My Freaky Mercury Retro Discovery

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is associated with the sudden discovery of useful things – remedies, missing links, a timely micro-skill etc.

It’s the Muse of maverick findings that are nearly always already present in your daily environment, albeit overlooked. One moment you’re meandering around some minutiae or evidently entranced by some glossy trivia and then wham: serendipity strikes.

I’m not even sure how I got to this but you know the universal food additive citric acid? It’s added to practically everything and is akin to a cornerstone of the processed food industry with two million tonnes of it being produced a year.

If you were under the impression it was from citrus fruit, so was I. The delusion is partly because citrus fruits do have naturally occurring citric acid which gives – say – grapefruit – its gorgeous tart taste. Citrus to citric is a logical leap.

It’s also possible that the companies manufacturing the product prefer people to think ‘oranges and lemons’ when they see the additive ‘citric acid’. Image-search these exact words to behold an amazing array of lemon stock art and see how often even additive-conscious health-groups cite this substance as the ‘safe’ additive.

Once upon a time it was made from fruits but in 1919 the pharmaceutical company Pfizer (yes that Pfizer) developed a technique to ferment it from Aspergillus Niger AKA Black Mould.

This cut the manufacturing costs so drastically that they were able to make significant bank on the product, enough that some business analysts credit this innovation with funding their entire early expansion. These days 99% of the world’s citric acid is fermented from Aspergillus Niger which, in other contexts, is seen as a high-risk fungal pathogen, mycotoxins and all.

It is ‘generally regarded as safe’ but no actual tests have been done on this substance. While obviously people aren’t dropping dead after eating sour squirm lollies or using a bath bomb, there is a growing recognition that food allergies are becoming more frequent.

Could one of the most commonly used food and personal care product ingredients in the world being made from Aspergillus Niger have anything to do with this?

Believe it or not there are some industry people concerned about potential health and environment issues from the process. However the solution appears to be an increasingly common pivot to fermenting a fungus called Yarrowia Lypolytica instead.

Great,” I thought “it’s from Yarrow as in the beautiful fairy herb?” Apparently not. Up until 1980, it was known as Candida Lypolytica but was renamed after David Yarrow, the mycologist who’d reclassified it.

Coincidentally, fungal diseases are said to be on the rise and increasingly resistant to anti-fungals, with Aspergillus Niger and Yarrowia Lypolytica the most “popular” pathogens.

Whether it’s made from Black Mould or Candida, sorry, Yarrowia – Citric Acid is not going away. Revenue growth is tracking at 8.6% a year and by 2027, it will apparently be a $5.52 billion per year market. Demand for it is growing as it’s perceived to be organic and producers can plausibly claim that it is ‘widespread in nature‘ but it’s also cheap to make.

This does, of course, play into my vibe from last year that ‘mould is the new covid’ so of course I am biassed but interestingly a MM member and one of my clients has written a fantastic eco-horror novel about fungus as an intelligent species – which (don’t freak) apparently it is.

This, as you can see, has been a mind-blowing Mercury Retro discovery for me – what do you think?

Also, just to go totally out there (it is a Full Moon), think about the times when you’ve been adversely affected by a mould or fungal scenario – was it also a time when you were influenced by a character whom you could describe as opportunistic, invasive and pathogenic?

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  1. What?

    This is an amazing insight.
    I’ve been having dreams about this horrible, extremely creepy old man since early childhood who would be sitting in the corner of my bedroom apparently invisible to everyone else and when I asked him what he was doing there (shudder- it felt obvious he was not contributing anything positive at best) he’d just reference the host.
    That word “host” always bothered me and it didn’t make sense. I had no association with it until I started reading about mold and parasites.

    1. Omg that’s freaky and awful! I wonder if he’s referring to the host in terms of an energetic parasite sort of way, like ancestral entity possession type of thing? I would have been like yeah yeah that’s some woo woo shit just a couple years ago but in 2021-2022 I worked with an acupuncturist shaman dude who was able to identify and clear paternal lineage possession in my body and I felt markedly different after.

      Also had a really crazy experience with the pregnancy I lost last year… I felt strange the whole pregnancy and couldn’t connect to the baby. Then had a hardcore entity possession after the ectopic surgery and we figured out this paternal lineage entity/energy jumped onto me during anesthesia after the baby was lost… because it was possessing the baby before. 😳🤯 The energy worker who helped clear it was in tears, said she’d never seen that before. Same thing, felt totally different and back to myself after it was cleared. I conceived that baby while temporarily staying at my parents’ house for 2 weeks and it blew my mind how nobody talks about how important the energy dynamics around conception are! I had felt fearful and uncomfortable around my father during that stay at their house.

