to perfume heaven in different counties where it was tax free, like a kid in a candy shop.
    Since Saturday, Saturn the continuous teacher, have perused hours of reviews at Frangrantica & Aromantika.. Thanx for the pleasant information site friends 🙂
    Perfumes/Essential Oils have evolved as music has over the decades. both have notes, dimensions, layers, timelessness, and talent to make.

    Gary you are Divine, a Goddess Send, for sure, ‘Master Classes’ what total joy is that!
    Of the 12 essential oils used in my Aromacology, have found men’s fave single note is Basil, the royal remedy, make them feel spesh when i tell them, followed by Clary Sage & Cedarwood.

    Om my personal shelf is Annick Goultard’s Gardenia Passion. Some jerk said it smelt like his grannies drawers but how would he KNOW, i wondered. It reminds me of tropical nights as Jasmin does, producing euphoria or a headache. To whom it may give a headache, then it is lack of sexual desire or problems surrounding intimacy. Annick has a brilliant nose and she is my choice perfumer as i like her story and quality.

    Just casual observations from a fragrance lover…….
    a beautiful interesting thread combining
    again thank you and you Myst for arranging this, health & wealth to you.

    Just stopped myself buying Jasmin Noir Bulgari as it was on special at my local pharmacy after deciding i ready for Mitsouko in the last decade of my sweet smelling life.

    1. Hi pegs, I might have moon in Cap but it’s also in my 7th house. lurve perfume. but the mediterranean & aries venus in me needs those big rich almost-boofy fragrances (versace), YSL M7 (mens), ferragamo incanto….. then my gem asc and the cap moon wrestle the wheel away and I veer towards cristalle…jardin sur le nile, aquawoman (rochas) Have surprisingly substantial aromatherapy oil collection. flowers flowers flowers. yep. we all love the nice smelly stuff 🙂

  6. Hi all , I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow to answer the rest of your Questions – I have loved this – I have an impacient Leo partner – and I am dislexic , so excuse me if I am not the dog you think I am.

  7. omg! All I want to know is is there any way I can procure a bottle of Chanel’s Bois Des iles (parfum of course nothing less) at any price below astronomical…

    Mystic this is great, but i only just saw the comments popping up in the side bar 2.5hrs later – maybe a new post to get our attention? x

    1. PS I see a perfume blog in Gary’s future. PLEASE GOD and free from those vile Fragrance X or strawberrynet type layouts that are so laden with awful advertisements and crud that the beauty and substance are nowhere to be found. the reviews / descriptions however on those sites are occasionally useful.

      1. oh yes. as soon as i have managed some other demands on my moola, and have the airfare saved again I’ll be there baby 🙂

  8. Much respect, Gary.

    Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo, Gemini rising in both the 1st and the 12th houses. I’m looking for a scent that uses all that air to ignitie my fire and holds it at the edge of my unusually large aura. In my minds eye, it looks like opening a door on a slumbering fire and creating a backdraft.

    Blue eyed, natural blonde with a huge Leo mane – I have to tame it down from 80’s big hair. 5’4, vegetarian, with thoughtfully toned Madonna arms.

    All thoughts and observations gratefully received.

    1. ok si I am obvs not Gary. but as I was reading your thing I looked at my little (empty) bottle of Givenchy’s Amarige. A Greek Taxi driver loved it – it’s a very big, very european, (very 80s-90s?!).

      there’s another one… i can smell it!! coconutty, soapy, vanilla-y…name escapes me grrrr… will try to remember oh! I just visualised the Versace bottle, with the Renaissance sun/face. gold. it’s versace. versus?

      anyway, these are big ole gold-coast or Italian-ish sort of ideas, that’s what I thought of when you said “aries” and “mane” in the same sentence 🙂

      lastly have you ever thought about a men’s fragance? xx

    2. I’d say “Fracas” by Lubin – means to make a splash to shatter (as in glass). Tuberrose top note. Beautiful on the Gold Coast.

      1. Gary, many thanks for your insight.

        Two quick questions for you, scent sage – Lubin or Piguet? Pure or Eau de Parfum?

  9. Double Happiness

    Love you Gary!!!! You are a new star in our galaxy….make that asteroid! I fell in love with a fragrance as a child in the late 70’s I think the brand was Gurlain and the scent started with a G. Would live to have that mystery solved…. I love roses and Japanese temple insence I am deeply romantic, sensualist, feisty, quip cracking dark blonde ( no. not a personality type) Virgo Sun,Moon in Scorpio,Venus in Leo

    1. There are no Guerlan perfumes that start with a “G”. It could be the aromatic “Jicky” – a blend of fresh, floral, oriental, and woody notes. Try “Royal Water” by Creed.

  10. Question for Gary: A Teflon wanker proof scent. I live on the Gold Coast Gary and I am not a blonde.
    Thank you for any suggestions you can make.

