Daily Mystic for Tuesday 19 September

Venus, Hekate and Juno are aligned in a triple conjunction until October 3! Yes, it’s in Leo and is also loosely linked to the Moon’s Nodes + Eris-Persephone as well as the Galactic Center.Β 

What does this mean? Well, it seems that amid the turbulent weirdness of the current geopolitical atmosphere, we can find pleasure and peace. This trio favor romance – the real, substantial variety, not the genre where you run yourself ragged trying to appease hypotheticals – sensuality, esoteric quests, creativity and prosperity.

Fire is the element du jour so if you’re a candle, flame-meditation or even a bonfire person, they’re all super-auspicious at the moment. This is potent goddessy energy and made more so by the recent Venus Retrograde. If you’re feeling a surge of inspiration or as if it may just be time to expore a spiritual connection you know is (still) there, yes – well intuited!

If you even begin to think you can’t because you don’t have something or you can’t be whatever, no….this is a consciousness thing, not an ornate rulebook with entry barriers or complex liturgies to memorize.

October will be an interesting Eclipse Season but you can engage with this extraordinary Venus-Hekate-Juno influence from now – a kind of pre-emptive aura-amp-up.


A side-note: the Minoans (referencing the image above) used selenite (moonstone) instead of concrete on many of their walls, so that they gleamed in the moonlight. More ancient inspo: planting and tending to iris flowers or crocus was in itself a form of worship. Everyone was a perfumer, making their own version of the favored Iris oil with mint, myrtle and aromatic crocus as the base.

Image: The Ladies In Blue – reconstructed from a 1700 BC approx wall frieze in within the old Minoan palace at Knossos.Β 

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Love that picture and the Minoans generally. Seems to have been equally a matriarchal culture – pretty rare. I went to Knossos especially!

Wish Upon a Star

I have a selenite ball lamp in my lounge. It feels and looks like the moon. I love it.

The Lion & The Centaur

Last night there were massive Aurora Borealis here in the Northern hemisphere. I was again oddly elated for the day and at night I woke in a weird, nervous state after an alien abduction dream. I blamed overdosing my electrolytes for the bad night until I checked the space weather news. I still feel antsy, I guess electrolytes don’t help ‘grounding’ during space weather phenomena.

Penelope Darling

Obsessed with Minos!




Love that pic of the glamor puss Minoan ladies … and the goddess line up!!


How beautiful, the Minoan ladies in blue. And the idea of walls covered in selenite, gleaming in the moonlight is enchanting πŸŒ™

Wish Upon a Star

Gleaming in the Moonlight !

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