      @alexmarchenergy on Instagram has some interesting perspectives on trauma and toxins/parasites in the body. Now that I’m making headway in healing trauma on the emotional level through Voice Dialog (the IFS-like modality) I’m wanting to work on detoxing all that body crap in tandem.

      1. Thank you for sharing, I’m so sorry for what you have experienced.

        In 2020 I was pregnant and had a dream about my baby. My dreams have always been of premonitions and deeper meaning. It have always been this way for me. In this dream my ex’s eldest child was pouring boiling water over the sleeping baby. I knew we were in great danger. I wanted my child but a life connected to this man and the abusive of his and his sons. We couldn’t and wouldn’t survive. I’ve been trying to recover and still in the middle of it. I’ll certainly look into this information you have shared.

        My Grandmother believed there was a curse or a hex placed upon the family, from very long time ago. She was a quiet magical very very small women (under 5ft) and I loved so her dearly.

          1. A friend recommended it in 1995/1996 and I had that book. Very interesting archetype and magical stuff contained.

            Might explain why an ex wrote about me in a fairytale format, during a 24 hour full moon one Halloween.
            Me + Full Moon + The Brown Snake reflection and I’m going to get lunar with it. A cross to bare for that I do not wear, I was burning and they never cared to look at what had done. Greed was and will always be the seed they chase.

        1. Omg I am so sorry for your experience as well! We hear so much about eating right when pregnant, avoiding chemicals and that kind of thing. That and the physical challenges of pregnancy were what I was expecting to experience and potentially struggle with. I didn’t think too deeply about what a profoundly metaphysical experience pregnancy is and how it can bring up things related to ancestral trauma and karma. I had already been diving deep into energy work since the beginning of the pandemic but the experience I had totally blew my mind and changed my views of, well, existence I guess.

          My family definitely has some weird stuff going on. Whether it’s generational trauma or something more thrown in involving magic? Who knows. Both sides are Irish and many of the stereotypes around mental health and substance abuse are unfortunately true in my experience. -_- Drinking and anger/control issues on my father’s side. And schizophrenia and severe anxiety sometimes resulting in breaks from reality on my mother’s. I’m doing my best to heal my nervous system and attachment trauma so that I will be prepared to be a mother when I try again. And I will DEFINITELY be doing a lot of meditation and energy work next time and just try to be tapped in to the more mysterious and as I learned potentially dark aspects that are involved in creating life!

          I wish you all the best in continuing to heal from your experience and hope that you go on to find happiness in the next season of your life, however that looks for you. <3

          1. I’ve so been looking forward to chatting again. It’s been so many years and your love of cats, music and technology is fascinating.

            The physical move, the family and the healing are all apart of this shift in yourself. Your insight into the family predisposition is exceptional, totally on point with your descriptions.

            So you’re working on your vagus nerve, yes that’s on my list also. Thank you for your recommendations and I’m so proud of you. Your strength is very present and I’m delighted to know you via this MM community. Please give the felines a snuggle from me. Need to find some trust within myself. xoxo

  2. Starter motor in my car fixed after almost 3 weeks, Gotta love the Merc Rx synchronicity, is it stationing direct yet? I bet its close.

  3. Every time I drop in, there is something new to take away. First, the Muse of Unexpected Findings! I thought it was just ADD acting up more than usual. Second, citric acid; I’m allergic to mold. Had no idea. Finally, intelligent mold? Maybe it’s living on “inhabited” planets. And no, zero dream weed was involved in this comment.

  4. Skeptical Virgo here reporting back. This is incredible. I didn’t want to hear yet another ‘this may kill you’ story however I realized that my everyday foods nearly all have citric acid. I stopped them all as an experiment and damned if I didn’t wake up the next morning feeling better than I have in years.

    In case this helps someone else I have had inflammatory joints with no respite and shifting diagnoses. It’s never dramatic but perpetual low grade stiffness and immobility.

    Everything now is softer and springy. This to me is a miracle and funnily enough I scoffed at my daily horoscopes a few days ago when they mentioned a “health breakthrough.” I have continued my research and dare any of you to look up “candida krusei.”

    1. Holy crap, I’ve been struggling with the stiff and achy joints thing lately too. This is a highly serendipitous find. Citric acid be gone!

  5. Hi Mystic, just got the yuzu honey as I am also local to the supplier. Wondering if you had any Gadigal / Sydney incense you recommend? I’m trying to buy more local stuff.