    1. “Fou D’Absenthe” by L’Artisan. Green Fairy in a bottle. Only the strong will survive your captivation.

      1. I am googling Gary’s recommendations here and this one has notes of : absinthe, angelica flower, blackcurrant buds, clove, ginger, nutmeg, star anise, patchouli, pepper, pine needles, cistus labdanum, fir balsam.

        That sounds amazing!!! I want to wear it to a rave in the woods and dance with Pan.

  11. Question for Gary (love the story of your meeting with Mystic – truly this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!)

    As a teen I loved musk, then Hartnell’s In Love and Balenciaga’s Le Dix. Have never seen the appeal of Chanel No. 5, but then I’ve never swum in the mainstream.

    Now I am still a Balenciaga fan (Paris and Florabotanica) but I’m not sure these tell my story.

    I am 47, brunette giving way to striking silver, eyes green, worn black all my life and now softer colours are finding me so I am looking for a scent that straddles my inner self to my outer self. I still have a radical edge and want to wear that on my skin.

    I want to turn heads and get my legs in the air before my 50s (and beyond) and emit the quiet confidence that comes of knowing who you are, but not being afraid of change.

    1. A great one for you is “Dia” by Amouage. It has a sophisticated presence and lts not floral. It may not get your legs up in the air but it will certianly pull the rug out from underneath your suitors (and may they be many !).

      1. Gary, you’re a genius!

        Seriously, you need a forum all of your own – I am loving your responses to others as well as to me!

  12. Guru Gary,

    I’m also in my 40s, originally brunette, now natural white streaks and chemical blond (style inspiration: Daphne Guinness). Looking for edgy glamour with optimism and mystery in a bottle! Love to hear your ideas/recommendations!

    Have liked Hermes, Lubins (don’t recall the names as it’s been a few years) Acqua di Parma Mediterranean. Nikki de St Phalle was a favourite years ago but haven’t had that for 25 years (might be too strong now!)

    (Pisces Rising, Aries with Venus in Gemini)

    1. God I love Niki de St Phalle and Bal a Versailles .Neroli by Creed is crisp and subtle. God I love Ms Guiness as well ,often in a glass . Aquq de Fiontina by Creed should be given a nudge.

      1. Thank you, can’t wait to try them! As you are a NdeStP, Daphne, lit. fan and so freakin’ awesome, I just know I’ll love them!

        Merci beaucoup xox

  13. Virgo-Libra's questions for Gary

    One, okay two more questions, Gary:

    1. what is the perfect scent to add warmth to winter?

    2. what scent would you recommend to wear with white pumps and white nail polish?

    THANKS G !!!

    1. Fracas – to both questions .Deep tuberose and seductive – powerfully feminine ,created for and worn by powerfull women Maralyn Monroe , Maddonna .

  14. Virgo-Libra's questions for Gary

    Hi Gary – I’m on the cusp of Virgo n Libra
    thanks so much for answering my questions:
    what is the best scent to wear for a job interview?
    what scent represents Florence, California?
    what scent vibes sea, rain in spring, cooling/calming?
    what would you recommend for a virgo-libran?

    1. Ooooo – that’s a hard one. Have to get back to you on that. For job interviews I would wear the most subtle clean scent I could find – perhaps you could smell some “Spring Flower” by Creed. It has citrus topnotes and a floral heart.

    1. “Miss Charming” by Juliette has a Gun. Its cherrful, made of Moroccan Rose and had wood fruits and musk. Quite uplifting…. OR Costume National’s rose and hibiscus perfume called “Scent”. Its for a women who appreciates rarity and uniqueness – which of course you are.

  15. The Leo Socialite

    Gary i asked my question above but i will put it more concisely, What do you recommend for a five foot 11 former model in her (shriek) 40s, Leo, tries to be now but still feels best in vintage (90s) Versace and Azzedine Alaia and love the style of disco, halston, that ERA.

    Let us be very frank here. I need a power fragrance that the bitches who hate me will not be able to recognise but it will be unmistakably fucking high quality and also seduce the few eligible, sane single dads at my children’s hideously expensive schools into thinking that i am a helmut newton type chick. SEX POWER CLASS MONEY FUQ YOU TO THE HATERS in a bottle, my new signature scent?

    1. Gold by Amouge – come and smell . Interesting there are so many Leos here – My mother was one , my friends are they (or airies like me ) and my partner is one. Vladamir Putin wears the mens version of this perfume . Powerfull stuff.If you have the Body for Alaia , you have the skin for Gold.

  16. I wear rose oil at the moment, that’s all (perfume-wise, I mean, lol). I love pure, old fashioned rose, gardenia, vanilla, lavender scents.
    In the 80s/90s I wore so much Diorissimo for so long that people could tell when I was approaching from the next suburb. Now I can’t go near it without breaking into a sneezing, eye-watering fit.

