Astral Magic & Housewitchery

Neptune turning Retrograde is a (super) natural fit with house-witchery or a spot of astral magic.

The current vibe is vague as all fuq in the mundane world – just check out your form with managing phone bill negotiations or bureaucratic data input. That existential meltdown at the prospect of yet another micro-mundanity or muggle-core society optics? Blame Neptune. 

But in magical or alt-dimensions, Neptune turning Retro (today till Sunday) super-charges every single particle with extra-spooky resonance. E.S.P. is maxed out and still trending up, even if you did just put the keys in the dishwasher or paper-mache your admin files.

It’s a fantastic atmosphere for witching up chez You. It’s easy to turn away from such things when you’re feeling low or are besieged by the merchants of fuqery but magic is often more effective at such times.

Could this be seen as superficial when we’re verging on GFC II? No! It’s (a) within our remit – unlike controlling the economic settings, (b) profoundly deep in that it involves consciousness and sharper awareness of surrroundings and (c) on-Zeitgeist – if quantum computers can run things on dark matter or whatever it is they purport to manipulate, why can’t we?

With this in mind, I am about to re-activate my House-Witchery rave – with a transcript, finally ! – and I’m answering some queries about the Astral Magic report below.

“Hi Mystic,

I bought one of your Astral Magic reports when they first came out but I’m only just getting to parse it now as I deal with existential pre-Saturn-Return funk. I thought you and the readers might find this story amusing:

As a multiple-Pisces, I have zero sense of direction (in the earthly realm, lol) so today I got out my phone compass. The Sun-Saturn-Chiron-Midheaven part of my birth-chart corresponds to a space in my outdoor area that is literally a staircase to nowhere!

It is currently dark and cobwebby with six concrete steps that must have previously been part of the stairwell going to the upper floors of my unit complex but were bricked in during a previous renovation.

I’ve often thought I should turn it into a storage cupboard or something but haven’t gotten around to it. Now I’m thinking it requires a more creative approach. Any ideas?

Love your work, thanks for all you do for us,

the Multiple Pisces.”

My response: Thank you, my pleasure! And – okay, dead webs are a no-no obviously but wow, if this sector were dominated by a gigantic glistening mandala web and your work was in espionage or something spider-like, it would kind of cool but I think you mean that the spiders have long since evacuated the area.

I see this is a therapeutic pressure-washing job – you will need huge cushy headphones that encapsulate half your head and a suitable soundtrack for your cathartic blasting away of all the built-up grime – and perhaps an upvamp with paint.

Then add a mural at the top – a Sun? Or something elementally in theme with the area as per the report and you could make it into a kind of vertical garden? It would be interesting to track developments after you’d zinged up this zone!

“Dear Mystic,

First world problems! With the Astral Magic report, if I have numerous planets and points in the same direction – they all have different ‘activators’ – is it just a matter of choosing ‘one thing’ and going with that? 

Thank you for your attention in responding to banal questions, as this is important to me. 

K xo”

My response: This is not banal at all! I have a similar scenario in that while my Venus are not super-close by degree, they’re virtually on top of one another by azimuth direction, which is what Astral Magic goes off.

Do I want to stimulate Saturn? No. My policy is more containment. So I think yes, you’re correct to select one and go for it. Or, as there really are no ‘rules’ for this sort of thing, think up a unique ‘remedy’ that accomplishes what you want.

For example, I just thought up a new ‘cure’ for my Venus-Saturn direction as I was writing this. Gold metals – gold itself or, more realistically, copper – offset/lower Saturn vibe and copper is the Venusian metal.

A copper something would thus fulfil two purposes at once and if it’s uniquely useful, even more so. I think that you’ll know right away if something is right or not – you feel it.

Image: Rita Hayworth – Down To Earth

10 thoughts on “Astral Magic & Housewitchery”

  1. Wish Upon a Star

    I just put a Dragonfly mandala sun catcher on the back sliding door where my Neptune point is. Also the place to view the real dragonflies in my back yard amongst the gully and trees.

  2. Ok so as a true Neptunian I woke up in a zombie like state early this morning with an obsessive feeling that I had to clear out and reorganize one corner of my house! By midday I had four trash bags full and felt truly heroic..

  3. Dear Mystic,
    per house witchery, would you say it is a bad or good omen to see a random brown moth in my home in NYC (never see moths!) ?


  4. What a fantastic and timely post, MM! I loved your advice too. Especially on point regarding huge ass headphones blasting away mental cobwebs, as the 3D cobwebs are pressure washed too.

    Downloaded a compass app and found I love sitting at the EXACT spot of my Rising in my house. I mean, I spend 99% of my waking time here in this tiny space in my 74 sq m apartment. 😆

    But on more serious notes, I have completely ignored my Aquarian Sun in 6th. No wonder I have health, routine, work problems. Going to buy a zany new-agey mirror, but with gold frame to activate the area. If it has a built-in clock (to honour the O.G. Aquarian God – Father Time, aka Saturn), that’d be a bonus! Its summer here, otherwise, would have moved my bio fuel fireplace immediately as a temporary solution.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh dear, it is the spare room which is used as a storage room and a mess. Me Pisces Rising much. When I finally sort it out into sell, throw away, give away or fix I should feel a boost. I always thought it would make a good healing/meditation room now I know why. Or alternatively my bedroom in winter.

      2. Ahh..there you go! A weekend project and it will be shiny and new. Please let me know when you decide to crack on. Maybe even crowdsource meditation room decor here!

        My Sun spot is actually hidden behind a giant palm plant. Its a plain white wall. Funny that my teacher said I am not expressing my sun. Looked at a few zany mirrors yesterday. Will look some more today.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes I read your Rising spot description. I got the feeling that it was a bit cryptic but once unlocked it will provide 10 fold. Can you kind of feel that?
        Did you post that somewhere else. Neptune Nebulousity acting out here.

        Yes my spare room. I have been here nearly 4 years and it has been the same. I did have a major health concern to get over but now I have no excuse. Maybe just a little bit at a time. A gradual thing. Spring upcoming will help alot I feel.

        Also I know you had some anxiety. Are you feeling better?

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