Daily Mystic for Thursday 20 September

As I write, the Moon is waxing in Pisces, that is gaining in potency as it nears the Full Moon phase.

You and your instinctive lunar self are likewise making awesome strength gains at this time. The lengthy stay of Venus in Leo and Mercury in Virgo is by now delivering tangible results, right?

Mercury veers more toward fantastic stunts of analytical nous and productive, measurable outcomes. Venus is more existentially dramatic but runs off immeasurable factors – interpersonal synergies, artistic epiphany, reinvigorated love of music, cinema or fashion and rad self-realization.

However, while these two are revealing their secret treasure stores, yes the Full Moon in Aries is tricky. You can run with it as an all-purpose audacity enhancer but others might be more in the mood for blamestorming. Perfect your tact/tactics in case!

And enjoy the Piscean Moon in the meantime – Pandora is conjunct Neptune in Pisces, fab for sharp, stagnancy-busting intuitive zaps.


Image: Joel Meyerowitz

1 thought on “Daily Mystic for Thursday 20 September”

  1. Dear Pisces moon. If only you could linger longer. Pisces moon at 27 here. I laughed when I saw this photo. Yesterday I was googling for inspo, words like seventies, sea side shack, old maritime nautical themes. There was a hotel many year ago perched on a headland. It was like an old wooden sailing ship crumbling away with time and exposure to the elements. But a sea side seventies hotel with a neon shell advertising? It is all the vibe. I do so love this site.

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