Daily Mystic for Tuesday 28 November

“There may be more beautiful times, but this one is ours.”

— Jean-Paul Sartre

Do save this email or bookmark the post on the site as it has info applicable to December and January.

What’s more, I’m doing it in list format for ease of comprehension:

(1) Mercury is already in the shadowzone of the next Retrograde. That is, it’s reached the point that it will later retrograde back to.

(2) This point is 22° Sagittarius – Mercury will turn Retrograde at 8° Capricorn on December 13 and Direct on Jan 1/2 at 22° Saggo.

(3) It means that (a) All-up, Mercury will spend much longer in Capricorn than usual and (b) the zodiac zone between 22° Sagittarius and 8° Capricorn will super-activated and – if you don’t have any astrological insights – unpredictable.

(4) This will be particularly noticeable in people born in the second half of December. Essentially, anticipate a wave of new concept driven ventures, offers and suggestions that drop off sharply in mid-December, perhaps without explanation. Then, when Mercury is Direct in early Jan, the ‘thing’ is back and even more so when Mercury reaches 8° Capricorn again.

(5) Mercury turning Retrograde in Capricorn and then backing into Sagg means it’s not nine weeks non-stop in one sign, which tends to produce the wackiest Retrogrades.

(6) You could see it as a rule, law or commitment established and then withdrawn or revised once the Mercury Retro reaches the Sagittarius stage. If you see off an adversity in this zone, anticipate an encore anytime before Mercury moves out of the shadowzone and prep accordingly.

(7) The potential for serendipity, fabulous fortune and accidental discoveries or meet-cutes is particularly high during any of the three trines from Mercury to Jupiter:  December 7-10, December 17 to 20 and January 19-20.

So, here are all the relevant dates – you can see the exact times on the Moon Calendar if you need to:

November 26: Mercury in shadowzone – ie: it has reached the point that it will later Retrograde back to. Decisions and announcements from here on in may be fluid, easily negotiated or prone to radically alter.
December 1/2: Mercury moves into Capricorn.
December 13: Mercury Turns Retrograde @8° Capricorn.
December 22/23: Mercury Retrogrades back into Sagittarius.
January 1/2: Mercury Direct @22° Sagittarius.
January 13/14: Mercury re-enters Capricorn (Until Feb 5).
January 21: Mercury reaches the 8° Capricorn point that it turned Retrograde on – ie: it leaves the ‘shadowzone.’

Back up your data – even to the point of printing out hard copies – and stay open to the synchronicity matrix, especially during the Jupiter dates above.


4 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Tuesday 28 November”

  1. Duly noted, thank you. So with Mercury in shadowzone, i guess having major repair work starting tomorrow (after a fire melted all power circuits, among other things, in our apartment block at 4.45 am) is probably going to be a bit of a shite-fest?? Also i want to add that i am cutting ties with most electric devices. To cut a long story short, we almost croaked it because our electric shutters wouldn’t open coz the power went off during the fire, so we couldn’t open our windows. Toxic smoke coming in from stairwell kept piling in & couldn’t get out. I absolutely loathed those shutters (previous owners had installed them) because i knew they were a danger if the power went off, so i hardly ever lowered them, but because of recent loud stormy nights, i brought them down – and voilá – almost cost us our lives. Just putting it out there for people to think twice about installing electric shutters. Call me old fashioned & paranoid, but I don’t even like electric windows in cars ever since the Chappaquiddick incident.

      1. Thank you PD, & Brunnie too. It WAS terrifying.
        Currently have Pluto conjunct IC (Home sector). Have already had the horror encounter with my birth parents recently & now the home base … yay for Uncle Pluto … plus a lot of Uranus/Mars action too to fan the fires of my personal hell ATM. xx

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