September Monthly Horoscopes

The Virgo mind is a matrix, its vast complexity perceptible to a select few. You’re also a Mutable sign – ie: adept at warping and weaving through multi-streamed thought flow/conversation.

Anyone annoyed at you for ‘changing the subject’ or who tries to guilt you because they don’t see the connection between two factors is out of their depth.

This is the Mercury Retrograde that you realize you’re a quantum thinker, incompatible with mechanical mentalities. Every glitch is an invitation to ingenuity and the adrenal funk of Mars in Virgo (mid-July to late-August) took you further ahead than you realize.

September 6 to 9 is sensational for streamlining plans and archiving non-resonant data or desires. Relevancy is back and guess who the arbiter of it is? You, obviously.

Ghosters, begrudging lovers and/or evasive deals rematerialize with Mercury Direct on September 15/16 but by then you’ll be way ahead.

The Virgo Sun + New Moon align with futuristic Uranus from September 14 to 17, setting the trajectory  towards your expansive and auspicious April 2024.

Add the fierce hustle of Lilith in Virgo for nine months from early October for the full picture – lucrative enterprises, reinvention and quantum relationships.

This month’s Mars-Venus scenario suits you! Mars is in Libra all month, adding a substantial Air sign component to the elemental mix for the first time in four months.

Cramped paradigms are about to become more spacious and Mercury Retrograde or not, you’ll enjoy fluid dialogue with intriguing people. Your renaissance self is back!

Mars adds metaphysical steel, reinforcing your resolve and – conveniently  – charisma. This pings off some sort of signal that attracts muscle, unabashed suitors/fans/people aspiring to work with you, tactical insights and champions for your cause.

Venus in Leo turns Direct on Sunday/Monday, a pivot that puts her on track to sextile Mars from September 24 to 30. The first major Venus-Mars alignment since February, this cosmically ordained yet delayed hook-up could reference something snazzy that nearly happened in February or July.

Even if not, the last week of September has huge promise. It’s the prelude to mid-October’s Solar Eclipse in Libra, a New Moon with nuance from your ‘before-times’ meets dazzling opportunities from the future.

Consider taking the Equinox that initiates Libra Season as a mini-retreat to reboot your magic and prepare to maximize this definitive startover moment.

Just as Venus turns Direct on Sept 3/4, Jupiter in your relationship sector turns Retrograde. Commerce and career snap back into their ideal groove and accelerates. Your public profile – or notoriety, as many Scorps prefer to think of it – becomes more prominent over the month.

At the same time, a love interest, friend or key partner is on another path or from your point of view, inhabiting a parallel galaxy. This could indicate, for example, a divergence of interests in a business arrangement or that your vocational vibe scrambles the perceived relationship roles.

Zoom out and see all this in the context of (a) Late Octobers Lunar Love Eclipse – the climactic finale in a series that began in November 2021 and (b) Your positioning for the return of Pluto to Aquarius in January 2024.

Worst case scenario: Specific people or business entities may only be able to relate to a facade that is not just  flimsy,  you’re not even behind it. Pause to placate these characters and you’ll only undermine your vital plutonic power pivot.

The Spring/Autumn Equinox on September 22/23 reveals the first faint glimmer of a new career paradigm that will lead to a dramatically beneficial relocation or upgraded foundation/power-lair.

Sagittarians are re-witching.  As shamanic Neptune is aligned with the Galactic Center in Saggo for the remainder of its time in Pisces (until 2025), your consciousness is more metaphysically attuned by the day.

It’s not necessarily compatible with your more mundane obligations but Mercury Retrograde for half the month (and in Virgo for all of it) can assist – yes, really.

Before Mercury Direct (September 15/16): Stay contrarian and questioning as even adverse-presenting developments could be good for you. Skip the macro-view and fine-focus on the micro. Revisions, edits, second opinions and rethinks are all potentially favourable.

Mercury trines Jupiter from the 3rd to 5th and until September 10, Circe in Sagittarius trines Eris/the North Node in Aries and renegade Lilith in Leo. This spectacular ‘Grand Fire Trine’ energy over-rules any Mercury Retro interference. If you see an opportunity, seize it or better yet, create your own.