    1. Sorry – I meant Dune! I have a friend who wears Diorissimo.
      *Slaps side of head, wonders if it was perfume that fried brain cells in 80s/90s, not chardonnay*

    2. Its Time . Creed are releasng a new Gardenia parfume in the next couple of weeks in Australia – in Europe its released- if you are near me come and try some

      1. Thankyou, Gary!

        I am in Perth – city of Kouros and anything with Britney’s name on it lol – but I am planning a trip to Sydney in the next few months, so will definitely come in and see you xx

  17. What is an upifting essential/anti Love Zombie essential oil? help my grasp on realiy is slipping slowly re. wayward lover who i have just told I want a break from. feeling sad and its raining

      1. I got the trifeccta plus 1 this weekend.
        is this bad?
        Moon square Ascendant,
        Moon square Sun,
        Moon square Uranus,
        Moon square Mercury,

    1. Don’t feel sad. Spray yourself with Creed’s “Love in White”. All white flowers caressing you softley will take the pain from the rain.

  18. Lol! love the Fracas comment, I bought that just before I separated from my long term partner. I had the perfume and the body lotion – worked a charm – who knew? I absolutely love fragrance (I have an olfactory memory of at least 150 of them and am known for picking fragrance on peeps correctly). Without wanting to sound too Woodstock, I love burning incense – or at least incense that isn’t too rabid – for its ability to clear off the air and negative energy – try pure Frankincense or Sandalwood and also Moon Dance’s Purple Haze (see what I mean about Woodstock?). I must admit too, to being a MASSIVE amber fan and have loved Jo Malone’s Amber and Lavender for years – so very Gemini. I love really good lavender essential oil too, there’s a beautiful one by Mediterana that is divine. It is such a great all-rounder as an oil – sunburn, bites, stress and just for general well-being. I have been known to liberally splash it about my dwelling – very handy for overcoming other smells a home where two dogs and a cat rule supreme 😉

  19. Perfect timing!

    My staple is “Classique” by Jean Paul Gaultier but it’s very warm (vanilla, bergamot, cinnamon, amber, and sandalwood) and I was thinking of getting something lighter and more energizing for a “summer scent”.

    I might have to check out some of these suggestions.

  20. Gary; our beloved Mystic once famously stated re:Aries folk-

    “Aries Lifestyle Tip Four: Your natural body odour is awesome. Rather than you wasting your precious $$$ and valuable time fuqing around buying stinky pong, people should pay YOU for YOUR endorphin and pheromone reeking natural awesome fragrance of genius excellence.””

    This resonates with me! If I do a personal scent I will drop some essential oils into lotion but I am greatly interested in your Aries insights re: fragrance for the Aries woman!!

    1. i remember that. so true . The SO (whs has jut been tipped gently out of my bed into a cold shower to get his shite together re. us) has his eros in aries and he smells divine. not strong but I’ll never forget his scent.

    2. Boy ,have I got a perfume for you!!!!! Its called ,”Not a Perfume” – its molecular ,enhances the body’s scent.Made by Romarno Ricci .

  21. That asteroid has been redeemed. Gary you sound like a dashing fellow. Do you provide a male prescripts too? Can you recommend us gents on some distinguished unique colognes? I find most OTC ones too strong in a crop dusted way. need subtle but bold, organic not flowery. No musk. Most thankful.

    “Mitsouki. Rhymes with nookie. Be careful. When the wife gets restless, the wife gets racy…” scent of a woman

    1. i am no gary but still hold a teensy candle for Rive Gauche for men. if they still make it. it’s more warm, woody, spicy, sophistocated (imo) rather than a chanel crispy silvery fragrance (also nice but total opposite) … my god i miss men wearing cologne

      1. hey thanks for your recommendations! I like those tones you just described, most notablly woody + sophistication. Is Rive french? That jives with my parisian soul urge so it should go great. 800+ amazon reviewers give five starz. haha. i’m so parochial when it comes to fragrances. i guess i’ve never found one that i absolutely must live without. i’ve been told many times i have naturally captivating um flavor complextion so never have spent much time pursuing masking or seducing agents. maybe it’s this latest venus, pluto biz, lately i’ve been looking at more designer cuts, now this post makes me curious about cologne to go with it.

    2. Now young man , you need Creed. Distinguished scents that encouage the man. The scent is designed to sit on your body , it wil be smelt when one leans in for a kiss or the lift is full. Creed fragrances have been developed for distinguished men over 300 years. From Napolean through Winston Churchill to George Clooney – come in have a sniff.

  22. Gary I need your advice.
    I love deep musk. Most perfumes are too high and cutting. I wear INCENSE AVIGNON Series 3 and resort to OPIUM when clubbing and COCO CHANNEL because it is there.
    But what I really want is deep really deep.
    Thank you.

    1. Incense AVIGNON Series 3 😀

      That is one of my signature scents. I have yet to find anything more sublime. Mont Blanc ‘Presence’ is another fave.

