Nine Things You Did Not Know About Scorpios

Unless you are a Scorpio, here are Nine Things You Did Not Know About Scorpio. Probably.

(1) When they gaze at you intently, like a Scorpion getting ready to sting something, it is actually them trying to seem nonchalant.

(2) Scorpios are unable to work as extras in movies or advertisement shoots because they draw the eye. They always look as if they’re up to something, part of the plot or plotting.

(3) They will always know a lot more about you or about any given situation than they are likely to let on to you. Their sleuthing skills are extraordinary.

(4) Scorpios like to give or to receive knives as a gift – penknives, kitchen knives, fancy gourmet ones, ceremonial scythes, and cutlery that means business.

(5) They know that when they say “I am a Scorpio” to someone,  his/her eyes immediately drop to their crotch? They don’t care because they secretly like their rep as the ‘sexy’ sign. 

(6) They often short-circuit vibrators and other variants of the same. It’s their Qi.

(7) All Scorpios have a Scorpio ancestor who visits them from the otherworld at some point in early life. Perhaps this is linked to the old witches’ tale that when a Scorpio in the family passes, another is conceived.

(8) They love psychotherapy and would go every day if they could. Their relish of self-knowing and traversing the wilder areas of the psyche is for real. They’re psychological avatars.

(9) They love psychics and clairvoyants but are never satisfied. What telepath would be talented enough to pierce their Sphinx inscrutability?

64 thoughts on “Nine Things You Did Not Know About Scorpios”

  1. my great grandmother was a scorpio.. oct 24, she passed when i was a year and half old, i’m 41 now (oct 29th birthday).. yeah, shes visited me

  2. Double scorpio. (sun, moon.)

    I tend to keep away from knives because 1. don’t like cooking 2. temptation to stab someone when angry might get too much. and giving one as a present is either to home-maker-y or too creepy, like you think they want to be in the army special forces or something. However the knives as sex toy thing sounds promising. Would have to be very sharp though.

    Is it true that if you say “I am a Scorpio” to someone, his/her eyes immediately drop to your crotch? – No but they do react verbally … “sex and death”, “sex and power” … so tiresome. It’s “sex, power, sex, death, more sex, and yes I can read your little mind” thanks very much. And yes we are way more kinky than you could possibly ever imagine. No-squick zone in this corner of the zodiac.

    Is it true that you cannot “consume” marital aids/sex toys as you tend to break them? I just thought that manufacturing standards had slipped. And they won’t take them back for a refund 🙁 They do wear out, too. Also you can break them over other people if you lose concentration for a moment.

    Is it true that all Scorps have a Scorpio ancestor who visits them from the other-world at some point in early life? – No, peripatetic ancestor-free zone here.

    Is it true that nearly all Scorpios love psychotherapy to the point that they will make it a key aspect of their lives? – Yep. Always trying to figure out you, me, everyone. Fascinating.

    Is it true that psychics – for unknown reasons – find it amazingly easy to “read” for all Scorpios? – I wouldn’t have thought so, I would hope we are quite difficult to read! Haven’t spent all my life trying to be inscrutable just to be read easily by an average common-or-garden variety psychic … need super-ninja psychic to crack this one! “You think you are inscrutable” oh, b*ll*cks, they guessed it.

    1. Hi Tati,
      even with a moon at 0 degrees, I feel like this.
      Can’t bear sharp knives, I used to fantasise momentarily about stabbing my ex, feeling horrified that I could even think that,
      be terrified of being stabbed myself and sometimes even imagine what it would feel like physically…far out!
      Turns my stomach to look at butchers, surgeons etc.
      Am with you here….

  3. Re Scorps and sex toys. A gal-pal and I were trying to persuade our scorpio mate to get a vibrator…. she was bemoaning the lack of sex due to her fella being a pain in the patootie. She refused point-blank to consider one. We were saying but, but but!! But she was adamant.

  4. I’m Scorpio Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Neptune.

    I have given LOTS of knives as gifts. My favorite was a underwater knife for my husband to use when he scuba dives.

    Tried psychotherapy but hated it. I always felt like I was being “led” down a path (but my moon is Aquarius so that might have something to do with it).

