Daily Mystic For Tuesday 11 October

Mars is now in a gnarly square to Neptune until Sunday – let the narrative warfare begin. Culturally, be prepared for all manner of ambiguity and sliding scales of truth/non-truths/factoids etc.

It could also seep into relationships and general dealings with people so be cool but alert. This astro-phenom won’t affect dynamics with great communication, just the ones that are already a bit shifty or which have faltered. Do not take any information at face value, on trust or without time to think through/get a second opinion.

This alignment has a decadent, fun dimension to it, especially if you’re looking to vent some stress via an old-school crazy liason or escapism. It can also be brilliant for creativity but ideally it would involve finding new tangents for something you’re already doing, rather than impulsively starting something totally new.