Cancer + Cancer Rising Preview 2021

The Scarab is back guys!

You’ve successfully pivoted into 2021, although it felt more like a psoas muscle ripping wrestling maneuver than a dance pivot. You’ve gone from Saturn in Capricorn with Uncle Pluto in tow – where even the most existential dilemmas could apparently be solved by work, maturity and relationship fact-facing.

You didn’t just ‘act your age’ – you acted the age of a millennium-old tax agent/vampire. You had to! Saturn and Pluto in your opposite sign of the Zodiac, not to mention the Nodes and Eclipses, meant that you had to re-engineer practically every element of your life.

But wave a cheery bye-bye to whatever monsters you battled in 2018 to 2020, throw roses in the abyss, no forwarding address.

But now – in uptown Aquariusville – your panacea is radical detachment, confronting for a zodiac sign (or rising sign) as emotionally aware as you. No, it is not a mood disorder or some weird additive in the water: The high is lucid objectivity. It’s like a new style of atmosphere that demands an adjustment phase.

Thrillingly, once you’ve acclimatized, 2021 is brilliant. Aquarius represents your solar 8th house or, if you’re Crab Rising, most likely your actual eighth house. Think metaphysical money genius and intellectually satisfying intimacy. It deepens your intuitive powers, benefitting everything except the aspirations of the poor fuqers who intended to outwit or manipulate you.

Cancer People In 2021 – Paranormality, Money & Deep Romancing

February’s ambitions have more force behind them than you might think, gaining strength by the day. Your ventures are particularly substantial by August, when Mars in Virgo aligns with Uranus, Neptune, and You.  For the first time in years, you’re not the crazed protagonist in the mid-year reality-eclipse drama. But June is still volatile and not the month to test or indulge edgy people/situations.

Post-Saturn and Co, you know all that. You’re not exactly fixing for a hit of catharsis or a time-consuming monolithic admin/authority challenge. June will see you herb-gardening or curating your library. You could take knowledge acquisition and plant magic to an entirely new dimension in 2021.

Out-Scorp Your Fave Scorpios

Jupiter drops into Pisces – which represents the most visionary, expanded-consciousness version of you – from mid-May till late July, inspiring the grace and spaciousness of 2022, perhaps even an unusually inspirational romance. It’s got a whiff of great sage/talented progidy about it. Or a high stimulus, double-talent hook-up of two people on a similar growth trajectory.

But the overall theme of 2021 is that after an era of being crabby, you’re returning to Scarab mode. Centuries ago, in the earliest era of recorded astrological history, the sign you were born under was associated with the Ancient Egyptian scarab beetle (don’t freak), an icon of immortality and self-creation.

Maybe you’re ruled by the Moon but you’re also linked to Anubis, the incredibly cool-looking Wolf-God of the afterlife, and Sirius, still the number-one suspect in stellar conspiracy theories. This year, why not give Scorps a run for their money. Take back the paranormal crown and explore what a 1000 planets in Aquarius/your 8th house could do for your sex/power/financial life.


35 thoughts on “Cancer + Cancer Rising Preview 2021”

  1. Won’t lie…this is eerily accurate. The scarab note hit home especially…as cancer rising who’s had vivid dreams about a white scarab in the sky over me…your thoughts are right on the money.

  2. Thanks!! it’s been a hard slog for sure. I am going to print this out and pin up somewhere prominent so I can reread as needed.

  3. Taking a break from diddling with the stock market, and YES, PLEASE, THANK YOU. After the intestinal gut-wrench that is Pluto & the ultra-adulting Saturn in Cap, I welcome the genius detachment of a socially and otherwise-distanced Aquarius vibe. Plants in June you say? Sure, why not. I’m hoping to swing a trip to Italy if it all works out.

    After this entire lockdown and my officially still being jobless, I’m feeling a little Rapunzel-y hoping to spin gold out of air. Let the genius begin. Incidentally, I’ve always loved Anubis, any God who walks around with a scale to measure truth gets a nod from my Virgo Rising.

    Love this, Mystic. I’ve been scarce from practically turning into wood courtesy of Saturn but as always, your musings are tres inspiring.

  4. IT’S HAPPENING! I can’t believe I got through the last two years and I am ready. I currently have Saturn and Pluto in my 8th House

  5. Muhahahaha. I’m awakening from my crypt and let no one stand in the way of me and my library curation. Honestly I’d be happy never to go to work again. I’m just starting a mega 12th house era with Neptune on my Pisces asc and I just want to stay home explore my depths and finally put pen to paper.

    1. Oh wow EMG. To be honest I was jealous when I read this. With huge doses of regret.

      When I went thru Neptune on my ascendant back in 2016 I had no idea of astrology. I just moved to a seaside small town and I had the neighbour from hell. One of the worst experiences of my life.

      I felt like I was in a dreamworld which made me more vulnerable to these creeps.

      Anyway what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

      These type of people no longer get under my skin. Maybe it was meant to be. And this lesson had to be learnt. No pain no gain hey? Thanks for helping me come to this conclusion.

      Anyway enough about me. Enjoy your transit. Jupiter has just entered my 12th house then it will be crossing my Pisces Ascendant. So this is my 2nd chance to enjoy my Piscesness.


      1. Neptune ah Neptune. I’m glad you came through the wash. I always feel it washes things away and gives greater clarity as an end point. Clarity of how vast the universe is and how we are part of it. Unfathomable but accepting it as just that.

  6. Crystallised future

    Yep, June. Mapped out the year for best interacting months with clients and the public and June had a big cross next to. Cancer ascendant and Cancer moon. August and some of December looked tricky for my chart too. Love astrology.

  7. I also resonate. For a week now i have cared less for BS in others. The last 2 years have been tough and now a cloud has risen and i can see under it. There is something bursting to get out. Lets go…

  8. This is such good news! Especially since only 2 days ago i wasn’t just crabby, i felt like a churning & colossus crustacean from the abyss. May Sirius smite Saturn from my midst.

    1. THAT! I mean, THIS. I need an image editing program easier less micro-softy than photoshop & crazily easy to use – now! Any ideas?

      1. Or if anyone genius and fast at photoshop is lurking around in a funk, i have approx 3 hrs (paid obvi) work enablingmy Aquarius Moon ideas flow IF it can be done pre New Moon. It is easy if you have the skills….

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