      And Diptyque 34 from Boulevard Saint Germain.

    2. Ambre Extreme L’artisan- no not musk – is an ‘oriental’ perfume and has that deep deep quaulity you are craving for ,also try Lyric by Amouge has depth that takes your breath away – you may need an Iron Lung .

      1. Tropic de Scorp

        Thanks Gary!! Of all the perfumes I tried, ‘Interlude’ by Amouge is the one that’s left a lasting impression.

  23. Gary! You are the Asteroid we have been looking for.

    So, my youngest is hypersensitive to environmental toxins so my
    Hair (stopped colouring/bleaching – am now ‘mouse’),
    Perfume and Makeup (organic stuff) Regime has suffered a coup d’etat of sorts.

    What, if anything, can I use?
    I thought perfume was so toxic it shouldn’t be sprayed in the house or on the skin at all?
    My naturopath says it wouldn’t pass the testing phase if it was new to the market today.

    Anyway, after months of ..nothing, I have gone back to essential oils.
    I am bathing in blends of ylang ylang, clary sage, cedarwood, sandlewood and even daubing on a little jasmine here and there.
    It’s all so unrefined!

    Can you recommend anything at all for me? Thanks so much &
    may the triple Goddess bless you Gary & the Stars bring you fame & fortune, 😉 .

    1. It’s all about Honour for you. Made by Amouage ( owned by The Sultan of Oman ) ,this perfume is made of white flowers and lifted to the stratisphere by amber. Amourage perfume has the highest oil content 39% . Honour celebrates the honour Madam Butterfly – but I suggest waiting as a single mother , for a man to come home from war , is not always the best thing to do

      1. Gary thank you so much!

        Checked out Amouage’s Honour:
        Top Notes: Pepper, Rhubarb Leaves, Coriander.
        Heart Notes: Jasmine, Tuberose, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Carnation.
        Base Notes: Vetiver, Frankincense, Amber, Opoponax, Leather.

        It actually sounds like a combination of my favourite perfumes, one of which was version of L’eau d’Issey in a rainbow coloured bottle. It was almost honeyish.

        Was glad to read that Honour was low on tuberose and not as overpowering but sophisticated.


        1. Opoponax! Found 10mls of the essential oil in London once. Smoky sex, apparently used in YSL Opium. Have never found it again.
          Sultan of Oman, he was so handsome was in love with him and wanted to go live there to meet him.

  24. I was wearing a particular fragrance when I worked for a charismatic Aries. It made him insanely hotly dependent on me. When I realised, I amped it up. Eventually he made up some ridiculous excuse to move my job so I had to go work for someone else. Every time I wear that scent people cannot cope with me…I have about 4 I use now and that one still sends everyone nuts. Cannot wait to meet Gary. Sounds like a GOD.

  25. Well I think Gary will be back so maybe just leave your questions here and Gary The Aries Fragrance Freak will respond with a scent prescription?

  26. We’ve GOT to set up Gary with a Q&A site, a blog. I want to know what he does. Fascinating history and scent, oh lawdy, I, too, am a scent freak. Gary saves the world, one nose at a time.

  27. Hey MM, so awesome to read your blog on fragrance and Gary! I just had to share this with you (and any other Sydney-ites)… last month i attended a Master Class on perfume at a great little shop in Balmain called City Perfume. They hold small and intimate perfume classes where you learn all about the history of fragrances. They have a lot of mainstream fragrance lines as well as some amazing brands that i’ve never heard of…. including Juliette Has A Gun! You gotta get down there and have some fun! Grab a friend and go enjoy this relaxed and interesting evening (the small booking fee is redeemable on a purchase).
    So hearing you describe the way Gary was talking about the fragance, it is just the same as the Master Class. Learning and smelling good can be SO MUCH FUN!!

    1. These Master classes are run by Agency de Parfum – the distributors of most of these niche perfums in Australia – one can set up an evening Masterclass by contacting them ,just put the www before agency……ect. Imagine how many senses will awake , just get bubbles ,coffee beans and a few good friends.

  28. The Leo Socialite

    Me too Aquaria, me too. I am not an ingenue. i need a perfume that says power. I need a new signature, mature distinct but not try hard. classic but not one that everyone else has. i want to smell amazing not have people say oh is that j’adore. NICHE. But not too intellectual like serge lutes. Sex on legs. Floral but not vintage.
    perfumes i used to like and have worn; Gucci Envy, Dioressence, Shalimar.
    I need a perfume that says jungle leo predator sexy queen but not easy to get. but people have to say ‘wtf is that incredible perfume? and heads turn when i walk by. It has to empower me. Vanilla but a POWER vanilla. not cloying. artisan not mass market.