  6. Just unbelievable. Back to the rosehip tea! A Scorpio relative in her mid eighties intuitively felt she needed to get her body checked and had various tests done to be told there was something amiss with her kidneys. The advice was to reduce liquids and check in within six weeks. Scorpio grandmother sits with it, tunes in and stops taking Vitamin C. Next test shows all clear. Doctor asks what grandmother did and she tells her about ceasing to take Vitamin C. Doctor replies well it’s worked,the kidneys are in perfect health. …. When I heard the story, I dismissed this as an isolated case but it did give me pause to reflect. I go through supplement phases. And now I read this! Really shocking! I will never doubt a Scorpio again especially Scorpio Oma. Thank goodness for your research Mystic.

    1. My supplement dollars will be heading your way as gifts for others. This Moon Jupiter in Toro is not quick to anger but this is outside of enough.

    2. I drink rosehip and hibiscus tea during my TOM, it really does helps. I’d read about it eons ago and it locked into my memories. Teas and tinctures I’d been making since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Blackcurrant tea is one of my fondest memories and I wish I could still get it.

      I’ve been researching my own Grandparents methods.

      I found out recently:
      Alexandra of Denmark had her children tutored by one of my Great Grandparents. This relative was gifted silks from the Queen who resided at Sandringham Castle. The Queen really loved this ancestor of ours, as my Mother said “They just lived across the paddock.” Prior to this discovery, I’d thought our claim to fame was about the time Ned Kelly stole a horse from the family property.

  7. I have heard of lots of people having citric acid intolerance, I have always tried to avoid as much as possible.. I will tell my friend who has mould health issues though!

  8. I cannot believe you posted this today. An old friend of mine is in hospital because of citric acid allergy. She has severe life-threatening allergies, has been in ICU and now being monitored for suspected kidney failure .This is what she posted today “started with shampoo, cream, then went from there, down the list to finally Phenergan, every product having citric acid, small local chemist, I spent so much time explaining I was very allergic to it, each product they researched, definitely none…. All full of citric acid.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend.

      The taste of Phenergan is very particular indeed. I’ve tried sprays, netty pots and will even add Nasalate as a nasal cream barrier. As it’s a buffer against inhaling nasties if you’re in a very public place. That was told to me by a long haul truck driver friend of my family. It’s an over the counter item and used for post surgery.
      My Mother has a sulphite allergy and also avoids all forms of onions. Turns out she can’t handle alcohol and also doesn’t perspire either. I’m concerned it’s actually her body can’t handle temperature changes and she feels the witchy south westerly winds always.

      The kidney in my understanding of alternative medicine “fear” based. If your friend is in Australia please ask them to try drinking YARU water (still or sparkling). For it has improved my health after COVID earlier this year and with migraines and fevers. I’ve always been able to hear those I’m connected with through water. It’s an old ancestral gift. I sincerely hope what I’ve shared my assist in healing ❤️‍🩹

  9. Bravo MM – Please check out “Perfect Potion” for the Yuzu blend, Sal has a nose for sure. Been in Brisbane aromatherapy company and has a website. Pure process and I’ve been onto the Yuzu too.

    Tea Tree Oil is incredible as an anti fungal treatment. External applications. Behaviour modification techniques that I also use it for too. So I apply this undiluted to the toenails to get rid of that white hard nails fungal growth. Then clip away the area too. I don’t go to those nail salons either.

    Black Clove oil from the pharmacy can kill mould spores. In Australia it comes in a little essential oil type bottle and has a blue label.

    I have extensive experience with damp conditions and the PH quality of products. Flooded home and the lack of affordable infrastructure.

    Last night, I could smell a banana being eaten and non in the vicinity. Weird Full Moon intel has always been my terrain.

    Interesting the fungus questions and the personal PH balance with all personal care products.

    While hairdressing has taught me so much about correct alchemy and artistic placement. It’s interesting to look into the PH level and discover apple cider vinegar, salt (the chemical one and the pure kinds).

    My Mum is now adding apple cider vinegar to her age spots, after I told her about my Sun Aqua besties remedies. My bestie would clean her feet with hot water (ridiculously hot) and pour herself in the shower or bathtub with apple cider vinegar to pull out all the toxins.

    I had a splinter in my finger last week. It was too small for the naked eye to remove with tweezers so I splashed some Apple Cider Vinegar on the area and up came the splinter. Undiluted and had a cotton pad on it to force it out. Did this a few times and it worked. No pain and out it popped.

    Lemon juice applied to naturally fair hair while damp from a chamomile tea cooled infusion, would be what my Leo Sun Sister did for Spring and Summertime beauty hair ritual. Usually early morning to then get ready for high school or work. A few times a week. We didn’t have the cash for actual hairdressing expenses back then.