    I am completely easy for others to read, especially when I’m mad.

    Have broken many sex toys.

  5. scorpio sun, ascendant, mercury and neptune. all close to/or conjunct, straddling 12th and 1st houses.
    Love knives, but only because of their beauty/design and not functionality (Libra venus).
    Have given Swiss Army Knives as gifts. And was given a splendid and beautiful hunting knife by my Dad- a cap.
    Have not had people ponder my crotch when faced with my sun sign. Perhaps they have been too polite?
    Love analysing, probing, exploring, reading other people. Am in medical profession and most consults detour spontaneously from the mundane physical to the fascinating psychological.
    Ruthless in my own self evaluation.
    Not into sex toys though very rich/taboo fantasy life which never manifests in reality.
    EXTREMELY hard to read by others: a blessing and a CURSE.

  6. lib rising ramzilla

    Oh, I had to laugh. I will never forget scorp ex & his heavily scorped son (sun conjunct pluto!! plus merc, venus, jupiter & node) at son’s bday happy as pigs in mud taking part in scorp ex’s created family tradition of cutting birthday cake with a sword. Those two serious types weren’t happy as pigs in mud v often, but i’ll never forget their smiles wielding that sword… eyes often dropped to scorp ex’s crotch, it was truly magnificent.

    mum is tres scorpy (sun, MC, merc, venus, saturn). she is SERIOUS about knives and sharpening rituals with special stone. she gave me a knife when i was 16 and got way shitty at me for YEARS when i lost it. i was about 27 when she forgave me and gave me another one. she gave me a special stone for christmas but i am yet to use it. i kinda like wrapping my german dick (our family joke for our german FW DICK knives) in a tea towel to take home for mum to sharpen. though she really wants me to figure it out for myself.

    i am scorp of moon. yes like & respect knives but not sooooo intense about em. have gifted them a couple of times for v special peeps. not sure if my knife thing is more about cooking tho? they’re so important for keen cooks. yes *i* look at ppl’s crotches when they tell me *they* are scorpios! yes have broken toys but not crazy into them, no re ancestors, yes have invested a lot in psychotherapy, defo yes re psychics finding me easy to read – tho i have usually attributed that to my arien ridiculous openness & gullibility. am also fairly useless at being nonchalant & discretion imposs, but i have always attributed that to aries too… interesting.

  7. scorpalicious robot

    worked with a Sagg girl who told everyone in our department she liked to take knives to bed and that guys liked it. You could almost hear the dropping of mouths. Whatever rocks her boat. Certainly doesn’t rock mine.

    Angelina Jolie’s into knives and carrying around vials of blood apparently. She’s a Gemini, no planets in Scorp but not sure of her rising sign. Moon and mars in Aries.

      1. scorpalicious robot

        yeah Ouch! she must have been dating wackjobs! She had a few issues that one.

  8. Leonine Librarian

    The knife thing is where any of my scorp tendancies abandon me…I have a deep seated fear of being cut. Admittedly my Aries mother was extremely cautious with me with knives to the point where I couldn’t pick one up without being warned not to cut myself…so thats just reinforced it…but I think it’s from something past, way past.

  9. scorpalicious robot

    The answer is No. It doesn’t fit all Scorps. I just don’t get the whole obsession with knives? but then i don’t consider myself to be a classic Scorpio either.

    I must admit i can’t pull of nonchalance. Cracked up when i read that 😆

    Perhaps psychics find it easier to read Scorps because they’re more open to it. I once convinced my Leo sister to see one and she told me the psychic said she was hard to read.

    Cap rising, moon in Sagg (11th house) Venus in Libra (9th)

  10. scorp sun + moon…

    well – i definitely have my own obsession with kinives and bought a brand new set for myself when i moved house.

    i don’t pull of nonchalant at all.

    i am usually the one looking at other people’s crotches

    i’m a mental health worker and i’m investigating further training in psychotherapy

    etc. i’m tragically(?) classic scorp.

  11. Haha, I laughed out loud when I read these. Friend of mine with all major planets in Scorpio was recently extolling the virtues of psychotherapy and how he thinks it should be mandatory for everyone.