    1. I might be mighty tired but the vanilla thing….I just envisioned smearing a little organic vanilla paste when I read your stuff TLS.
      I make my own stuff from good quality essential oils & sweet almond oil, my Toro sister always asks me to make her some but I can never remember what I tip in the bottle. I rub it on my boobs in the morning (kataka moon & rising) lol.

      1. I add organic lavender essential oil, Sukin wellness oil to a base of Redwin vanilla lotion and damn it’s good…Chrissy Amphlett kinda good. Used to buy Aphrodisia and Tea Rose perfume oils from Perfect Potion, oh so many moons ago. So not a fan of Patchouli oil.

      2. Double Happiness

        That sounds like a super power attraction technique mmmm might use that at the wedding I’m going to in a fortnight….. Stealth

    2. There’s a fragrance I adore called “Forever Lily” which might fit your description. It’s has a very heavy oriental lily scent, which is uncommon in this era; so many have lily of the valley, but the more majestic lily is too often forgotten! It’s really intoxicating.

      Anyway, it also has a notable spice to it and reminds me a little of Kenzo L’Elephant in a way (which is you are unfamiliar, that is also incredible). Both are quite strong, unusual, and have AWESOME sillage.

      Also, if you’re not familiar with frangrantica, it’s the perfume bible of the internet. Don’t look if you don’t have a few hours to spare, haha.

    3. Do try Black Orchid by Tom Ford. It is very hard to find if you live in Australia (and VERY expensive, do NOT buy online) but OMG….
      Both men and women swoon when I wear it, and it transforms and Phoenixes throughout the day.
      My first experience of it was breathing in Aries Ancient Japanese Art Curator, and I was instantly BEWITCHED.
      It is a TEMPLE of a fragrance IMO.

      1. doubleliblottascorp

        Agreed re Black Orchid……it’s an astonishing shapeshifter and intoxicating as hell. It’s the scent I wanted Poison to be but P is too blatant and fly sprayi-sh. This one soooo subtle and seductive.

    4. doubleliblottascorp

      La fille de Berlin the latest Serge Lutens is fab. Old rose, spicy and deep, goes on forever and inspired by Marlene Dietrich. Beautiful, deep red colour and if you don’t attract hordes of admirers with this, you might be compelled to a little onanism…it’s that good!

      1. or maybe another – vanille absolute by L’ artisan available at Libertine and DJ’s – you vanilla girls could also try Visa by Robert Piguet -1947 ,you will be welcomed everywhere.

        1. Double Happiness

          There you are Gary! I have a fragrance memory it was the late 70’s early 80’s so maybe no longer produced but I think it was Gurlain and it started with a G……? Thanks you’re totally fab!

  29. Oh my GOD I NEED him. He sounds fantastic & a bit magical! I might have to visit sydney just to have a consultation!

  30. Argh bloody hell, this perfume talk and my recent Persephone obsession makes me want to go out and find the perfect Queen of the Underworld scent and toss out all the pretty flowers stuff I have.

    1. You need “Midnight Oud” by Juliette Has a Gun. True underworld stuff. Rose and Oud. Just watch out for Orpheus!

      1. that sounds amazing and I would be tempted to buy anything with a label that reads Juliette Has a Gun 🙂

  31. I know I’m trendy as hell with this choice but I really love Black Dahlia by Givenchy and finally got a bottle. Also really want the Creed coconut perfume!

  32. Thank you so much for your compliments , as an Aries I will wear them well . Just a little qualification – Black Jade – is not made by Creed , but by Lubin. I look forward to enlightening your olifactory senses .x

    1. Are you the real Gary? If so can you answer some questions here? Sorry about the Black Jade mistake – it was a blur of scent and anecdotes.

        1. You are the real Gary the Aries Fragrance Freak – please remember to log in so you don’t come up as Anonymous AND three gins should be completely perfect to answer questions.

          1. Brunettes – god you are beautifull – see above for some thoughts – but best thing to do is bring you bodies into a perfumerie or DJ’s and take time to test the scent – you need to try on the skin.Perfume is the switch that turns on our inner light.

            1. are you for real! what a find Mystic! This Gary IS awesome!!! You guys could seriously get something totally unique and lucrative going….

    2. Gary, I had the pleasure of meeting you for a perfume dalliance in my lunch break. I returned to work obsessed with Lady Vengeance. I had so many colleagues stop me to ask me what my scent was that I became consumed with racing back to see you. My delightful lunchtime companion raced back to the store to purchase a bottle for me, alas you had left 🙁

      Mystic thank you so much for your post. For alerting us all to Gary. I had been in great need of a new signature scent. I may be home alone but dammit I smell fantastic!

      1. I loved meeting you Bulls Eye , although my assumptions may have been a little out of order . So pleased you gained your Vengence – there is ,for another occaision a more Extreme Vengence .

        1. My lunch time companion is fond of cultivating that assumption, hence my need to clarify! 😉

          Expect a return visit this week…quite enamoured with the other scent I inhaled, was it rose & ginger ?? Would like to see how it wears.

