Daily Mystic for Monday 4 September

Venus is about to be Direct in Leo! * The Goddess of Love, Beauty, Art & Money that you magnetize – as opposed to make/earn – has been in Leo since June 5 and Retrograde since July 22/23. 

Venus Retrogrades operate on two distinct levels – the superficial aka mundane or worldly and the deep-psyche/metaphysical.

With the first you’re aware that it’s not necessarily a good time to make firm commitments to a partner or mentally invest in an attraction and that beautifying urges could be nuts. Relationships can seem to go off-line or even kaput while peripheral characters become central. If you’re feeling crowded or alone, those emotions are amplified.

The underlying paradigm is that the atmosphere and circumstances have a way of raising your awareness around whatever it is that you really desire or love.

It can be quite difficult in the sense that some things we love or loved cannot be. Venus Retrograde also has a hefty nostalgic component, often complete with poignant recall of yesteryear’s aesthetics or wild Venusian seduction antics. You can also call back your power – consciously or not – from a relationship that claimed far too much from you.

Venus Direct begins the phase when all this comes together and even the most subtle internal shifts or magical metamorphoses filter through into your image, creative process and relating style.

Retro-Mercury trine Jupiter until Tuesday emphasizes the new knowing and expansive nature of this moment. The real results appear in October, once Venus regains the point she was when she first went Retrograde, but observe the changes within you and others over the next 48 hours!

You can also share in the comments if you like? How has your Venus in Leo and the Retrograde been?


*It’s at 1:20 AM on Monday Universal Time which means it will be Sunday or Monday, depending on where you live.  As always, you can see the exact time of the phenom for your region on the Moon Calendar.

Image: David LaChapelle – The Sun Shines In 

98 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Monday 4 September”

  1. “It can be quite difficult in the sense that some things were love or loved cannot be.”
    Oh Mystic. There you go again, right in my heart. But why can’t I come to a knowing around this? Things still feel so up in the air–and it’s like I want to say “This cannot be,” rather than the truth, which is “It could or it couldn’t, I don’t know, right now, it’s nice.”

    An ex! Returned! We didn’t talk for a year, both dated other people, and nothing changed for either of us in how we felt about each other. But our timing–shows up just as I leave for a new job that I love that takes me across the country, miles from him. And he’s still not ready for kids/marriage/white picket fence (or more honest–wild garden/weeping willow tree/chickesn/goats/marriage/kids lol) life that I want. So I am looking EVERYWHERE for someone who is ready so that I can bring them into my life!! And there’s no one–unanswered dating app messages, men who turn out to be married, men who are strangely bitter, etc. Well, there is someone–my ex, texting me something sweet and asking for nothing.

    1. If I were straight, you’dve been snapped up real quick. 😆 This is my dream life too and I have nobody around for miles. Have to grunt and huff my way through it to do all the heavy lifting myself to secure a home, kids, animals that I want. The stronger we get, the tougher it is to find someone worthy.

      1. My mother said a good Manicure Kit is what a woman needs. As a solo women it is a TOOL KIT needed.
        Always thought i would be wealthy to pay help.
        Places like ‘hire a hubby’ are around $50 or more an hour.
        Yes keeping strong is a necessity if going it alone.
        Every woman needs a set of Resistance Bands…hahaha.

      2. “The stronger we get, the tougher it is to find someone worthy.” I needed to read this! Thank you Cap. I know there’s some reason that we are learning to do the heavy lifting alone <3

    2. Damnd Men 🙂 it is said you can’t go back a for a re-run they don’t work. And he sure ain’t ready.
      The very best person you can love is yourself, please do not settle for less & there is a lot of less around.
      The best ones are a solo parent who’s wifey has died.
      Used to advise women to go where a certain quality of man goes like Yatch Clubs, Racing Track work (have to get up early for that), luxury car exhibitions, Art gallery openings….spill some of your glass of wine on them…not red tho’.
      Six star hotel cocktail bars armed with a financial review or newsweek.
      Is it 60-70% of partnerships meet at work?

    3. Follow your bliss, that journey and job you love. And if that man is smart, he’ll follow you.. if not, you know his priorities lie elsewhere x

      1. Thank you Sam. I love the simplicity and reassurance you have given me here. It actually isn’t the complicated, is it <3

    4. I can relate to this oh so well.

      After making the difficult decision to put the ending into place with a much younger Bull. I realised I just wanted a strong pair of hands to work on my rocks for shoulders. He wanted me to say “I was the best, I’ve ever had.” When in reality it wanted that repeated to his cousin. To which I replied “But that wouldn’t be true for me. Is that something you want me to say?”
      The silence was sufficient for me to realise Toro Bull is still BS and I’ve been there before and I can’t and won’t go there again.

