Liberace, Jupiter and Pluto

The lavish-living Taurus artist Liberace was a classic Jupiter conjunct Pluto person. This alignment is the wealth signature of astrology. For several decades, he was the highest paid entertainer on Earth.

Any aspect of these two = riches. But the conjunction is the strongest. The Jupiter-Pluto alignment also included Venus, adding extra sensuality and fashion adoration. He was an archetypal Venus Person. His love of jewels, capes, gilded decor and gorgeous guys was legendary.

Born with a stoic Capricorn Rising at the end of World War 1, he was a child prodigy and entirely self-made.  Liberace flaunted his eccentricities and lived ludicrously lavishly. You could see the outrageous bling and trappings as almost like talismans to ward off the phantoms of his austere, Depression era upbringing.

Or maybe it was simply how you roll when you’re an ultra-rich 5th house Taurus Sun guy? He was ultra-camp, an ego-maniac, and a brilliant businessman. For people with Jupiter and Pluto conjunct, money is a spiritual force. Their desire for it runs deep.

Asked for his response to a critic who had reviewed him savagely and said he was schmaltzy?  “I cried all the way to the bank.”  That’s right. He coined that phrase, and it was later adapted to “laugh” to the bank.

His Uranus was in the $$ sector, an aspect you see in people who profitably invent themselves or in actual inventors. Liberace filed a patent for a “disappearing toilet” but never manufactured it.

He played twins on the Batman television series and wrote cookbooks.  Nowadays, everyone does everything but such versatility in his peak performing years was rare.

Even more profoundly, his Uranus trined the Jupiter-Pluto-Venus trio and his Midheaven, aka his fame point. He conjured himself up a fortune, creating the Liberace legend and living large as an unapologetically gay man.

28 thoughts on “Liberace, Jupiter and Pluto”

  1. Mystic refers to : money sector, love sector, etc.? I know she’s referring to the houses, but what’s the quick one-work cheat sheet for each sector?

    how do you figure out the chart ruler? As in Liberce having Saturn in Leo as his chart ruler??? Thanks !

  2. Oh no – jupiter pluto sesquisquare “disharmonius” according to Bummer!!

    And i thought my bling- hatred was just aqua rising not liking jewellery on my hands.

  3. Mystic can you PLEASE answer my question!! 🙂 .. or any other astro fiends.

    If Jupiter-Pluto is a classic wealth signature, are you talking a conjunction?

    What about a trine, square or opposition?

    Great post btw!! 🙂

    1. I think the conjunction is the most powerful signature of the mogul; but other peeps could enlighten re the other aspects, no?

  4. I just read his full wiki, great story. I think he was probably from another planet. A bit like the man who fell to earth. How else does a piano player from a humble mid west background become the highest paid entertainer on the planet ? I think he invented ‘Glam’ really. Apparently he gave Barbara Streisand her first break and inspired Elton John. I see him in Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince, Mick Jagger, so many others.
    As Zero Mostel says in The Producers..flaunt it baby, flaunt it !!

    1. “As Zero Mostel says in The Producers..flaunt it baby, flaunt it !!”

      That is one of my favourite movie lines, ever…. love it

  5. ‘Cried all the way to the bank’, so it came from Liberace, not my mother.
    Is Liberace where the rappers got their love of bling from?

  6. Oh how interesting about Jupiter-Pluto! Noticed that conjunction (along with Mercury too) in chart of my son’s girlfriend. She comes from an extremely wealthy family. Her Leo Mars squares her Scorpio Jupiter-Pluto-Mercury lineup though . . now what does that mean?

  7. I wonder what signs i have that make me dislike gaudy jewelry whether it’s expensive diamonds, gold it just doesn’t appeal to me. I have sun and other plants in Virgo, none in Capricorn. Never been fond of garnish, lavish or gauche jewelry. (Just can’t stand not to be practical or at least wearable)
    I usually love high camp but on others not me. I prefer simple, minimal pieces that are a simple modern statement or rugged chain bracelet and/or leather cuff, and dog tags, chokers that can withstand stage and tour. I like the pared down dirty rocker look. Looks like Joan Jett was a Virgo too.

    1. I think you just answered your own question, scorpiorising – your Viirgo parts find the ostentatious display of jewellry and wealth distasteful; your Scorpio-ness wonders why someone would reveal so much

      1. Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

        Yeah, same here. Virgo sun. Not a fan of gold, bling or excessive jewelery.

        Prefer small, understated mysterious/intricate talismans. If it’s gonna be large, it’s got to be simple.

        1. yes, if large a statement piece. very modern.
          I wonder if all Earth signs feel similar?
          So fire signs love the bling?

      2. ha ha! You’re right. I was wondering if Earth signs are just not impressed by glitterly “bling.” I even hate that term. 😛

  8. ” Jupiter-Pluto is also a classic wealth signature in astrology”

    Mystic does that include a trine? 🙂 Cos I have that.

  9. Oh gosh. This reminds me… last time I was in LA I went to the ‘Museum of Death’ (trust me I’m not deranged, it was a great museum and so much more fun than the Getty). Anyway, the owners have put alot of effort into acquiring random death-related memorabilia, including lots of Liberace’s stuffed animals. Yep.. after his cats and other beloved pets carked it, he had them stuffed and then proudly “showcased” in his living room. I’m not sure if this is the hallmark of someone who ‘can’t let go’ or more a creepy kinda ‘Fluffy’s dead. He’d look fahhhhhhhbulous over by the white leather recliner”.

  10. Read Liberace wanted his lover to undergo mucho plastic surgeries to look like younger version of himself. House chock full of mirrors, I’d wager.

  11. Wow, brill post MM! “Did his astro perfectly” .
    I have Jupiter in Kataka too.
    I have Saturn in Leo and Leo Rising. My chart ruler is the Sun and it’s ruled by Venus in my $$$ house conjunct NorthNode and Pluto; Moon on MC is ruled by Venus and my Uranus in 3rd is also ruled by Venus; while Venus herself is in my 1st house.

    1. Piano trinket bracelet is cute …… surprised he not wearing a little tiara or crown with all that Leo squaring Taurus in his chart.

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