The Mercury Retro Test Dummy

If you were affected by last week’s site snafu, apologies! It was actually all my fault with a little bit of help from a miscommunication with a developer – yes, very Merc Retro turning Direct on one’s actual Mercury. Having joked about the foolishness of doing – say – a database defrag during Mercury Retrograde, I surged forward with one just after the planet had turned Direct.*

The results will be excellent, the process was messy and once again I learn a valuable Mercury Retro lesson from hands-on experimentation. Then again, as a supernaturally ebullient Sagittarian I know enthuses in response to practically any error, ‘trial and error is the only school worth considering!’

So, this lesson is that if Mercury has turned Direct on any significant Sun, Moon or inner planet degree of yours – eg: your natal Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars, pretend it is still retrograde.

Another Merc Retro axiom I’d like to remind you of? Mercury Retrograde does not mean the planet is operating defectively, on the contrary, it’s hyped and in Trickster mode. That’s why even though you’ve read all the alerts or you know full well that you should probably log out or not hit ‘send’ etc, the urge is just too much.

Mercury is curiosity, delight in words and ideas, the thrill cognitively connecting with someone…that spark of inspiration.

Mercury Retrograde is ultra-potent which is why it can actually be an advantage to be born with it. It brings out the weirder dimensions of this influence. I mean, the Mercury Retrograde glitches are not just malfunctioning things, they’re often kind of symbolic or instructive in such a surreal way that even the most linear-thinking stoic cannot help but read them as messages.

I mean how many times have you had a Mercury Retrograde problem that does cost time/money or generate stress but also evokes weird intel and wisdom you would not have had otherwise?

As part of my test-dummy responsibilities for this quirky astro-passage I have gotten married, signed a book contract, commissioned a custom-build computer and purchased an electronic shiatsu gadget on a Mercury Retrograde day.

The marriage lasted for a long time but the wedding ceremony was suitably shambolic – lost rings, incorrectly certified wedding certificate, a registrar who thought we’d requested interpreters so the ‘script’ was incomprehensible, forensics police doing some sort of low-key raid/decluttering exercise in the office next door etc.

The book was never published via a series of fuq-ups and cul de sacs. The computer was a brilliant concept but way to quantum for what I wanted to use it for – then again, I shouldn’t have blithely said ‘yeah, sure’ when the builder of it asked if I was comfortable with command line interfacing.

The Shiatsu gadget was incredible for the 47 minutes it functioned for, life-altering. I would have swapped it for a new one if the store I’d ordered it from hadn’t denied even stocking that brand.

So if you’re still trying to set something right from Mercury Retrograde or occasionally like to guilt yourself over a past transgression, stop and think about the surreal message it sent as well. Because there nearly always is one.

*Granular Explanation: I found a file full of ancient SEO terms that someone had done last decade but which clearly reflected a non-MM sensibility. So I removed them and inadvertently took out the site menu. In the process of rebuilding that, someone inadvertently linked the new one to the staging site which is used to test plugins etc and which is no access to anyone aside from me or MM staff.

As if that were not confusing enough, the links to Tarot & some of the products also needed to be redone, plus the wrong My Account menu was showing for a short time. I am so sorry for this inconvenience – it took a while to figure out what had happened and fix but it won’t occur again. And the benefits of the slimmed-down database will soon be apparent.


Image: Jens Jancke – 1987

13 thoughts on “The Mercury Retro Test Dummy”

  1. Somehow I managed to copy 200GB of cloud documents onto my work device. I noticed my C:drive was full and it took 2 really clever IT peeps to figure out it was merely a copy not the actual cloud itself. I had to have my laptop reimaged (I saved everything on my desk top, after all Mercury was Rx). Now I have Windows 11, relearning the ‘look’, but can’t access some of my usual passwords/sites. And I just found an entire cloud based recycle bin full to overflowing, ha who knew Onedrive had a bin? Money for cattle sold was going to be sent to an account I closed 5 years ago. Still odd car battery issues…. Mercury just keeps getting better and better.

      1. I need to engage Pisces Mercury with all engines in full warp mode to use it. it is doable. Just. I can’t imagine trying to manage an entire file system for a thesis on it though. eek

  2. Well, i missed it. Which is probably my Mercury Rx experience in general… missing things, missing out. Looking one way when ‘the thing’ is passing by the other way. Whatever that thing is. Just missing the boat.🤷🏻‍♀️
    Mercury stationed direct on my natal Jupiter Rx. What happened that day..? 🤔 I unexpectedly ran out of gas (literally, but also figuratively) so couldn’t heat the house, no hot water, no stove… and because of Murphy’s Law, it happened in the evening of a Friday with no weekend deliveries. A first world problem really, considering what else is going on in the world. Spoiler: I survived! And partly because i’ve lived with, and gone without, so much more. So it was a reminder of how to survive and make the most of a situation without the ease of these taken-for-granted things like… hot showers. And not to get too comfortable in the world, especially when living in someone else’s house.
    Otherwise, just a lot of mental energy going to waste thinking around and around in circles about wtf to do with my life, without actually doing anything… I swear, it’ll be over before i even noticed it happened… But perhaps what this Rx was about, as Mercury stationed Rx opposite my Sun. Maybe by the time it’s out of its shadow, i will have worked something out. 🤨 Bring on the 14th of May to test that theory..!
    Ramble over 🌸

  3. The site blow out was weird as it has never happened in nearly 20 years, that i know of. Has it really been that long….2005.
    Have been waiting for the retro to be over before seeking compensation for Maremma chomp on leg.
    Would prefer to forget it as have moved on brilliantly but seriously out of pocket for 3 ambulances. For some reason it never occured to me there is a huge call out fee for one so for three is an overseas trip!
    Mercury in Sagg one would think i could be quite mouthy about reimbursement, but need a bit of anger to ask when i fact am deliriously happy about my survival and don’t want any hassles from trickiness on their part.

  4. Thanks a lot Mystic that list of your test-dummy happenstances made my morning 😂 April 2024 will be a month to remember and there are still 2 days left…

  5. The real Mercury retro is still coming, a month or two ? (get your tech defences sorted). Vesta and Ceres stationary opposition may not be as dummified ? Like the planets they once/never were.

    1. Does this explain why the content of my daily personal horoscopes’ predictions when I read them 5 days in advance, often completely change over the next few days? For example something that was predicted on Monday for Friday is entirely different in Wednesday’s prediction for Friday.

      1. They’re updated all the time and the only way to avoid the syndrome you’ve noticed is to either make them non-timely, more generic which I think would be sad or limit the days that show at one time…after all, there are also Weekly + Monthly scopes.

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