      Considering I’m concerned about that my ex-Toro from years ago is breaching the DVO. I don’t want to be in the egocentric mindset which is the flip side of jealousy.

      I honestly think when you love someone that’s always there. People are messy when hurt and vulnerable. I’m disappointed that I hasn’t had someone with broad enough shoulders to understand this aspect, and want to connect with me. I did meet someone many years ago but his not interested in me in that way, so I’m aware I must cease exist for a chance that will never be. It’s very difficult to heal this wound but I must prioritise the reality of what I do know. He had the opportunity and decided not to proceed.
      No matter how long it’s been, it’s heavy going.

      Words are not enough and the action doesn’t support the dialogue then it’s contradictory and contraindications are not what I need.
      No body is perfect but sometimes you do meet someone that’s perfect for you. As to whether it last a minute or longer, is down to a lot of factors. I’ve self burnt and been burnt much too many times to believe in love being all it takes. It work and if both aren’t willing to participate then, it’s only ever going to be a one sided affair. I’m done with being the back up or the one they always think about but never the first choice…Fuq that.

    5. Congrats on the new job Damndspot – wonderful news!
      Excellent manifesting on your part, onwards and upwards towards broader horizons!

  2. My Venus Rx in Leo era has been intense…. it has revealed many areas that were available for healing and pockets of new energy that were now accessible due to a lot of work in the energetic space. The expansive nature for me has been larger than I ever could’ve imagined, and I received a confirmation I’ve been searching for at my soul level for time……. How I’ll integrate this new level is still unknown for now,…. but my determination to evolve and share my journey with others is now my only focus and priority. A rebel with a cause….. thank you Nina Simone 🧡

      1. I hear you….. Wild is the Wind is the closest to music induced trance for me, those keys she plays does something to my spirit ✨

      2. It’s the purpose and pace of delivery and you know to listen. Often discussing people that I can relate to and it feels nurturing and supportive. It’s not I don’t like now music, I just know what I like and go with that.
        Sinnerman (live in New Year) them keys 🎹 front and centre.

      3. Ohhhh most definitely! The intention behind the delivery reverberates through the sound. But that’s what makes music so magical, it can transport us to a time and place, or person.

      4. Agree I can even hear the conversation in the recordings…before Wild is The Wind begins (a little conversation is said or a thought caught, I can always hear it).
        Supersonic frequencies exist and music is a time capsule and you can hear it all, if you have those senses. Others will say “you’re mad and that’s crazy but it’s not.” I can hear electrical buzzing of appliances through walls and others can not. I’ve tried testing it with young ears and they don’t hear it.

        It’s there and then I have to stop listening at the “Daddy” line…too triggering for myself at present. Sure do love my Nina Simone cleaning times, get my OCD cap on and I feel productive. I can experience OCD as a coping strategy to help calm my worries. What happened I been diagnosed with? Yeah the label doesn’t matter, it’s how do I adapt to the situation. This the key to resilience is not the definition but the practical nature of oneself.

        Music the Time Machine that has no passport requirements.

      5. You’re talking to someone who understands you S! We all come into this life with many different strengths but life conditions us to move away from them or feel ashamed to explore them because we feel different than others. Truth is these heightened senses should be celebrated…I see energy and feel shifts in energy more than others, it’s reached new heights now since I’ve surrendered to the healing process and allowed my true spirit a chance to roam free without conditions or being weighed down by trauma any longer. I understand OCD, it’s most definitely a coping mechanism and a space that you can control. It’ll make you feel calmer knowing it’s a process you own. I see a brilliant spirit that’s had her light dimmed and is holding onto too much pain,…when you’re ready I know you’ll choose a healing path that is aligned to where you’re at and a new brighter chapter can begin! ✨ Ps as I was writing this msg to you three deer appeared and started feeding on the land I was on 🦌🦌🦌 …

      6. Hello Wish! Thank you for saying 🥹
        I definitely appreciate this thoughtful msg and hope retrograde season has been kind to you 💛

      7. Yes the Pisces full moon was very full for this Pisces Rising. I can feel the new moon in Virgo already. Ideally I would like to be in silence and nature to recharge. Also feeling like doing a bit of cleansing diet to reboot and recentre.

        I think the retrograde season has taught me to not be ashamed of my natural introversion. To nourish it. I feel like I am covering new territory and following my gut feelings will only help me. I am beginning to enjoy this stage of my life.

