Before And After Saturn In Sagittarius

Before Saturn in Sagittarius, we sometimes did digital and cognitive versions of a seance – attempting to reconnect with dead energies from our past.  Now? We close off our sensitive nostrils and keep walking. Necromancy is not cool. 

Before we tried to tell the truth.  After, we ARE our truth.   

Before Saturn in Sagittarius, there was always a middle person helping us to broker our own genius/insight/access to Source. Now we are our own guru. When we want extra help or insight, it’s specific and transparently obtained. We don’t need an interventionist to go negotiate with entities on our behalf. Shamanic experience is as attainable and as frequent as a good night’s sleep. 

Before, we added on stuff to be more authentic. We made lists, vows, and intentions. After, we know that the authenticity is already there and perfectly visible if you just eliminate lies, clutter, fluster and shadow selves left over from other times. 

Before, we sometimes wondered if we were missing out on something; a vital formula or the ultimate philosophy, a system for living. After, we realized that we already had it and from now on it is just a matter of logistics. 

Before Saturn in Sagittarius, relationships could feel as if there were a role being played, based off your own real-life persona and narrative of course but a role nonetheless. After, we just ad-lib all the time, having flubbed our lines already and being bored with the costuming/stage directions. 

Before we were content to live in a few rooms of our vast and sprawling psychic mansion. Some of us did not even open the windows to view the vista. After? We are inhabiting all of it.  If Saturn and Sagittarius Vibe have anything in common it is the core concept that potential is only worth anything once it is actualized. 

Before Saturn in Sagittarius, our Vibe Control (aura protection, boundaries against Energy Vampires, recognizing Zombie Crushes) was sporadic, deployed only when under duress, like a secret weapon. Now Vibe Control is always in place, a protective shield and set of strategies rather than an emergency weapon. 


Image: Courtney Stodden doing a seance in Janis Joplin’s last motel room. 

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  1. The Lion & The Centaur

    Best thing I’ve read in a while! And so true! Saturn in Sagittarius was hard to grasp at the time because Saturn and Jupiter are so… Well, opposite. But now it’s easier to see it as an era. Saturn in Sagittarius wasn’t a kill-joy, it was the BAD-ASS side of Saturn. And the down-to-business side of Sagittarius.

    Yes, I’m definitely 100% more allergic to any kind of bullshit or acting stupid for the sake of a person I don’t even like. I measure myself on the metric system I personally value and believe in. And let other people fly their freak flag as well. Thinking outside the box is now a honed business tactic, not just a meaningless figure of motivational speech. And freedom… Yeah, I value it even more now.

  2. I love this So much. Especially self as own guru/ psyche rooms.
    I would like to add, before sat in sagg I didn’t know what it was like to be truly free, not just temporary leaving body episodes of being drunk, traveling, running wild, holding temp jobs, romance. All cheap in comparison 😉

    1. Cheap now for your value-added self, but always honour the experiences it gave you. Some of us just have to push what we think are boundaries, without acquiescing, and might later appreciate boundaries by only creating our own, regardless of what we have been told should be our limits.

      How do you know them if you don’t try them on for size?

      Love that part of yourself, too. You never have to bid it farewell, only watch it and be amazed by it as it grows xx

        1. Nah, it was that your words pinged my recent dreams of rooms and stairs and unguarded areas in those recent dreams, which i had while staying with fam.

          Been working on the symbols and happenings in the day–to-day, but as ever, it’s the way you word it, that makes me put it better into worded understanding, and i’m super happy to explore to make a shared understanding. Heheh thanks to YOU xx

          1. Of course, ever thanks to Mystic’s wisdom. She speaks and resonates with so many different types. I’m pretty amazed still by it.

          2. I love the poetry: stairs and rooms, unguarded rooms!!!
            I think it bears mentioning that I discovered a shadow aspect of myself is reject, which I’m trying to integrate. Picked up in early childhood and it applies here. Thank you greatly for the reminder to love the shadow of our younger selves x

  3. Fwiw I have never understood the concept of putting on an act in a relationship, or acting a certain way that was not who I am, to obtain a relationship. I think that’s my realist Aries and Cappy love-energies: Fakery is wasteful.

    However, what I have been able to do (and it is probably a consequence of a very long Pluto square too I think) is to eliminate self doubt and acknowledge the enormously damaging role that low self esteem has had in making the choices that I have, whether in a partner, or in being too afraid to act (or talking myself out of action), or in not putting my very best foot forward – being fearful to put my heart on the line, to take an outward risk / gamble on my feelings (ha ha, I see you Capricorn moon). So, perhaps it’s the process of self acceptance – particularly when one grew up unsure if we are loveable or not.
    Maybe that is the same thing.