          Love the way you work your magic Gary x

  33. Guest blogspot with Gary and Mystic doing scent by astro – not so much sun signs but perhaps something more exotic…

  34. Mystic, this is a lovely way to spend the day — meeting by chance someone who knows his stuff and shares it with elegance.

    One of my friends is “manufacturing” organic perfumes – you need to sit down with him, smell the oils he offers (and sniff coffee in between to clear your nose), then pick the ones you like. My preference turned to be a combination of ylang ylang, vanilla and orange.

    I am curious about Lady V — what an inviting name for a perfume.

    1. Not to hijack the thread but man, I hate when oracle shows what you try to ignore – it is like getting hit on your nose with a brick …..

    2. Lady V , is fantastic , it has three notes Rose , Vanilla, and Patchouli – its simplicity in constuction is genuis – it is (as are all the perfumes I speak about ) perfume oil based .It lasts on your skin all day.

  35. What a cool story Mystic. I also a perfume freak except i like to alter them. Once someone gave me Beautiful and i combined it with best quality sandalwood and a guy smelt it and complimented me and we ended up together!

  36. Strangely, my Carolina Herrera attracts the men. Even Obsession did that! But I prefer to wear Bond No 9 Scent of Peace like D&GLight Blue and Nuits de Noho. When I wear Alien, the women love it. Vanilla and almond (Comptoir) makes men want to bite my neck, spray that on your delectable body parts. LOL

      1. Obsession is sexy. I can’t think of another fragrance close to it. Gary: Can you recommend a fragrance for me (Aries, bold, sexy, musky, and playful, frisky). Thank you!!! I love this topic. Narciso Rodriguez for Her is also beautiful. I’m heading to Barney’s tomorrow.

      1. I love you, thanks!!! I will look for it. I also like a nice musk vanilla floral/candy. I guess that might be it. Then I need just one more: exotic, oriental, unique, sexy (just blends with the skin oils very well) and penetrating.

  37. Please tell us that after you and your sharp witted Gemmie Pie daughter got home, you logged on to and found out that Asteroid Gary was conjunct your Venus !!

  38. My next fragrance purchase is Chanel No 5 Sensual Elixir. At the mo Karl Lagerfeld and Armani Black Code. I find most fragrances too sweet and like the smell of men’s product lines. Men’s deodorants (the high end lines) smell so much better on women and have real staying power.

    1. Oringinal Santal , rich oriental wood notes – by Creed .Try it , two sprays for eleven hours .A very old perfume and a Classic .

  39. Gary should be working for a French fragrance house! He’s an undiscovered gem! Today David Jones, tomorrow the World!

  40. I’m in love with the new fragrance department and funny as I always wear Bandit by Robert Piguet when out and about…it feels very complete.

  41. Givenchy is awesome. Past faves are linterdit, made for Audrey Hepburn but discontinued, and Givenchy III. If you’re in melb try kleins on brunswick st, they have lots of L’artisan Parfumeur. I’m now wearing Verte Violette which I love, along with Infusion D’iris, Stella, neroli oil and sometimes Coco Mademoiselle. Kleins also have a similar dude to Gary.

    1. If,n Violett’s your forte , give Creeds Love in Black a go. Deveoped for Jackie O , it is violette with a blackcurrent heart .Very sophisticated .A fragrent veil.

    2. Holidaying in melb, went to Kleins today. Loved, loved, loved it – thankyou for the tip! Sadly there is nothing even close to this experience at place of origin 🙁

  42. So, what is the astro for Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez? They wrote the best EVER book about scent, hooked in my air (gem sun, Virgo moon) by being witty and funny but not too cerebral. Really captured the scent/memory/mood complex.

    And will be dropping into DJs this weekend for sure!

  43. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    I’m obsessed with perfume. My body/style is changing so my younger, girlier scents weren’t really working like they used to. My favorites were Turquatic by Mac, Mugler’s Alien Sunessence, and Fiorucci. But lately they seemed too young, sweet, synthetic. I know I’m trendy as hell with this choice but I really love Black Dahlia by Givenchy and finally got a bottle. Also really want the Creed coconut perfume!

    Lady Veangance is nice but I dunno if I’m so mad about it that I would purchase. It reminds me of Karma by Lush a bit? Which I like as well and has amazing staying power.

    1. Creed’s Virgin Island Water is fantastic . Starts with beachy coconut scents and dives you into clear waters of lime and holidays . I have it in store ,come and catch a wave .

  44. Black Orchid by Tom Ford is my signature fragrance.
    This blonde doesn’t do “soft” – go hard or go home.

    1. OK – you need to try Costume National 21 – it has a great depth – and surprising ,’notes’ ,milk being one. Beautifull for the pale and passioned .

    1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

      I know, I am fascinated by this concept of a blonde/brunette divide when it comes to perfume. Never heard that before.