      8. I just checked my Power Moon for this new moon. It is in my 7th house and conjunct my natal Uranus.
        It talks all about relationships with others but I feel like I am starting a new relationship with myself. Well I am a Gemini Sun, maybe I will reconnect with my twin.

        Anyhow it gives me good advice: stay grounded. Yes I will eat more root vegies and hang out with the trees.

      9. oooooo twin energy would be a reason why you love being alone! Your own energy is enough, plus the 7th is how we relate to others which means you’re changing what you feel comfortable being rather than what you feel is socially expected! I love this for you! Nature is a beautiful way to feel supported, I’ve been spending more time on land myself and honestly it’s opening up so many more doors since I’m more grounded!

      10. Yes feeling comfortable is better than social expectations. Thanks for elaborating on the 7th house. It all confirms my feelings.

        Go Well Cc

      11. The last month of August was very big on realizations and insight into our own spirit and you’re super attuned already, so you definitely would’ve felt a big shift! I’ve been using Palo Santo oil on my wrists and heart chakra and that sacred plant has done wonders for feeling centered and connected.
        I love you becoming more aligned to your true essence, that’s beautiful Wish! Truth is, only by being authentic can we expect to be matched in our relationships rather than always feeling disjointed and disconnected. I love all your progress and the incoming new moon is VERY big for cleansing, clearing out old stuck energy/versions and resetting your purpose so your more aligned then you know 💛✨

      12. Thank you for this opportunity to reply to you. As I try to be strong in the face of making necessary adjustments, which leads yourself open to the push and pull of others. Realising you are in a different place only it feels like a failure. My body screaming for tenderness but there is only myself to do this. I’m very tired and fearfully aware that my time here is precious. I’ve seen some indications of this being too overwhelming for me. Chronic pain these last few days has worn me out completely.

        The most wise person I know told me “it’s hard to outlive your childhood.” Almost killed me many times over. Knowing what I don’t want is much easier to understand for now, than know what I actually want. I know fear and shame hang over my heart and trying to remain peaceful in these moments is beyond challenging.

        Three deers appearing, that does sound lovely.

        A much nicer image than The Death card appearing twice in the 12th house position. Cmon mate…step off I’m needing sleep but I then fear sleep if it’s too much for me. Sometimes we need a little help in the physical world. I know my heart has an issue (I’ve always had it) and I’m avoiding getting that checked for now. I feel I must tidy up first.

        Particularly draining was confrontation of AFP requested people to view images and provide assistance in an international child sex abuse case. I recognised something and completed an online statement a few days ago. Threw me into my past abuse and intense physical pain has been nonstop. My photographic memory comes in handy sometimes. While CPTSD is a gift of strange proportions. I’m safe for now but it’s not easy and I’m trying to self soothe appropriately.

      13. Here for you lovely! I’m glad you’re in a space here where you feel comfortable, this heavy weight you’re carrying is ready to leave you S! The pain level in your body is relative to your wounding. Have you ever considered any energetic healing before?
        Everytime we correspond even over txt I feel a heaviness / sadness in my heart like I can’t breathe. I’ve known for awhile your trauma (I sensed it through my body), something that no child should ever experience.
        Hhmmm unfortunately not all law enforcement are trained appropriately to deal with survivors, so pls know how brave and important you having a voice and speaking your truth in this matter is!
        All spaces can feel confined when you’re running from your past, I did that myself for multiple years across many time zones until 4yrs ago I stopped running. I did that alone too, with no support in the physical realm either and started to rebuild new stronger foundations 🌱
        Much love to you beautiful S 💚🩷

      14. I have a lot of energies being transferred at the moment. I’m trying to process my own and not just those that are coming to me for peace and quiet acceptance.
        Been spending too much time with my Mum and that does drain and trigger me. She has conditioned behaviours of abuse and I try and calm her but there is only so much I can do. I’ve been able to hear the conversations of those in distress for a very long time. Hopefully I can just keep grounding myself and this will disappear soon. It’s very heavy (the grief cloud) and my bones ache from my own abuse trauma. It’s only when anniversary trauma arrives and I become a conductor of other’s emotional distress. I don’t seek it, it finds me and it’s bloody tough going. The weight you actually feel was of my earlier abusers (father is a pedophile and very overweight). I’m very sorry that you can feel that physical discomfort in my words.

        Take care and thank you for continuing to chat with me. Yep the Police are not helpful in my circumstances at all. Makes sense to help someone else if I’m able to. That’s the sort of person I am.