After Mercury Direct: Logistics and admin become less laborious and when the Mercury-Jupiter trine repeats on September 25-26, you receive confirmation of a breakthrough/your talent.

Romantic vibe fluctuates until the Equinox so, if in doubt, switch to Zen Noire mode and re-assess in late September.

Circe is in Capricorn from September 9 until the December Solstice, aka Capricorn Season. This favors Sea-Goaty sorcerers, scent-makers, lovers in unconventional alliances or Caps in the botanical business and the acquisition of funds for expansion.

Note also that next month’s Solar Eclipse New Moon represents a fantastic neo-you/career revamp launch date and that the Equinox on September 22/23 yields useful intel/inspo re this.

Most of the current strangeness stems from your exquisite attunement to the last weeks of Pluto in Capricorn -we’re in an interregnum period between the economic and cultural era that reigned from 2008 and the real start of Pluto in Aquarius in Jan 2024.

Ultra-aware of the incoming Zeitgeist, you’re also the most burdened by unfinished business and stupid anachronisms.

Re-cultivate your stoic patience because the more vim you bring to winding up the business of the ending-era, the more vigorously you charge into 2024/Pluto in Aquarius.

Mercury Retrograde in your simpatico Earth sign of Virgo is a hard no to suddenly manifesting travel, academic or exploratory opportunities. If they’re as fab as depicted, they’ll still be hot in late September when Mercury is out of shadow.

Asteroid Hygeia – the Health Goddess – is in Aquarius for the remainder of 2023, extending your already speedily evolving take on nutrition, energy, physique etc.

If you’re in the wellness business or trying to remedy something in particular, anticipate spectacular insights/results by the mid-October Eclipse in Libra.

Venus in your (solar) House of Love turns Direct on September 3/4, alongside Queen Juno and High-Witch Hekate. A romance and/or your romantic consciousness emerge from the existential underworld, revitalized along with your aesthetic and sensuality.

In terms of tangible results, the Venus-Jupiter square from September 15 to 19 is the most fruitful or, if your desire is more out-there, the Venus-Uranus vibe from September 29 to October 1.

If you arrive in September feeling as if you spend half your time spreadsheeting or haggling, great! Mercury Retro in your 8th house is supposed to be all that. This month’s mind-warping money grind and debt metrics will become a shield against Saturn in your $$$ sector, a once every 29 years only influence that rewards stoic focus.

Now Mars in Libra blesses you with extra grace and space that will be super apparent after the Equinox.

Retro-Mercury in your opposite sign is fab for showing you what it’s like when other people are as elusive as you can be. It’s also producing a steady stream of contradictory intel – mostly regarding relationships and business deals.

You’re innately flexible but Saturn in your sign means you’re probably not in the mood for cognitive contortions or cryptic puzzles. What to do? Well, the month-long Mercury-Jupiter affinity gives you the option to expand into this, raise your voice and dissipate the fogs of doubt, delusion etc.

Clarity is your most precious commodity and it’s chic besides – how many opportunities have you lost because you took on the role of ‘brooding exile’ or ‘unidentified hypothetical love interest – to be confirmed’ when you didn’t have to?

The other solution: Generate revenue. Eris conjunct the Moon’s Node till November is magnificent for money and your amplified assertion will activate this fantastic fiery force.

If you’re negotiating or doing deals this month, the Sun-Pluto synergy on September 20 to 22 is epic, especially for something with a tone of finalizing a past matter. September 25-26 is also promising, albeit more for future ventures.

Venus Direct in Leo zaps love and art back to the fast-paced out-in-the-open-arena vibe you prefer and it may also allay your doubts about a particular factor.

Even so, there are bigger dealings afoot with surprises to the upside mid-month when Venus squares maximalist Jupiter for the third time in a row and the first glimpses of October’s Eclipse Season relationship morphs.

Mars in your opposite sign all month is fantastic for attracting fresh suitors and diplomatic missions to save robust but faltering partnerships. However, it’s dodgy in that any opposition is more likely to be pass-agg and you can’t deploy your usual tactics to address any nemesis factors.

Ditch your usual go-to strategies in favor of something that feels counter-intuitive or (better) source high-quality third-party advice. This applies far more strongly to the first fortnight of October but you may as well get in practice now.

