Daily Mystic For Tuesday 31 January

Venus – in oceanic Pisces until Feb 20 – is aligned with the Moon’s Nodes from February 1 to 5.*

What does this mean? Well, it’s an opportunity to glean new resonance from your romantic history or perhaps even to resolve a mystery or lingering little bit of angst. Venus trines the South Node in Scorpio and sextiles the North Node in Taurus.

A karmic astrologer would see this as evoking unfinished love and creative narratives from previous existences – eg: you re-encounter an energy pattern/soul/person from before or become suddenly determined to fulfill a particular project.

Another Nodal theory is that the South – or Descending – Node is a release point so with that logic, you’d be inspired to unclutter your relationship psyche or alter your attitude.

I’m torn – I think “South” and “North” delineations can be spurious – anti-South bias permeates some cultures and is often irrational. I’ve also gathered that the karmic connect is not as long-standing as many think – I share some preliminary thoughts in this 2020 post.

But I’ve personally and anecdotally seen SO many examples of the South Node being a super-potent point – if not ‘karmic’ as such, definitely something on the Fate Matrix.

So given that Venus is strong in Pisces and the South Node in Scorpio awakens deep-instinct + collective memory, take this as an experiment. Unlike most experiments, it would be best if you don’t try to plan this. Simply make an alert or reminder for Sunday that will prompt you to check back in with yourself: what happened?

Unscheduled baggage drops, encounters with your past, lucid dreams?  Venus and the South Node in this alignment also spark the future, perhaps via a eureka flash re the past or an encounter with a person from your soul pod.

A bonus: You may be fortunate enough to see a just arrived funky green comet flash across your sky – evidently last seen in the Stone Age, C/2022 E3 AKA ZTF will make its closest approach to Earth on Feb 1/2  but be potentially visible for most of February.

Comets are magic and particularly if these interstellar visitors cross a significant point in your birth chart or even your sign. As I type, ZTF is near the Draco (Dragon) constellation and the Northern circumpolar stars but it’s heading South and will be flashing through Auriga, Taurus, Gemini and Orion in mid-Feb – near red planet Mars on Feb 12.

If visibility allows, that will be spectacular. But note that the proxmity to Earth occurs this week, as Venus trines the South Node. It adds an extra-profound and galactic dimension to any past-loves scrying and may even coincide with a game-changing archeological or time discovery!


*This is not one of those alignments that rely on the exact moment – however, if you’re interested, it’s most ‘on’ between 9 and 10pm Universal Time Thursday 2 Feb.

Images: Virgil Finlay and Andrea Reguitti – University of Padova – yes it’s the green lantern comet!

6 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Tuesday 31 January”

  1. Interesting! Am catching up with a boy from high school this weekend whom I shared a mutually secret crush with (unbeknownst to each other) 40 years ago.

  2. The Lion & The Centaur

    I’ve read your fresh take on South vs North node. I’m very interested because I’ve had a relationship with significant North Node synastry and a relationship with significant South Node action. The NN one didn’t feel like it changed me as a person, it was pleasant but in a lukewarm kind of way. The SN one – holy goddess! It was a catalyst on every astral plane and I’m still reaping the years-of-psychotherapy-level rewards over a year later. It had an ‘instant recognisation’ kind of familiarity and I even had a spontaneous past life recall while meditating, we were children and riding bareback fat white Lipizzaner horses in an ancient oak grove, the kind that don’t exist in Europe anymore.

    Astrology tells me that because the relationship was so South Node, his Moon conjunct my South Node and our composite chart had Sun conjunct my SN etc. it was ‘bad’ but I feel like it was the best and most important relationship of my life.

    1. When you have a SN Sun conj in your natal you need to rethink all the astro content you encounter otherwise essentially negate your own light by perpetually moving away from it toward the North. In my case it’s home base.

      SN comes with gifts and insights and a path thats equally valid but it takes time to learn to use the offerings wisely and know where to place yourself on the nodal line – its the same line and vibration after all just with different views depending where you stand.

      I have had numerous of those kinds if relationships and connections. They aren’t all meant to be avoided. If we think about it in terms of what growth and evolution is attained rather than what a douch/time waster it has more meaning. I’m on the fence about karma over lifetimes as it runs counter to other views I have but that doesn’t remove recognition.

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