      15. Life and energy is non-stop, I hope your process for self soothing and grounding brings you closer to some peace soon! At the basic of levels every spirit deserves to feel heard and understood! I understand being triggered by mothers, they sometimes are unaware of the power they hold. I recently found out Mars in Cancer in the natal chart meant a passive-aggressive mother which I can relate to! There is no need to apologize to me at all, I’m picking up an imprint through your words, I’m not at all in your energy which is unethical without permission!
        You pls take care of you! I’ll be fine my love. Our quality of life centers around how we care for our sacred vessel first and foremost. Place your healing infront of everything and everyone for once 🤍

      16. No I didn’t mean the unintentional vibrational knowledge. It’s as if a kinship experience opens the channel of communication between us – shared trauma and empathy of understanding.

        I have even tried out giving knowledge of my experience to those in need, it does help with the self care and resilience and assimilation.

        Your last sentence is of a superior wisdom and mindset. Well done you for all the work you have done to heal and feel into the aspects of hurt. It’s not easy going. Much love and Happy Moon Day!

      17. I see and of course! The soul gravitates easily to those who we feel a sense of home with, one of the most beautiful and effortless connections we can have ✨
        I can see you being a great strength and light to others S, it’s more than likely one of your purposes in this life!
        Thank you lovely, all I knew was that I had to level up and out of the dysfunction I was living and leaned into what innately felt right! It’s Moon day Monday here now and my self care focused day. Much love to you 💜

      18. I still need to change the ceiling globe…I’ve got it all ready to go but I’m scared of heights and I’m tall (this explains so much in my life). That’s a lovely compliment, I appreciate you saying that. I’ve got unconventional skills, cool in the right places and bizarre in other places and realms. 😉

        Q: What part of my chart represents men who profess love to me, then prefer to be with men?

        I’m thinking Pluto or aesthetics are at play here. My life is like a walking DSM-5 some days and then I find 10 cents in the car today.

        First adult partner (said he had done certain have activities with men). He received certain things with other men)…okay 🤯

        Second had 🍆 pic on mobile phone (years ago), he flew me up to visit him and he proposed over the phone the previous New Year’s Eve.

        2023 his nephew asked if he “was still gay” (I said I don’t want anymore calls from him and called it off). His now ghosted me…hilarious. All good bro.

        Finding the balance between what serves you, emotionally and mentally (is a hectic process).
        I’m proud of you too, always great sharing with and love to you.

      19. Oh I hear you honey, they say the key to finding the greatest area of success in life is combining all these bizarre collections of skills and interests into a career. I’m definitely giving this all my energy currently so if I find success, I’ll definitely share the secret sauce lol 🥫
        lol oooo the men who like other men era, reminds me of my summer spent working  in Mykonos 😂 
        For me, I know that Venus square Uranus in my natal chart keeps my sexuality very fluid which made for very complicated relationships with blurred lines. I would look at your 5th house. Lilith occupies mine, so say no more lol.
        These relationships sound ready for reality TV lol 😂 When it comes to our relationships you could do a synastry chart with the individual gentleman’s in question (if you have their DOB) and look for strong aspects to Venus, Pluto, Neptune and the leader of the unpredictable Uranus. 
        It IS a forever balancing act because we evolve and our values change. Without truly knowing ourselves, and accepting all our eccentricities we may not even be clear what we really want at our core. And could be sending out a variety of mashed up energetic signals. I took myself off the market a few years ago. That stands till this day, because I’ve done the unnecessarily complex situationships that lived in high Neptunian illusion for too long lol. 

      20. Thank you for your insight.
        What the Liza Minnelli is this?
        I believe Kataka is my fifth house – Sun and Mercury.
        Reality show 😁 yeah no. Survivor + Cooking Show + magical music and/or creative talents and then some.
        I will try and look into this in more depth, when more I’m rested.
        Time for snooze 😴 nighty nite and thank you. Lilith is definitely involved for sure.

    1. Thanks for sharing this…this 40 days and nights has been a similar soul excavation. Venus through my 12th house (most of my natal planets are in Venus ruled signs too) with all the feels reaching a pinnacle at station when the weight became a physical sensation that slowed me to a standstill. Once she was properly moving again it was like I could finally move energy in a way I haven’t been able to for the longest time…

      Inspired by your rebel with a cause, spiralling upwards and adding Nina Simone to the soundscape of the Venus in Leo chapter…