    I was a kid of the 70’s and 80’s so before Kombucha was a thing we had growing in the kitchen in so many places. Tortured by 80’s carob, dirt if you ask me. 🤣

    Time to get onto this day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and providing your research to us 😘

      1. Thank you Sam-tastic. Peppermint makes me sneeze but spearmint doesn’t, in the confectionery or chewing gum varieties. The leaves on the plants are no problem.
        Peppermint oil is nice to use to deter ants 🐜 I’m doing battle with fire ants due to some nearby construction development.
        i also make a salt and peppermint spritz for my temples when I get altitude issues with aura migraines. My telephonic high school bestie and I could call each other without dialling each other’s home number. She can could see your aura and told me mind was rainbow coloured. Possibly the most lovely compliment I’ve ever received.

      1. I even remember this other bizarre powder that was sold by Nutri Metics DERIT – the made into some sort of cake recipe. There only think I liked about there line was the smell and texture of their Apricot Oil that was made into a balm for lips and dry skin. The good old days of direct line marketing. I’ve been to enough of those cultish pyramid schemes to last centuries. The upside pyramid on the board for a vitamin company was hysterical 😭 as the location was in a hotel room with a fake pyramid in the recreation area. A former co-worker dragged me along. No, thank you.

  10. My body has never worked properly and I now follow protocols suggested by a dude named the Medical Medium. He has long warned against the dangers of citric acid. His take is that artificial chemicals like this are feeding viruses that live inside our body, which are the true cause behind autoimmune conditions. Makes more sense than anything the doctors ever told me (pat on the head there there you look fine). Eliminating things like citric acid has made me much healthier.

    1. Wow. I had weird body sensations just reading this! Funny, I worked in the natural and organic foods world for many years and never heard anyone talk about this. Thank you Mystic.

  11. Wow wow,
    Reading this I instinctively.went to check the ingredients of popsicles I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks. In that same time I’ve been having issues with my nose that I couldn’t place as allergies. Sure enough, citric acid is present.

    Popsicle pause and watch now

  12. yep. See also, how “ascorbic acid” (what most people take as “vitamin C”) is made. Hint: it’s NOT made from citrus fruit.

  13. Wow! For, firstly, the mention (!) and secondly yuck to citric acid! It’s in so many “health” foods and supplements too 🤢

  14. Arg!!! Thank you MM for tripping over this information and again, WT!!! Another scary read is on phthalates which can cause reproductive, neurological and developmental systems in humans, esp in children. These are dark secrets lurking in broad daylight and I want to know more, do more to keep myself and others informed. Who is the biggest poisoner of us on the Planet Earth?

  15. Dunno about the stars aligning for truth, pretty weird retrograde moment to read a MM post on the very same day I did my grocery shopping, obsessively reading ingredients on every jar only question, again, why citric acid is in everything, including sunflower seed oil. It’s just a funny moment when I did question, hang on now, just think again about its origins. Thought I was being typically neurotic and left it at that. So thanks for the excuse to overthink some more. Retrogrades, conversely, seem to have a knack of letting you know your neurosis was kinda correct.

  16. I follow another MM as well, Medical Medium Anthony William. So he states and I quote “When searching for supplements, do your best to avoid any capsules, powders, or liquids that list “citric acid” as one of the ingredients. Citric acid can wreak havoc on the immune system, intestinal tract, and stomach lining, and negates any benefits the supplement has to offer. Citric acid is not derived from citrus; It is a toxic chemical derived from corn and manipulated into a preservative.” I found it in my magnesium spray oil, what the !!! Eating clean and wearing cosmetics that don’t cause more issues is my new hobby. The app Yuka and the like are one of the reasons I threw out my Popular brand sunscreen. MooGoo is my new fav product find.

    1. I just looked up Anthony William out of curiosity. There is a less then flattering article about him in Vanity Fair. However I do believe citric acid is no good amongst the myriad of other things. You only have to see what it does to a toilet with hard scale lime build up overnight. With zero agitation.

  17. that is fascinating. Due to a GERD/LPR diagnosis I have been aware of citric acid and avoided it (acid watcher’s diet by Dr Aviv). I didn’t know however from whence it came. The other additive of interest is ‘natural flavours’. There is no disclosure of what natural flavours actually is and those on the acid watcher’s diet don’t touch it as it is triggering.

  18. Wow.

    i can’t even Mystic —

    loony full moon 🌕 and this is some revelations — good conjecture for sure.

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