    I don’t know him well enough to answer the other questions though!

  12. These comments are great…

    As a scorp I:

    Have never given anyone a knife. But I’d love it if someone gave me expensive knives… I am a bit fanatical about my lone kitchen knife, and LOATHE serrated knives.

    Is it true that if you say “I am a Scorpio” to someone, his/her eyes immediately drop to your crotch? – Hehehehe, yes, then they look terrified!

    Is it true that you cannot “consume” marital aids/sex toys as you tend to break them? – Its not just me? I thought I just got a dodgy one! A suprised yes, I think…

    Is it true that all Scorps have a Scorpio ancestor who visits them from the other-world at some point in early life? – I don’t know. I get visits, and my 23 yr old Scorp cousin who died last year has definately visited, and I think he was with me last night in a dream… its a bit vague now, but I still feel his energy all the time

    Is it true that nearly all Scorpios love psychotherapy to the point that they will make it a key aspect of their lives? NO. Psychotherapy is fine for some, but not for me. The wallowing is vile. I’ve had counselling, but it was to change patterns of behaviour which were not life serving.

    Is it true that psychics – for unknown reasons – find it amazingly easy to “read” for all Scorpios?
    Seriously? I wouldn’t have thought so…

  13. Love my knives and paid a small fortune for good german steel. Don’t tend to give them as presents tho…

    And yes, I generally don’t bother to mention I am a scorpio as it is met with discerning looks and the occasional ‘nympho’ comment!

  14. Matthew-Minerva

    it is very funny that you mention scorpio’s Mystic
    once again i find myself talking to a teacher about astrology — she too is a scorpio!
    she seems very skeptical (yet it didnt help with my cancerean arch enemy telling her everything was just bullshi*)
    we were in the computer lab and she asked to see her chart — i did it up on (loove the site btw) and apparently she has a double scorp – scorp sun and scorp rising

  15. Triple Cancer Chick

    Two close friends are Sun Scorps, i’m unsure of their other details..

    I have been given a knife set from my female Scorp friend. The Male definitely likes knives and swords but I’ve never received them as a present from him.

    I have a close psychic bond with both.

    I’m not really sure about the crotch thing? They are both very sexy in way that isn’t overt. They don’t wear sexy clothes or give come hither looks but they give off a very sexy energy.

    They’re both kinky and into toys but not openly so, it’s not something they sit around talking about.

    They will look naughty and mischevious or pissed off. not much inbetween. And yeah i can’t imagine either of them looking nochalant.

    Neither delves into psychotherapy.

    I don’t know about the ancestors but I do know that they’re open to occult or other worldly experiences just not the sort to talk about it much.

    They’re also both very happily married to loving partners and have families that are the centre of their universes. They’re also great gardeners. And spiffy dressers. Retro suits them both.

    1. Triple Cancer Chick

      oh. that was weird. one of my (very cute) staff just came up to my desk holding a swiss army knife, talking about how he cut himself with a stanley knife on the weekend. My brain flashed to christmas when he gave his kris kringle a knife and then my brain wonders “He must have some major stuff in Scorpio”

      So i look at his crotch 😛

      He is Aries Sun but that’s all i know.

      1. Triple Cancer Chick

        heh. another knife incident just happened. Another one of my staff who is sun Scorp was all flustered about not cleaning up after we had birthday cake earlier. She was in a hurry to leave. I told her I’d clean up. She still looked worried “BUT my knife!!!” . She finally agreed to leave when I promised I would handwash her knife and put it back in her drawer.

        She also believes that you should never give knives as presents because it will cut the friendship. She’s from Trinidad so maybe that is a cultural tradition there?

  16. One of my best friends is a scorp and she’s a psychic, but I’ve not known her to be too interested in knives – heaps of virgo in her chart would probably deem all that too dangerous or downright silly. She says she can’t read me because I influence my reality and change it at will! HA! Dunno about scorp ancestors .. psychotherapy, doubt it, it would be a contest of wills over who’s gonna suss out whom first (she’d win). The therapist would really have to be on the ball.

