Daily Mystic for Friday 17 to Sunday 19 March

Good news people! The gnarlier alignments of the last five days will begin to disperse over the weekend, perhaps even on Friday.

Venus – beautifully placed in Taurus – in sextile to Saturn in Pisces –  is a stabilizing, sensual rhythm in play till Monday. If you’re augmenting a relationship, replenishing your cash coffers with some canny moves or pulling together a new season image, this is a wise Muse of an alignment.

An Aquarius Moon backdrops much of the weekend, inspiring rando insights re projects – especially big morphs you hope to make or innovative schemes. It’s a good time to intuit Pluto in Aquarius trends – not for the world at large, for you.

And Mercury is in Aries from this weekend till April 4. Yes, it’s a blip of a visit but highly effective: Mercury helps to ‘choreograph’ opportunities/clarity around some of the more ambitious ideas or connections that have emerged from Feb and March.

Even if Mercury in action-Aries feels too brash or hard-driving for your temperament, make the most of it because Mercury will then spend several months in Taurus from early April!

I’ll talk more about this shortly but if something requires a degree of pushy front or acceleration, initiate it between the next week’s New Moon (March 19/20) and April 4.


PS: If the disintegration of the Pluto in Capricorn economic settings and the associated culture is bugging you (understandably) remember that there is/will be a new paradigm – always. It’s the transitions that suck. Stay cool and scry the trends.

Image: Alexander Calder – Lioness

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