Daily Mystic for Friday 11 – Sunday 13 August

Whether you’re an accomplished spell-caster, lover of rituals or simply keen to fire off an affirmation or two, this weekend’s Sun-Venus “cazimi”* is the moment.

First, the exact times in a few different locations and then a few suggestions/ideas in list form for clarity.

Sun-Venus Cazimi Times

(This is not supposed to be an exhaustive list but it will help with your calculations, I hope) 

Los Angeles: Sunday @ 04:16
New York: Sunday 13 @ 07:16
London: Sunday 13 @ 12:16
Dubai: Sunday 13 @15:16
New Delhi: Sunday 13 @16:16
Singapore: Sunday 13 @19:16
Sydney:  Sunday 13 @ 21:16
Auckland: Sunday 13 @23:16

(1) If this exact moment falls when it’s dark in your location, just select the nearest daylight time that works. British and associated timezones really luck with this occurring near Noon!

(2) As Venus is Retrograde, this is a brilliant time to ceremonially bid bye-bye to residual yearnings, heart-ache or resentment over a past romance or let-down. You could write a note to the person and burn the letter in a flame – a candle will suffice as you presumably don’t have enough ‘holdings’ to warrant a bonfire!

(3) Other apt Cazimi themes – recommitting to a partner or self-love, setting a new artistic direction or aesthetic and affirming the heat + light in the zone of your chart that the Sun and perhaps also Venus graced when you were born. If you don’t know this, you can see it in my Astral DNA report.

(4) You can be as swift and subtle or as long-winded and ornate as you like – it’s your ritual moment. Suitable trappings include bright lights, adored music, gold/yellow anything, sunflowers, pink roses (for Venus) a crown etc. If you have children young enough, this would be a superb one to get them involved in.

(5) If you have an Astral Magic report, focus on your Sun/Venus zone or if you have the Sun, Moon or a planet in Leo, that zone.

(6) Make the basis of this some form of thanks or gratitude for the love, abundance, talent and dazzle that you have already – rather than what you’re seeking or want less of. Even the “goodbye” in (1) can come from a position of contemporary fortitude.

*Cazimi means ‘in the heart of the Sun’ and refers to the super-proximity of the Sun and Venus – it’s a tight conjunction astrologically and interesting from the astronomy point of view as Venus comes between Earth & the Sun. At 20° Leo, it’s also passionate and dramatic – a time when it’s impossible to be unaware of your real desires and creative drives.

Image: Robert Fludd – 1617

38 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Friday 11 – Sunday 13 August”

  1. i’ll go for option (2).

    “In the heart of the Sun” sounds like a song I should write while I am remembering how to Pisces..

  2. Waiting open armed for the Cazimi to arrive! ✨🌸🌞🌸✨ It will be trine my Sun at 21’ Sagittarius 🏹

  3. Penelope Darling

    Venus is currently in my 3rd house, square my natal node, trine my natal Venus and natal Mars, and square my natal Saturn.

    1. me too – feels like some much needed sunshine and love in strange times. Is it significant that the new moon in Leo next week is so close I wonder…

  4. I have a question. I never quite understand how to apply information to my specific astral DNA.
    When Mystic says “affirming the heat + light in the zone of your chart that the Sun and perhaps also Venus graced when you were born”.
    What piece of information am I looking for in my Astral DNA to apply?

    Newbie 😀

    1. For eg
      If My birth chart shows I have Venus in libra at the time of my birth: i affirm those qualities and honor them.
      The sun was in a zodiac sign when you were born. Most ppl know the sign. Honor the qualities.

    2. This is a good question! Essentially your Astral DNA report talks about the sign and the house for each planet so in this case, look at the house area (s) you have. The Sun and Venus are often in the same house as they’re never that far apart but even if not, this conjunction/cazimi will snazz up that house. I should do a post on this but in the meantime, does this make sense?

  5. Astral Magic! Loved the first paragraph on placements ‘Fire in the East’…light & lighting, it’s exactly where my hanging crystals live. Reflecting the morning sun around my walls for the time it takes passing over the gigantic Queensland Maple next door dapples it over the garden.
    Just what i needed to wave off winter, some astral ideas to brighten surrounds.
    Mixed up Astral DNA with Astral Magic. Guess it’s about time i listened to the new planetary meditation downloaded from MM.
    So much to explore-so little time…will be so busy on my last day…lol.

  6. Just realised that Astral DNA is in my downloads along with all of Mystic’s other delights. Must bring them to Desktop as they lie unread and forgotten where they are.
    My Venus thing will be art as lover’s aren’t part of my reality being that they are too much work.

  7. As a Libra rising, Taurus moon person who is getting hit HARD by Venus retrograde, I love this post. I deeply need an internal reset in the realms of Venus! Dating – oof! And all my “me” problems coming up including my fearful avoidant-but-more-anxious-than-avoidant attachment. I’ve exhausted myself 🤪

  8. It’s my Solar return during this time! Oooooo love to see this gorgeous sunshin-ey vibe extend over this weekend ☀️ ….. I had the most profound & incredible experience on the 8th during the Sirius alignment outside having Sound healing using sound bowls & gongs. Felt like a dormant LSD trip kicked back in LOL, but it was the intense frequencies that were available for download which rippled through my body. I’m forever changed lol. Much love MM community we are on the precipice of global change! 🔱💛✨

    1. What date your solar return, time to wish you a very contented one I trust. Did you listen to the frequencies with ear phones on?
      Have them many various ones on Spotify but they do spin me out somewhat so important to listen at the ‘right’ time like not when preparing dinner. Need to be on my massage table, like be still, not easy for a hyper active horse.
      The global change seems quite biblical although the historic plagues of Egypt have been scientifically explained via The Weather at the time…..gulp.