  17. outerplanetkindagirl

    I have Scorpio sun (Uranus conjunct) & mercury. I love the Scorp rep for being intense and obsessive, enjoyed reading the posts here!

    Yes I have given knives! I think it would be a good sign to get a knife from a Scorp – shows they trust you 😉

    Never broken a sex toy, and busting the stereotype I’m not into them. (just for me- it is antipassion as if my/partner’s own body/mind is not enough, although I have owned one and have no prejudice against them)

    Not the crotch stare so much, but definitely ‘ooo-errr’ kind of response. Everyone seems to know at least one horrible scorp! Usually jealous ex-lover or a manipulating or power trippy (lower) type.

    No visits from scorp ancestor from beyond the veil, but I did read somewhere about scorps often being born after a death in the family. This was true for me.

    Psychotherapy – I think it’s the need to know (self and others) at the deepest level. But this is more of a mindset for me rather than an actual experience. I would guess maybe more scorps become psychotherapists than go to them (issues with trust, keeping their secrets, how could the therapist know them better than they know themselves?).
    (Scorp sun with virgo rising = psycho + analyse!)

    I have been to a few psychics but they have never commented on whether I was easy to read or not.

    Stopping now, I’ve already revealed too much… 🙂

    1. Leonine Librarian

      This is what has surprised me a little here, seeing so many Scorps being open about questions asked…I’ll normally blather on about all manner of things, but while I’ll go yep some strong scorp tendancies ala the list I’m more comfortable not going into it in depth…maybe because my scorp stuff is the stuff that is the most intensely private for me?

      1. scorpalicious robot

        it’s because your MOON is in Scorp LL. My sister is same – Leo with moon in Scorp. She’s intensely private.

      2. outerplanetkindagirl

        Thanks for that scorpalicious robot, that makes sense to me. The sun wants to shine. And I think I’m more communicative about ‘scorpy stuff’ cause my mercury is there + virgo rising + stellium in libra.

      3. scorpalicious robot

        my moon is in Sagg and i find it hard to shut up and be secretive… hehe. No topic is off limits. The Sagg candour + Scorp brutal honesty = peeps always know where they stand with me.

      4. Leonine Librarian

        You know there was no judgement in there didn’t you…just honest query?

        Honestly finding out about the importance of Moon position and Rising sign and houses and postions and conjoining of this and trine of that has made so much more sense to me of me.

        Can you imagine feeling like a Scorp but also having a healthy serve of Leo and then the Taurus rising added to the mix….I say this not as a poor me ‘cos in my own egocentric way I actually think it gives me a reason for the extra layers beyond the surface sheen…also it’s good to see how complex everyone else is. I mean you on a day by day basis you can see it and sense it, but seeing it laid out here really helps. So thanks to everyone for sharing what they do…oh and of course mega mystic thanks for making it possible.

      5. scorpalicious robot

        LL, of course i thought it was an honest query. Perhaps my answer was a tad abrupt. I had the day off today and still struggled to keep up with all the posts and comments.

        Anyhow, I totally understand about the layers and the mix of signs that make us who we are. Leo/Scorp not such a compatible mix but neither is Scorp/moon… hehe. Knowing the mix certainly makes it easier to understand and be more accepting of ourselves and others doesn’t it?

        I’m sure i read somewhere that women become more like their moon as they get older. Any truth to that you reckon? I’m definitely finding that to be the case. Nobody has ever picked me for a Scorp that’s for sure.

      6. Leonine Librarian

        Nah Scorybot, I’m just freakishly sensitive at the moment. RAW and then not. Empathy plus and then feeling like I’m just missing the mark a bit. So then I do my pain in the arse clarification spin…

        Am gearing up for more change and it’s just unsettling. Did a big clear out of stuff today…in between an inordinate amount of posting here. Have had months of this unwanted attraction to a Taurean bloke, and am sick of it. Have had missed connections with a formerly reliable Leo male friend (who last year drunk dialed and spilled lot’s repressed longings from years ago stuff) and have been feeling pissed off that our friendship hadn’t seemed to survive….just found an apology on my phone.

        On the plus side just had nice convo with my Scorp brother and had nice chatty birthday chat with his Gem wife.