      1. Hello there L+V – are you a Leo sun? ☀️ Sometimes we need to leverage from the powerful and influential women that came before us, even if to for a moment lighten the load we are carrying ✨
        A Venusian life is a beautifully-creative-artistic-scented journey that is VERY heavily influenced by the level of balance across all areas of life…. or it can become a dark melodic tragic symphony especially when we don’t care for our own spirit first and place others before ourselves and our highest good! With all the retrograde action in our skies and the energetic lines they form, it’s almost impossible to escape not placing a greater emphasis on our own evolution and self care. In fact the pain we can experience is if we hold onto our past versions we no longer need and don’t serve us any longer! I’m happy that you’re feeling lighter and more free in your next steps 🧚🏼‍♀️

      2. Yes I am feeling the need for evolution and self care. Thanks for articulating that and confirming it with astrology.

      3. Nailed it! Dark melodic tragic symphony…recognising the issue of placing others needs above our own is easier to identify than the behaviour change that must follow. My personal planets are all Taurus and the heavy hitters are in Libra (wish someone had given me the heads up about Pluto squaring natal Pluto – yikes!). Leo is my AC – lost contact with the internal sun during the clash of the titans happening in fixed signs over the last few years. Like much of life it was not bad or good but both. Your words were a beautiful reminder of the flipside of the dark. Thank you again…

  3. The triple Aries friend god-daughter whatever decided to unfriend me around June 5, cut off contact after 10 years of almost daily messaging & staying weekends every 2 months.
    D R U G S the ones that turn you chemically bi-polar & schitzo.
    She didn’t want to go to rehab ‘she said no no no’.
    As she recently inherited half a million dollars, her dealer was able to buy a brand new car. I wept.

    Has taken nearly 3 months to settle the sadness, sense of loss but remembering her scary manic laughter after 3 nights of no sleep, witnessing her out of control online spending made it easier. Some addictions are similar to possession by entities.

    So many times have known inherited money to flow thro’ recipients hands like water….money not earned loses its value & 5 years later Centerstink is their income.
    So heartbreaking as she could have been a contender, such a talented chef.

    Hard losing friends to death, losing one to crystal is worse.
    Hence my absence communicating with the life affirming people here.
    So that was my Venus Rx experience….running out of people to help hang the curtains but a Libran who i’ve kept at arm’s length due to his negative stories has offered to be the other set of arms needed at times.
    He has lifted his game due to my rules & regulations now he can lift the pot plants outside now winter over.
    In the meantime the jasmine is flowering, the house smells divine & a new spring energy is beginning. x

    1. That is so incredibly sad Pegasus…
      It is my experience that you cannot help people who are in deep trouble until they themselves truly want to change. Until then there is little to nothing you can do. I hope you will protect yourself from this heart wrenching situation… Happy to hear that you are able to take some comfort in jasmine and Spring sun 🌞

      1. The aroma of white flowers is a cure all.
        A 50ml bottle of good quality gardenia is around $45 but have yet to find a jasmine that is the same as the actual flower, a sensual aphrodisiac.
        Strange it can also cause a headache on some, but have found those some are lacking in sensuality.

        Yes, nothing i can do but cut that lifelong connection with love.

    2. So sorry to hear that Pegs! 🙁 It IS a possession, drugs are just an excuse. Its posession by mindless consumerism, disconnection from centeredness of a growing life, fron soul. If you know a Reiki practitioner, please try to send some healing energy her way. She seems utterly taken over, the poor kid. I also remember reading someone here or elsewhere on one of the boards about a visualisation practice of a healing light emnating from your heart chakra, slowly covering your loved ones, your home, your community, country and finally the whole planet. It may not do much, but may take the sting out of this situation.

      Jasmine is one of my most favourite flowers and they don’t grow here. So happy you can enjoy it at the other end of the map. 🙂 Will look forward to see your reports of its blooming. 🙂

      1. It WAS possession witnessed. Scary as, inwardly shook with fear when i heard her laugh.
        Arranged a visiting from Mumbai PranaYama fitness instructor-healer-bodyworker to give her private tution.
        Think it created a healing crisis, brought it all toxins to the surface as the breakup was next day.

    3. Meth truly is the destroyer of souls, it’s a drug that people escape into from some part of their reality and rarely find their way back home…..hhhmm an inheritance would be interesting to see if Jupiter was in her 8th house?? And she really is in danger if certain types of people know she’s had such a cash injection, she’s basically prey to be fed on smh. In life I’ve known many of these types of souls, but turns out we can’t get swept into everyone’s dark current without losing apart of ourselves with them. You have a magical spirit Pegs, if you seek and place your energy into the right places the universe will match you where you’re at. Oh retrograde season….. be easy on us 🤍

      1. And triple Aries is WAY too much ram energy….. Fire burning out of control without balance wellllllll, we all know how that one goes….

