The Rite Of Passage Transits

The rite of passage transits occur to everyone at about the same age, regardless of your individual astrological chart energies. So, you can plan for them!

They are like milestones and they loosely go along with each decade’s big birthday. In fact, if the age you are turning has a zero at the end of it, there is probably a transit for it.

Turning Ten:  You are near your first Jupiter Return!  You’re top dog in primary school or junior college!  Your parents may still appear more or less sane, cool and benevolent. Most of your lifestyle needs or existential desires are obtained with relative ease. You’re in Quest Mode.

Turning 20: This is the Nodal Return! The North Node of the Moon goes back to where it was when you were born so you’re highly conscious of your destiny. You get a calling! You meet people who, one way or another, are Destiny Muses. It’s also the zone of your Uranus square Uranus, a feisty phase of individuation.

Turning 30: Saturn Return the first time around is intense. You realize that some of the boring, worldly rules do apply to you. You’re not the exception that proves the rule and by 30 you get that. But you’re also more worldly-wise and less prone to Chaos Addiction. You’re a convert to sleep and sane relationships.

Turning 40: It’s Uranus Opposition time. Fuq the steady job, fuq the bourgeois relationship conventions, fuq the linear time crap, fuq whatever is in the way of realness. Note also, it is another Node cycle so similar to age 20. But your ability to slither out at midnight in barely any clothes to some cool venue and still feel welcome is significantly impaired. But you probably have more budget to fund the revolution.

Turning 50: Chiron Return – You crack the code of your psyche without any of the usual dramas and soul-audits. You seem more sedate to outsiders but inside you’re a maverick, punk shaman. You evict your Shadow Selves.

Turning 60: It’s the zone of your second Saturn Return. Yes, honest-to-Hecate, Saturn Returns just keep on a happening. This is when the classic Saturn themes of teeth-taxes-bones would really start to bite if you did not honor Saturn earlier. Saturn is the Time God and his second return is when you really benefit from the sort of wisdom that can only be attained with the years. You feel your joints and your accrued knowledge.

Turning 80:  Your Uranus Return is near! If you’re fortunate, you enjoy this at the age of approximately 84. And, with little to lose by being yourself, you experience a surge of creative and spiritual inspiration.

Turning 100: Many don’t experience this but if you do, it’s bound to involve sagacity and cosmic or transcendental tripping!


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38 thoughts on “The Rite Of Passage Transits”

  1. Well, I’m turning 40 next week and right after the Solar Eclipse in my sign too. My GOD, it’s so weird to see that in writing…..40!!!! I have never stopped feeling 23! Well, the zest for life of 23, but certainly after going through a lot and a bit more careworn and carrying some big life lessons…but STILL!
    I’m constantly told I look 32-33, so that’s my saving grace.

    My 30s kinda blew, truth be told….bad relationships, mysterious, unending health problems centered on fatigue, huge ups and downs in career. I’ve been on the “fuq a steady job” thing for 2 years now…still not sure what’s going to happen but at least I’m having more fun considering the possibilities!

    I feel this is going to be my best decade yet! Soulmate showed up just in time and life with him feels majikal, everyday. I am blessed xxx!!

  2. Happy Solar Return to me. It’s exact in about an hour, and that’s weird because it’s an hour before midnight the day before my birthday. I don’t know how often your solar return happens outside your birthday, it must be fairly common, depending on your birth time.

      1. I woke up about 5:30 AM, feeling kind of miserable and headachy and as always, went outside in the cool morning air to have a smoke. An old Rumi poem that I heard in a bad self-help tape went through my head: “The morning breeze has secrets to tell you, don’t go back to sleep.”

        I decided that the secret to having a good day was to go right back to my warm bed for more sleep. So I did. How Taurean is that? I caught another 3 hours and now it’s about 9AM and I feel much better. Now I can do whatever the hell I want all day. I think sometime during the day, I will take a nap. Some people might think this is wasting a birthday, but not me. I am a terrible insomniac lately, all I want is a good night’s sleep.

        1. Sleep cures all I reckon. I adore my dreaming time. I’ve been averaging about 10 hrs a night.

          Sleep is never a waste.

          Anyway, it’s your birthday and you can sleep if you want to 🙂

    1. happy birthday Charles! Much cake and festivities for you. May the year bring you less crazy women and more sane social activism.

    2. Congratulations on another 365 & 1/4 days around the Sun, Charles. Wishing you financial luck, as much as you need,
      Warm regards, Peg x

  3. Yup you is the Poster Girl for the 60′, Aphro.
    Am sure that hubby has been the greatest support & comfort
    not even blinking at the wild colours in your

  4. Personally i feel that those transitions-returns can hold water
    for 2 years either side of the
    For me it was 12/22/42 not mentioning the rest as still assimilating 🙂
    but did all the bones teeth & taxes way before crisis and very glad i invested
    so no problems now or future. My Dentist is Rich (the original expression was ‘my tailor is rich’ but who has a tailor nowadays??

  5. I’m about to turn 40 and above is absolutely to the point… although I had the “Fuq the steady job” a few years ago and family matters prevented me from actioning it until earlier this year – which was a big PHEW!