      7. Leonine Librarian

        The nah was nah to abrupt…and yes I think I’m scorping more strongly as I age…if it ever comes up in conversation…and if I say I’ve got a Scorp moon I get this look and then they generally say of that makes total sense…it depends on who I’m with who I let see the inner fierceness..although a few people can sense it….if I don’t really trust someone they get to see warm sunny exterior…not many people get to go dark side.

      8. scorpalicious robot

        LL, freakish sensitivity could be due to Dark of Moon. Sounds like there’s a lot happening. There’s an eclipse coming up soon too. Will be interesting to see how it all pans out.
        Why is your attraction to Taurean bloke unwanted? I do recall you mentioning him before. Is he spoken for or have you just had enough of the lack of progress?

      9. Leonine Librarian

        Have you ever had that feeling where you really like someone, you feel yourself brighten when you see them, be with them, but if you actually consider what the reality of it would be like you know that it’s just not workable…we’ve both talked about what we would like in a relationship and it’s just not each other…it would all be a lot easier if it was just lust..which would be easier to dismiss…or deal with. I can sense he’s either met someone or is about to meet someone that is what he is looking for soon, and I’m pleased for him…because I really do like him that much, just happy to see him happy, but …sort of impatient to have someone special lurch into my orbit.

        Most days I’m pleased that at least someone somewhere can spark my interest, like sap moving again through a long slumbering tree..hah…but lately it’s just a reminder of something like what I would like, and I know it’s out there, just not quite here yet…so I’m all twitchy and pissy and yes it probably has a lot to do with the exclipse and the dark moon…and uranus and saturn and the constant freaking toing and froing trying to workout what is realistic and what is overreaching and by that I mean career aspirations not any man/woman thang.

      10. scorpalicious robot

        oh LL, totally get what you’re going through. I had/have a bit of crush on my barista who is married (and i don’t go there!) He is, like you said a “reminder of something like what I would like”

        And i guess on Wednesday when the moon went into Aries i got a bit pissed off with the situation. Why the hell can’t i meet someone who’s actually available! And again, like you, it takes a lot for anyone to spark my interest. Plus, i live in inner-city Sydney where 90% of the male population is gay so it’s twice as hard. AND i’ve become a virtual recluse (and quite happy i might add)… just couldn’t be bothered going out to bars. So yeah, “unwanted attraction” totally understand – don’t need it. How dare the universe put someone in my path if it’s not going to go anywhere!! hehe.

        Mars is going into Leo for yonks very soon, i’m sure it means wonderful things for Leos – maybe you’ll meet another contender or have a eureka moment re career. 🙂

      11. Leonine Librarian

        Yep we’re in the same boat when almost right is just infuriating. I too have previously been happy just sauntering along and I think in some ways a little country town and Sydney CBD both sound like shallow talent pools. Could have something also to do with just not wanting to sell myself/yourself short…It’s not I want perfection, hell I’m so far from it perfection would just be torture…Also how much torture for you to have the source of your coffee also be a little too interesting and out of reach ?Sympathy gah.

        I am looking at the coming astro climate with some hope. Yes it’s meant to be good for Leos probably other people too…but yes Leos get a nice upswing… Maybe looking to the positive….our current pissed off state may be enough to shake some stuff loose and onwards and upwards…

  18. I’m Scorpio with Sagittarius rising (Sun, Mercury, Neptune & Mars in Scorpio & Moon in Leo).

    1. Knives: Attracted to knives myself and have a beautiful collection in the Kitchen. very selective re giving knives as gifts though. Have to watch young sons.

    2. Eyes to Crotch: Only if you let them. Keeping a fixed gaze on someone when responding to this question prevents eye shift

    3. Marital aids/sex: Don’t need them

    4. Scorpio ancestor who visits: In dreams, Yes.

    5. Psychotherapy: Tend to develop intense relationships with psychotherapists – trust issues…

    6. Psychics easy to “read” Scorpios: You’d have to ask them.

    1. Dearest LL, I see that you are deeply funkatated as at the 18th. I am hoping you have more peace within since then. Its funny at times we ant something so much and at times we try and tweak things to make them work. I find that it is after these machinisations that one discovers that it was actually best left alone then! For now one reaps much havoc. Unwanted attractions and missed connections….they are head achy indeed and at times I wonder if its our gut warning us off or whether its just plain fear of the unknown. A bit of both perhaps. I know for a fact that i so wish i had listened to my gut reaction and run whilst i could have away from my Scorp. Sure I love him, but what chaos he has wrecked in my life and family. I have had tons of learning and growing but perhaps I would have preferred other learning? I loiterally jumped from the frypan into the fire! LL what i am trying to say is perhaps you “escaped” some dramatic learning with the past Leo?