      1. Hello Pegs – it’s the 12th! Thank you. This was an outdoor sound healing in nature with a very talented healer using two gongs and sound bowls attuned to the individual chakra points of our body. I get chills STILL writing about it to you now. I never knew the power sound healing had till this week……
        I relate to not being able to sit still, but our body does need the care and attention! The weather patterns has been responding to the instability of our planet and increasing in severity for some time now…….. I have to place faith in our planet making changes to maintain stability and ending this era we find ourselves in, to begin a new chapter. Whatever that looks like 🌹

        1. Thank you for sharing your positive outlook on our planet making changes to maintain stability, Cecemesee. Good to hear this ✨ 🌏 ✨

          1. Anytimes Calcifer! I hope you’re world is treating you kindly 🌎 Transformation isn’t easy but if you think how short our time is here through the universe’s eyes, it may as well be spent everyday appreciating how lucky we are to be able to witness these moments, and if you’re not in that position yet…do whatever you can to find your peace 🤍

            1. You are so right, Cecemesee! It is such a privilege to be alive and being able to see the beauty of it all. Even if you lose that awareness sometimes in the rinse and repeat of everyday life 🐳

              1. Exactly! Finding your center and tuning into this lovely Venus retro which is all about changing the ways in which we love ourselves is where it’s at ✨

          2. This is late coming Cali but How Are You?
            Maintaining the bodymind through the maze of love & life?
            I’m trancing out to Bluetech’s ‘4 Horsemen’ very smooth trax if you want a soothing out, Spotify of course.
            As women we are very connected to Gaia via gyn-ecology so it’s ourselves & our local surrounds that need our focus, so remember to be kind to your body & sprinkle lots of lavender.
            This is important especially now while the boys are playing their war toys (the metal men) & generally make a shitstorm out of everything they touch when they could be touching our bodies & be blissed out…the old make love not war.
            Signed the oldest hippie left on the planet.

            1. Thank you for the self care advice, Pegasus! Much appreciated. I am dealing with some painful but instructive experiences (Pluto in Cap squaring North Node in Aries). Feels like a finishing process, somehow. Very necessary to take care of body & mind… good scents and herbs can be a part of that. I love lavender and geranium, also cedar and sandalwood. Thanks again fellow Sag! 🌿🪻🪵🌸
              Will also check out Bluetech 🎶
              Will listen also to Sun Goddess by Earth Wind and Fire, which you tipped once, here Chez Mystic 🌞

        2. Happy birthday for today the 12th. Hugs & Health to you.x
          Love me a Leo they have huge hearts and generosity to match.
          YES sound healing is powerful and makes so makes so much sense.
          First there was sound – then sound created the light is my take.
          Entrainment can happen just when 2 people are listen to same sounds (espesh if both in earphones) was discovered when using music and breathing techniques in bodywork.
          Asking the client to vocalise what they were feeling, like in Primal Scream therapy, was an amazing release for them.

          There were Mind Machines around then in the form of a pair of goggles that showed trippy forms to the music.
          Now there are little frequency machines called ‘Healy’ that can be programmed to suit your mood or what mood you want to achieve.
          Enjoy your day to the max.

          1. Pyramid 333 Hz Healing Frequencies (on Spotify) are quite interesting. It says ‘Egyptian music.
            At the moment re-reading ‘Initiation’ the story about a woman’ past life as an Egyptian Priestess-in-training that was activated by her learning yoga from an Indian adept of it.

            1. Thanh you for the warm wishes! I very much muted my inner Lioness for a long time, but today is a new day!
              Exactly it’s so powerful! Just about anything can be presented in the moment. I do have a VERY strong link in this life to Egypt (my ancestors travelled from the pyramids and settled in Italy) and past lives. Isis is tied to my journey somehow and the Pleiades which is 444 frequency, and the angelic realm. I really could go on & on…… the visions I’ve never had access to before and I know this is just the beginning!
              Plus it’s my bday lol. The universe is always there for you if open your heart 💜 (sounds super corny but it’s real lol)
              oh and that book sounds like something that may be perfect for this era I’m in! You always deliver THANK YOU 🤍

        3. Seseme Seed,
          found in my health diary: ‘The spirit is created & animated not by light but by sound’.. from Genesis. Wowsa.
          And again written: ‘The light of the divine creation was initiated by sound’.
          How about a Lion feeling the full effects of sound healing, seems to be an initiation huh 🙂 whatta present!
          The symbolism of the Lion so powerful in the ancients.
          (and the Rastas…lol)

          1. WOW! Honestly Pegs the ripples from the sound in the atmosphere permeating into every cell of my DNA on the 8th of the 8th at 8pm during the Lions Gate alignment being a Leo DID feel like an initiation or gift. I felt I unlocked something I haven’t had access to before…., and my mentor who was masterfully doing the healing is a Leo too with a Taurus moon!
            Haha yes Sirius is an important star to the Egyptians, I think they arranged many pyramids in perfect alignment to that point in our universe! Didn’t know about the Rasta’s, but love that too lol

  9. Thank you MM for your guidance and advice with regards to the time and natal chart focus. I sense this already, getting interesting offers from males. I’m considering these three seriously.

    I’ve exhausted so much time on someone I love and feel very strongly connected with, however it’s time to make myself feel this for someone who is able to be here physically and not afraid to speak to me.

    Knowing that my heart has this capacity is what I takeaway from this soulmate connection.

  10. Ah, thank you Mystic for this beautiful guidance! The cazimi will trine my natal Venus at 21 Sag and it seems like a perfect moment to honor the love and beauty and heart that I have, as you suggest, rather than what I lack. Here’s to joy, roses, and music as Sunday morning dawns.

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