    2. The list is as long as life itself – try the woody scents ,they come in many catagories -woody orientals (Scent by Costume National ) mosy woods ( Victorian Posy by Penhalions ) or Vetiver by Creed is a classic wood . There are no rules – it is important to find find something that you are delighted with – which of couse may not always be ,’wood’

  45. electric eel libran

    yes it’s true blondes and brunettes smell different. Blondes smell soft like babies. Their hair oils don’t have much colour to them which is why if you are brunette and dye your hair blonde you need that purple shampoo to keep hair from discolouring. Your own hair oil is a dark orange and will discolour the hair in addition to envronmental oxidation.

    1. Never knew that, interesting. I think part of it is that certain “looks” are associated with difference scents perhaps?

      A while ago, I read something about the Dior Poisons and that Hypnotic Poison is better paired with a brunette, and Pure Poison with blondes. Whenever I have met someone who likes either of these fragrances, it’s always one and not the other so much, and the hair colours correspond “as the should.”

    2. It is acually your body oils . Darker skinned people seem to be able to wear more woody fragrance , lighter skinned fresher – this is not always the case – age , diet can also influence the body’s oils. Important with perfume to try on your skin .Synthetic perfumes will stay on the skin but will not last – forever ,’topping up ‘ .

  46. I love this post! what a fabulous experience…. I’m going to have to hunt down that perfume now! I wear a Nina ricci, occasionally… Its the only perfume I own, I prefer essential oils, but actually le fleur De temps goes well with peppermint or spearmint and a touch of woody oil….

    1. A little Gin Fizz by Lubin may be your drop.Created for Grace Kelly’s engagment to that Grimaldi fellow ,it even reflects her physical beauty in the shape of the bottle ,with hat. Perfect for a summer afternoon at the races or lunch with the girls .

  47. Gary The Aries Fragrance Freak is in the lower ground floor of the main flagship store in Sydney central and yes, i LOVE that his name is Gary.

    Alphonse and a LIbra would not be nearly so fabulous.

    I forgot to put in there that he also talked about the magical properties of Oud (like you can smudge with it and he said rich women in Morocco squat over cauldrons of it to ‘cleanse’ their innermost parts you understand) and amber.

    1. RedLipstickVirgo

      That’s amazing want some OUD now. I have Black Jade by Lubin – it is delicious and very complex it changes all day till you go to bed with a powdery floral scent! They found it in black vial of M’antionette and analysed it and it matched Lubin’s old records yum!

      1. The story of Black jade intrigued me, and so I went hunting in regards to Black Jade by Lubin, and ended up on a blog where there was what was reported as a “hostile” interchange between the blogger and the owner of Lubin regarding this perfume.

        (I wont link it here unless someone asks/I am green lit, just because this is MM’s blog, not a perfume blog).

        If any of you have read the interchange there… Is it just me, or did the original comment (that supposedly fueled the fire) by the owner not read as hostile…? If anything I feel the following comments by random guests were the ones that fed the fire, and I feel the blogger was making things worse by agreeing to all the complaints by people, making the owner look like a really bad person, nobody except for one person I think, tried to understand things from his perspective. I thought the owner was just being very direct and frank, and found it interesting when he opened up a bit of perfuming history even.

        Anywho, Im not going to make my comment solely about that fiasco – but that interchange was my interesting read for the afternoon. Now… to hunt down a bottle of that Black Jade… If anything…. I am loving Lubin knowing that an owner is so directly and passionately involved in his product… where in the heck can you find that in the modern market?? Anybody who is creative can understand the extraordinary amount of passion and energy that bringing something to life requires. In my book Lubin is A-ok and I am now wanting to get my hands on some of his Black Jade. I wouldnt have known about this if it wasnt for MM, and her random synch meeting with Super Gary, but hey, I find the things I like most always come in interesting ways.

        Sorry that this post is so wordy, but I am all fired up and loving it! Hahaha 😀

            1. Yes we do , its called Josephine – by Rance – originally glove makers to Napoleans court. We have perfume ,made for many members of Napoleans court , as well as a fab perfume from Creed made for Napolean the third called Santal – sandalwood and lavender – its what you need when you are overseeing the redesigning of Paris . Gary

        1. I wonder if it’s Pluto retro timed?
          I’ve come across racist, misogynist, arguing, name calling comments among people having a go at each other on my twitter feed last night and today. Never really seen this so blatant before. I also was on receiving end of insensitive message today – out of the blue.

        1. Ooh I will, thanks again Gary, you are AWESOME. I hope you come around and comment more often, also I need to get your contact email or something at some point! xoxo

    2. I looked this one up too, and Im loving what Ive found on it so far. I like the earthy scents myself 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    3. I’m intrigued by this product. I have one, Jeux de Pau, which has butter in it. It’s like Nigella Lawson in a bottle.