    4. Wow what a beautiful and heart-rending piece of writing Pegasus–the last paragraph! So much hope!

      I will keep your loved one in my thoughts. I’m an addict in recovery with plenty of loved ones who are addicts–some still here and sober, some not. The choices we make are heartbreaking and dangerous. It’s exhausting and frightening to love someone who is using. Demonic possession seems spot on. I’ll be thinking of you too <3

      1. Appreciated. Sadly we know how it ends usually toothless & penniless unless it’s overcome Yes my heart bleeds.
        One has to want to stop. WE know that. x

    5. Lovely Pegasus,
      It a hard road my lovely. Addiction is not an easy journey. It’s a reaction to reality and getting to the core issue is essential for survival and recovery. There was an element to fun then it’s about maintaining an equilibrium, that’s become an altered state.
      It is such a complex reality and I have my bestie who is in the fight of her life with that. As she said she got the right psych drugs when in prison. I feel I’ll see her again and I do worry for her because I will always love her. I came across an IG that might be her so I’d like to speak to her and hug her. Because she knows I can’t and won’t judge her. As we have shared so much of our journey in similar circumstances.

      Blue Jasmine the movie is about the women who my Mum rescued. Because she lived with us in 1979/80 and we had jasmine growing down the side of the fence and it would perfume the night air. I told this to a dear friend who knew her also and she said….that’s our Jasmine. It was great to be able to spark her memory and Polly was a journalist and my Auntie by friendship and respectful terms.

      1. Knew you would understand the complications of it all. How to be compassionate without succumbing yourself & how to put boundaries in place.
        Heartbreaking…..phew big time. Have know her since she was 16 & such a beautiful soul who then wrote amazing poetry a music producer friend recorded called Ancient Drums & Amazon Queen
        She is do being exploited, it was hard to watch. Gave her the Barefoot Investor, research start-ups, looked for beach side properties….yes available in York Peninsula ON the beach for under 3K.
        Lead a Ram to water……then she head butts you!
        Good luck with your bestie, the last thing Ramzilla said to me was ‘go f…k yourself’. THAT helps healing 🙂

      2. Complexity seems to be my domain. Hmm hence why it comes at a cost, an impact wound that’s hard to process.

        I’ve been wondering if it’s her or her daughter’s profile, I know the mother is listed. Two children used to the cycles of pain and punishment and retribution (incarceration).

        Can I reframe her last words as she intended them to be dearest Pegasus “Go love yourself.”

        “For I’m lost and you already know this, but you need me to break this us apart.”

        The Ramzilla way is to save you and give you a get off of jail free card. Because she doesn’t want you to witness her journey, due to the shame/guilt cycle.

        I hope this reframe gives you some comfort my dearest Pegs. Did I catch you saying you have a pup in your home? I ❤️ cheese too. (I be a cheese a tarian at times – of particular types, of course).

    1. Hi Penelope Darling – I’ve had a similar experience to you – I read your comment yesterday with great interest!
      During this 6 week Venus Retrograde in Leo, I’ve had house guests from my husbands family visiting from interstate, one lot after the other.
      Guess who ends up being doing all the work and being taken for granted.
      What starts off as a loving welcome to them ends up as realising the full meaning of “freeloaders”.
      As Mystic says above, that even when crowded, you can feel alone.
      My solace was a soothing daily meditation practice which gave awareness that I needed to pull my personal power back in.
      Looking forward to the subtle shifts now incoming as I’ve learned to set some new boundaries.
      Venus in Leo for me has become all about self love, and compassion for self.
      To remember to also treat ourselves with gentleness and kindness.

      1. Hi Maia, glad to hear I was not alone! I can’t remember ever being so bumped by Venus Rx before. My main lesson was also boundaries and where they lie for me… there is only so much I can make myself available for before I start to overload. I hope you have a smooth integration of your lessons!

  4. Wow.
    On the precipice of ending a 20 year marriage. Still have much love but not enough to overcome the soulful depletion. Reclaiming one’s power is quite the metamorphosis…have had dreams of being surrounded by butterflies.
    Removing challenging teen from the system to home-school- a significant commitment and emotionally risky. But resolved it is the best and only option made from a place of deep (Venusian) Love and certainty.
    And then from ‘out of no where’ comes the serendipitous connecting of a ten year acquaintance where deep love and attraction is being uncovered. One could only write a book about it.
    Can anyone confirm this is my Venus Retro? Oh my the unfolding is delightful.

