Daily Mystic For Tuesday March 15

I hope your Full Moon lead-up is going well. It is a fantastic lunar portal for feeling the amplified Neptunian vibe. It will, of course, be at maximum in April, when the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is exact. You know the dark side of Neptune already – grifting, slippery people, glamors cast to deceive not bemuse, and porous boundaries. Collectively, it can be a miasma of projection, fanatical religious emotion, propaganda, and grand irrationalism.

But haute Neptune has potential for a new wave of enlightened, cool thinking, revolutionary art, and compassionate ventures. After starring in this week’s Full Moon, Neptune will align with the lunar nodes for three weeks, raising wrecks from the ocean and recovering lost magnificent esoteric treasures. You’ll see it on the global stage and – perhaps – in your personal sphere. If you’re Piscean or Neptunian by nature, you have probably already begun – have you been recalling significant aspects of your history via a surreal new perspective?

Whatever you uncover or have recently recontextualized, it’s not nebulous – it’s a foundation stone for the future.


Image: Rember Yahuarcani – The First Beings

4 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Tuesday March 15”

  1. Water, water everywhere here in Oz. Water from the sky, water from my eyes, water in the flow of truth trickling into the zeitgeist. Spoke to my pregnant daughter in USA today and sobbed till I could no longer speak. She has no idea and looks so gravid and beautiful.

  2. Looking forward to the discovery. A grafted nectarine tree that I had heavily pruned due to disease and thought I had killed reshooted and became a peach tree. Obviously, the original tree that had the nectarine grafted upon it. As I picked the peaches on it yesterday, it thanked me for freeing it to be who it authentically was. I think for many , we will with this new era be able to authentically be ourselves other than what we have been moulded to be by others.

  3. *Jupiter-Pluto conjunction? It’s not going to be that knarly ( wanted to auto correct to Kmart) is it?

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