    I was already looking forward to my 80th & reading this it just got better 8)

  6. im confused, I could have sworn my nodal return already happened, and I am not 20 yet, pretty sure it happened last year (17 degree sag), and also, it was not anything special at all, and there was no fateful moments whatsoever

  7. What about the fives? If ten is a completion or return, fives are a halfway point, with their own mini-completions of the first half of a cycle. Is there astro that goes with the fives? 15, 25, 35? Interested b/c I’m 35 now and having Jupiter return in Taurus now!

  8. Mrs. PsychoPomp

    8th House Gem here… I just couldn’t resist, I love returns…

    At almost the exact moment of my Nodal return I went through a sudden break up with my long term S.O. and immediately there after met my current husband (who is my Virgo Moon). We met along the highway, at a crossroads, when the car that he and a buddy were in broke down. My best friend and I picked them up. I had never met either man before but my friend married one, and I married the other.

    Recently, during my Saturn return – my Virgo and I took on the responsibility of renovating a 120+ year old house that has been in my family for generations. The repairs/changes were drastic and handling all the unexpected tasks stirred up a calm confidence and kind of acceptance. I was tired but the work wouldn’t finish itself, at which point I realized how capable I really was. I did what I had to and now I don’t feel nearly as anxious about problems as I once did. It’s as if all things are purposeful and manageable, not to be stressed over but handled in time. Of course, I also messed up my back and now have the strange urge to threaten kids in my yard with a hose…

    Anyways, thanks for the great posts MM! They always seem to hit some chord with me.

  9. My grandfather just turned 98, and, after a lifetime of egoic semi-narcissism and left-brain dominance to the max (he was a school principal who taught science and maths) he is suddenly seeing poetry in everything and softening, and allowing himself to be vulnerable and descending into a lovely enquiring kind of wisdom. It’s amazing to see. He’s so much more fun than he ever was as a younger man.
    Now I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens when he turns 100!

    1. Aphrodite Rising

      This sounds wonderful, zentriplet, what a gorgeous gift for your granddad and for you and your family. I remember seeing a different picture of the usual upside down “U” shape you see of life, you know, where you peak in your ‘forties than it’s all downhill. This one was the reverse, the usual “U” shape, so you actually get tied up with a material life until your ‘forties, then the spiritual life begins to call you. Can really attest to that one.

  10. tati scorpitini

    When I grow up, I want to be the woman on the left of the picture (the one wearing the peach dress).
    The Uranus Opposition thing really applies to me now. Except I still totter out to those clubs every now and again (and pay for it the next day though).

  11. I care for a 90 year old super stubborn Scorp relo. 90 seems a tough one, a real transition, learning to let people help (or do Scorps have trouble letting anyone help them?) I have been told by said Scorp that they will be living to 100, so that should be interesting!!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing Aphrodite. Nice to know there’s things to look forward to.

    Love your red hat!!! 🙂

    1. Aphrodite Rising

      I’ve been on the look-out for a red hat for ages, to go with my purple clothing as per “When I get old I shall wear purple” poem. My next door neighbour took me to a shop that looked small but inside it was like a cornucopia of shoes and hats. Amazing stuff. Got the red hat, a red-orange bag that is almost fluorescent, and a red purse with purple inside. And the shoes…… :p

  13. 😯

    Thanks AR! I lost my parents when I was 10 years old and no one really talked to me about so it was hard to grow up not being able to articulate all of those feelings. I agree, some people are uncomfortable with grief but I’ve come to embrace it. It is the extension of love after all.
    And like you I have been lucky to have a brilliant counsellor help through some of it during my early twenties which helped a lot! 😯

    1. My father was rather strangely & violently killed when i was 14 and not permitted to talk about it with family who disliked him immensely add a secretive Scorp mother who also wouldn’t talk about the death.
      Perhaps responsible for my choice of many very unsuitable partners…the Father Thing but not in the form of ‘older’ men, just rather wounded ones.

  14. Actually I was always SOMEBODY but at 40 (right on my birthday too) I’d gone from high volume customer service in government & private industries to doing stuff I just love. Like driving trucks & working in the dirt.

  15. Can’t remember much about the others but 40 was when I got my nose pierced & started working in blokesworld & became somebody.

  16. Wonderful Aphrodite Rising ! Love the perspective with time / age. In my case, those plus sobriety. One thing about my Saturn Rx ruler – gets better with age. Finally some good news, lol.
    My Mom is in her 80’s just had Uranus return – and I swear I told her to call ME when SHE is free, because she is always out, I can never reach her. hilar. Capricorn btw. My Toro niece was queen candiate for first Mars return, terrible two’s. Infamous Dairy Queen scene – she wanted two cones, it did not go well. ha.

  17. yes Gemini 🙂 well l was blessed with the great pluto opposition 🙂 mayb better in a way then having Pluto inconjunct my Sun, it’s hanging there above my sun’s degree it’s rx so that is something ghm ghm! l did have Pluto conjcunt my moon when it was in Scorpio….and l was in puberty how fun!!

    l feel like l have the uranus square pluto stuff going all my life already….pheew! But there are always things you can rebell against sure!

    The nicest so far was my Satun return in Leo! yay! Fun Fun Fun! Made good choises had a blast!

    Looking forward for Saturn to get into Scorpio already!!! 🙂

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