      Please tell me to p… off, you dont have to be polite, I just wanted to share my 2 cents worth! 🙂 xxx

      1. Leonine Librarian

        SS no pissing off necessary and that’s just not being polite…thanks for taking the time out to see through the whirl which was mind on the 18th…

        1) I’m calmer again…that night/day I was just feeling a bit argh about stuff….which I guess is pointing out the bleeding obvious

        2)Bloody good point often when we have missed connections can be a mixed blessing in disguise

        Spent yesterday looking at apartments in Brissie for and or with my daughters…and just busy busy day… fun for the most part. If I didn’t find it all so absurd I’d go bonkers I’m fairly certain…

        The last place we looked at the pics looked fantastic on the net (how often does that comment get made…hmm) anyways went along and the apartment is right next to the refuse room for the entire complex. When you went to enter the master bedroom this smell hit you and Spazzy A was wandering around going…WHAT is that SMELL…(now mind you my sinuses are blocked fairly well at the moment) and I just looked at her and went bin juice…it reeks of bin juice, you could burn a truck load of sage and nothing is going to lift the feng shui here….oh and the enormous courtyard was over looked by a looming balconies…and it looked like the neighbours felt comfortable disposing of their litter straight over the side…felt a bit medieval like a chamber pot could be hurled at you with nary a warning ….ahh so the search continues.

      2. Hi LL Glad to hear that you have settled to an even keel. Missed connections…..these always make me think of the sliding doors effect….the what if’s. However for sanity sake blessing in disguise for sure makes the most sense.
        I just loved reading about your adventures looking for apartments. The chamber pot part particularly made me giggle and thank God for the blessing in living in a home that was not in smellavision! You are tres patient and such a good Mama Bear for helping your chilen.

        Isn’t it interesting hearing about our ex’s from our children? Maybe your Leo ex has finally matured a wee bit to think of others beside himself? My daughter at times hints at the chance of me getting back with her Dad. I look at her in horror. How about you? Any juices abroiling in there in that direction? Now this will either make you laugh or throw something at the PC! : > xx

  19. Scorp boyfriend has bought me more knives/scissors/secateurs than jewellery since we have been together. Have learnt to overcome my abject horror. He also has a penchant for knife sharpening and the ritual (performed regularly with the aid of super precious diamond stone wrapped in velvet) is something to behold. The lecture/diatribe that goes with it slightly less so.

  20. I only have Mars in Scorpio, but I have given knives NUMEROUS times as presents (pen knives, ornamental knives from other countries…) and wondered why I’ve got such strange reactions…I always thought they were a great gift and didn’t read too much into it! I’m also VERY into psychology, what drives people, and why people make certain choices…

  21. hahaha! I had an ex who is Scorp. Who “loved” pyschotherapy and would try it on me on a daily basis and alot of “I’m reacting to THIS, based on your actions” It got extremely annoying.

  22. Yes to psychotherapy (others and myself….all over that stuffand I’m almost always right about other people) and knives; I consider katanas to be among the highest art forms and the one at the British Museum made me literally weak in the knees. I don’t know about “dropping to the crotch” but people do tend to go “OooOOOooohhh…” as if they suddenly learned very dark secrets about me.

    1. But also I WAS an extra in a movie and was told I was one of the better ones by the assistant director…it’s called Taking Woodstock and is coming out soon!

      But that is probably my Leo Rising, somehow.

  23. My mum is a scorpio sun, scorpio moon – no useful factoids re: knives and martial arts but she is an amazingly insightful woman, absolutely into psychoanalysing people – she is always spot on! and she has kooky little hunches and feelings about people that often seem quite psychic.

