Daily Mystic For Wednesday 25 May

This is the stage of Mercury Retrograde (and the Moon Cycle) for putting recent realizations or findings into context. Whether you’re mildly thrilled to have discovered a browser shortcut or reeling at the breadth of your existential epiphanies, integrate the info.

From Monday, everything speeds up but if you’re ‘cognitively cohesive’, it won’t feel frenetic: you’ll simply notice that you’re accomplishing more and spending less time spinning in circles, over-revving, stuck waiting for a factor outside of your control or confused re navigation.

A simple, easy housewitchery “spell” that would be apt at any time before Monday’s New Moon: select three books that say ‘you’ – which you personally think reflect the you of today. Place them on a freshly cleaned shelf or mantlepiece with something appealing or cool that also says ‘growth.’ Bamboo in water is classic in Feng Shui but find whatever works for you.

Consciously or not, the recent astro helped you bulk up your body of knowledge: this placement is both echo and gratitude!


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Corduroy jeans

Doing this, so doing this. Thank You MM πŸ™πŸ“šπŸ’— x

Corduroy jeans

And Thank You for the always fab art references !!! *Wow* xoo

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Darn this is bang-on

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