  48. juliette has a gun ! the awesome perfume wise-woman in my local perfumery was talking me through the range, lady vengeance was super interesting.

    I recently finished “the Secret Of Scent” by Luca Turin. there’s a perfume whisperer if there ever was one.

    gary sounds wonderful. *wanders past DJs*

    1. Do you think there is a link between Aries and scent? I once dated an Aries who seemed to have an extraordinary number of bottles for an otherwise very ‘macho’ male.

    2. gee Pi the Turin book is quite technical. You did well to get through it. I gave up about halfway…all those chemical symbols..

      1. Can’t quite remember the spelling of the restaurant. Will get back to you on Tuesday. Hope you’re not starving !

  49. Are we talking city store? I need a dalliance with Gary! I’ve been obssessing over need for new signature scent.

    1. Most certainly DJ’s ,Elizabeth st Syd . I look forward to any dalliance – especially those that bring new joy to ‘ones’ life – through scent .

  50. Goddess i love those real moments, with real people.
    The enthusiasm and passion people like this ooze is contagious,
    you are so right Mystic, it takes you to another dimension.
    What a genius meeting of souls.
    Viva la /le Gary the Aries Fragrance Freak !

          1. Totally. How did this happen in real life? Wonderful. And perfect time to break a drinking fast – in a cloud of perfume, and GRATIS. 😉

            1. Darling Sweets, i was thinking of you 2 days ago, then about a minute later a big four wheel drive went by with ”sweet pea” across the top of their windscreen. xx

    1. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

      I disagree!!!!

      It sounds unpretentious. A calming influence. An everyman. Everyone should feel comfortable approaching the guru of scent.

      1. Hmm, you might be right, Lux…. I do need an unpretentious scent guru, ’cause Serge Lutens is just NOT doing it anymore for me…

      2. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

        I agree. If, say…Simon Doonan, for example, was named something Italian and exotic it just would not be the same!

      3. Indeed – I have never liked the name, but felt alot better about it when it appeared as the name of a milk product .Freakn Gary

  51. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot



    Maybe Asteriod Gary actually smbolises…..

    Oh never mind.

  52. I love this post. I feel like travelling halfway around the world to meet this Gary the Aries Fragrance Freak. I need a fragrance makeover. Will he be doing any world tours? 🙂

    1. I am often in a different place – quite often unkown to me. Very happy to travel ,and happy to welcome you here. Gary

  53. Lady Vengeance, one of my faves! I wonder what scent Gary recommends for brunettes. I love F Malles fragrances the most.

      1. Yummy. . Now I’m definitely going to Barney’s and Neiman’s to hit up all my favorite EDPs, and that will be one. I may even splurge on myself for my bday! I also have yet to test Carnal Flower. Expensive splurge. Thank you!

    1. Try Nuit de Longchamp by Lubin -1937 – bergamont top notes ,turkish rose and then patchouli and vetiver at the end – made to celebrate a horse race at the Longchamp race track in Paris . Freakn Gary

      1. Sorry I got a little mixed up – I am mostly anonamous in the first few blogs, but sometimes not – Freak’n Gary

    2. I feel a little sniff of Nuit de Longchamp , might be a racey scent for you. Developed the 1930’s to celebrate a famous horse race in Paris , it has top notes of Bergamont , through to sandalwood and then patchouli and vetiver . Gary

      1. OMG all my favorites, patchouli . Interesting, I don’t have any vetiver. In my 20s I used more green scents. I just whiffed the new Desire by D&G- not special! I whiffed Tom Ford — none of his stuff is special to me at all. But I whiffed Dior, and for some reason, Addict and the new Vole, is beautiful. Unique! I want fragrances that are pure – not alcoholy – and clearly I can pick out the various notes – e.g., pear, vanilla, musk, amber, berry, leather. I can pick out each “note” from a sip of wine (if it says peach, I better be able to smell it or taste it). As an Aries, my nose can dissect smells. I can tell if there’s an electrical fire a mile away. So I’m very picky with scents. I can tell if a scent smells “cheap” even though its very expensive. I hate to say it, but some scents, smell cheap even though they’re at Neimans Saks Barneys. If the scent has 100 lbs of tuberoses, it better smell like it. Of course I feel kinda bad for all those tuberoses. And I’m no sure about the Lubin story. I’m not sold! I know these are chemists putting things together in a test tube, so anyone can do that. That’s how they give a cracker chicken flavor or a potato chip. Gary, you’re amazing. I’m going to check out your recommendations: Jubilation, Midnight Oud, Lyric and Nuit de Longchamp. I want a man to want to devour me when he sees me. That is my goal. HAHA! Seriously. I should have the fashion to match.

        1. So I’m reading that Christopher Chung’s inspiration is Dvorak’s song to the moon from Rusalka, and I’m ruled by the moon and saturn. This is so inspiring.

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