    I was chatting to a Venus in scorp sadge sun friend recently, who after 10 years I was surprised (dismayed?) to learn how … demanding? self interested? Her conduct could be in her main relationship and even flirting (the r ship ended a while ago). It just wasn’t the kind of thought process I could even consider engaging with in love, or whatever it’s called when you’re with someone for longer than 5 years lol. However, outside of that bit, her inability to be anyone but herself and assume to be loved / liked regardless – Leo rising I guess – is actually good medicine for me, one I run it through a Pisces filter.
    (For the record it is her sadge inquiring mind, giant curiosity, and lust for life that charged our strong friendship)
    “I love you just the wayy you arreee”

    1. Actually my first para isn’t quite true. I *did* believe I had to act a certain way to sustain a relationship, but that was out of fear that I wouldn’t be liked for being myself (e.g. expressing needs, certain emotions, being vulnerable, allowing his vulnerability, calling out unacceptable behaviour). I.e. this wasn’t part of the seduction process tho.
      Ok that’s all
      Thanks MM for the space to figure the insight there

  4. Experienced saturn in twelfth house and first house in the last two – three years, Sagittarius rising. I can relate so much to this post. What I went through is unbelievable.

  5. Bullseye, Mystic! This is beyond fabulous, beyond wise. I especially relate to the elimination of the middleman in accessing the shamanistic journey and becoming my own guru and the part about recognizing I was limiting myself to only a few rooms in my psychic mansion.Literally. I work from home and started expanding my work space almost immediately after Saturn entered Sagittarius. I simply couldn’t stand sitting in that same little office space. It happened completely unconsciously and it wasn’t until I read that that I realized I have expanded to every room in my house and bought the tech to support it. Completely changed and refoundationed my career path too to become more independent and focused on realizing my own vision but that was a very deliberate choice.

    1. P.s. thru out this time, I kept dreaming about discovering immense hidden spaces within my home, awed that these rooms had been there all along and I had never noticed! The more I think about the items on this list the more gobsmackingly profound I realize they are.

      1. Reading all these posts I hear myself say Yes Yes Yes, but especially this one. Such excellent dream language…… I can really relate to your take on Cap. in Sag. Mystic, and it’s been very inspiring. As always, Mystic and these post responses really help me recognise meaning and strength in this strange, complicated and difficult life. And I wish there was a like button too :0)

      2. This is true of me too flashfire, though it’s taken me longer to activate. Next up is insulating and redesignating that cold office space that used to be my prison into something far more fun

        1. Yes! That’s an awesome plan, LotusFlower and as MM is always saying, Saturn loves a plan. And a solid physical foundation especially as regarding daily work I think (Saturn in Sag occupied my 6th House for the about 2/3’s of the time). Go you!

  6. I can relate to every single thing you wrote @Mystic. Everything deeply resonate.
    Maybe it’s because it was transiting my 4th house- the house of SELF – or maybe because it’s beautifully written and clear.
    I’ll be sure to save this post in my notes on my Mac.

  7. One of my oldest, dearest and most trainwreck friends is Sagg rising. In the last three months she has completely transformed…given up drinking and partying, quit her long-term but secret lover, lost 10kg, started saving money, goes to bed early on Saturday nights so she can go hiking all day on Sunday and is contemplating joining some clubs based on shared interests with the intention of meeting a man outside the party scene and with whom she can start something solid based on shared interests/values. It’s been amazing to watch. I’m so pleased for her. She’s happier than I’ve seen her in years.

    1. I love this story! It’s like the makeover montage in a movie! good for her and how great that she has a friend like you who applauds her growth.

  8. Oh my gosh. Shades of all of them, but the thing about a broker/middle man. I hadn’t understood how amazingly better my life was going to be when I stopped asking others what to do/how to be/what God(Goddess, Spirit, Source) wanted of me. You just summed it up perfectly, and I really did deeply learn it; it’s rare that I go scrambling outside myself these days.

  9. During Saturn in sag we smoked Marlborough lites while performing a seance now we smoke Camel without the filter.

  10. Revisiting my poems …

    Lilac blossoms paint the road
    Children laugh
    The tree is dancing

    Remembering you daughter
    I hear a birdsong
    Looking up I see you
    Sacred Kingfisher

    Veins of pain
    Lines drawn across
    the land
    Buried in your heart

    I pray your suffering will be eased
    I pray your heart will know some rest
    I pray dear one you will find
    Love’s sweet embrace
    And endless yearnings cease.

    Sky bows to Earth
    Clouds float by
    Raindrops fall
    Rivers flow
    Earth thanks Sky
    Sun shines
    Birds sing
    Flowers grow
    Stars sparkle
    Moon beams
    Love glows
    One in all
    All in one

      1. What is life but a wondrous journey
        We set off across seas
        Full with dreams
        and land upon many shores

        Your eyes called me
        I did not see
        until You opened mine

        Being born
        is to know death
        and live in hope

        Faith can not be bought or sold
        Dear it is and hard to hold
        Life without it is worth nought
        Know this and be bold

      1. What is life but a wondrous journey
        We set off across seas
        Full with dreams
        and land upon many shores

        Your eyes called me
        I did not see
        until you opened mine

        Being born is to know death
        and live in hope

        Faith can not be bought or sold
        Dear it is and hard to hold
        Life without it is worth nought
        Know this and be bold

  11. So true for ALL of them. I recognize all of them as I recently and with major anxiety gave notice for a flatmate to move out whom I met a few months ago when he moved in and the connection on so many levels were electric. But realised in time his issues are major and me being there is not helping him to deal with them. So i have to be tough to be kind!

  12. I can’t decide which one of these I like MORE and/or which one is more RELEVANT to the transit so I’ll take them ALL <3

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