  5. this One has been a bit wild for me.
    first an ex from 13years ago pops up
    out of no-where wondering ‘what’s wrong with him’ as the woman he had an affair with when we were together has now booted him out of their marital home and saw from their children. This is the first I’ve heard from him since I left all
    those years ago. Needless to say I don’t hear from him now. But it took me back to a time where I genuinely felt happy and secure in love. For me that era felt stable and full of life long potential.
    Obvs delulu on that one.

    also this retrograde I found myself unable to get a certain someone out of my head. After 7years single, I first met this person at the start of the year. And have wanted to get to know more
    I have not had an interest in anyone romantically in all that time, like it’s been on a slow heat to simmer over months, so this felt really bizarre. But it’s made me realise just how much my appearance has aged since 7years ago and that I look more like something out of a medieval painting than from this modern era. My hair is down to my bum, and I’ve been flip floppy on whether to cut it off or let it be.
    it disturbs me how much I want to get to know someone who isn’t interested in me in the same way. Like something is broken inside me 😂

    Leo is my empty 7th house. Natally, venus lives in 2H in Pisces.
    My Leo son turned 12 on 8/8 and I fall more in love with him everyday.

    I’ve started reading runes again.

    one of my suppliers in my small biz has decided to retire after 40years. This biz was something I inherited and never really felt like ‘me’.
    but now I feel like I can’t let it fall to the wayside and have to keep their service alive – as no-one else will.

    and the work I do in a different small biz which I love, I’m faced with working on a project that I just do not support and feels like a betrayal to sensibilities and logic.

    looking forward to seeing how these variabilities shift.

      1. I had the same image (less beatific) in my mind – a Queen of Cups with flowing tresses. And unworthy Knights falling at her feet.

  6. Around the Cazimi of Venus & the Sun in Leo in August, I bought a pair of colourful blouses. Both have a millefleur pattern, one in pink/violet and one in sea green/purple… It’s been a true color renaissance for me 🌸🌞🌸
    Before that, it was only white and stripy blue and white shirts for years and years, all through Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius, while I was workin (too) hard

  7. Venus has retrograded in my 4th house, and is stopped conjunct my Uranus and trine my natal Venus in Sag. Home issues (specific, geographic, and conceptual) have always been super complicated for me with Uranus there and Cancer on the IC. So this has been tough and my resilience from the last three years has felt like it’s fading. But you know, this morning I woke up and realized, instead of agonizing rumination on all the details, I have to just hold onto the summary: I worked hard, I survived with my credit rating intact and health mostly intact, and a lot of people I trusted were incredibly shitty to me, but that’s just how it is. Better things ahead.

      1. Hi Mystic, yes, I got a message saying ‘you are posting too much and too fast, slow down’ (or something similar). And then, when I took some time out and returned, I could not edit anymore. Thank you for asking 🙏

      1. Thank you 5thHouseCap! (I have moon and MC in Cap … so ready for Pluto to bid his final farewell there). Doing lots of heart-opening meditations and telling myself that this solitary slog won’t be forever. Every day it’s a choice to keep going, but I do! I walk 5 miles every day … that has kept me sane and steady.

      2. Oh, and I’m also a knitter and textile person … sewing, knitting, embroidery, beadwork. After years of resistance, natural dyeing is calling.

  8. 1. A Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon super soft cuddlypom puppy I got on a whim/inspiration. He is so obstinate and SO fragile. I am afraid of scarring his Plutonian psyche by trying to discipline him. 😬
    2. A new business formally registered during Mercury Retrograde (its SO renegade that I don’t care) that I conceptualised when Pluto was direct in Aquarius.
    3. Knitted a new golden yellow cushion cover from leftover yarn and needles gifted by a Pluto in Leo generation acquaintance who used to live in a cashless commune – trading goods and services instead of money.
    4. All cards on table in a Venusian situation without burning bridges, only raising drawbridges. They can swim in the moat if the safety and consistencey of fortress seems appealing. 😀

    Leo Venus in my 12th has been a real gift. 🙂

    1. I even did my Tarot practice in front of a makeshift Venusian altar featuring postcards of Boticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ and ‘Primavera’.

    2. Love the idea of the golden yellow cushion cover which you knitted! Also the fact that the yarn and needles were gifted to you by a Pluto in Leo generation acquaintance 🦁

      1. Happy to hear about the creative pillow work @FifthHouseCap.

        I’ve been gifted three pillows to cover, as of yesterday. In a brilliant psychological twist it’s all about getting the mind into the next chapter.

