Daily Mystic For Monday Feb 21st

There is a planetary convergence involving all the major or inner planets covering 49 degrees of the Ecliptic. Visualize the Ecliptic as a band around Earth with 360 increments: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn currently occupy 13% of it – their energy is concentrated in a narrow section.

You can see some of it if you’re a pre-dawn riser sort of a person, and FYI, this style of line-up was fundamental to some cultures, such as traditional Chinese astro: they saw it as a cue for expansion and supportive of new powers. On a personal scale, it intensifies the zone that covers 19 Capricorn to 11 Pisces.

If you feel like your life is over-weighted in one area right now, that is why! The heavy focus will be rewarded. Finally, people born during January or February are really feeling this maximal life vibe – it’s like a vortex of intensity: crazy but brilliant.


Image: Jon Lomberg- Galactic DNA

4 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Monday Feb 21st”

  1. Aaaaaahhh. Reading over my transits… Again
    … I’ve just realised Jupiter has been square, opposite, trine, you name it, it’s aspected/ing a bunch of stuff. Ah, the joys of having a mega stellium.

  2. If you feel like your life is over-weighted in one area right now, that is why!

    Thank you, I needed to hear that. My 21 Capricorn 2nd house moon and I have been through the wringer. It has been a shitstorm of challenge since late 2019, with everyone I love dying (my dogs) or facing serious health scares (Dad and spouse heart surgeries; Mom lung cancer). The shitstorm culminated with a literal firestorm: I live in Superior, Colorado and the Marshall Fire burned right up to my house and then miraculously jumped over it and I have been displaced, living in a hotel since December 30.

    Somehow, knowing that it’s “meant to be” helps me to embrace it, count my blessings, and learn my lessons. My little dramas are just part of the bigger story, ya know?

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