    But the classic thing is that she thinks that she is being very sneaky sussing people out, asking questions in such a cute minxy way, with a little smile and a cock of the head, but it is very obvious that she is sleuthing around for clues about their inner world, but she always seems oblivious to how obvious she is – this is part of her charm.

    And people confide a lot of stuff to her and she has helped me to unwind and process a lot of my own stuff – she has always been my own personal psychoanalyst.

    1. This is tres odd , as my gorgeous man is a Sun in Scorp Sun but Moon in Acquarius. Hmm Mercury,Neptune and Mid Heaven is in Scorp. The thing is though we do not know his birth time as he was adopted, so has just put 12 as his birth time. Why is that? What time do we use when its an unknown?

      Anyway he has many Scorpy ways by being intense, suspicious, secretive, manipulative, negative, sees the worst etc. At the same time he is very kind, generous, creative, loving, musical, fun, very intelligent etc etc.

      However he is not into knives, more into guns as in the Aussie Bush they need guns. (Personally I don’t agree with this, unless they shoot to eat etc). The only reason he bought me a sword was because I am into Kill Bill big time and I love knives! ( I am a Sagg Sun and Mercury, Venus and Neptune are all in Scorp.)

      He is not into Psychotherapy, hates it and them in fact.

      People do check his nether regions out as he is a very large surfy type bloke. He does not speak about Astrology and is reluctant to let people kinow he is a Scorp. If asked he shurugs and tells them.

      Sex toys etc. He is game for anything but has been rather reserved in this area. I think his drug past has affected this area big time, as his libido seems sporadic. LL there is sich a word no? am too tired to check. However, when he is interested we do have fun…mostly. I am still in that hmm stage…..?

      No, no long dead rels visiting etc.

      I seem to be the more Scorpy one though, as Edwina, I can so identify with your Mum, as the traits you mentioned are very me plus add Saggo traits of wunderlust etc.

      1. Leonine Librarian

        Yes Salacious Sagg sporadic is not only a word it is a word particularly apt in regards to infrequent sex…as there the origins of the word sporas-scattered is similar to a greek word for speriem-to sow.

        Hope you’re doing ok…I’ve been busy lately so I’m not as conversant with how everyone is at the moment.

      2. Hiya LL, I knew you would have the answer and so apt too!! 🙂 I too
        have been so incredibly busy being Super Woman that i have not had time to keep up with how everyone is at present. I hope FA is ok too.

        I am ok… my Scorp is doing well being drug free but still unemployed since early this year. This has started to tell on me and the household. However, I stay positive that as I march through the tunnel I am approaching the sunlight! : >

        Hope you are well and happy in your blissful surrounding? xxxx

      3. Leonine Librarian

        I’m so glad you’re Scorp is drugfree…that’s a hell of a base line of success, but still on the day to day such a blessing for someone that from what I remember has really struggled.

        As for you you positive thing…good on you for being able to still maintain that pull to the light. Hard learnings…are you still able to see someone to talk with?

        Living with someone unemployed is hard, not just the finances and the support, but I find people without a clear sense of purpose get a bit lost …sometimes into x-box, or too much aimless coffee chats…just get a bit adrift. Plus I know for the person that is unemployed it’s just all a bit crushing. I can well see why it would tell on your household.

        Heard surprising news last night from Sagg daughter, her Leo dad is volunteer tutoring refugees…after his full time job…it’s been years since he’s given back outside of himself…It’s amazing progress.

  24. Leonine Librarian

    If you have a Moon in Scorpio does this make you Scorp lite? ‘Cos I can put up my hand for 4 of the above.

  25. the hell's belle

    in his wilder days, my scorpio ascendant hubby used to keep a golf club AND a baseball bat in the trunk of his car . . . for self-defense, of course, due to graf beef.

  26. Scorpio Rising. Re Factoids:
    Yes to appreciating a good knife & considering as gift for the right person
    Yes to good psychotherapy
    No to the others.

    A friend’s Scorpio child is very good with knives and cutting for his age – he currently fascinated by those little fishing scissor things to cut fishing line.

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