        Still using my Grandmother’s sewing kits, good as gold Outback era cottons, buttons and silver needles. Let’s just say they would be called vintage. Loved dearly by all who knees her too.

      2. Thanks S and Calcifer! I picked up knitting earlier this year and finding it to be a rewarding mind-body connection exercise for my post-pandemic brain. 🙂 The acquaintance is a very interesting person with many colourful life stories. I am glad to know them.

      3. And S, older sewing equipment is wayyyyy better. In another out-of-bounds moon phase (I have one right now), I bought a tiny sewing machine and went through the phase of making clothes for myself. It did not last half a Saturn cycle. :-/

      4. Too busy the hand allows you to distract and disconnect for a moment. It’s the good stuff. I learnt from a neighbour of my Grandmother how to crochet around face washers. This was to provide a safe physical from a violent situation.

        As my trauma is very early in my life. I came from a grieving mother’s womb who was impregnated by a sterile mate. Who would and did do unspeakable harm to myself and many other victims in my family and the community.

        Today I’ll be attempting to make an official statement to help in this. As there is something I heard on the radio about this being an option. It’s a wound and there is not closure only truth telling on today’s agenda.

        Sending much love and thank you for holding your hands to weave a thread and calm your farm (aka calm your mind). So great to find skills in the processing of the “post pandemic” age that we do find ourselves in. Hopefully having discovered in various forms or another the causes that truely matter the most. Kindness will always be the currency of the world.

        *Knees was supposed to “knew” but the Apple decided to only use what it knew. A typo kinda feels like my signature move in life. 😊

      5. My mother left me a large box of cottons in every colour ever made.
        Unreal how handy those cottons have been…lol.
        ‘Grandma’s Hands’. Always busy. Taught me hand sewing an invaluable skill S.

      6. Pegs I love this too. One Grandmother was 4ft something and barely 5ft tall and was the one that taught me colour placement, how to be calm with their unconditional love. So it’s very dear to me. Keep her sewing kit but I couldn’t keep her three rings in my possession. It was too much grief and pain in her lifetime.

        The other Grandmother was 5ft 9in and I’m tall than that. This one was related to Arthur Boyd the artist. Very smart Saggie and 13 was her lucky number. It’s through this bloodline that my mind is strong and she taught me how to play cards and was very elegant. Grandma was very beautiful even in her final years. I was the only grandchild to regularly visit her each Sunday morning with the Sunday paper.

        O negative bloodwork here and that is the magik of water divinity and healing. As my Aunt taught how to hear the birds call and to not cross the lake…as the water was coming. High frequency intelligence and amazing cooks too.

    3. You adopted a puppy? A Cavoodle it sounds like. They thrive on boundaries on discipline, it makes them feel loved. Use the tone of your voice to guide him/her as to what pleases you.
      Says the Dog Whisperer.

      Knitting is something i want to learn. Will look for some unusual yarn, like ‘oily’ wool or ‘string’ wool, in ecru to make a loose sweater.
      The bartering system was an excellent ideology but it fell thro’ the cracks somewhere before becoming de riguer.

      1. Yes! A Wheaten Terrier though. Similar looking, but have been around for hundreds of years. We have strong Saturn synastry, and his Sun in 2 degrees from my North Node. This dog will either discipline me (and vice versa) or will be a noose. We’ll see.

        I am very glad of any and all advice from dog whisperers here as I am a bit lost. Also difficult to do everything myself. Not just for the puppy, but also new dreamscape company, ongoing IVF and financial merde. This Venus Retro, I ha e really really prayed to have the responsible one show up to share life, love and associated burdens. I need it.

        I learnt knitting this January. Youtube is really an amazing learning resource. I am sure you will find a yarn to your liking.

        The bartering system still endure in some communities. Much easier to do in this digital economy too! And people are becoming kinder because of it. I have been given sooooo many pupoy things by the neighbours for free!

        Thank you for your wisdom and letting me rant here, Pegs. I don’t know if I am wading water or actually drowning.

      2. I don’t really have any dog advice. I will say that took 18 months to befriend a tiny Scorpio dog, as delicate as a glass noodle and tough as a galvanised steel nail, a sweet lil shoebox-sized princess. She absolutely knows her boundaries and who was i to assume otherwise? Reward the good, distract the bad, always offer an ear scritch if permitted..

      3. Darling you are floating & waving not drowning.
        Type in ‘dogs’ on Pinterest, many many hints, use the ones that resonate. Having a fur baby may activate the hormones needed to conceive as it often does.
        You WILL be pregnant soon & both will be a joy growing together.
        Best of luck with all the growth you are doing. x

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