September sparks a fresh, radically amazing momentum surge on your part – Eris-Persephone is alongside the Moon’s Node in Aries until November, helping to delineate/energize a specific vision. Lilith in Leo is onside all month AKA your Hype Squad is back – think powerful helpers and like minds.

Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus from September 4 until 2024 is not a problem. It merely means that you and, more particularly, a super-desirable, far-reaching venture or relationship will benefit from discretion.

You’re on track for an unprecedented triumph in March-April 2024 – its Uranian quality means you probably can’t show your working anyway. Venus Direct on September 3/4 is more overt – potential lovers and chez Taurus opportunities re-appear, along with your domestic aesthetic, harmonious home ideals and (perhaps) a renewed rapport with an estranged family member.

Out-There Possibility: An encounter with someone from your extended family whose existence you were unaware of or who was ultra-remote.

If you’re handling a complex real estate scenario, note the trends of early September but for optimal results reserve action until the favorable final week of the month. It’s not just that Venus will be nearly out of the Retrograde shadowzone then, she will also be in sensational alignment with Mars then.

For pleasure, true love, transactions or utility, September 24-30 puts you in an advantageous position and significant players will appreciate your style, vibe or presentation. All of the nuance and micro-obsessions of late July onwards will prove worthwhile.

Neptune, your core vocational influencer until 2025, is at odds with the Galactic Center in your solar relationship sector. There is only one solution for this: scale up. Your wildest ambitions and most idealistic romantic visions are more likely to come off than the technically more sensible options.

Your ruler Mercury being retrograde till September 15/16 is a nuisance but not a deal-breaker.

Home and family demand more attention than you’d probably prefer but give them over the top focus on September 3 to 5 to fend off potential fracas. You may also realize that it would be better to re-mute a particular person than try to parse their weird Venn diagrams and ponderous social meanderings.

For romantic telepathy or the inspo you need to communicate a vital love matter, spend some quality contemplative time on any dawn between September 13 to 15 – Venus as morning star will be at maximum brilliance and conjunct Juno.

Mars in Libra for the month helps to elevate leaden ideas flow and low-grade disillusion with the mating paradigm but don’t bother duty-dating. September – and October – have heightened potential for first-sight soulmating scenarios and undeniably destined significant relationship developments.

Vesta – think ‘sacred flame’ – joins asteroid Sphinx in your sign from the 15th, accentuating your self-composure and productivity gains from solitude. Practical Magic: Presenting an impassive front to troublesome people and the world in general, rituals around candles or flame-gazing meditation.

Mercury Retro for half the month inspires high-end power nostalgia – there has rarely been a better time to mindfully roar through old documents, photographs and detritus. The chances of finding or reclaiming something valuable from the past are radically raised from September 3 to 9.

Cashflow and confidence return with Venus Direct on September 3/4 but retain both with more alacrity, especially from the 15th to 19th when you could be intrigued by a garish folly or a rescue romance.

The Sun-Pluto synergy from the 20th to 22nd augments your eloquence and will establish the true state of play in a relationship or business alliance. It could be a chance for closure or a signal from the future.

Having spent 11 weeks in Pluto in Aquarius from late March, Pluto is currently back in your opposite sign until January 2024. This phase seems to summon practically everyone from your last 14 years – literally or in your psyche – for reckoning and resolution.

The internal, meditative phase of Venus in Leo will complete on September 3/4 and she – like you – will surge from strength to strength over September.

You’ll sense a gilded energy from as early as the 5th but note that Venus reaches maximum Morning Star brilliance from September 13 to 15 and will be in sublime aspect with Mars in Libra over the last week of the month.

Consider early A.M. intention-setting, dawn rising or scrying of the cosmic love frequencies for the 13th to 15th and maximizing your mating/dating activities from the 24th on. If you’re vehemently averse to early mornings, simply note your supernaturally amped dreams around this time.

Late September will be romantically epic regardless of whether you put in a neo-Leo effort or not but if you’re avidly seeking a fresh Mr/Mrs Leo, this is your window of destiny.

In work or business, there is bound to be more to an early September announcement than it seems so if you can play for time/not over-invest in it, the second half of the month will provide more info.

Mercury Retrograde in your $$$ sector is an invitation to financial forensics and the conception of a revolutionary new $$ philosophy.

Featured Image: Victor Brauner